Troop 287,

Here is another fun opportunity to get into the mountains and experience something awesome that Colorado has to offer!! Skiing and Snowboarding!!!

Pikes Peak Council set up a bus ride and are running the Snow Sports Merit Badge. How perfect is that because we were planning on going up this month anyway. This we we don’t need parents to drive and we will save a lot of $$!

The cost is $20 which cover’s transportation to Monarch and Lunch (Try even getting lunch on the mountain for that price on your own..)

This is the cost for lift tickets…

Monarch – Feb 4th

  • Lift ticket ages 16+ – $69
  • Lift ticket ages 13-15 –  $47
  • Lift ticket ages 12 and under- $29
  • Rental (Ski or Snowboard)- $30

Now, if you already have a season pass and/own your own equipment then you only have to pay the $20 to get up there.

Also, some other ways to save a little money might be to rent equipment here in the springs and if you are military then you might be able to get a deal at one of the Outdoor Recreation store on the military bases.

Please sign up here on SignUpGenius so I can track who is going but you MUST also go to the council site located at this link and sign your scout up there.  In this case Troop 287 will not collect the money. You will pay online directly to the council.  Make sure you select the Monarch Trip on Feb 4th.

Here is the SignUpGenius Link

Here is a link to Monarch Mountain:

Feel free to contact me with any questions.



Troop 287,

Please sign up for this cool opportunity to get Climbing training by one of the best climbing gyms around, CityRock!  The merit badge will be completed over two Tuesdays, Jan 17th from 630-830pm and Jan 24th from 630-830pm. This merit badge will be one of the most fun merit badges that your scout gets to participate in.  The cost for entire merit badge for each scout is $44.  This covers the entry fee into City Rock ($17 per day) and the climbing harness ($5 per day). This is the normal price for a two days of passes and renting the gear. If you already have a membership there or own your own harness then you do not have to pay those costs respectively.  The Troop will cover the cost of the instructor ($140) so please take advantage of this and participate! All payments will be make to Troop 287.

CityRock is located at 21 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.  This will be the location of our meetings for 17 and 24 January. We will not be at the Church for these dates.

To save time by going on-line and filling out the waiver for your scout ahead of time. You can find the waiver on-line by though this link:

This is going to be super fun! We will get a good workout too. This merit badge is open to everyone regardless of your climbing experience! This is a great opportunity to hone some climbing skills or try it for the first time.

Please use this link or the one emailed to you on SignUpGenius to sign up:

More information on CityRock can be found here:



Date & Time:            January10 2017, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church

In attendance:         Lisa Durrenberger, Sandy Johnston, Danny Reeves, Sean Warner, Jonathan Weston, Tom Sharp, Mary Cuccaro,Sandy Diggs


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair:

  • Opened the meeting
  • Scholarship Fund review and requests
  • February 21, 2017 :Court of Honor, Chili Cook-Off, 5:30 p.m. set up, 6 p.m. dinner
  • February 13, 2017 : Committee meeting is at 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The date was moved due to the upcoming holiday. (Tuesday to Monday)
  • There is a urgent need for a fundraising committee member. (flags and popcorn sales) Please consider the position and contact Sean or Sandy as soon as possible.
  • Discussed fees due for the Summer Campout 2017: Four payments of $87.50 are due January, February, March, and April 2017. If you missed payment tonight at the scout meeting, please bring to the next meeting.


To approve designated scholarship fund request

Danny Reeves – Committee Treasurer:

  • Gave the current status of the Troop’s total operating account
  • Discussed the current status of equipment, scholarship and education funds.
  • Discussed the current status of flag and summer camp accounts

Sean Warner – Scout Master:

  • January 20st and January 21st 2017 (Friday and Saturday night clean up) Lock In /Campout at Wilson Church. This will be an opportunity to work on cooking merit badge
  • January 17th and January 24th 2017 Meetings: City Rock, 21 N Nevada, Colorado Springs. Scouts will be working on the climbing merit badge.
  • February 4 2017- proposed ski trip with council; to work on snow merit badge. For beginning skiers this is opportunity to come learn and have fun with the troop.
  • Sign Up Genius will be sent for planned events
  • Discussion regarding purchasing new equipment and materials for the Troop trailer
  • Thank you for all of the participation for the volunteer events. There was tremendous support and it is appreciated. 

Tom Sharp- Chartered Org. Rep Committee Member:

  • Scout Sunday Observance: More about this special day will be posted to the Troop website.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! New year and it’s time for back to business! Our first committee meeting of 2017 is tonight 1/10 at 7:30pm. I apologize for the late notice. We’ll discuss upcoming events and updated financial information for the Troop. Everyone is welcomed!

Looking forward to see you all!



Now that school started back up we are back to our normal schedule! I know how excited you are to go to school ( well, the parents are!).

Please come prepared to participate in a Uniform Inspection.  Put some pride into it and lets see who will who can best meet the Boy Scout Standard! A complete uniform includes the scout handbook and binder.

Please bring any partial merit badge worksheets that you have been working on.  Scoutmasters will be there to sign off on your accomplishments….this includes Citizenship in the Community for those that completed their 8 hours.

Finally, we are going to review the calendar and have some discussions about planning out events

We have some fun stuff planned this month…climbing merit badge, cooking merit badge, lock in, and equipment re-fit!




I accidentally wrote 11am on the earlier post. The correct time to show at the WWII Aviation Museum is 10am.

Here is the address for those that have not been there: The Museum is located at 755 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Please sign up here: 

Check out the link!

Also, Mr and Mrs Chermack will be the scout leader POC for this event.




Welcome back! Just a reminder that we are doing are second part of community service at the WWII Aviation museum tomorrow from 10-2pm. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, bring water and a snack, and dress for the weather because some of it might be outside. We only have 6 scouts signed up right now. Remember, a scout needs 8 hours of community service with the same organization for it to count for the citizenship in the community merit badge.

Secondly, our normal meetings start up Tuesday. On Tuesday we will focus on Uniform Inspections, calendar updates and getting back in the groove. Easy!  This month we will be starting our climbing merit badge, cooking merit badge and equipment re-fit.  We did have the Freeze-O-Ree planned but the Air Force has not scheduled it yet so we will do the lock in (equipment and cooking) instead on the weekend of the 21st!

Again! Please sign up and come to the WWII Aviation museum tomorrow at 10am!

Happy New Year,

Soup Kitchen

Tom Sharp —  December 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

If you are in town please help at the Soup Kitchen Christmas night at 5:45. Great way to give back to our community! Hope to see you at Sacred Heart Church! If not have a great holiday!
Tom Sharp


Troop 287,

We have two four hour opportunities for Community Service that can apply towards your Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge or your Rank Advancement.  It will be this Saturday, Dec 10th and January 7th. Both times are from 10am-2pm.  Your scouts need 8 hours of community service with the same organization to meet the requirements for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. This is an amazing opportunity to view some real history while helping out a good cause. The museum is also functional restoration facility that restores actual planes that crashed during WW2.  You might never get to see these types of planes and WW2 stuff again. Please sign up! This opportunity is available to scouts and parents alike. It will also include a tour!

Please sign up on from the SignUpGenius Link that I emailed you! This link might also work to get you there but I am not sure: 

Check out the link!

The Museum is located at 755 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

The uniform is the class B t-shirt but plan for the weather. We might be doing some work outside. Also bring water and a snack.


Location: 755 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Backpack Order

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I’ve found a deal for a very nice Alps Mountaineering Red Tail 3900 cubic inch backpack.  The cost is $65 plus tax.  This is a very nice quality, larger backpack that would be suitable for Scoutmasters, larger kids (age 14+), or provide a backpack for younger Scouts to grow into.  You can check out the specs and ratings at the following links.

I can’t guarantee the color, but it should be green or red/orange.

If you’re interested let me know by Wednesday evening (e-mail  Quantities are limited so I’ll prioritize by time your order/e-mail is received.  This would make a nice Christmas gift and it should get here by the big day, but I can’t guarantee it.



Troop 287,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m eating leftovers as I write this so I’m very thankful right now.

Tuesday’s meeting will consist of a Uniform Inspection, Merit Badge Make Up and Rank Advancement Activities.  Recent Merit Badges are Family Life, Personal Management, and Hiking.  You may also approach an adult leader with work you’ve done on other merit badges or rank advancements to get signatures.

On Dec 3rd the church is having a tree lighting ceremony. We some scouts and adults to volunteer to park cars and support the event. You will be free to enjoy craft and food vendors, family activities, entertainment and the lighting of the community Christmas tree at this FREE event on Friday, December 2, starting at 5:30 pm.

We are feeding the homeless on Christmas day at the Sacred Heart Church at 5:45pm.  We help serve the homeless and needy a few times a year.  This year it happens to fall on Christmas. While this could be seen as an inconvenience for us, imagine the joy the hungry will feel to have their belly’s full on Christmas day. The joy of helping others just might be the best Christmas gift that you can give yourselves.

Both the Christmas Tree Lighting and Soup Kitchen sign ups have been sent to you through Signup Genus.

The 20 Mile hike that was scheduled for Dec 3rd is going to be rescheduled.

Please attend Franklin Woodard’s Eagle COH on Dec 3rd at Wilson Methodist Church.

Finally, as a reminder we will not have an official meeting in December.  We have the events listed above and the Community Service at the WWII Aviation museum on December 10th at 10am.


Tree Lighting

Tom Sharp —  November 15, 2016 — Leave a comment

We need scouts and families to assist tree lighting event at the church 5 PM on December 2.
Tom Sharp



The Thanksgiving COH is tomorrow (Tuesday night ) at 6pm. Set up is at 530pm.  We still need some people to sign up for Sides, Salads and Desserts!  Please sign up on Sign Up Genius so we have enough food for everyone.

Also, Popcorn pickup will be at COH tomorrow night and so will collection for summer camp and annual dues. Finally, please bring some canned or durable goods to food closet so others that have nothing can get some grub!

It will be a great event! Its my favorite because of all the food (I’m honest)!!!!



Dino Death March Photos!

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Troop 287!

We had an awesome time in Picket Wire Canyon Lands on the Dino Death March.  Jack D accomplished his 2nd Class cooking requirements, Riley completed his 1st Class Rank Advancement Scout Master Conference, Ignacio completed his Tenderfoot Scout Master Conference, All the boys hiked 12.3 miles to complete their 10 mile requirement for the Hiking Merit Badge, and most importantly, we saw real dinosaur foot prints that are believed to be older than the Rocky Mountains!!! Wrap your head around that!  Here is a link to all the photos that you can download:

img_8665 img_8679 img_8682 img_8698 20161112_094632 img_8701

img_8817 img_8808

img_8817img_8851 img_8844 img_8828 img_8822

Honoring One of Our Own

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Troop 287,

On this veteran’s day lets take a moment to think of one of our own. Blake is deployed in Iraq right now so lets all keep him in our thoughts and wish him a safe return.   In his short time in our troop, he has won the hearts and respect of our scouts and adult leaders alike. His tireless energy and youthful approach to teaching, mentoring and friending our scouts has made him one of the most fun and relatable scoutmasters that I have seen in the troop.

I know you are reading this Blake! You take care. We are thinking of you and look forward to all those future campouts when you return!













Since I will be camping and our Kernel is deployed and carrying the torch of freedom in Iraq, I need a volunteer to pick up the popcorn on Nov 12th. All you need is a pick up, SUV, mini-van sized car or you can use the troop trailer. Troop 287 is confirmed for a 8:45 – 9:00 pickup time at ACE Warehouse (5520 Astrozon Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO  80916) on November 12th.

This is a critical event so please let me know as soon as possible if you can do this!!!





The Dino Death March is this weekend.  Here are a few reminders and tips:

  • Please bring the entire packing list. It will be attached below
  • Please bring a signed permission form:
  • Please bring a payment of $15 for food or you can use you scout account if you have the funds.  All checks are made out to Troop 287
  • Bring a meal for Friday night, like a subway sandwich or something that your scout can eat on the road because we will likely be traveling during dinner time.
  • Please arrive at the Church as close to 5pm as possible. We still have to hand out tents and get the cooking gear ready.

Scoutmaster Conferences:

Those that need a scout master conference can do it at the Dino Death March Campout.  This is the best time to do one because we can actually look at the starts for navigation, have time for medical skills, start fires, etc.  Once we get back on Sunday, there will be three committee member volunteers at the church to do a Board of Review.  If everything goes right, they will receive their rank advancement at the COH.

Please study all the knowledge cards and practice the skills (First Aid, Knot Tying, etc). Remember, we test knowledge at the current rank and all the previous ranks and the scout must achieve a 90% to pass. There are no tricks! Study and know the knowledge and you will be fine!!!

Let me know who would like to do a Scoutmaster Conference by emailing me at

Committee Members – Please let me know if you are able to do a board of review upon return from the campout.



************************************************Packing List*******************************************************************

1. A pocketknife or multitool can be handy in a wide variety of situations. It’s useful for tasks as large as building an emergency shelter or lighting a campfire with poor fuel, or as small as repairing a damaged backpack. Keep you knife sharp and clean, and don’t forget to first earn your Whittling Chip (for older Cub Scouts) or Totin’ Chip (for Boy Scouts).

2. A first-aid kit can be a lifesaver. Literally. A few items will allow you to treat scratches, blisters and other minor injuries. They should also allow you to provide initial care while waiting for help for more serious injuries. Make sure it’s small for backpacking.

3. Bring extra clothing to match the weather. Multiple layers are better than a single massive jacket, because layered clothing is adaptable to a wide range of temperatures.  A good backpacker is a minimalist. Wear one long pair of pants, preferably dry wicking convertible pants. Bring one set of extra underwear. Bring one warm shirt (fleece or hoodie). Wear one t-shirt and have one more.  Bring at least 3 pairs of socks…preferably wool or synthetic. Cotton sucks!!! Bring a beanie hat! Do not over pack clothes. Normally, the scout wears the same thing home that he wore to the campout…just needs some extra items for the cold.

4. Rain gear is very important. Rain can come in a hurry, and getting your clothes drenched is more than just uncomfortable, it can lead to hypothermia, a potentially fatal condition. A rain coat can also be your cold weather coat. Please do not have multiple coats. A rain coat over a hoodie or fleece will work fine.

5. A flashlight, headlamp or a rugged penlight is important for finding your way in the dark. Bring extra batteries, too.

6. Trail food is good for maintaining your energy. Bring more than you think you’ll need in case you get stuck (or lost) in the woods. Stay away from junk food. Trail mix, healthy energy bars and dried fruit are best.

7. Water can prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Use a lightweight, unbreakable 1 liter Nalgene container with a secure lid. Every scout should have 2 liters. This can be in the form of a Nalgene or Camelback.

8. Matches and/or a fire starter may be used to light fires for heat, or for signaling for help. Store matches or lighters in resealable plastic bags.

9. Sun protection might include sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm and a wide-brimmed hat. No giant sunscreen tubes. A mini-tube of sunscreen or simply a hat and long clothes work fine.

10. A map and compass are probably the most important tools you can carry in case you get lost. Every scout should always carry a compass. The troop will provide the map.

11. Sleeping Bag should be rated to at least 20 degrees. If you can find one that is rated to 0 degrees then even better.

12. The Backpack should have a frame. School backpacks do not provide the support necessary for backpacking trips. I recommend at least a 45L backpack.

13. A Sleeping Pad insulates your scout form the cold ground. This can make all the different in preserving energy, providing a good night sleep and preventing hyperthermia.  A foam one works fine…there are more expensive lighter inflatable ones available on many online sites, REI and like outdoor retailers.

14. A Day Pack.  This trip is a car camping trip but we will be doing a ten mile hike with light gear.  The dinosaur tracks are 5 miles from our camp site and we will like there and back on Saturday.

15. Scout Hand Book. Since this is primarily a car camping trip, please bring your handbook so we can sign off on achievements while on the campout. Let me know in advance if you would like to do a Scout Master Conference while on the Back Pack Trip.

16. Two Liters of Water.  This can be in the form of a Nalgene Bottle or Camelbak or a combination of the two. We need to stay hydrated during the hike.

The troop will provide backpacking tents, water filter, first aid kit, and Jetboil stoves.


Here are some hygiene items you may want to pack, depending on the outing:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Soap
  • Waterless hand cleaner
  • Washcloth
  • Toilet paper
  • Trowel for digging cathole latrines


Here are some cooking and eating items you may want to pack, depending on the outing:

  • Bowl for cooking and eating
  • Spoon
  • Cup or insulated mug
  • Water treatment system
  • Backpacking stove with fuel (Troop will provide this but you can bring one if you have it).
  • Metal Cup that you can heat water on one a stove


Here are some extras you may want to pack, depending on the outing:

  • Watch
  • Camera
  • Notebook
  • Pen or pencil
  • Sunglasses
  • Small musical instrument
  • Gloves
  • Whistle
  • Nylon cord (50 Ft for close line or improvised fishing)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hiking stick or trekking poles
  • Animal identification books, plant keys, geological studies, star charts or other guide


Please feel free to contact me with any questions!





Its time for my favorite court of honor! Why you ask? Because there will be a ton of awesome Thanksgiving food and our scout family gets to spend are part of this important holiday together.

There will be a few things going on at this one…

First, we are going to eat.  Please refer to the signup genius to see what we ask you to bring.  We need four people to cook turkey’s that the troop buys and the rest to bring an item to share. I will cook one of the turkey’s!  Again, please look at the signup genius and sign up for what item you can bring.

Second, its time to recharter and put our deposit down for summer camp.  The deposit for Summer camp at Chris Dobbins is $50 per scout. We are dividing the cost into payments to make it easier on everyone. Troop dues will also be collected. That is $6 a month per scout, so $72 a year.  So here is the good news, the troop is going to cover the $25 cost of rechartering your scout so you will not have to pay for that part! Yay! You can pay with scout accounts or checks made out to “Troop 287.” Eagle Scouts do not have to pay troop dues.

Third, we will have the Court of Honor where some scouts will be promoted and we will put out information.

Please bring some canned goods or durable food goods to donate to the food bank/pantry. Let’s keep doing good things by helping people!

On a final note, you all did a great job on Flags! The Rotary club was very happy!!!!

Set up for the COH will begin at 530pm, we start at 6pm, and should end around 8pm or earlier.

I look forward to being thankful with all of you and sharing this special moment.


Sean Warner, SM


Thank You!

Sean Warner —  November 7, 2016 — Leave a comment

Troop 287,

This is just a quick post to give my thanks to all that you do. Within a weeks time, we volunteered to help the church during their Harvest Festival, putting out American Flags on Veterans Day and participated in the Veteran’s Day Parade with the local Special Forces Association. That is a lot of good for our community!  We camp, we become productive citizens, and we help people. That’s what we do and it turns out our troop is very good at it! I am very proud to be a part of this outstanding organization. Everyone of you should be very proud of yourselves!

Also, remember that there is no meeting this Tuesday the 8th due to it being election day.  Get out and Vote!!! Our Next meeting will be the Dino Death March Campout this weekend.

troop-287-veterans-day-2016-postings img_8544 img_8539 img_8534 img_8527 img_8529img_8583img_8584img_8585img_8586img_8587img_8588img_8589img_8590

Good Evening Everyone!

This post is for all those signed up for Veteran’s Day Flags!
Attached you will find the assignment sheet for tomorrow’s flag day!
Please review the route you and/or your Scout has been assigned to.
Some Scouts are on different routes in the morning and evening
because of the different parent volunteers. Thank you for adhering
to this assignment sheet to make things go smoothly in the morning
and evening.
Attached is also the worksheet of the addresses for
the flag routes. The first column of the worksheet denotes the route
that address is on. At this time, I do not have maps but will have
them in the morning. At least this evening you can take a look at
what route you are assigned and you can look up the address on
Google if you would like to familiarize yourself with them.
Please call or txt me if you have any questions or concerns
or if you see that I made a mistake somewhere in the assignments.
I look forward to seeing everyone in the morning!
Sandy Johnston
719-528-7034 hm
719-494-9922 cell