There are two events that you can volunteer to get some hours for Rank Advancement or Merit Badge Completion.


First, Wilson United Methodist Church is having its Annual Church clean up from 9am-Noon on Saturday the 21st. Lunch will be provided.  This might be working on the play area, landscaping, cleaning or whatever they need.  Please bring gloves and dress accordingly for outside work.  This is the church that provides us a place to have meetings and its a great and simply way to give back while earning community service hours at the same time.


The second, one is I need 4-6 scouts to man a station for UpaDowna’s ROAR in the city on Saturday the 21st from 8am-3pm.  This is an adventure race in town to raise money for the non-profit.  The theme is super hero’s (HeROARs). For this one, I need the names in Advance and we will have to have a meeting prior to Saturday to learn the duties of manning the station.  We might be wearing super hero uniforms or we might wear the scout uniform…not sure yet. Please sign up immediately if you would like to volunteer for this one. There are only 6 positions. Parents can also be some of these positions.


Both of these events are during the same time so you may only sign up for one.  Families and friends are more than welcome to help on both events also !

Here is the link to sign up for either one of these events:


Hi Scouts and Families,

Thanks to the adults for leading an awesome hike up Mt Bierstadt this weekend! Lance said it was fun and challenging.  Dan and Chris mentioned they would like a little more of a push and I believe they challenged the scouts to a race up the next one!!  Paul and Ray offered to jog to the top of Mt Harvard to record the winners as they cross the line. I look forward to the 14er next month!

For tonight!

I apologize for the late email so please communicate with each other to make sure everyone gets the message. Tonight is game night!  We are going to play kickball at Pinon Valley Park.  Its been a little while since we did this and everyone loved it last time! Its free and it starts at 7pm. Families are more than welcome to play! Wear whatever clothes you want to wear that’s good for Kickball!

Here is the google link to the map. Its really close to the church



My last post said the campout was Saturday and Sunday but the correct days are Friday and Saturday. Its fixed on the website now buy the last email that went out was wrong.




From Lance (With Dad’s Help):

Here is the plan for this weekends Camp Out:

Downloadable Map: alltrails-mount-bierstadt-trail

Weather next 6 Days: 

Days 0-3 Mount Bierstadt Weather Summary:

Heavy rain (total 2.0in), heaviest during Sat night. Very    mild (max 50°F on Sat morning, min 39°F on Thu night). Wind will be generally light.

Days 3-6 Mount Bierstadt Weather Summary:

Heavy rain (total 2.0in), heaviest during Sun afternoon. Mild temperatures (max 48°F on Mon morning, min 37°F on Mon night). Winds    increasing (calm on Sun morning, fresh winds from the NW by Wed morning)


13 July:

5pm: Arrive at Wilson United Methodist Church

530pm: Depart

14 July:

Early- Hike Mt Bierstadt

Late afternoon Early Evening – Return to Wilson United Methodist Church

Packing List (Determined by Scouts):

  • Extra pairs of socks(wool)
  • At least 2 liters of water,
  • Headlamp (flashlight), spare batteries
  • Broad brim hat
  • Beanie
  • Hygiene kit
  • Toilet paper
  • First aid kit
  • Buff
  • Rain gear
  • Light jacket
  • Lighter/matches

Added by Sean

  • Back Pack
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Small Day Pack (for the climb)
  • Clothing to match weather 45F at the top. Please dress in Layers
  • Broken in Hiking Shoes/Running Shoes
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Sunglasses
  • SunScreen
  • Light Gloves
  • Compass
  • Permission Slips
  • Pocket Knife
  • Hydration Powder (Gatorade, etc)
  • Optional: Camera

Troop Gear

  • Camping Stoves with Gas
  • 2 x 5 Gallong Water Containers
  • Water Filtration Pumps
  • Tents

Meal Plan: (Ethan Gilkes is Buying the Food)

Friday Night: Scout bring their own Dinner…subway or whatever.

Meal plan: Desert:

Patrol 1: S’mores:

Marshmallows, Chocolate bars, Grahamcrackers

Patrol 5: Rice Krispies:

Rice Krispies, marshmallow

Saturday Morning:

Breakfast: pop tarts

Lunch: sandwiches 

(Ham, cheddar cheese)

Snacks: chewy bars, flavored packets for water


Here is the Sign Up Genius Link if anyone one else would like join:




We will camp near Bishops castle as planned. The Adobe fire is 95% contained/out..its not even being shown on the Colorado Wildfire map anymore.  The Ring Fire is further south but its 75% contained.  Should be nice and safe to camp by Bishops castle although I suspect open fires will not be allowed.





UpaDowna is doing a park clean up today. This is a great opportunity to earn some community service hours!!

Park Cleanup



This weeks meeting will be from 7-830pm as normal.  Due to the fires down south near Bishops Castle we are going to do some planning tonight in addition to camping preparations. Here is our options:

  • Option 1 – Continue Camping near Bishop’s Castle as planned.  I contacted the forrest rangers to see if its still safe to camp on Squirrel Creek trail near bishops castle.  The Adobe fire is north of it and is getting some containment but we will not camp at this location if there is any risk of danger.
  • Option 2 – Blake M has offered up his Condo in Telluride, sleeps 12.  With this option the Troop will need to leave on Thursday to allow for the travel time. This is really nice of Blake to do this and I don’t know if this will happen again! But Adult leaders would have to commit to departing Thursday and Returning Sunday.
  • Option 3 – Hike a 14er and camp nearby. We are doing Mt Harvard Next month also so this would be two 14ers back to back campouts. Doesn’t mean we can’t do it and don’t be nervous that this is too much. There are plenty of 14ers that are moderate hikes 🙂

Scouts and Adult leaders will decide what the plan is at tomorrow’s meeting. Scout leadership will come up with a packing list and meal plan based off the camping decision.

The goal is to stay steady and keep the campouts going!!  The Troop’s Charater and Spirit is derived from High Adventure and determining solutions so let’s try to make something happen!!

Adult leaders please come with some idea’s for locations if the 14er options sounds good to you! I would also like to mention that Mom’s CAN come on these trips too!!!




We are on standby for our next campout. The Adobe fire is really close to Bishops Castle. If this fire is not contained or something happens to the area then we will either move the camp out to a safe location or cancel if necessary for safety.  We want to camp, but clearly we have to be safe!!

Here is the link to all the fires in Colorado. As you can see….its seems like half of the state is on fire…..

Scouts & Families,

Wednesday is July 4th and the halfway point of our 2018 Flag season!  We need just one more Scout for July 4th.  Please sign up using Sign-Up Genius.

All of the Drivers & Navigators already signed up should have received an email from Sandy J. with route assignments, list of addresses and a link to the google map.  If you have any questions, please email or text Lisa D.

We will meet at 6am at the barn to load the vehicles and then head out to start the routes. We’ll meet at the barn at 5pm for afternoon pickup.

Scouts should wear their Class A uniform!



719-237-3805 cell


We have an awesome back pack trip coming up from 13-15 July in San Isabel National Forest. We are going to hike the Squirrel Creek Trail and visit Bishop’s Castle when we are done on Sunday.  Squirrel Creek Trail is about 10-12 miles and is a moderate hike. Every scout has the ability complete this hike and is encourage to attend. We can start as early as the adult leaders are able on Friday morning to get as much daylight as we can and will return on Sunday afternoon after exploring Bishop’s Castle. Here is the link to Bishop’s Castle so you can check it out!

On the hike, scouts can finish rank advancements, complete merit badges, and conduct scout master conferences if they are ready.  Focus of this camp out (Besides having fun in our beautiful state of Colorado) will be navigation, knot tying and first aid skills.

Scout will predominately provide their own meals on this hike (Mountain House, pre-made meals, etc) with the exception of Saturday Night. The patrols will have a back packing dinner cook-off to see who can make the most creative and delicious meal using only backpacking stoves or an open fire if allowed.  Be creative!!

Parents and families are invited to come down to Bishop’s castle on Sunday and spend time with the troop and with your scout to check out this amazing place. You may bring your scout home with you after Bishop’s Castle. On this trip, expect the troop to return sometime Sunday afternoon.

Here is the map wealltrails-squirrel-creek-2

Please sign up here.




The first part of this update is to personally thank Dan and Chris for facilitating an Amazing Summer Camp experience for our Troop!  Both of these leaders were amazing with the scouts with their mentorship, communication and direction. The scouts had fun and learned a ton! I really appreciate you two and so does all the parents and scouts!!  This summer camp was one of the best I have ever seen.  Also a quick shout out to Ray for chasing the bear away 🙂 Thank you all!!

Here are the pics that I have from summer camp so far.  For some reason not all the pics uploaded to Google Photos but I will get that fixed.  There should be more photos to upload soon!!


This Tuesday’s meeting will focus on wrapping up summer camp advancements, updating scout handbooks, and finalizing what can be finished in Merit Badges.  We will also run part 2 of the fitness test that all the boys need for tenderfoot.

Coming upon us is our next camp out which will be a backpack trip. Right now we are leaning towards San Isabel National Forest which will include a tour of Bishops Castle!!  The dates are 12-15 July right now because that is when the adult leaders could make it.  We added an extra day to allow more adventure!!  The signup genius wil be out soon!!






Parents, if you visit tonight, you will have to park in the main parking lot and walk up to the camp. This will be the same procedure for pick up on Saturday morning.

On Saturday, we plan to clear our camp at 7:00 and check out at 7:20am. We will have breakfast at that same time as well. If you are able to drive scouts back, please arrive at Camp A at 7:00. We should be back at the church to download the trailer around 9:15-9:30. Should be done unloading the equipment by 10:00, ready for transport home for showers with lots of soap and scrubbing with lots of bristles or at least a power wash in the front yard. Hope this finds you well. 

Dan McGuire

Also, please remember to email or text Sean Warner if you are able to transport scouts back in the morning. I’m tracking we will need 14-15 seatbelts for scouts as a few of them will go home with their parents tonight.




Just a reminder that we need enough drivers to bring scouts home tomorrow morning.  If you can help with this please confirm with me by texting (719-648-6798)  or email A couple of scout will be departing with their parents tonight because they have sports in the morning, but if they do not have an activity tomorrow morning then I encourage you to let your scouts depart tomorrow morning so they can help with check out and clean up…and get the extra night of camping.


Here is the daily update from Dan McGuire!

“Good Friday morning, Parents! 

Today is our final day in Camp! The Scouts will be making up any missed requirements from this week. We already have bunches of badges earned including one camper who spent the night alone in the woods last night for Wilderness Survival (he came back unharmed this morning), several Scouts who evacuated “injured” campers for Emergency Preparedness, a few crack shots in Rifle, Shotgun, and Archery. Just in case of injury, several of our Scouts earned their First Aid and have actually put it to use this week (minor scrapes). A few Scouts spent time improving Camp Alexander with a service project, earning hours toward rank advancement. Others spent about 40 mins to earn their Mining and Society MB. With Orienteering MB, Search and Rescue MB and Life Saving MB earned, we will be prepared to conquer our next Troop adventure. To document the camp, a few Scouts earned their Photography MB. In case of hunger, a couple boys earned their Fishing MB. Rock Climbing was also completed. We have a couple of Scouts who gazed at the stars and earned their Astronomy MB which culminated with a midnight hike which ended just after 1 am. On a nightly basis, the knowledge gained by our skilled Scouts during the day was passed along using the EDGE method of instruction to spread the knowledge and ensure rank requirements were completed, which served to solidify first and second tier learning. And finally, we now have Scouts qualified in Mammal Studies MB just in case we encounter other fuzzy animals along the trail. Tonight at our closing ceremonial camp fire, our Troop is performing two skits, so please come out if you can to make sure there is someone in the crowd to applaud them. If I missed a MB, i will blame it on too little sleep and too much food from the chow hall. 

Dan McGuire”

Good afternoon Scouting Parents! I hope all of you are enjoying the glorious weather! We certainly are! The boys are finishing up their classes today and are looking forward to a free day tomorrow; which will be for make up classes and fun extra curricular activities and such. Tomorrow also is our scheduled family dinner/visit night. Of course you can come up anytime, but dinner is at 5:45 or so, we get our time slot for dinner tomorrow at 2:30. Our closing ceremony is at 5:15 if you would like to attend. I know a couple of parents are planning on taking their kids home tomorrow. Those who would like to just need to sign them out at the business office. 

Dan McGuire


Scouting Parents! Apologies for my lack of communication last night. It was hectic getting settled in our camp. We are sharing our camp with a troop from Texas, but we have clear boundary lines. All the boys are well last night and this morning. They are all getting to their assigned classes and are having a good time so far. More updates and possibly photos to follow later on. Take care, Dan McGuire. 


Scouting Parents! Day two update: All is well here at Camp A, in Sioux Camp!  They boys are well on their way to earning their assigned badges and the younger scouts are doing well in their rank advancement classes. There are a few aches and pains for some of our boys, which is to be expected, especially for first time campers. Some of the treks to the badge sites is a distance. We are tonsuring your boys are taken care of. If you need anything or have any concerns, please let me know. 

Yours in Scouting,

Dan McGuire


Scout Parents! Good Wednesday evening! The weather has been great yesterday and today and is expected to be nice over the next couple of days. The boys are learning a great deal in their classes and working hard toward rank advancement. Our “first four” scouts (Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd and 1st Class) completes a five mile hike as part of the program. Haven’t heard too many complaints out side of minor aches and pains. They are doing great. A few calls home for some to calm their nerves and such have worked wonders to get them back on track. They are all eating well, learning and having fun. Our youngest scouts completed a service project together to help out the camp. All is well. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns, questions, or comments. Sorry for the long post.

Dan McGuire



If you would like to come up to visit your scout this Friday then you can arrive at anytime after 1pm.  Line up for Dinner starts at 515pm, but I recommend showing up no later than 5pm.  There will be a closing campfire ceremony from 730-930pm.  The temps can get a little chilly up there so dress warm.

I will let you know if there is a sign up for anything for dinner but as of this time just arrive.   You will have to park a little down the road at their guest parking lot….Maybe 1/3 mile down the road so you might want to show up even a little earlier.  I plan to be there about 3-4 pm.




Hi Parents!

Dan and Chris are doing a great Job and all the scouts are all checked in a settled in their camp site yesterday! Thanks to all the committee for doing an outstanding job on the paperwork! Check in went super smooth!!

Here is a pic of their camp site!


Summer Camp!

Sean Warner —  June 15, 2018 — Leave a comment


Summer camp is upon us!  Just a reminder to please arrive at the church on Sunday at noon. Please arrive with you scout prepared with the packing list found on page 75 of the attached. We have 17 scouts and two adults going to summer camp. We need transportation to bring them up all.  If you can help drive us up then please sign up and arrive at the church at noon. This is going to be a great time for all the scouts and I appreciate everything that our committee, scoutmasters and parents have done to make this happen!!



Hello Troop!

Its time for Rank Advancements and to present Merit Badges! Next Tuesday is our Court of Honor and it will be a BBQ Themed event. The Troop is going to provide the meat and sauce.  We are asking the families to bring the sides:

  • Cornbread (2 spots) Enough to feed about 15 People
  • 2 packages Burger buns or rolls (4 spots)
  • Sides (4 spots)
  • Salads (4 spots)
  • Desserts (4 spots)

Please sign up for the side dish you can bring here:

Set up begins at 530pm and the COH starts at 6pm.





The primary focus for tonight’s meeting will be preparation for summer camp.  We will make sure we have all the right forms for scouts and adults. If you are going you should have received an email from the committee about you summer camp paperwork status.

Please review the summer camp link at the top of the website for any information.  Of particular, please download the guide and pack in accordance with the Summer Camp packing list.  Have a swimsuit available so your scout can do the swim test immediately upon arriving to camp.

Parents can visit their scouts while at summer camp if they wish. The best time to do that is after dinner. There will also be a parent night on Friday that you can attend.

The ONE thing we will need are drivers to take scouts to summer camp and bring them back. The adults going will not have enough room in their cars alone. Its about a 45 min Drive to Camp A.  Scouts remember to travel in Class A Uniforms.

Here is an updated link to the Sign Up Genius to Include Drivers.


Finally, we wil be doing some Board of Reviews tonight for scouts that recently went through the scout master conference.