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Ray Petree —  January 23, 2023 — Leave a comment

Hello troop,

Since we just did our ski trip, it is time for a game night! We will be going to Skyzone at 6:30 so we can do a full 90 minutes because they close at 8:00. Admission is $24 and $4 for socks (which are required). It is located at 1750 E Woodmen Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

You can purchase tickets and complete waivers in advance at the following link. Wavers are required.

See you there,


Troop Treasurer

Ray Petree —  January 23, 2023 — Leave a comment

Hello Troop 287! 

Just a quick note from your new Troop Treasurer….We have made a complete transfer of Treasurer duties from Carrie to Betsy Douglass. Betsy can be reached at

To transfer money to the troop for activity payments, you can use cash, checks made out to “BSA Troop 287” or through Zelle (use email 

Happy New Year! 



Below is an invite to the Northern Tier planning meeting. Since we have one open slot, I am posting the meeting here. You are more than welcome to join if you are interested in attending this summer.

You’re invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

Title: Dan McGuire’s Teams Meeting
Time: Thursday, January 19, 2023 7:00:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

Join on your computer or mobile app
Click here to join the meeting

Northern Tier VACANCY!

Dan McGuire —  January 18, 2023 — Leave a comment


If you are interested in attending Northern Tier with the folks who are headed that way in June, we have one (1) slot up for grabs.

As a Scout, you need to be 14 years old, or 13 and have completed 8th grade.

So, if you are in 8th grade right now, you are eligible. Please talk it over with your parents and give me a shout so we can fill you in on all the current details and get you invited to the Tursday eventing planning meetings where the rest of your questions will be answered, maybe.

Talk to you soon,


Meeting 1/17/2022

Ray Petree —  January 17, 2023 — Leave a comment

Hello, Troop,

In this week’s meeting, we will vote on which council summer camp to go to because the PLC has decided to attend a council summer camp instead. People with an idea of a summer camp to go to, come with a small presentation with some pros and cons of that summer camp. We will also be going over what to bring to the monarch ski trip this weekend, so make sure you are signed up if you are going.

See you there,


Hey guys, it’s me, Alex.

I am hosting a donation drive for people in need. Donations can be dropped off at my address or given to me at scouts.

Reach out if you have any questions.

Meeting 1/9/2023

Ray Petree —  January 10, 2023 — Leave a comment

Hello Troop,

This meeting we’ll be having a PLC so everyone in a leadership position should come at 6:30 so we can discuss some summer camp matters.

Otherwise, in this meeting, we will be doing rank advancement and Axel will instruct a knot lesson.

See you there,


Hi Scout Families,

Mr. Holpuch and Mr. Anderson are organizing the January Monarch ski/snowboarding day on Saturday, January 21st.  This is a single-day outing with a carpool starting and ending at the scout barn in COS.  We will also have an opportunity to work on the winter sports MB

Scouts are expected to provide their own gear, lift ticket, and lunch money for this activity   We will also need parent/driver support so thanks in advance for your assistance.   Other family members are welcome to join us if they have parent and transportation support.

Please sign up before Tuesday, Jan 17th if you plan to attend.!/showSignUp/20f0c4aacae2babfd0-bsatroop3

Meeting 1/3/2023

Ray Petree —  January 3, 2023 — Leave a comment

Happy new year troop!

Tonight’s meeting will be the first meeting of the month and 2023, so come to tonight’s meeting with your best class A uniform. We will also be doing some rank advancement so you can climb the ladder to Eagle.

See you tonight,

Miles Kunkle

Let Scout Troop 78 dispose of your tree this holiday season! The trees are mulched and donations support Scout adventures like hiking, camping, and climbing.

Who: Scouts BSA Troop 78 (US Air Force Academy)
What: tree collection and recycling
When: 1, 2, 7 & 8 January from 9-4
Where: Eagleview Middle School, Western Museum of Mining & Industry, or, we will pick it up curbside (
Why: trees returned to nature; donations support Scouting!

Hi Scout Families,

When you are done opening presents and bored with video games, join Mr. Hatch and Mr. Holpuch for a USAFA Scout Hut campout on Dec 27-28th!

The USAFA “scout hut” has heat, a bathroom and cooking facilities.  Scouts will need to bring or borrow a cot, sleeping bag, clothes, and 10 essentials.  We may need a parent to help with the car pool to/from USAFA depending on the turnout.

Please sign up before Dec 26th if you plan to attend:

Campout Plan:
27 Dec @ 3:45pm (meet at troop scout barn, depart for USAFA @ 4pm)
3 meals planned (dinner through lunch). 
Return after lunch on 28 Dec 

Activities –

* Cooking and meal planning

* Hiking 

* Pool (to do rescue for 1st class requirement or swim test)
Whatever else we come up with

Meeting 12/13/22

Ray Petree —  December 13, 2022 — Leave a comment


Tonight will be the last meeting of the year. We will be taking the 20th and 27th off being right around the holidays and meet up again starting January 3rd 2023.

Tonight we will focus on finishing up any outstanding requirements and have a fun patrol activity. Probably also tell stories about all the fun and pranks that happened during the Lock-In.

See you all tonight!

Mr. Petree

Northern Tier Families!

Dan McGuire —  December 9, 2022 — Leave a comment

Sorry about this late notice, I meant to get this out earlier. No need to meet up right now, I was thinking we needed more developoment this month, but that was in an older guide.

If you are planning on attending Northern Tier this coming summer with the Troop, we need to get together and do a little planning.

Our first time hack is the end of this month. This is an excerpt for the handbook of where we should be right now (I received an email from NT about our permits, they are due by the end of the month.)

• Collect funds for your third payment. This payment is due October 1. Make sure to update Northern Tier
of any changes to your number of crews, and your participation numbers prior to October 1st.
• Make sure your crew sets up Doctor Appointments to update their BSA Health and Medical Records.
These Records must be current within a year of your trip. Make sure all members of your crew meet the
physical requirements to participate in a Northern Tier trip, including the Height and Weight
Requirements found in Appendix D.
• Northern Tier sends information on the different types of parks and routes to paddle through in the fall.
Use this information to fill out your Permit Application. The Permit Application is due on December 1.
• Begin reviewing the personal equipment list with your crew. Gear items make great Christmas gifts and
can be purchased in our trading post online at
• Complete campership applications. Campership applications are due by January 31st


Also, for travelling up there, we need to make those arrangements, especially for those Scouts not travelling with a parent. is a resource available.

Here is the leader guide, please read through it and become at least vaguely familiar with it.

Lock-in Details

Ray Petree —  December 8, 2022 — Leave a comment


Sorry for the late post, but here are the details for the lock-in.

I will be at the church at 5:30pm tomorrow and you can start showing up then. The Troop will be providing Pizza for dinner and drinks. Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow and something to change into to sleep so you all can throw those in the corner and not use them as we know you will all be up all night playing anyway.

Reminder to bring any games and such you committed to bringing

Saturday morning we will do a good cleanup on the church and pickup on Saturday morning will be at 9:00am.

Meeting 12/6/22

Ray Petree —  December 6, 2022 — Leave a comment

Hello Troop,

At this meeting, we will be doing uniform inspections since it is the first meeting of the month. We will be doing some planning for this upcoming lock-in and some rank advancements.

Thank you,


Good Month, Troop!

Here is a quick reminder that dues/registration for recharter are due this month for next year. Carrie sent out statements a couple weeks ago and we need to get that stuff collected so we can finish up our recharter.

Also, for those of you who are attending Northern Tier, that monthly installment is due as well, Carrie sent that remnder out as well.

Let’s get those payments in the bank so the troop can cut some checks! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Carrie!


Meeting 11/29/22

Ray Petree —  November 29, 2022 — Leave a comment


Message from your new Senior Patrol Leader.

Good morning,

Since you can post things on the website, could you please post that at this meeting, the PLC will meet at 6:30 before the meeting for some planning in the next few months. Also, at this meeting, we will be establishing new patrols and rank advancement if time after the patrols.

Thank you,

Miles Kunkle

No Meeting 11/22

Ray Petree —  November 22, 2022 — Leave a comment


Just a reminder there is no meeting this week. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving Holliday.

we will see you next week.

Mr. Petree

a note from the Troop Treasurer:

Hello Troop 287! It’s time to register for the 2023 Scouting Year. The fee structure is listed below. 

Youth Total: $205

Youth National Fee: $75

Youth Council Fee: $60

Troop Dues: $70

Adult Total: $81

Adult National Fee: $45

Adult Council Fee: $36

Payments should be submitted to Carrie by 12/10/2022. Fees can be paid from scout accounts, via check made out to “BSA Troop 287” or through Zelle. Council scholarships are available through this link. Please contact Carrie with any questions or concerns.

Super Troop!

Dan McGuire —  November 13, 2022 — Leave a comment

Good evening, folks! Just wanted to throw a reminder out there that at this week’s Court of Honor, we will be looking to name replacements for the Troop Treasurer (thank you Douglass Family!) and my position, the Committee Chair.

As you may have heard, the Troop recharter is currently on-going (thank you, Kristen!!!), and Kristen will need a name to throw into the slot on the appropriate form.

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to let me know. It really isn’t that tough a job because we have an outstanding group of parents filling in a lot of the Committee positions already!

Anyway, think about it, because someone’s name is going to have to be filled in!

Talk to you all Tuesday!