Today I finished my eagle project thanks to the help of Franklin and Kevin. Therefore, there is not going to be a third workday Sunday. Thank you all who helped. 

I have scheduled my last two work days for my eagle project, this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday, 1:00pm-4:00pm. It’s at my house, 2323 W. Kiowa St. Please let me know if you can make it, either by phone or email; (719)-465-4715 or This way I know how many supplies I need to get for everyone. Thank you. 

Sam Moore 


The Green River/Labyrinth Canyon trip is scheduled for 26-31 July.  We need to collect a $50 initial deposit per person by tomorrow’s meeting (3/17) for those going on the trip.  Please bring a check made out to Troop 287, or let us know to pay the deposit out of your scout account.  The deposit goes to the outfitter to guarantee our trip dates and equipment.  Total cost for the trip is estimated at $275 per person.  If you need further information please contact me at

Dear Parents,

Troop 287’s Membership Directory needs updating.  If you are new to the Troop, or have new contact information, keep reading!  :)

Please send me a personal email by April 30th so that I can update, print and hand out the new directories to everyone at the May Court of Honor.

If you are new to the Troop, please e-mail me the following information: your Scout’s name, your home address, an email address (either the parent’s or the child’s) and your preferred contact phone number.

If your information is already in the directory, but needs to be updated, please email me as well!!

My email:

Thank you all very much,

Lisa Woodard

Troop Secretary

Due to few boys signing up, we are canceling snow caving and the boys may look to plan a different trip in April.

Boy Scout Troop 287


Meeting:                   Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            March 10, 2015, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church


In attendance:

Sean Warner, Andrea Warner, Dave Krzemien, Lisa Woodard, Jen Jirous, Tom Sharp, Sandy Johnston and Phil Stafford


  1. Jen Jirous
  • Announcements of new committee positions
  • Thank you, Phil, outgoing Treasurer, for your hard work for the Troop
  • Welcome, Sandy and Andrea, to the Committee
  • Need to discuss payment for the cancelled Freez-O-Ree campout


  1. Andrea Warner
  • Goals as incoming treasurer


  1. Freez-O-Ree
  • Refund not possible
  • Motion was made that the Troop absorb the cost of the cancelled Freez-O-Ree since the decision was made by Troop leadership
  • Motion was approved
  • For future reference, if an individual Scout cancels for a pre-paid event within 30 days of the event, then the Scout remains responsible for payment


  1. Sandy Johnston – Incoming Committee Chair
  • Announcement of half-scholarship application for anonymous Scout for Summer Camp
  • Scholarship was approved by Committee
  • Parent Surveys
  • Troop Directory


  1. Dave Krzemien – Pikes Peak Council commissioner for Troop 287
  • Assessment of our Troop’s activity



Mark your calendars - here are a few upcoming activities planned by the Scouts at their Yearly Planning Meeting (more info at

  • March 23-27, Spring Break, NO MEETING
  • March 28, Archery Merit Badge clinic being held at Pikes Peak Council from 8 am to 5:00 pm
  • April 24-26: High Plains Camp-O-Ree



Please join us at the March Committee Meeting on March 10 at 7:30 PM at Wilson Church. All parents are welcome to attend.


Freezoree Cancelled

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Hello all.
Due to weather and logistics.
The Freezoree outing is cancelled.
See ya’ll on Tuesday.

Departure time: Meet at the church at 5:30 pm. Don’t forget your dinner.
Make sure that you have covered the packing list from top to bottom. For the safety of all participants we will conduct a final shakedown of the personal gear before we depart for the AFA. Those participants that are not fully prepared will not be allowed to attend.
BE PREPARED to have fun!



We need to get a good count for the canoe trip at this Tuesday’s (2/24) meeting.  This flat-water canoe trip is from 26-31 July, on the Green River, and traverses some spectacular, remote country.  The cost will be $275 and we’ll need to collect a $50 deposit at the meeting on March 3rd.  Sign up this week, pay your deposit next week!  This will be a trip to remember!

Sam Moore is canceling the Eagle Project work days scheduled for this Saturday, February 21 and Sunday, February 22 , due to expected extreme cold and snowy weather. These work days will be rescheduled. Keep an eye out for upcoming work dates.

Please join us for the annual Troop 287 Chili Cook-off Court of Honor. Bring your favorite chili and participate in the taste testing to determine the “Troop Winner”.  Setup will begin at 5:30 with festivities beginning at 6PM and the court of honor at 7PM. The troop will provide fixins’. All family members are welcome and encouraged to attend! See you all tomorrow!

Once again, Troop 287 warmly welcomes the new scouts and their families. This is an exciting time in a Scout’s career, but also a very busy, and maybe confusing time. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed right now, no worries. We’re all here to help and guide you through the process. We’re really glad your with us in the troop and the boys have a bright and fun Scouting future in store for them.

To that effect, there are several first MUST DOs for your Scout:

1. Get the BSA Scout Handbook

This is your Scout’s official rank advancement document. They’ll need this as soon as possible to start advancements in Scouts. Also note that there’s a section on Scouting Safety at the front of the handbook for parents to read. Please take the time to read it and go over it with your Scout. You can purchase the Scout Handbook at the Scout Store.

Your Scout will have this book throughout their Scouting career all the way to Eagle Scout. It’s worth purchasing the nicer book and a cover for it. They should bring their books to and from EVERY scout meeting.

2. Download, Print, and Make the Flash Cards

We’ve created our own version of study flash cards to help Scouts prepare and study for rank advancement. These cards aren’t official BSA materials, but we’ve found them to be quite handy. We work really hard to make sure your Scout knows and internalizes their stuff.

At last week’s meeting on February 10th, the Scouts got a start on their cards. Make sure they finish them at home. You can download the cards and get the instructions on how to make them here:

Download Flash Cards

3. Get BSA Uniforms and Patches

New scouts are provided a troop kerchief, slide, epaulettes (loops), and troop number. If you don’t have yours yet, please talk to one of the Scoutmasters. If they already had a tan scout shirt from Webelos, they can continue to use that shirt, but need to change out the patches. Instead of the Arrow of Light patch, there is an Arrow of Light patch they can wear below their scout rank. You can ask about that patch and get Boy Scout uniforms at the Scout Store (located on Fillmore, by the Waffle House, on the big hill between I-25 and Mesa Road.)

A Scout belt, hat, and other stuff is NOT required. Nice to have, but not required.

So, if you already had the tan shirt from Webelos with the Pikes Peak Council patch on it, then all you’ll need to purchase is the Arrow of Light patch (rectangular in shape). The troop will provide you the green loops (to replace the blue loops), troop numbers, kerchief, and slide. There is information in the Scout Handbook on where the patches are to be sewn on.

“Hello, scouts of 287! It’s Sam! I was wondering if I could get your help for my Eagle project? It’s this Sunday, Feb. 15 at my house, 2323 W Kiowa St, from Noon to 3 p.m. There will also be refreshments at the end of the work day, so you should eat before hand. Also be prepared for weather. We’ll see you there! Thanks.”


The February committee meeting will be held tomorrow evening, February 10 at 7:30 at Wilson Church. All parents are welcome!!


This Tuesday, we’ll be having new scout leadership elections. Boys interested in being a scout leader (senior patrol leader, patrol leader, quartermaster, etc), should come prepared to ‘lobby’ their fellow scouts to vote for them. New leaders will take over at the upcoming Court of Honor this month. We also be having a uniform inspection to get ready for the Court of Honor, so scouts are expected to come to Tuesday’s meeting in full class A uniforms. Get all your correct patches on those uniforms! Merit badge sash, too!

Also, after the Freezoree/beginning of next month, we’ll be holding elections for Order of the Arrow for Scouts who are First Class and have met the minimum camping requirements. More about Order of the Arrow can be found on the BSA website:


Scout Sunday is February 8

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Scout Sunday, February 8, 2015February 8 is Scout Sunday and there are two services (9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.) the boys can attend at Wilson United Methodist Church, our troop charter organization and meeting place. Please arrive 20 minutes before the service to help with greeting church members at the door. Scouts are required to wear full class A uniforms with kerchiefs and nice slacks.

Scout Sunday is a tradition in scouting to demonstrate Reverence, one of the points of the Scout Law. Every year, the troop can show our appreciation for having Wilson Church charter our troop and provide us a place to meet and keep our supplies. It’s also a chance for us to demonstrate that we’re an active organization doing good things in the community.


January 13, 2015, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM


In attendance:

Jen Jirous, Joyce Moore, Keith Moore, Tom Sharp, Andrea Warner, Mary Cancaro and Lisa Woodard.


Jen Jirous – Committee Chair

  • Minutes from December were approved.
  • Recharter paperwork was completed; Troop 287 successfully rechartered.
  • February 17th: Chili Cook-off Court of Honor; the boys will compete for 1st prize for the best chili
  • The boys’ schedule from the Yearly Planning Meeting was approved


Keith Moore – Scoutmaster

  • Troop 287 welcomes Webelos from Sean and Andrea Warner’s Cub Scout pack as guests at tonight’s meeting!
  • Mary – Cub Scout Mom – was welcomed to the Committee Meeting
  • January 24th ski trip was changed from Cooper to Monarch; it will be a one day trip instead of an overnighter; adult drivers needed.
  • February 8th is Scout Sunday; the boys will attend either the 9:30 am or the 11:00 am service at Wilson United Methodist Church.
  • Summer Camp: Sandy Johnston will send out information to the Troop so that decisions can be made.


Joyce Moore – Advancement Chair

  • Continuing problems with Troop Master software/ church hardware was discussed


Tom Sharp – Charter representative

  • Considering moving the boys’ plaques to the inner hallway
  • Boy Scout bulletin board was also discussed
  • Jim Brinkman, ex-Scout Master put new wheels and a new hub on the Troop’s trailer.


Mark your calendars - here are a few other upcoming activities planned by the Scouts’ at their Yearly Planning Meeting (more info at

  • Jan 17, Tiger Hockey Scout Night, at the World Arena, 5:00 arrival time.
  • Feb 7, Saturday, from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Pikes Peak Council University of Scouting; held at Colorado Technical Univ. – space is limited.
  • Feb 8, Scout Sunday; boys attend service at our charter organization: Wilson United Methodist Church
  • Feb 27-Mar 1, USAFA Freeze-O-Ree; $20 early-bird registration.




The Troop 287 ski trip to Monarch is scheduled for Saturday, Jan 24. This is a day trip.

We’ll be meeting at the Safeway parking lot (30th and Colorado) at 6:30 a.m. Buy lift tickets here, in Colorado Springs. Recommendations: Shell sells tickets 2 for 1 when you buy 10 gallons of gas. Rent boards, skis, poles, and boots at Ski & Golf, Colorado Kite & Ski, Mountain Chalet. Helmets are also recommended. We plan to be back by 6:30 p.m. Bring lunch or at least $10-15 for lunch. Bring snacks, we will not be having dinner or breakfast.

We need scouts and adults to sign up.

Pack 6 Visits Troop 287

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