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Today I met a few folks from the organization Focus on the Forest. (www.focusontheforest.org). They are based out of Woodland Park and basically go through our local National Forest System cleaning up after those people who leave trash around and really have no clue what Leave No Trace is all about.

As Scouts, part of our mission is to leave any area we visit in better condition than we found it. This is basically what these nice folks over at Focus on the Forest do. They have several programs which include Scouts of all kinds and even have their own “Scout Day” in September. Last year they had 94 Scouts show up and clean up parts of our forests.

The reason I am blabbering on is that this organization is a non-profit that could use all the help it can. Including Eagle Projects for those of you who may be approaching that time.

So, as there are many organizations and opportunities to serve our local area and help out with your projects (Eagle and non-Eagle, or just obtaining volunteer hours), please consider adding this organization to your list to make decisions about future opportunities. Again, this is just one of many organizations to volunteer with. I had never heard of them, and just think their mission is right up our alley, do with this information as you deem appropriate.

Yours in Scouting,


Dan McGuire


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