Knot Patrol

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Adult Leaders and Parents,

I would like to have a Knot Patrol meeting Wednesday the 24th so we can plan out how to support the scouts next three months.  Knot patrol is a meeting for Scoutmasters and ASMs and the Committee Chair….however, anyone that wants to be involved can attend.   I live in Manitou but would be happy to have this at a coffee lounge or pub closer to the church or wherever.  I’m thinking it could be at 7pm?  Please email me directly at if you can make it. If you can’t make it, please email what would be a better day to have it.


I was thinking Wyatt’s Pub and Grill located at 806 Village Center Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.  This is pretty close to the church. Its adults only so it cool to have an adult beverage while we plan 🙂




First check out these awesome pics of Josh J climbing on ice this weekend at Camp A!!  Too scary for me but if any of you want to sign up for future Ice Climbing sessions then you can sign up at the following link:

For next Tuesday’s meeting we will be working on the Snow Sports Merit Badge.  We will do the discussion part of the merit badge Tuesday then complete the requirements on Saturday at Monarch.  For those that are not able to do the merit badge but just want to ski, that is fine if a parent comes with you so the leaders can run the merit badge. I recommend that everyone attend this portion because scouts can also earn this merit badge on Snowshoes and our next campout will be snowshoeing.

Here are the abilities required to earn the merit badge:
Alpine Skiing:

Downhill (Alpine) Skiing Option

e. On a gentle slope, demonstrate some of the beginning maneuvers learned in skiing. Include the straight run, gliding wedge, wedge stop, sidestep, and herringbone maneuvers.
f. On slightly steeper terrain, show linked wedge turns.
g. On a moderate slope, demonstrate five to 10 christies.
h. Make a controlled run down an intermediate slope and demonstrate the following:

1. Short-, medium-, and long-radius parallel turns
2. A sideslip and safety (hockey) stop to each side
3. Traverse across a slope
i. Demonstrate the ability to ski in varied conditions, including changes in pitch, snow conditions, and moguls. Maintain your balance and ability to turn.

Snowboarding Option

g. Do the following:

1. On a gentle slope, demonstrate beginning snowboarding maneuvers. Show basic ways to control speed and direction. Include the side slipping maneuver.
2. On slightly steeper terrain, show traversing.
h. On a moderate slope, demonstrate an ollie, a nose-end grab, and a wheelie.
i. Make a controlled run down an intermediate slope and demonstrate the following:

1. Skidded, carved, and jump turns
2. Stops
3. Riding fakie
j. Demonstrate your ability to ride in varied conditions, including changes in pitch, snow conditions, and moguls. Maintain your balance and ability to turn.

See you Tuesday!



Happy New Year from Oslo, Norway!! I’m here visiting my daughter and getting quite an awesome cultural experience! The one picture of me is in front of the Norwegian Parliament building. Its dark but its only about 3pm in that photo. They only have a couple hours of daylight here because we are so far north. The second picture is our decorations at my daughter’s apartment 🙂

I hope everyone had a great new years as well!  Our first meeting back will be on Jan 9th at 7pm.  I think it would be good to see each other again and go through and inventory our camping equipment.

It looks like everyone is interested in the one day snow sports trip to Monarch on the 20th so we will start the snow sports merit badge at the church on the 16th.  It will be up to each scout to secure their own pass and equipment for Monarch. Sometimes Shell gas stations offer 2 for 1 passes for Monarch when you buy a full tank of gas. I imagine will will depart early on the 20th and arrive back late that night. We can figure out the arrangements on the 16th.

See you guys soon!





We plan on running the snowsports merit badge at Monarch Mountain on Jan 20th.  Originally Council was going to run it and we were going to tag on but it seems they took that off their calendar. No worries…we can still run it if we get enough volunteers. So there is two options that we can entertain…one is going up for the day and one is going up for two days.  One day would be for the merit badge and one day would be for fun.  On both days I’d like to have an Adult volunteer that can hang with those that want to ski/ride but are not yet ready for the Merit Badge. Based on the Feedback from this signup we will choose one of those options and plan further.

If we go up one day it will be on the 20th. If we go up for two we will depart morning of the 20th and return the next day on the 21st.  In both cases it will be on Monarch Mountain. Here is the link.

Tickets for those 7-12 will be $43 and for scouts 13-17 will be $59

There will likely be an additional cost for lodging and meals (TBD)

Scouts and family will responsible for purchasing their own tickets and having their own gear (rentals are available at Monarch).

Please sign up soon so we can plan accordingly! It wil be fun to slide down the mountain!






Its a busy time of year….Midterms, Plays, Concerts, Family…. Due to all these things I’m making the call to cancel the rest of the meetings in December.  Please enjoy all these moments and fully immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit by being good and helping others.  There is nothing more important than spreading Joy and Happiness this time of year. You could totally change someones life and there is no better way to bring joy to yourself than through helping others!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Love you all!


PS: There are a few adults we need to fill out their registration forms and complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) so we can recharter.  There is a YPT link right on our website under “Links.” Please pass this information to Lisa D as soon as possible:

  • Ted J
  • Michael P
  • Roxann P
  • Jessica H


Mr Sharp, our Charter Org Rep created an opportunity to acquire some community Service hours while doing something good for our community.

We need 2-4 scouts to help out with manning a Salvation Army donation position in front of 8th Street Walmart on December 9th from 10-2pm.  We are asking for at least one scout for each hour.  You can do more hours if you’d so just make sure you log in your community service time in your Handbook.

Please sign up here if you are able to make it.

Thank you,

Sean (On behalf of Mr. Sharp)



Scouts and Families,

At the previous meeting, Blake McTee went over the roles of leadership positions. If you know you have a leadership position and did not come to the previous meeting, then please come to the next one. We will be building on the responsibilities we learned yesterday.

Our upcoming trip is a bike ride this Saturday at 9:50 AM. Please look at the previous post for more information.

In January, we will be doing the Snow Sports Merit Badge at Monarch. Scouts can do the merit badge or go for fun. It hasn’t been decided yet if it will be a day trip or overnight.

Thanks! -Jack Durrenberger, Troop Scribe

December Bike Ride

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Merry Christmas!

Our outing for this month will be a Bike Ride from Palmer Lake to Goose Gossage Park on the   Fe Trail on 2 December. Its about a 20 mile trip and mostly downhill.  We will meet this Saturday at 950am at the Palmer Lake Trail Head. The address that takes you there on Google Maps is “199 County Line Rd, Palmer Lake, CO 80133”.  We will follow the Santa Fe Trail South through the Air Force Academy until we arrive at Goose Gossage Park and finish off by riding our bikes on the dirt mounds there. We should arrive there about noon and you will pick your scout up there.  Google maps has the address to Goose Gossage Park is “Goose Gossage Skate Park, Mark Dabling Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80907”

Here is a link to the route on Google Bike Route

Its not a very hard ride. The trail is dirt and paved so Mountain Bike style or fatter tire bikes are best. Road bikes with super skinny tires might be a little tough over the dirt trail portion.

The weather should warm up to about 60 degrees but be ready for it to be a little chilly so have gloves to keep your hands warm. Everyone needs to have a helmet. Bring a water bottle or Camel Bak to stay hydrated. Small snacks are fine too.   Parents and capable family members are welcome to attend. There is no cost to this event.

Date: 12/02/2017 (Sat.)Time: 9:50am – 12:00pm MSTLocation: Palmer Lake to Goose Gossage Park

Please sign up on Sign Up Genius below:

Thanks Sean

Sorry for the late post!  There IS a meeting tonight and we are going to educate the scouts on how to properly perform the duties and responsibilities of all their leadership positions (SPL, ASPL, Scribe, Etc).  This is a continuing part of our effort to facilitate the Troop being Scout Led!!  This meeting is for ALL the scouts, not just the current leadership.  All scouts should know the positions and what to expect from their scout leadership!



P.S. If I ever forget to do a post, please refer to the calendar on the Website 🙂



Scouts & Families,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our November “Thanksgiving” Court of Honor! Set-up begins at 5:30pm, dinner will start at 6:00pm (or as soon as we get everything ready) and COH will begin around 7:00pm. There are a few slots available on the Thanksgiving Sign-up Genius for dinner sides if you haven’t already signed up to bring something.

Also as a reminder, we will be collecting re-charter fees and troop dues for 2018. You will also be able to reserve a spot for your Scout for 2018 summer camp at Camp A. Scouts will also be receiving their popcorn orders tomorrow at COH. We will need a few people to help unload the popcorn and bring it in to the church and maybe help separate the order.

Get ready to get your grub on and let’s come together and give thanks for our wonderful Scouting family!

See y’all tomorrow!



Good evening All, thank you for your patience and understanding on my delay. Please find below last weeks committee meeting notes.


Boy Scout Troop 287 

Meeting:  Troop 287 Committee Meeting

                         Date & Time:      November 7, 2017, 7:33P.M – 8:12 PM

     Location:  Wilson United Methodist Church

                                                                                  In attendance:        S. Johnston,  S.Diggs, S. Warner,  L.Durrenberger,  P. Reeves, D.                                                                                            Reeves, Mark Kellner

Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair 

Opened Meeting at 7:33 p.m. Last committee meeting for Sandy Johnston

  • Discussion regarding committee meeting that is cancelled for December 12, 2017.   January 9, 2018, next committee meeting date.
  • Discussion regarding planned dates for Scoutmaster Conference.
  • Court of Honor, November 14, 2017, set up 5:30 p.m., start 6 p.m. dinner, COH  7 .p.m.  $ 33 to recharter, $ 72  for yearly dues will be collected this day. (total $105).  First Summer Camp payment due.
  • Website feedback discussed
  • Discussion of Summer Camp details and funds needed for Camp A , June 17- 23, 2018
  • Sign Up Genius coming out for Church Tree Lighting Event parking and Salvation Army Bell ringing.
  • Discussion of popcorn monies and distribution of popcorn November 11, 2017. Prizes will be distributed at a future date
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Flag coordinator and outdoor coordinator.

  Sean Warner – Scoutmaster

  • Flags coming up November 11, 2017
  • Leadership training updates
  • No Camp out for November due to flags and events
  • Discussion of need for equipment
  • December 2, 2017, bike ride. Possible coordinate with Updowna
  • Discussion regarding snow merit badge will be worked on in January 2018
  • Reminder that Troop Calendar is planned out for the year, please review.
  • Reminder entire year of Sign up Genius for Adult leadership is out . Sign is needed for events
  • Discussion about scout interest regarding future trip to Sea Base and Philmont due  cost involved. Sign Up Genius will be sent                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Danny Reeves – Committee Treasurer:

  • Gave the current status of the Troop’s total operating account

Motion : 

 To approve to move funds from Education fund to Equipment funds

Summer Camp 2018 Signup

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Its time to plan for summer camp for summer of 2018. The scouts decided they would like to go to Camp Alexander this time. The price for 2018 is $320.  We have a payment plan starting with $55. This is a great price so have your scout get so many achievements, spend a week camping, get fed three meals a day, and the most important part….have awesome memories that last a lifetime!!

The dates of summer camp are 17-23 June 2018.

We also need at least two adult leaders to sign up! A parent that is not an adult leader may also sign up as long as one adult leader is present. We would require all parents on scouting events to complete the online Youth Protection Training.

Here is the link to Sign Up Genius:

Thanks Sean



Scouts & Families,

Just a reminder for those signed up for Veteran’s Day Flags tomorrow. We will meet at the barn for the morning route at 6:00am and 4:30pm for the pm route. Sean will be point of contact for this holiday and his info will be on the clipboards.

Please see the assignments for the routes below and a link to the map. If you have any questions, please txt me. Also we had a cancellation so we have a spot open in the am for a Scout. Txt me if your Scout wants to take that spot. Please don’t show up in the morning unless you confirm with me first so that we can make sure we don’t have too many Scouts and not enough seatbelts.

Let’s finish this season strong!

Happy Veteran’s Day!




Vet2017 FlagsAssignSheet

Troop #287 Veterans Day 2017 Flag Postings

Howdy folks,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Danny Reeves (Evan’s dad).  My wife, Pam and I are the troop treasurers.  At next week’s Court of Honor, we are asking that parents bring a check for their son’s recharter and dues for the 2018 scouting year.  The troop will need to recharter by the first of December.  The recharter fees have been increased by Council to $33 per person.  Dues are $72.  So if you would please bring a check or cash for $105 for your scout next Tuesday, it would be appreciated.  Also, if you are a committee member, you are also required to pay a recharter fee of $33.

Second item, the troop has registered for summer camp at Camp Alexander next year, the week of June 17th – 23rd.  If your son plans to attend, we ask that you also provide a check for $55 as a deposit for summer camp next Tuesday.  The scouts were given the annual summer camp agreement with a payment plan.  We ask that the scout and parent sign the document and return it next Tuesday as well.

We will also have scout account sheet balances to hand out next Tuesdy as well.

See you all on Tuesday,

Danny and Pam R.

Just a friendly reminder that we will be holding scoutmaster conferences tonight at 738pm at the church for those that need them.  Right now I’m tracking 4 boys:

  • Ignacio – Second Class
  • Jack – Second Class
  • Preston – Second Class
  • Mark – Tenderfoot

I will be there and if we can have at least three other scoutmaster arrive to help that would be awesome.

Board of Reviews will be at 9am on Saturday at the church right after the first Flags are put out


Thanksgiving COH

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The next COH is a Thanksgiving COH where we give thanks and share food together through a potluck dinner. We truly have a lot to be thankful for….living in Colorado, our happiness, health and most importantly our wonderful kids that bring us all together and allow us to have such great scouting adventures!

Thanksgiving COH is on Tuesday the 4th. We start setup at 530 and start eating at 6pm.

Please sign up for what you are able to bring to the dinner.

3 Turkeys – (keep your receipt for reimbursement by the Troop)

3 Salads

6 – 8 Sides

4 – 5 Desserts

Thank you,


Sea Base 2019

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Parents and Scouts,

It seems like a ways away but registration for our High Adventure Camps is already open for summer 2019. There are three high adventure camps…Sea Base (Sailing in the Florida Keys), Philmont (Long hikes over 11 Days in New Mexico), and Boundary Waters/Northern Tier (Canoeing in Minnesota).  Scouts must have completed the 8th great or be 14 years old.  We will have a lot in the summer of 2019.  The boys seemed to want to do Sea Base in 2019, Philmont in 2020 and Northern Tier in 2021.

Sea Base has many adventures at Sea.  Sailing, Fishing, Snorkling, Diving, etc. We would live on a sailboat for a week and do all those things.

The cost is about $7,000-$8000 for a crew.  Sounds like a lot but if we can get 10 people there it lowers the cost.

I have been to Sea Base with my older son and it was amazing!

Check out the adventures we can have!!

Please sign up if you have an interest to go!!

Here is the link to sign up:





As winter is coming this is a great time of year to buy camping gear.  Scout Shop is having a big sale!  Here is that site and some other sites to check out too:

Scout Stuff

Steep and Cheap

The Clymb

You might find some good Christmas Gifts!





Tonight we are talking about the hazards of using drugs by going over the Boy Scout “DRUGS: A DEADLY GAME” book. This will meet rank advancement requirements for those that need it.

Scouts may also have rank advancements signed off and merit badges completed in preparation of the upcoming Court of Honor.





Just a reminder for upcoming events. Due to Thanksgiving being the 3rd wk of November, we’ve rescheduled some of our events for this month. Committee Meeting will be this week Tuesday November 7th at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. We’ll discuss Troop business, activities and plan November Court of Honor. We are also still looking to fill some open positions on the committee – Flag Coordinator, New Member Coordinator, and Outdoor Coordinator.



Court of Honor will be held the second Tuesday of the month on November 14. Set-up will begin at 5:30pm. Dinner will start at 6:00pm and the ceremony around 7:00pm. The Sign-Up Genius for Thanksgiving dinner will be out soon! We will need at least 3 families to make a turkey this year!

Also, a reminder for Veteran’s Day Flags on Saturday,  November 11th. We are still short 1 driver & I navigator for the PM shift. Please help your fellow Scouts out and sign up if you are available. This is the last flag holiday for the 2017 season. Let’s finish strong! We’re still looking for someone to take over for Flags. Ideally, it should be a Committee Member so that the Scoutmasters are available for outing and activities.

See you all on Tuesday!