We will have an action packed Tuesday meeting!  Scouts will begin work on the coin collecting merit badge in preparation for the Denver Mint Tour on Monday, June 6th.  Please RSVP for the Mint Tour on signupgenius!

Parents are asked to attend the meeting for a special Flag Program training event.  This is a mandatory meeting prior to accomplishing a flag route (and helping your Scout earn money for camp/events!).  See the Flag barn (extra credit if you see/hear the ghost of Cowboy Bob in the barn hay loft!), find out how to identify flag locations at a residence, and actually put out a flag (right by the church)!

See you Tuesday!


The only physical that you need for summer camp is the one posted under the above Summer Camp 2016 link.  You do not need the additional Colorado Immunization Form.

Please work on completing the physicals and acquiring the packing list. Also, remember to let me know if you would like to rent a cot ($20).

Thanks and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions at 719.648.6798 or seanmwarner@gmail.com.



The May Court of Honor is next Tuesday, 17 May, at WUMC!  The Committee will provide hamburgers/hot dogs, and families should RSVP and sign up for sides/desserts. Setup begins for all Scouts at 5:30 pm with dinner beginning at 6 pm.  The COH will follow at 7 pm with awards and advancements.  This is a great time to bring in your summer camp physical or other paperwork so we can take care of Troop business.  All Troop 287 families are invited!

An invite was sent out on signupgenius…if you’re not getting Troop invites, please send your e-mail address to jonu_1999@yahoo.com.

Farish Campout!

Jon Ullmann —  May 11, 2016 — Leave a comment


The Farish Campout is this Friday thru Sunday!  Farish is the USAFA recreation area located just north of Rampart Reservoir.  We have a great campsite and lots of fun activities planned, to include Michael Warner’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Saturday from 12-3 pm!

If you signed up at the Tuesday meeting you need to meet at the church at 5 pm Friday with all your gear (see the list below).  We will travel to Farish as a group after we pack the Troop gear.  Scouts will return about 3 pm on Sunday; you can expect a call on Sunday about the time we depart Farish with an updated return time.

WE NEED DRIVERS!:  If you can transport Scouts to/from Farish please contact Jim Brinkman via e-mail at t287sm@yahoo.com.  The success of this campout is dependent upon getting all the Scouts and gear to this great camping area!

Individual items to bring to Farish campout:  Scout Handbook, pen, sleeping bag and pad, warm clothes, hat/gloves, flashlight, knife (if you’ve earned the Totin’ chit), camp chair (optional), bowl or plate, cup, spoon/fork, toothbrush/comb, fishing pole (if you want to fish!), water bottle/camelbak, sunscreen.  You can pack all items in a duffel bag or backpack. We will use Troop tents, stoves, and other equipment during the campout. Please show up in your Class A shirt/scarf for travel and use during ceremonies.

See you Friday!

Boy Scout Troop 287


Meeting:                   Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            May 10, 2016, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                  Wilson United Methodist Church


In attendance:

Jon Ullmann, Jonathan Westcott, Lisa Woodard and Sandy Johnston.


Jon Ullman – Scout Master

  • Friday, May 13th – Friday – Sunday Camp-Out at the Farish Campground
  • Saturday, May 14th – Everyone is invited to Michael Warner’s Eagle Court of Honor at Farish Campground at the AFA, 12 noon to 3:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, May 17th – Court of Honor at the church
  • Tuesday, May 24th – Coin Collecting Merit Badge will begin
  • Tuesday, May 24th – Mandatory ‘Flag’ tutorial for all parents
  • Tuesday, May 31st – 5:30 pm meet at the church for Swim Night at the AFA
  • Monday, June 6th – Trip to the Denver Mint


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair

  • Next week’s Court of Honor was discussed in detail
  • Tuesday, May 17th at 6:00 p.m. will be the BBQ themed Court of Honor
  • Jon and Sean will pre-grill all of the burgers and hot dogs
  • Parents will bring either a side dish or a dessert; look for a Sign-Up Genius email
  • Tuesday, June 14th Flag Day “Flags” Fundraiser will need participation from the older Scouts not going to Summer Camp




We have an important meeting Tuesday to plan the Farish campout (13-15 May) and the upcoming Court of Honor on May 17th.

For the Farish campout, we need a firm commitment and payment at tomorrow night’s meeting.  Expect about $20-$25 to cover food and campsite expenses.  We are still crunching the numbers to ensure we cover all costs and will let you know the amount at the meeting.  You may pay by check (payable to Troop 287), cash, or Scout Funds (if you know you have sufficient funds).

New Scouts will also complete all requirements to advance to the rank of “Scout” at the COH!

See you tomorrow!



This week game night will be on Friday, May 6th 5:00pm at Trampoline World. We will meet inside

for 2 hrs of trampoline fun. Cost is $5/hr for a total of $10. Parents please fill out on-line waiver or sign

one when dropping off your Scout. For more information about Trampoline World please click on link below.

Trampoline World

780 Vondelpark Drive


See you there!

Upcoming Events:

May 10th (Tues):  Meeting at WUMC, Farish campout signup/planning/payment due

May 13-15 (Fri Sun):  Farish Campout (Fishing, camping, cooking)

May 17th (Tues):  Court of Honor, WUMC 5:30-7:30 pm.  Hamburger/hot dogs

Tonight’s meeting will conclude at the normal time of 8:30 pm (ignore the 8:15 pm end time in the prior post).  We will have an interpatrol activity as part of the meeting.  PLC will be held as scheduled.

At Tuesday’s meeting we’ll continue with preparing the new Scouts for their Scout Rank advancement.  We hope to get all advancement items completed by the next Court of Honor, which is Tuesday, May 17th, so please try to make tomorrow’s meeting.

We are also planning a campout at Farish (USAFA camp area 10 miles outside of Woodland Park, north of Rampart Reservoir) for the weekend of May 13-15.  It may be one or two nights depending on campsite availability.  We’ll pass around a signup sheet for the campout at tomorrow’s meeting.

We’ll be done tomorrow at about 8:15 pm with the regular meeting.  A PLC will follow (SPL, ASPL, staff, and patrol leaders) until about 8:40-8:45.

See you tomorrow!

Soap Box Derby

Tom Sharp —  April 25, 2016 — Leave a comment

The troop has 2 soap box derby cars to check out and use for the local race on June 12, there are 2 weekends you have to set aside June 11-12 and June 4 for inspection and practice. This would be for scouts that are NOT going to summer camp. You would need a pick up truck to haul the cars. The application is on website pikes peak soap box derby. Call me if you are interested. if I get more than 2 scouts interested we will draw names out of a hat. Application, copy birth certificate, and entry fee is due by May 1.
Tom Sharp 651-4933

Boy Scout Troop 287


Meeting:                     Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            April 19, 2016, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church


In attendance:

Jon Ullmann, Lisa Woodard and Sandy Johnston.


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair

  • Opened the meeting
  • Tuesday, May 9th: 7:30 pm is the next Committee Meeting
  • Tuesday, May 17th: Court of Honor, BBQ theme
  • Gave an update on Summer Camp; 20 (maybe 21) boys will be going to camp
  • Merit Badge workshop selections for Summer Camp open on May 4th
  • Report given on our Flags Fundraiser:
  • Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day and our first Flag Fund-raiser day
  • Thank you to Deb Walker for volunteering to be our new Flag Coordinator
  • Parents needed! Each Scout’s parent or guardian is needed to drive TWO times this year; there are five Flag holidays and each of those will need drivers for the morning and evening shifts
  • Tuesday, June 14th is Flag Day, and we will be calling on the older Scouts to distribute flags that day while the younger Scouts are at Summer Camp


Jon Ullman – Scout Master

  • The boys are currently working on a couple of Merit Badges
  • The Coin Collecting Merit Badge will start in May; Jim and Floyd will be the coordinators
  • Increase in Flag subscriptions: the hard work of all those who handed out door-hangers produced an increase of about 21 new Flag subscriptions
  • Monday June 6th: Trip to the Denver Mint for the Coin Collecting Merit Badge
  • Summer High-Adventure Trip: details are in the works for a 30-mile backpacking trip that will span 3-5 days; this “unofficial” High Adventure Trip will allow the under-14 Scouts to participate.  Trip will occur possibly the last week in July (around the 22nd to the 31st); several locations in Colorado are under consideration.
  • Preparations are being made for our Boy Scouts to participate in the Centennial Pebble program which will celebrate 100 years of Scouting!




On Sunday, April 24th, Troop 287 will provide scout volunteers to the WUMC sponsored soup kitchen at Sacred Heart Church (2030 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904).  Please show at 5:45 pm in Class A shirt.  This event typically takes about an hour and a half and counts towards volunteer requirements for rank advancement while providing a service to the community.  See you Sunday!

Here is what’s happening at Tuesday’s meeting!

-Recognition from Lazy Campout (Centennial patch pebbles)

-Trail to First Class advancement items (bring Scout Handbook!)

-Continue with Citizenship in the Community and Personal Management MBs (bring workbooks!)

-Camp card money and card collection (Important:  All money and unsold camp cards are due at the meeting on the 19th.  Scout accounts will be charged for any money or camp cards that are NOT RETURNED BY THE MEETING. Please email Mary at therese1963@msn.com with any questions).

-Sign up for summer camp merit badges (See ASM Warner’s previous post information).  Summer camp Scouts need to bring a list of merit badges they want to sign up for at summer camp!

See you Tuesday!

Merit Badge Sign Up

Sean Warner —  April 18, 2016 — Leave a comment


I will be present at the end of Tuesday’s meeting to collect what Activities and Merit Badges you would like to sign up for Summer Camp.  Recommended activities broken down by age of the scouts are listed on Page 3 of the 2016 Camp Alexander Guide.

A good first year Scout choice is the following (which is what Jim Brinkman’s first year scouts are doing):

Art (Monday/Tuesday) 1:30
Basketry (Monday/Tuesday) 3:00
LEATHERWORK (Wednesday /Thursday) 1:30
WOODCARVING  (Wednesday /Thursday) 3:00

Second and third year summer campers should review the Camp guide and decide what best suits them to achieve fun and rank advancement.

The Camp guide is located at the top of the Troop website under “Summer Camp 2016”

Please feel free to email me with any questions.





Sunday is Sam Moore’s Eagle COH (17 Apr, 2pm, WUMC)!!  All Scouts should plan on attending to celebrate our newest Eagle Scout!  Rumor has it there may be cake……

Tuesday, 19 Apr, will be our next meeting.  Important:  All money and unsold camp cards are due at the meeting on the 19th.  Scout accounts will be charged for any money or camp cards that are NOT RETURNED BY THE MEETING. Please email Mary at therese1963@msn.com with any questions. 

See you Sunday for the Eagle COH!


Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge

There is no meeting Tuesday, 12 Apr…regular Tuesday meetings will return next week!

On Wednesday, 13 Apr,  Scouts working on the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.should attend the D-11 Board of Education meeting.  Please be there promptly at 6:20 pm so we can get our seats (District 11 Boardroom, 1115 N. El Paso St).  Meeting will begin at 6:30 pm and we’ll depart the meeting at around 7:30 pm (at a convenient and nondisruptive time since the meeting continues until around 9:30 pm).

See you Wednesday!


We are only a couple months away from summer camp and I want everyone that’s going to focus on two things right now. Selecting your merit Badges and getting your physicals completed. There is now a link at the top of the Troop 287 Web Page titled Summer Camp 2016 which contains the information for both.

I have to have your Merit Badge selection by the May 2nd meeting. You can hand it to me when you see me or (even better) email me your options to seanmwarner@gmail.com.  Make sure your scout’s name, merit badge choices, and time slots are in the email and make sure you reviewed Program Guide (In the Summer Camp 2016 link) to get this information.

The doctor must use the approved scout physical forms A,B and C in the Summer Camp 2016 link.  No other physical will be accepted. It doesn’t matter what your doctor says. This is a Boy Scout rule. Please go to the link and download the forms and bring them to the doctor when you get the physical.

Feel free to email me with any questions.


Sean Warner

Slide1 Slide2

Come celebrate Troop 287’s newest Eagle Scout on Sunday!  Sam’s parents will be hosting an Eagle Court of Honor at WUMC at 2 pm.

All Scouts and families are invited to this event. We need Scouts to continue the Troop 287 tradition of providing an honor guard, and we need a Scout of each rank to perform a short reading for the ceremony.  Please contact Keith Moore at kmoore436@comcast.net if you can help out.

See you Sunday!


Good Evening All,

Our April Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 19 at 7:30pm due to the Scouts having their meeting this week at the D11 School Board meeting.

On 4/19 we will be discussing our usual order of business – finances, upcoming events, and summer camp details.

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend!

See you then,

Sandy Johnston

Committee Chairperson


We had 18 Scouts enjoy a night of “take out the old, slow guy” at Dart Warz on Thursday.  Everybody had a blast!

Reminder:  No meeting this coming Tuesday (4/12)

On Wednesday, 13 April, Scouts working on the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge should attend the D-11 Board of Education Meeting.  Please be there promptly at 6:20 pm so we can get our seats (District 11 Boardroom, 1115 N. El Paso St).  Meeting will begin at 6:30 pm and we’ll depart the meeting at around 7:30 pm (at a convenient and nondisruptive time since the meeting continues until around 9:30 pm).  I’ll reconfirm the details and put out another confirmation post next week.

Important:  If you’re not receiving invites from signupgenius please send me the best e-mail address to pass information (jonu_1999@yahoo.com).  We have some great upcoming activities for which we’ll need to confirm participants and the Troop uses signupgenius.com to coordinate these activities.  I’m working an event in Denver you won’t want to miss so make sure I have your e-mail!