We are on our 3rd flag holiday. We are in need of two Navigators and one Scout. Please sign up below if you can help us out.


Meeting 6/28/22

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Tomorrow night we will be meeting up at the barn. Attire will be Class B uniforms.
We will have some fun patrol challenges and further develop our teamwork. We need to get our new Patrol names, calls, flags, etc. ready. Patrol Leaders make sure you are present.
There are still a lot of adventures to have this summer and we will be taking advantage of the daylight to make sure we are prepared and everything is in order.

Many of you have troop gear that you had taken home to cleanup following outings. Things like tents and stoves etc. Please take a look around and bring those with tomorrow evening. We need gear back to make sure we are ready for the next adventure. Check twice!

Speaking of next adventure…. get ready for Summer Camp. We have signed up and chose our merit badges. All we need to do is pack… right!?!?! … Wrong!!! Many are still missing medical forms. Mr. McGuire has been asking and asking. If you turned them in… Great Job! If not, the deadline is tomorrow night. Bring them with you.

August will be Squirrel Creek Backpacking Trip and Bishop’s Castle. Post and more info coming soon.

Things you’ll need…..
1. Good Attitude
2. Scout Book
3. Troop gear you have
4. BSA Med Forms (A,B1,B2,C)

See you soon!
Mr. Petree


If you have not already turned in your medical documents, please get them to me no later than Tuesday evening at the next meeting (6/28). I will package and mail them on Wednesday unless there is an extreme verified reason that I have not received your Scout’s documents (you’ve known about this for a while now!).

Below are the forms which need to be completed in order for your Scout to attend camp. Immunizations need to be transcribed onto the forms in order for them to be legit, so please don’t just staple your immunization records to your forms and write in “*See attached”. Because that means I will have to do the transcribing. Camp facilities in Colorado are classified as Day Care Centers and they are pretty particular about this stuff.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

There are a few things I need to cover here as well:

Daily meds: please ensure it comes to camp in the provided prescription bottle, not another pill container (because it will be held at med lodge). Campers, Scouts, kids, youth (etc.) are not allowed to self administer medications while at camp (unless exigent circumstances-epi pen, etc.). Even allergy meds. They will go to the med lodge in the morning and/or at night to get their medications. Again-child care facility.

If your Scout needs to carry meds with him on a daily basis (epi pen, inhaler, etc.), please fill out the form below the med forms. That is the “Contract to Carry meds” form. If you kid doesnt get his daily meds, Ray will have to deal with him.

Please, please, please, turn in these forms if you have not already. Over the next couple of days, I will go through my emails and print out all the forms I have received over the last couple of weeks since I was gone. If I do not have a form from you, I will email you no later than Sunday evening.

If you know you did not fill one of these out, please do so and get it to me on Tuesday. This will make the check-in process so much easier on Camp day 1. I would hate for camp to send a Scout home because they didn’t have the proper paperwork.


If you missed the dead line for ordering shirts or hoodies due to Philmount, we are still have the oppurtunity to order and receive the shirts before camp. Please contact me at fmreiser@gmail.com. Orders must be in no later then Sunday, June 26.

Maureen Reiser

The scouts have spoken and we will have a water ballon game night Tuesday Jun 21st from 7pm to 8pm at Wilson Ranch Park 2335 Allegheny Dr. (just west of Centennial Blvd)

Please sign up if you can bring some filled water balloons. More balloons = more fun!


We will play a water balloon version of capture the flag, ballon toss, and attempt to recreate the epic water ballon battle pictured here:

T shirt orders

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Orders are due tomorrow for troop t shirts. Since we are not having a meeting tomorrow I would like you to email me your order. My email address is fmreiser@gmail.com. Please do not comment on this site, we do not get these comments. You can bring a check next week to the meeting or Zelle Carrie McQuire @ Cmack_26@hotmail.com

Maureen Reiser

We are still looking for one navigator and two scouts for this Tuesday to join us for Flag Day. Please sign up below if you can help us out. Sibling are also invited to join and will get paid as the scout if we don’t have enough scouts.

Maureen Reiser

Last call to represent our Troop at the Rotary club meeting, Wednesday, June 15. Meet at the barn 11:30. Return at 2pm. Please be in Class A uniform. We accept our check twice a year and ask for a honor guard once a year. It is a difficult time during the week with so many Scouts gone or in camps. Please sign up below is you are able to join us. Contact me if you need a ride.

Maureen Reiser

Meeting 6/7/22

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We will meet inside the church for tonights meeting.

The Philmont Crew will be bringing all their gear in to do a shakedown and we will take this opportunity to discuss backpacking planning, packing, and gear. It will be a great warmup for Summer Camp coming in July and Squirrel Creek Loop Backpacking Trip in August.

After that we will continue to work on some advancement and conduct another teambuilding IPA (Inner Patrol Activity) if we are focused and have time.

Reminder that we have Flag Day on June 14th. There may be slots left. This is a great way to raise some funds for your scout account. Due to our flag fundraising and a lot of the troop being away at Philmont there will not be a meeting on June 14th. Enjoy your family, friends, and celibrate that awesome stars and stripes.

Next meeting will be June 21st and we will have a game night with the activity to be determined. If you have ideas and suggestions, bring them tonight.

Philmont Crew!!! Bring your packs fully ready to go. We meet at the barn tomorrow morning at 0700 to hit the road to New Mexico.

Yours in scouting!

Mr. Petree


We are in need of support for Flag Day flags on Jun 14th! Please sign up and get out there, show support for the country, military, and our community! Plus, youll get some cash in your scout account-but that isnt why we do it, right?




Summer camp is good to go with the exception of medical forms.

We have a total of 25 Scouts attending camp and will be asking for a couple of parents to serve as transporters to get all those Scouts up to San Isabele Scout Ranch. More information on that to come as we approach the date.

If you have not turned in your medical forms (annual physicals), please do so as soon as you can. These forms need to be mailed (hard copy) to the BSA office in Pueblo before the end of Jun. I would like to package them all and get them in the mail on 25 Jun.


Here is the t-shirt order form. We are dropping off the order form on 14 Jun, so if you want a Troop 287 t-shirt, please print this form off, fill it out, and get it to the Scoutmaster before the 14th. He will give it to Mrs. Reiser who will turn it in for us.

If you all have any concerns ro questions, please let us know!

This week coming, the troop is sending out our guys to Philmont. Make sure you think of them while they are hiking 80-100 miles over a 10 day course! And congratualte them when they get back.

Talk to you soon,


Camp Cards

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Hope you had fun and were successful selling camp cards. Now that we are at the end of the selling period, I need everyone to reconcile with me at tonights meeting. Please bring the money for the ones you sold and any ones you didn’t so we can settle up with the council.

Mr. Petree

Thank you to those who signed up for flags tomorrow. See you at the barn at 6am. Scouts should be in Class A uniforms, they may also want to wear gloves since it is a little cold in the morning. We will be meeting again at 6pm to retrieve the flags. Please do not comment on this site since it does not go anywhere. We are working on this problem.
Maureen 208-596-3115

Thank you again to all those who have signed up to help with flags so far this season. We are in need of a navigator on this Memorial Day. Please sign up on link below if you can help us out.
Maureen Reiser

Metting 5/24/2022

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Following the Court of Honor last week we will be distributing the new position patches and determining the new patrols.

To start things off we will work on a round of fun team building activities tonight to build that patrol comradery. Get ready for some teamwork.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!!!

Mr. Petree

Troop 287 has been ask to attend the Rotary Club Meeting on June 15th to present the colors. We are still in need of some Scouts to join us. We will meet at the barn at 11:30 and return around 2pm. This luncheon is where they present our biannual check. We have the opportunity to tell the club how much we appreciate this fundraiser and how we use the money that we earn. Lunch will also be provided. Arrangements can be made for Scout pickup or drop-off if needed. Please were your Class A uniform. Please sign up below.


Feel free to contact me with any questions

Maureen Reiser 208-596-3115


Flag season is here! We need more help for Flag Day, June 14th. Scouts, drivers and navigators. Please sign up if you can help us out. This a tough one because it is during the week. Once again, we can arrange to pick up your Scout if needed. Come out and have some fun and make some money! Do a good turn daily. Sign up below.


Any questions feel free to contact me at 208-596-3115

Maureen Reiser

BSA Honor Guard Patch, looking to fill this full time with members of the troop with SM approval.


Apologies for the short suspense, the weather has played a part in this, but no worries, we will get it done.

Tomorrow morning, at 1030, at the Church, we will host Lance Warner’s Eagle Award COH.

We need a few Scouts to fill in as Honor Guard and perform the posting and retiring of the colors.

Please wear full Class A Uniform and be ready to post and retire the colors. It will only be about an hour ceremony. And there will be cake, so there is that.

Here is the link to sign up.



Tonight is the night! Tonight we get to honor and celebrate all of the hard work and accomplishments we have realized over the past three months.

Remember to look your best and bring your loved ones.

Dinner at 6:00; awards at 7ish.

Cannot wait to see you all.

Mr. Petree

Meeting 5/10/22

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Tonight at the meeting we will be holding elections for the next round of Troop Leadership and working on some bushcraft skills. This will allow those participating in a Board of Review to sneak away and level up!

If you would like to run for a position you will have the opportunity to address your peers prior to casting of ballots.

Whether running for office or crushing your Board of Review, remember to look your best…. Class “A” uniform.

See you all tonight!

Mr. Petree