runningAt Tuesday’s meeting new Scouts will be completing the last of the Tenderfoot fitness requirements.  We’ll be doing pushups, situps, stretches, and running/walking 1 mile.  This is an important meeting for current Scout Rank members to attain Tenderfoot.  For this meeting all Scouts should wear the Class B Troop T-shirt, shorts, and appropriate shoes (no need to dress like this guy!).  Older Scouts will help with the fitness requirements.  As always, please bring your Scout Handbook so we can sign off advancement items!

After completing the fitness portion of the meeting we’ll be planning August events.  There is a campout for new Scouts from Aug 5-7 and we’ll have more details at the meeting.  For older Scouts (1st Class rank and above) we’ll be planning the 30 mile backpacking trip in Lost Creek Wilderness (Aug 4-7).  After the meeting we’ll have information and waivers available for parents.

See you Tuesday!

Important!  Bring your Scout Handbook to tonight’s meeting.  We have lots of advancement items to sign off from last weekend’s backpacking trip and other activities!

Stanley Canyon!

Jon Ullmann —  July 17, 2016 — Leave a comment

Here are a few pictures from our backpacking trip!  We’ll have more to show at the August Court of Honor!

All the boys were challenged and there was lots of learning for everybody, including Scoutmasters.  I’m very proud of all the boys!  Please discuss with your son what they did and what they learned.  We have many more great events coming up that will build on this trip.

We’ll be discussing what we learned at next Tuesday’s meeting.  All hikers should plan on attending.  We’ll also be planning the next high adventure backpacking trip for the older Scouts (Aug 4-7), as well as another campout (car camping and day hike) for the newer Scouts (Aug 6-7).

See you Tuesday!

Stanley Canyon begin- July 2016






As a reminder, we always show up for travel in our class A (collared) Scout Shirt.  We’ll store the shirts in the vehicles while on the trail.  Please show up in your Class A shirt.

The Class B (t-shirt) makes great hot weather hiking attire and you should wear this shirt on the trail.

See you this afternoon!

Troop 287 will meet Friday, 4pm, in the WUMC parking lot to depart for Stanley Canyon!

We will need a signed waiver for each Scout participating in this event.  If you didn’t fill out a waiver on Tuesday please make sure you fill one out Friday when you drop off your Scout.  We’ll have blank waivers available for you.

Remember to arrive with your water bottles or water reservoirs full and ready to go.  We’ll divvy up Troop gear and each Scout will be carrying part of a tent and possibly one other item.  For Friday dinner you can bring a sandwich or other perishable item.  My personal preference is to bring a Subway sandwich to start off on our adventure!

We have enough drivers as I will now be joining the Troop on Friday at the church and will be driving to the Academy (originally I had planned to join the Troop later Friday night).

We will return Sunday between 11 am and 12 pm.

See you Friday!!!!!

Boy Scout Troop 287


Meeting:                     Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            July 12, 2016, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church

In attendance:           Sandy Johnston, Carrie Peterson, Jon Ullmann, Jonathan Westcott, Lisa Woodard.


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair

  • The meeting was opened
  • All parents are requested to complete Youth Protection Training
  • The upcoming ‘Flag Fundraiser’ days are Labor Day and Veterans’ Day
  • Both Scouts and parents are asked to volunteer once a year for ‘Flags’ (both morning and evening route); spreading it out this way ensures that the job is shared equally amongst all
  • If a parent has not yet volunteereded, please keep these future ‘Flag’ days in mind — Labor Day in September and Veterans’ Day in November — and take a look at the Sign-Up Genius emails when they come around
  • Jonathan asked who is responsible for keeping flag subscriptions up; Sandy and Jon’s answer was “both” – the Troop and the Rotary Club work together to solicit Flag subscriptions
  • August 9th: Regular Troop Meeting and the next Committee Meeting
  • August 16th: Ice Cream Court of Honor


Jon Ullmann – Scout Master

  • A large amount of camping supplies have been purchased for the Troop
  • This weekend’s Stanley Canyon backpacking trip will be well attended; 17 Scouts and 7 adult volunteers are going!
  • Next week’s Troop meeting – Tuesday, July 19th — will be a planning meeting for the August “high-adventure” 30-mile backpacking trip
  • We may not have a Game Night in August – Tuesday, August 2nd
  • August 4th – August 7th; “high-adventure” 30-mile backpacking trip for the older Scouts in, perhaps, Lost Creek
  • Court of Honor, August 16th, all of the new Scouts will receive their three-ring binders. There will be a lot of rank advancements and Merit Badges to award.
  • Nick Ullmann earned Eagle Rank; looking at Sunday, October 2nd to hold his Eagle Court of Honor


Don’t be this guy!  At Tuesday’s meeting we’ll have a shakeout for this weekend’s Stanley Canyon Backpacking Trip!  This trip is designed for new scouts to test out their gear and learn the basics of backpacking and wilderness camping.  Please bring all the gear you expect to take on the campout to the meeting, packed in your backpack.  We will identify any extra gear or gear shortfalls and make sure we take care of everything prior to Friday; new Scouts need a pen and paper so they can take notes to help them prepare.  We need all the older experienced Scouts to attend, whether you’re going on the backpacking trip or not, to help the younger Scouts sort through their equipment.  We need your experience and tutelage!

Also, Scouts should bring a meal plan for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Sunday breakfast, as well as snacks.  Each Scout is responsible for his own meals and must bring everything on Friday when we depart (as well as full hydration bladders and/or water bottles!).  Food should be packaged by meal; individual marked gallon size ziplock bags (e.g. “Fred Saturday Lunch”) work great for separating items into meals.  Remember, we’ll be hanging bear bags so we need all the “smellables” (food, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) separated out so we can quickly grab everyone’s smellables for the bags.

Expect to meet at WUMC late Friday afternoon/evening, and return on Sunday at about 11 am – 12 pm.  We’ll finalize times and transportation details at Tuesday’s meeting.  See you tomorrow!



I apologize for the last minute update but I forgot to mention that the Troop 287 Treasurer will be at the pool with scout account balances and the troop check book so scouts that have enough money in their account and which to use it to pay the $5 entry fee tonight can do so. Just let Andrea Warner know when you get to the pool.

Also, the pool only accepts cash.  Adults that wish to enter will also have to pay $5, so if you are just paying for the scout you are more than welcome to drop them off.  Again, please tell the person at Check in that you are a guest of Sean Warner.


Here’s the original post with the details as a reminder….

“The fun starts at 5pm and you can stay until the pool closes at 9pm but are you are more than welcome to leave earlier. The pool is located at 1111 N 31st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. You can bring snacks and drinks.  The only rule is no glass containers. Its ok to arrive after 5pm and leave before 9pm.

The cost is $5 per person. Please tell the check in desk that you are a boy scout and a guest of Sean Warner.

Please wear sunscreen because there is plenty of sun even in the evening. Parents please apply sunscreen to your scout before he arrives.”









The meeting for this week will be game night at Valley Swim Club Pool on Wednesday from 5-9 pm (or until you’re done!).  Please see Mr. Warner’s post with the information (  No meeting on Tuesday night. 

Next Tuesday, 12 July, we will have a shakedown of hiking gear for the Stanley Canyon Backpacking trip on 15-17 July.  Please bring all your gear, packed in your backpack, to the meeting!  This is mandatory for new Scouts as we want to make sure you have all the necessary gear.  Please use this week to get everything ready to go!  You should also bring a meal plan with you….all Scouts are responsible for their own food (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Sunday breakfast, and snacks).

This backpacking trip is designed for our new Scouts to learn the basics of backpacking.  The route is fairly short (about 3 miles), but challenging.  This is a great introduction to backpacking and a trip your Scout will remember for a lifetime.  Don’t miss the fun!  The pictures above are from previous Troop 287 expeditions up Stanley Canyon!

If you need gear, have questions, or want to know more please e-mail me at, or call me at 719-434-8450.  Of course, we’ll be answering all your questions next Tuesday.

Here is a link to the packing and meal idea document handed out at the last meeting

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 10.26.15 PM

Troop 287 Dudes,

We are going to have some fun in the sun for our next game night. We are going to swim and play at the Valley Swim Club Pool.  They have a big swimming area, a diving board, Grills, a snack bar and plenty of places to relax. 

The fun starts at 5pm and you can stay until the pool closes at 9pm but are you are more than welcome to leave earlier. The pool is located at 1111 N 31st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. You can bring snacks and drinks.  The only rule is no glass containers. 

The cost is $5 per person. Please tell the check in desk that you are a boy scout and a guest of Sean Warner.

Remember this meeting is WEDNESDAY not Tuesday as normal.

Please wear sunscreen because there is plenty of sun even in the evening. Parents please apply sunscreen to your scout before he arrives.

See you there!


For tonight’s meeting we’ll be accomplishing the rest of the initial physical fitness rank requirement for Tenderfoot.  We’ll be running/walking 1 mile in the Wilson parking lot.  Please wear your Class B Troop T-shirt, shorts, and appropriate shoes!  Please bring your Scout Handbook so we can log the event.

We’ll also be working on the coin collecting merit badge so please bring your workbooks and your coin collection, if you’ve started the required collection.

There will be a 15-20 minute PLC immediately following the meeting to discuss upcoming game nights, the July campout (see previous post), and the August High Adventure Backpack Trip (4-7 Aug).  PLC includes the SPL and his staff, and all the patrol leaders (or the assistant patrol leader in the absence of the patrol leader).

See you tonight!

Boy Scout Ready for Summer Camp

Ready for some backpacking?!!  Troop 287 is heading up Stanley Canyon (accessed from the USAF Academy) from 15-17 July (Fri-Sun)!

Here is a link to a file with ideas on what to pack for meals and for camping gear (ignore the dates on the document; review for packing list and meal ideas).

Importantly, scouts will need a sleeping bag rated to at least 20 F!   Scouts should bring all gear packed in their backpack to the meeting on Tuesday, 12 July, for a shakedown so we make sure everybody has the required items for a successful trip.

This will be a great trip for both seasoned scouts and our newest scouts.  Don’t miss the fun!

If you need any gear (backpack, sleeping bag,etc.) now is the time to get them at 4th of July sales, or let me know as we have access to some of these items (


This just in from Sandy Johnston:  the next Committee Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 12 (not August 9th.)

Boy Scout Troop 287


Meeting:                     Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            June 21, 2016, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church


In attendance:

Sandy Diggs, Sandy Johnston, Jon Ullmann, Carrie Peterson, Pam Reeves, Danny Reeves, Joyce Stafford, Caryn Waldin, Andrea Warner, Jonathan Westcott, and Lisa Woodard.


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair

  • Opened the meeting
  • Discussed the need for volunteers for the Committee:  Outdoor Equipment Coordinator, Training Coordinator, and a few other positions are still open.
  • Upcoming events:
  • Tuesday, August 9th, will be the next Committee Meeting
  • Tuesday, August 16th, Court of Honor, Ice Cream Social theme, set-up at 5:30 p.m., activities begin at 6:00 p.m.
  • Made a motion for the Troop’s web domain hosting account to be henceforth put in the name of the Committee Chairperson


Andrea Warner – Treasurer

  • Various Treasurer Reports and Scout Account statements were passed out
  • Reconciliation Reports were given to Committee Secretary for approval
  • Discussed balance for Summer Camp expenses
  • Discussed the need to disperse excess funds from camp-outs
  • Made a motion for leftover camp-out funds and additional misc. credits to be given to the Troop Equipment Fund
  • Motion was approved, and a total of $768 will put in the Troop Equipment Fund for the purchase of camping equipment
  • Brought up the need for a Troop Budget to be created
  • Discussed the need to step down as Treasurer; will be available for several months to work with her replacement
  • Pam Reeves and Danny Reeves accepted the job, and will be our new Troop Co-Treasurers!


Jon Ullman – Scout Master

  • Scouts are currently working on the Coin Collecting Merit Badge
  • Troop equipment needs: backpacking stoves, water coolers, water filters, etc.
  • Upcoming events:
  • Friday, July 15th to Sunday, July 17th will be a Troop backpacking weekend to take place in Stanley Canyon (on Air Force Academy grounds); trails range from beginner to moderate level; an excellent location for first-time backpackers
  • Friday, August 5th to August, 8th – the “high-adventure” trip for the older Scouts this summer will be a 4 day/3 night backpacking trip in a remote Colorado location






On Saturday, June 25th from 7:30 am-10:30 am (updated times), Nate S. needs volunteers to help with his Eagle Project.  We will build planting boxes for the preschool at Rock of Ages Lutheran Church, 120 N. 31st St, Colorado Springs, 80904.  Sunscreen, snacks, water, and safety devices will be provided.  Come help build the planting boxes, plant flowers, and clean up the surrounding area.  This event is a great opportunity to knock out the service hours for your next rank! Both scouts and adults are needed. Please RSVP to by June 22. Thanks!

After what I understand was a fun filled summer camp where lots of merit badges were earned and rank accomplishments completed we need an admin meeting to catch up with all the paperwork!  Please bring your Scout Handbooks to Tuesday’s meeting so we can sign off all your achievements!!

At Tuesday’s meeting we will also have a parent’s meeting right after the opening ceremony to discuss the flag program.  After 2 flag days we have some important feedback from both the council and our Rotary partners that we need to pass on.  Please come to the meeting and bring any questions you may have about the flag program!

See you Tuesday at 7 pm!

It’s the last full day of Summer Camp and it looks like are going to survive! Yesterday was a tough day. It was long and hot. Many of the scouts were feeling the sun, were a little dehydrated and a feeling a little homesick (they miss their moms).  This is perfectly normal being so close to the end. Most everyone finished their merit badges. All the shooting sports Scouts earned their rifle, shotgun and archery merit badges. I believe all the new scouts earned their basketry, art, leatherwork and woodworking merit badges to include tenderfoot and second class rank achievements. The wilderness survival scouts spent the night in their shelters without sleeping bags last night! This morning four of use woke at 2:15 am to hike Blue Mountain to see the sunrise over Pikes Peak. These boys are getting tough!! I’m very proud of all your scouts and their accomplishments this week!  Tonight is Family Night…see yesterday’s post for information and we hope to see you at Camp A!

IMG_5934 IMG_5941 IMG_5931 IMG_5926 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1

One of the highlights at Camp Alexander is Friday Family Night. Friends and family are welcome to join in the fun and spirit Friday afternoon as the Scouts participate in Camp wide events!

Begins at 5:15 PM with the final camp assembly with Scouts dressed in full field uniform. Awards and rank recognition’s will be presented at this time. Be sure to have cameras ready to capture the great moments. Friday evening meal tickets must be purchased at the Camp A Business Office prior to dining; cost is estimated at $7-8 per person. There is no charge for Scouts already at camp. The closing campfire, performed by the Scouts, will begin at approximately 7:45 PM and should conclude by 9:30 PM.

Optional:  At 1 pm troops will compete in the “Scout Ironman” competition.  This is a fun event to attend if you want to head to Camp A early!  Troop 287 has a proud tradition of finishing well in this competition!

Guests will be required to park in the lower lot and make the 10 minute walk to the main camp.  Bring a water bottle as it will be nice and warm Friday!  Purchase your meal tickets and then meet your Scout at the camp assembly!

From the desk/tent of Camp Commander Sean Warner…with apologies as it appears internet connection in the wilderness isn’t what it should be!

“It’s day 3 here at Camp A and the boys woke up in good spirits this morning.  Yesterday the Scouts did some rifle and shotgun shooting, finished up their basketry and art merit badges, and practiced some life saving techniques on the pool!  …this means that most Scouts actually showered yesterday too :). For the astronomy merit badge Scouts stayed up to 11pm identifying constellations. We also pulled dining facility duties to feed the camp and cleaned up. The day ended with the Order of the Arrow ceremony where we got to see and participate in Native American dance.  It was a hot day here yesterday and some of the boys looked pretty tired and dehydrated last night. We constantly encourage hydration and sunscreen to offset the heat. Today the new Scouts start leatherwork and the woodcarving merit badges and go on a 5 mile hike while the older Scouts continue canoeing, swimming, shotgun, auto maintenance, climbing and other. This afternoon the entire troop gets to participate in a scout carnival and we also get some troop time so we are going to make cobbler on the Dutch ovens! Personally, JC and I are having a great time and appreciate getting to know each and everyone of you Scouts!”

Day 4:

“Yesterday, was a fun day.  The new Scouts started leather work and wood working merit badges and made some pretty cool stuff.  The new Scouts also completed their 5 Mile hike for their rank advancement. The shooting sports is going well and most kids in camp have qualified with the rifle, shotgun and archery. The boys had a carnival in the afternoon where they played games and ate hamburgers and slushies. The adults were fed Buffalo steaks so we were also happy! At night we had troop time and made some yummy cobbler, roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories! Another fun day at Camp A!!!

IMG_5768 IMG_5777 IMG_5784 IMG_5861 IMG_5872 IMG_5873 IMG_5876 IMG_5888 IMG_5901 IMG_5902 IMG_5906 IMG_5907 IMG_5909 IMG_5914 IMG_5917 IMG_5779 IMG_5784 IMG_5798 IMG_5808 IMG_5818 IMG_5831

Summer Camp-Day 2!

Jon Ullmann —  June 14, 2016 — Leave a comment
So far Camp A has been awesome! IMG_5673The staff put on some great skits last night that kept ourTroop laughing the entire time. The food has also been pretty good. Yesterday the new scouts learned some knots, Toten Chit, Fire Chit and some good tenderfoot and second class skill. They also made baskets and started their art merit badges. The older scouts started shooting, archery, wilderness survival, canoeing, auto mechanic shotgun, and a few other cool merit badges. Yesterday was especially exciting because it was sunny, rainy and hailed on us at
least three times! We are having a blast! IMG_5671

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