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troop, i messed up the address. it is at 5375 Centennial Blvd, the church next to Morning Star, on the corner of Centennial and Mule Deer

my bad!! dan

Eagle Court of Honor for Kobe Olson

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The new date has been set for Kobe’s COH. Here is the sign up for it. We are in need of a Color Guard (Class A with Sash) and a few ushers (double duty is allowed). Sign up and gt some cake! See what your efforts through Rank advancement can lead to!

Date, time and location are 24 April at 6:30pm, 2375 Centennial Blvd.

Parents and Scouts,

I know this past couple of days were a little rushed in reference to merit badge selections. But I want to send this out as a thank you for being patient and working with your Scouts to get those selection sheets and information back to me so quickly. Truly, it will benefit your Scouts since nearly everyone got their first choices of badges. The only “alternate” choices made were substitutions for Shotgun Shooting for the first year Scouts. While there is no BSA requirement for age, many camps limit that badge selection because many first year Scouts are just a little too small to successfully shoot 50 rounds of 12ga ammo in order to qualify. At least it gives those Scouts something to look forward to next summer!!

So, now what? We have 25 Scouts signed up for camp, and all 25 have their Merit Badges chosen. I will send out the actual scedule in the next day or so.

The next focus is medical forms. Here they are in case you need them. These are the only medical forms the BSA will accept. If you have a current physical for your Scout, and it will remain current through our time at camp (they are valid for 1 year). then I would suggest transferring the information from your “non-BSA” form to the BSA form linked below. Then have it signed by your physician or whomever.

We are required to mail all hard copies of these medical forms to camp in Mid-Jun. I will bug you as we get closer.

Again, thanks so much for getting those selections to me on such short notice.



This morning I received an email from the San Isabelle Scout Ranch Program Director. It basically stated if a troop was paid in full, they can early-register for Merit Badges.

That being said, get me your Merit Badge Selections NOW!!!! This way I can grab your choices and make sure you are getting what you selected!! I currently have only three Scout’s selections in hand.

You can text me a pic, email me, or just text me the selections of what badges you all want and I will work it out the best I can.

If you still owe money, be sure to get your payments in as soon as you can. The final payment is due in mid-May.


Summer Camp update!

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Troop, the below link is to the San Isabelle Camp website for Forms and Resources. If you scroll down on that page, you will be able to download the required medical documents, Merit Badge Schedule, as well as a host of other resources. Parents, the leader guide will provide you with an idea of how the week will be scheduled. Scouts, there is a packing list on there as well.

So, to the business: our next hard date for Camp is April 28th. This is the day that Merit Badge Selection opens up. Please get me your #1, 2, and 3 selections for morning and afternoons (the sheet can be found at the link above) in the next couple of meetings, or email/text/ carrier parent, etc. Just get it to me! Otherwise, you will be in a merit badge session I select for you!

Medical: Scouts are required to have a medical examination, documented on the BSA Forms dated within one year of attending camp. Please schedule this out now so we don’t have any issues. We are required to mail the hard copies to the camp office in Pueblo no later than two weeks prior to camp, so we are setting a deadline in mid June for these docs.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



The new date has been set for Kobe’s COH. Here is the sign up for it. We are in need of a Color Guard (Class A with Sash) and a few ushers (double duty is allowed). Sign up and gt some cake! See what your efforts through Rank advancement can lead to!

Date, time and loction are 24 April at 6:30pm, 2375 Centennial Blvd.

Summer Camp update!

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San Isabel Scout Ranch

Troop, a quick update to Summer Camp.

We currently have 19 Scouts registered (and three adults) to attend camp with a couple of discrepancies between the Sign up genius (14 signups; link below) and the registered Scouts (19 registered). If you have signed up on the genius but have not paid yet, you will be getting an email in the next week or so detailing such with instructions on how to get us money for payments. Or just bring a check to the next meeting if you have not signed up at all and want to attend. Fees are $335 total for camp, $75 deposit required.

Right now, the camp can hold up to 270 campers, and they currently have 202 registered. We are in good shape in this department, with only a few newer Scouts who may be interested and not signed up/registered.

Below is a link to the latest information for camp. In the leader guide parents can find information about attending camp for all or part of the week.

Visitor policy:
All visitors to San Isabel Scout Ranch must
check-in at the A-Frame prior to visiting any
program area or campsite. Visitors will be
given a wristband identifying them as such.
Visitors are not allowed to participate in
activities or eat meals unless they have paid
for them at the A-Frame.

**Only registered adults can stay overnight at camp due to the status of the Camp being a child care facility.

Parents, please make sure you are scheduling necessary medical examinations and such. We will need to have those hard copies in hand at a minimum of three weeks prior to attending camp. We have to mail them to camp offices (in Pueblo) minimum two weeks prior to attendance.

The Merit Badge Selection opens on 28 April. I will need to obtain a preference listing from each Scout so I can get all the selections put in the system as quickly as possible.

Let me or Ray know if you have any questions or concerns.


I forgot to add this tot he last post, but it is really important!

Make sure you navigate to the San Isabel SR website in the last post and download all the required medical forms for your Scout. There is a red banner to click on which will guide you to exactly which forms are required. Your Scout will require an annual physical at the minimum, but may need a few additional documents. In the past, the BSA Medical Forms were required to have the immunizations actually filled out on the form. A stapled copy of the Scout’s record was not sufficient. So, Just be aware that you may have to hand jam some of that data.

Please schedule early if your Scout’s physical is or will be greater than one year old at the time we go to camp in July!!



Below is the website for summer camp forms and documents. There are a lot of resources on this website, to include what merit badges entail and what are offered. I’ve included the merit badge “Scout Schedule” so you can print it out and bring it to a meeting in the next few weeks. Just read and follow the directions on the form.

I will input all of your MB choices when the website opens up on April 28th. So, that is your deadline to get me your choices. Of course, the earlier, the better.

I will also have a contract document at the meeting tomorrow night to hand out to those of you who have not already signed up and paid for camp. It just states the non-refundable policy and the payment schedule (ask your parents to bring their checkbooks!!!)

A little bit of insight on the offerings: In the past four years of summer camp attendance, I have come to realize it is better to go for the merit badge work in leiu of the Rank Advancement options. Scouts will earn their ranks within the troop, but may not have the opportunity to do some of the merit badge options. So, if you are wieghing Rank Advancement vs. Merit Badges, I would suggest going with the Merit Badge choices.


We need a few Scouts to perform Color Guard and serve as ushers for this ceremony. 6-7:30pm on Sunday, 13 March, at 5375 Centennial Blvd. Here is the sign up for that (Class A with MB Sash):

Troop, check out the opportunity below, this is a quick turn around for information, so read it closely. If you want to participate, I will collect your information tomorrow night and pass it on to the guy who is running this thing (Dan Usiak). He needs your information before Thursday this week in order for you to be able to participate. I will just need your name, age, and phone numbers to give to the guy.

The event takes place on March 12th, so plan accordingly.


Troop, save the date! March 13, 2022 is when one of our more recent Eagle Scouts will be holding his Award Ceremony.

As you know, Eagle Rank is the pinacle of a Scout’s career. To emphasize this, we hold a separate Award Ceremony for that acheivement, outside of our normal Courts of Honor. Kobe Olson, who came to our troop during COVID, was able to finish out his project and earn his Eagle Rank.

We will hold his Award Ceremony on March 13. We will need to provide the Color Guard for this event.

More details to follow!



Thanks for quickly throwing your hats into the ring for Northern Tier next year. Awesome responses! We filled the TWO Crews we reserved, for a total of 16 people.

Currently, there is one more crew slot available for our trek dates (June 14-24, 2023). IF we can fill six more slots, we can reserve another Crew for that same date range. If we have the interest, and the date slot is taken, we can reserve another date slot, but we will need at least two adults to go on the third crew. These details can be discussed if we get the numbers to make the reservation.

Just remember, Scouts have to be 14 or completed 8th grade to attend high adventure trips.

I have the “original 16” and will expand the Sign Up Genius to allow up to 24 people (max number of participants for 3 crews). You can find that link below. If we do not get enough interest, we will not reserve another Crew.

If you sign up, the initial payment of $225 will be due by February 5, 2022.

Talk to you guys soon,


Above is the link to sign up for the trip.

Now here is the stuff:

Northern Tier High Adventure Camp: 06/14/2023 – 06/24/2023

We booked 2 crews for June 14-24, 2023 with a maximum of 16 participants (current 7th graders and up). Only 6 slots remain!

An initial payment of $225.00/person is due by February 5, 2022 to cover the trek deposit/first payment required by Northern Tier.  

Monthly payments of $100.00/person are due from March 1, 2022 until March 1, 2023 (13 monthly payments).  Payment schedule is based on crews with 6 participants.  Any excess funds will first be applied to trek incidentals (maps, gear rental, etc.), and then to camp incidentals and travel costs. If the crew numbers increase to 8 each, then the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Northern Tier offers financial assistance for those in need. Campership information can be obtained at:

If you want to get in on this, sign up at the link above.



The Northern Tier sign up opened yesterday and the slots have filled up rather quickly. Here is what I have for you:

This is a High Adventure Camp. Scouts must be a minimum of 14 years of age at the time of their trip (mid-June 2023) OR age 13 and have completed 8th grade. Scouts currently in 7th Grade or above are eligible to attend this trek next summer.

A crew shipping out of Ely, MN, is made up of 6-8 people (adults and youth). If we have more interest than 8, we need to reserve for more than one crew slot. Each crew will be separate from any other crew on the trip. So, if we have two crews, they would not camp or interact with each other during the trip.

The cost per CREW is $9,200. It doesn’t matter if there are 6 or 8 people on the crew, the cost is the same. Estimated cost per person is $1,150-$1,513 (depending on crew) size plus park fees, travel costs and incidentals.

Each trek is 10 Days long plus we’ll have to account for travel time on either end. We are planning to book a trek that starts in mid-June but cannot select a specific date until we know how many crews are needed. Estimated trek dates are between June 14-June 28 (trek start dates of June 14, 16 or 18).

We need to know who is committing ASAP since we would like to book by tomorrow at high noon.


Here is the sign up:

**If you age out between now and the trip, you can still attend as an adult leader, provided you are registered as an adult with the BSA and have completed all other requirements.

Summer Camp update!

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Just a quick update on the Summer camp status.

We currently have 10 Scouts signed up for camp. If you want to go to summer camp this year at San Isabel Scout Ranch, (, let me know and we will get you signed up and provide payment info.

Right now, the minimum required payment is $75, which will lock you into a $300 overall fee for camp. This fee schedule expires on 31 January, which is when the overall dues will increase to $335.

Anyway, check it out and let me know if you are interested and have not already signed up. Myself, Mr Gilkes, and Mr Petree are signed up as adult leaders for the week.


Return to Scouting

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This is a reminder the calendar we follow for breaks and closures is the D-11 School calendar. This means we will not return to our meetings until NEXT week on the 11th.

Remember that next week is the second meeting of the month and will continue to follow the regular rotation, as set forth previously, and in coordination with the Scout Leadership Team (PLC).



As I transition out of the role of Scoutmaster and Mr Petree moves in, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for three years of fun and easy Scouting! I truly appreciate it!

Here is the list of events for the year to come (repost from when we adults put it together from Scout desires), these are on the troop calendar as well:

January 21-23, Ski Day (Monarch, opportunity to Stay in B&B in Salida-optional)
February 25-27, Winter Camp (Snow Sports) Old Monarch Pass 
March 11-13, Penitente Canyon Hike
April 8-10, Lost Creek Wilderness Hike
May 13-15, MTB Campout (Dillon-Breck)
June 10-12 Music Pass Camp
June 8-20 Philmont (select Scouts)
July 10-16 Summer Camp at San Isabel Scout Ranch
August 26-28 Squirrel Creek loop/Bishop’s Castle
September 16-18 11 Mile Canyon campout
October 14-16 Dino Death March at Picketwire Canyon
November 4-6 Camp/day hike/bike
December 9-10 Lock-in

As we move forward in the year, I will still be involved with the Troop as the Committee Chair, and will be as involved as I have been in campouts and other events. This includes Merit Badge Counseling. So, if you have any badges outstanding from summer camp last year or whenever, I will still sign off on those cards. Also, I will continue with any badges you started with me as a counselor, or desire to start.

thanks again,



I was notified by a member of the Church that part of their fence around the dumpster is in need of repair. I took a look at it and it seems to be a really quick and easy job, just setting it back on the brackets and throwing some screws into it to secure it. If anyone wants to knock this quick repair out, it is worth (in my eyes) about 2 hours of community service.

Just shoot me a quick note saying you took care of it and log it in your Scout Handbook. This is a first come, first serve opportunity, so act quickly! No issue if a couple of you want to attack it together, you’ll still get full credit.

Talk to you soon,