Update to the MTB campout.

Dan McGuire —  May 16, 2019 — Leave a comment

Troop (MTB Campers for this weekend):

As usual, we will meet up at the church at 5:30pm and plan leave for Farish by 6 (40 minute drive or so)-we may actually get to set up camp while it is still light!

We will not NEED our patrol boxes (but may want to load one just in case), but those who are cooking need to understand what is required to cook what is being brought and need to make adjustments for preparing the meals. From what I know about the meals, they can be cooked in a mess kit (but we will need a sanitizing station to clean).

Our main gear can be loaded up and stored in our vehicles while we ride down the hill and can recover them later on Sunday afternoon (day pack w/10 essentials on the rides).

We can plan to meet back up and get gear later on Sunday evening, or whenever is convenient. We hope to be at the Church by noon. Updates to family members will come as cell service allows. If you want to ride down the hill with us, I think our plan is to roll out of Farish around 9 on Sunday. There is no cell service up there, so if you are not there, we will assume you are not coming.

Let me know if there are any questions or concerns. I am sure I didn’t cover everything and I likely forgot a bunch of stuff. -but we will be safe and have fun regardless.


Dan McGuire


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