Lock-in prep!

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Tomorrow night’s meeting will cover several items for the lock-in:

  1. Who is attending (see the sign-up genius in a previous post to sign up)
  2. What is being brought? (Games, game consoles, etc.)
  3. Who is going to earn the Fingerprinting MB?
  4. What are we going to eat? we had pizza last year, maybe too much?
  5. Will we invite Webelos? If we do, there are restrictions on them (they need to have their own adult leadership and supervision). Unless we give them a timeframe like 8-midnight or something like that.
  6. What are we doing for Game night next week?

All that being said, we will go through the church and assign what consoles go in what rooms and stuff like that.

A schedule of events will also be decided upon.



There was a scheduling conflict with our lock-in on the 14th. We have had to adjust our date one day to the 13th.

Here is the adjusted timeline:

Friday, 13 Dec, 7pm: show up at the church and begin lock-in operations.

8pm: doors officially lock us in for the evening (parents/adult leaders are free to come and go so long as YPT is maintained).

7pm-midnight: games, fun, food, Fingerprinting MB (for those who want it-sign up below).

Midnight-9:30am: more fun, games, eating what is left over, trivia, etc.

9:30-1000am: clean-up and re-organizing the church to the way it was when we arrived.

Saturday, 14 Dec, 10am: end of operations, go home and get some rest!

Apologies for any inconvenience this adjustment may have caused.


Fingerprinting MB sign-up:


Here is the sign-up for the Mountain Shadows tree lighting. We will be in Class A uniform and will assist in handing out hot cocoa for those who attend.


Here is the sign-up for the Lock-in. Bring games, video game consoles, TVs, movies, and whatever you guys want to do during the night.


Here is the Soup Kitchen sign-up. This is one of three Soup Kitchens we are asked to participate in during the year. A very easy couple of hours of service for your records.


Holiday push!

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I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break and are ready to launch full force into the Christmas season! Decorations, selfless service, Christmas music on the radio that you can’t get away from, and happy times for all!

We have only three meetings this month, plus the Mountain Shadows Holiday Tree Lighting on the 5th (service hours opportunity), the lock-in on the 14th (yay, video games, food and movies all night long) and our holiday Soup Kitchen on the 22nd (more service hours opportunity) .

I will post sign-ups for those events in the next day or so.

Pack 166 has asked that I bring a couple of Scouts to visit their Pack meeting tomorrow night, so I will be late arriving to our meeting, so go ahead and get started without me.

Talk to you guys soon,


3.99 miles.

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From the parking lot, the Cashe was only .6 miles away. Yes, the boys planned the route.

All kidding aside. The Scouts had a great time and we saw some great scenery. Four Scouts completed the Geocaching MB by guiding us to a cache with the use of GPS devices, found the cache, and exemplifying Leave No Trace by ensuring the area was free of litter (Cashe In Trash Out (CITO) in Geocache world). To top it all off, we got Ignacio’s BOR for Life completed at the end of the event.

Scouts should remember to update their books with today’s hike of 3.99 miles in the Red Rocks Open Space.

See you all on Tuesday for the COH-remember to sign up at the link below in Sean’s post.



The next COH is a Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday COH. We will give thanks and also dine in the Christmas spirit with a great potluck dinner prior to awards and advancements.  We truly have a lot to be thankful for….living in Colorado, our happiness, health and most importantly our wonderful scouts that bring us all together and allow us to have such great scouting adventures! Please sign up for what you are able to bring to the dinner. 

Set Up for the COH is at 530pm, Grace and Dinner will begin at 6pm. 

2 Ham’s

1 Turkey’s – (keep your receipt for reimbursement by the Troop)

3 Salad’s

6 – 8 Sides 

4 – 5 Desserts

Please sign up here!


Yup, looks like the Christmas light factory exploded on this house!
Sign Up!


Above is a link to sign up for the Mountain Shadows Tree Lighting. Get a couple of service hours by serving hot cocoa at this annual event! Or just swing by and have a cup with neighbors!


Geocaching MB Trek

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I’ve updated the sign up to reflect the decision to trek around Red Rocks Open Space. I do not think it will take us the entire time, I think maybe an hour to 90 minutes will be sufficient to complete what we aim to do.

Anyway, if you sign up you’ll see the location. Or, here is a map of where we should link up at 0900. The green guy is a good place.


Geocaching MB Trek

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This weekend from 9-12 is our Geocaching Trek. Please sign up at the link below. Location is still to be determined (tonight). It will either be at Ute Valley Park or Red Rocks Open Space.

Sign Up!


Planing tonight!

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Sort of like this!


Tonight can be a rather short night of planning for the Geocaching MB this Saturday 9-12. Scouts will finalize the plan and location for the trek, learn how to use a couple different GPS devices (if anyone can bring a GPS you might have, that would be great!).

Indian Lore MB: there is opportunity to present your research on your assigned topic, so do that Scout thing and “Be Prepared”.

Also, there is a committee meeting tonight where our Summer Camp options will be discussed and hopefully finalized (287 camp vs. regular camp).

Class A’s tonight for uniform inspection. Due to the COH next week, which means we wont have a normal uniform inspection on the third week.

See you tonight!



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Troop, this coming Sunday is our last Flags day for the year!

Last year we put out flags the morning of Veteran’s Day flags and the weather was nice and all that. By the time we were picking flags up, it was a blizzard of snow and ice. Fun times were had by all! We saw over turned motorcycles in the middle of the road, 12 inches of snow on parts of our route and one awesome Crosstrek conquering all of it.

Let’s make some more awesome memories this year by placing flags, making our customers happy, showing support for our Community, our Nation, and our Veterans!

If you have not filled a slot, please do so at the link below:



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Troop 287!

Mr Warner Here: Only THREE Scouts are signed up to be in the Veteran’s day parade tomorrow!! I know we can do better than this. Let’s get some more participation and represent tomorrow. I’m going to be there but will be a little embarrassed that there is only 3 of us because I know other Troops will show in force. The United States of America has Special Forces soldiers fighting in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq right now. They just killed the leader of ISIS!!! I think we can walk for 30 minutes down the road with our Retired Special Forces Chapter. . What say you?? Are you up for the challenge? If so, sign up at the link below and I will see you there tomorrow morning. There WILL BE DONUTS! We should have at least 10 scouts!


Here are the details:

Date: 2 Nov 2019

Link Up Time: 0730 Hrs

Link Up Location: Parking Lot at North West Corner of South Tejon and East Rio Grande Street

Address is 702 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

(Due East from VFW 101)

Activities at Staging Area: 

Prep Truck (Driver: Tom Wisdom)

SFA Members Onsite

SFMC Onsite

Boy Scouts Troop 287 Onsite

Note: Coffee/Juice & Donuts will be provided by SFA QM

Depart for Parade Area: 0830 Hrs

Parade Area Line Up: #42 for SFA 4-24 (NE Corner of Dale/Tejon)

Meeting cancelled!

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Due to the weather and the fact we follow D-11’s schedule, we are cancelling tonight’s meeting. D-11 called off all after school activities a little while ago.

If you had scheduled for a SMC, we will get you done first thing next week so you can get your BOR done as scheduled. I think there were only two.

Anyway, enjoy the night off and stay warm.


Weather Advisory!

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Tomorrow in Colorado Springs!


Please be advised that our Troop follows the closing schedule for District 11 schools. We will keep an eye on the weather and make appropriate decisions based on the conditions. If D-11 cancels their afternoon activities, or if the schools close early, we will not have a meeting tonight.

You can follow the District’s closings at the link below.



Veteran’s Day Parade!

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1962 Memorial Day Parade Boston 11th SFGA


We have been invited to walk (or ride in the big trucks) in the Colorado Springs Veteran’s Day Parade by the Special Forces Association.

Check out the parade details at the link below.


Meet up location will be provided later by Mr. Warner. The parade starts at 10am on 2 November, so make sure you get signed up quickly. We will meet up at 9:30am so we are all situated properly for the route.

Class A uniform with MB sash and headgear (if you have them).


Sign up here:


Troop Routine update.

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I am going to schedule Scoutmaster Conferences (SMC) using signup lists and RSVPs in an effort to eliminate the last minute requests we have had in the past. I want to establish a routine in our meeting schedule so you guys are supported and we have some predictability on this type of event.

As a reminder, you as the Scout, are the master of your Scouting destiny and rank advancement! Take charge of it and try and schedule our your advancement according to your desires and plans. Make sure you are on top of all of your advancement requirements and have those items signed off in your books (by Scout Leadership and then Adult Leaders) prior to your SMC. You should be well versed in your knowledge and skills required for the rank you are trying to attain: you will be asked to recite, demonstrate, and explain things you should know during your SMC.

In turn, Boards of Review (BOR) will be completed this way as well, since the Committee Members need as much, if not more scheduling notification than we as Scoutmasters do. BOR will be scheduled out as well. In the past the committee has accommodated last minute boards and endured late nights because at the end of a meeting, a Scout as asked for a board. Understanding there are circumstances when this may occur, it is entirely preventable. I would like to put the responsibility in the hands of you, the Scout, to schedule these things out and have an outlook to the future of your advancement instead of waiting to the last minute before a Court of Honor to get your SMC or BOR completed. Just because it is the “day” you are eligible for the next rank, does not mean you need a board of review that day. Plan accordingly.

We will hold SM Conferences the on the Rank Advancement nights, which generally will follow Game Night.

We will hold Boards of Review on nights that the committee members are most available. I would like to see these happen on the week prior to the Committee Meeting. So, our first one will be on 5 Nov. Future BORs will be placed on the schedule/calendar and posted to the website after the monthly committee meeting decides on the best day for the following month.

As previously discussed, I would like to follow a schedule of meetings as follows:

Week 1: MB work (BOR)

Week 2: Camp prep

Week 2.5: campout

Week 3: Game Night

Week 4: Rank Advancement (SMC)

When we have a 5th meeting in a month, we can adjust and make other things happen. Maybe an extra game night (non-cost type), field trip, continue MB work, Rank ADV, or required presentations (many of you have those requirements where you need to give a speech or presentation, this would be a good opportunity for that).

Anyway, sorry for the long post, below you will find the sign up for the next SM Conference and BOR dates.

SM Conferences:


Board of Review:



Family Fun Festival!

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The church is hosting their Harvest Festival on 26 Oct (this Saturday) from 2-4pm. They adjusted hours and events, so we can support even better now!

Just a couple of hours of your time will give back greatly to the organization which allows us a meeting location and a storage location for all our stuff. If it were not for them, we would not have the barn and fire pit for our meetings!

So, please, sign up and spend a couple hours helping out. You’ll get service hours to boot.

Assistance from friends and Family is always appreciated! Bring your siblings to show support!

Here is the link to sign up:



Summit Wins!

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I am going to make the call that Summit wins for Game Night.

Please be sure to bring your popcorn order forms and money to turn in. Also, be sure to make a copy of your order form so you know who to deliver all the orders to.

Alright, for the parents: There are several opportunities to save at the Summit. You can sign up for their newsletter and get some discounts, there are Groupons available, and here is a link that may or may not offer some discounts:

https://www.kidsbowlfree.com/ (this one works if you start bowing before 7pm)


Anyway, see you all tonight at the Summit Interquest. 7pm.


Tuesday meeting!

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It looks like so far Summit is winning out for game night. Final tally will be tomorrow afternoon.

Also, please prepare and bring your popcorn order forms and money for turn in tomorrow to the meeting, wherever it may be (or Wednesday if Dart Wars makes a late rally for votes). A reminder will go out with the game night decision tomorrow as well.

Mrs. Durrenberger will collect at our next meeting.

Get your votes in for either Summit on Tuesday or Dart Wars Wednesday!


Game Night! Dart Wars!!

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Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 5:00pm – 8:00pm (Parents Play Free NIght *with paid kiddo)

Troop, above you will see that the chosen game night at Dart Wars has a conflict. They are closed on Tuesday night but are open on Wednesday 5-8pm.

The second option was The Summit (bowling, video games, laser tag, pizza). I’m not even sure they ever close.

The choices are to either move our game night to Wednesday and do Dart Wars where there may be scheduling conflicts with other family activities, or do the Summit during our regularly scheduled time.

Here is the link to the sign up. Just put your name in whichever slot you prefer I will tally them up and let everyone know via post before 6pm tomorrow night.