Game Night at the Park!

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I was informed that game night this week will be park games (football, kickball, ultimate, or whatever) at Pinion Valley Park. Instead of our usual 7pm start time, we will do our best to take advantage of what remaining daylight there is by starting at 6:30pm. Pinion Valley Park, near the kickball diamond. See you tomorrow night!

P.S. No uniform inspection this week. We are postponing it to next week when we have Pack 166 Arrow of Light Scouts visiting us. That will be a rank advancement meeting, so do that Scout thing and “Be Prepared” to use the EDGE method to teach some younger Scouts some skills (lashings, first aid, fire building) although whomever gets to the meeting first gets to build the fire-6:30pm again next week because of the younger scouts and we want to capitalize on daylight with them too.


Hi it’s Lance! 

My eagle scout project is approaching and I need people to help me. I am constructing a bicycle storage shed for a nonprofit organization, UpaDowna. Any hours volunteered counts as community service. 

To fully make this shed, it will take two weekends (most of the work will be on the first weekend). The first weekend will be October 5th/6th and the second is the 12th/13th. The 5th/6th will be spent making the shed itself. The following weekend will consist of painting the shed and extra added details. Please wear work clothes that you don’t mind getting damaged. Bring sunglasses or eye protection. Work Gloves is a good idea. 

The hours for each weekend will be from 9am-4pm but may change depending on how much we complete on the weekends. 

There will be food and drink provided!  Sunscreen will be provided. 

The address is 335 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829. 

Please sign up on the link below 🙂

Thank you!

Lance A Warner, Life Scout and Awesome Son


The Council is hosting a Camporee at Camp A next month (Oct 11-13). Here is a link that tell a little more about it. We can discuss if we want to attend or not next week. The link takes you to the Council site where you can register and provides the following information:

You can register now through October 10 2019 at 5:00PM

Individual RegistrationsRegular
Individual Scout Registration$25.00
Individual Adult Registration$20.00
Staff Registration$12.00
Contingent RegistrationsRegular
Unit Registration$0.00
– Scout Participant$25.00
– Adult Participant$20.00
– Staff Registration$12.00

This event will be for all families who are involved in scouts! We invite all Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and their whole family! Activities include; shooting sports, climbing, fishing, boating, handicraft, hiking, biking, welding, scout skills, campfire program, cooking, and more! A more detailed program guide will be released in May!

Price include all activities, weekend camping, food for Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday breakfast.


14er Campout this weekend!

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Here is the packing list from Mark P. Austin will be purchasing the food for the menu you guys decided on.

  • 2 liters of water
  • Backpacking backpack
  • Lightweight sleeping bag (rated to 35 degree)
  • Sleeping pad
  • Hygiene kit (hand sanitizer, toothbrush & toothpaste, TOILET PAPER)
  • hiking shoes (broken in)
  • Mess kit
  • At least one pair of extra clothes that match the weather (probably at least three pairs of socks)
  • Beanie cap/ hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Light jacket
  • Rain jacket ( can also be the light jacket)
  • Headlamp or flashlight (extra batteries)
  • First aid kit
  • Matches
  • Lint (tinder)
  • Pocket knife (make sure you have totin chit)
  • List of requirements the need to be signed off
  • Compass

        Mark P., Troop scribe

Knot-Patrol meeting!

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Adults and Leaders,

Tomorrow night is our “bi-semi-every now and then-whenever we remember to do one” knot patrol meeting to plan the activities the Scouts decided they wanted to do. Basically, throw them at a calendar and see where they stick and are viable for us to support.

So, please come on over and enjoy mostly banter and laughter, and a little planning to boot. Maybe we will find out how we will support the boys this year!

Bring ideas and such, since I am basically clueless in this regard. I feel funny about posting my address, so if you need it, send me a text and I will get it to you. Or you can text Sean, since his phone number is still on the Website as the Scoutmaster!

All [active] adults are encouraged to attend so we can get the best ideas and support for the Scouts. 6:30pm Wednesday, 11 Sep.


Hey Folks, Our next 14er hike will be this weekend. We are going to stay at a cabin at the base of the Grey’s and Torrey’s trail head on Friday. Summit the two peaks and return home late Saturday. Please be ready to pick up the scouts late Saturday evening. Every participant that will be staying with us must fill out this release form to stay at the cabin. You may scan and email this to me or give it to me at tonight’s meeting. I need these as soon as possible (today).

We will plan out the details of the campout at tonight’s meting.



14er Campout prep!

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Grey’s and Torrey’s Peaks. This may be the route, maybe.


This week we are prepping for the 14er campout this weekend. If you have not camped with the Troop before, please ensure YOU pack your gear in accordance with the Scout Handbook and bring it to the meeting on Tuesday to be checked by senior Scouts. Additional packing items (list) will be provided on Tuesday. The single most important item is a full water container! You can not over pack water for this trip! It is a little far out to plan for weather, so that will be discussed on Tuesday as well.

See you all Tuesday!


Annual planning!

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Tonight, please bring your ideas and desires for our activities for the year. We will make a list of activities, camp outs, and game nights to add to our calendar and the adults will then figure out the best way to support what you guys want.

See you tonight.



I hope you all have a great and wonderful Labor Day weekend.

I just wanted to send out a quick note and last minute plea for assistance with flags this weekend. We are still in need of s couple of Scouts and also adult support. Please sign up if you can.

Also, just as a forewarning: This coming up meeting will focus on our annual planning. The Scouts need to come up with ideas for trips and game nights so the adult leaders can program support for those desires the Scouts have.

Again, help out if you can, and have a safe and fun weekend!


Hello everyone

We are one month away from our next Philmont payment. Thank you to all who have made payments. Our goal should be that all participants pay at least half before September 30th. Many of the current payments have done so but we still have a couple in which I would like to collect some funds.

We also have three spots open. Philmont is scheduled for June 17th through June 29th. This is an incredible experience for the scouts. Participants should be 14 years old OR 13 years old AND have completed the 8th grade.

The cost to participate is $1,025 if we have 12 participants. The troop can attend with the current 9 participants which will increase the price to $1,367 ($342 additional funds).

Please discuss with your scout if they wish to attend.

We would appreciate it if current participants would bring a check to the next troop meeting.

Thank you.

Soup Kitchen reminder!

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We currently have only one Scout signed up for the soup kitchen tomorrow night. it is only two hours from 6-8pm, so don’t be shy, get those community service hours recorded!

Here is the original post with the link:


Here is another opportunity for service hours and to give back to the community. Please take the time to sign up! The event is at the Sacred Heart Church from 6-8pm this coming Sunday, 25 August.


14ers Campout

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That red dot? Oh, yeah, that’s base camp! Saturday, we are going to the left, Sunday, to the right.


You wanted it, you got it! The 14er campout is just about upon us!

Sign up here:

More information and planning to follow.


Flags for Labor Day!

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If you have not yet signed up for Labor Day Flags, the link is below. We are still in need of a couple slots to be filled (1 driver, 2 navigators, and 3 Scouts)

Ice Cream Social!!

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Our next COH is upon us! This is a HUGE one with lots of Rank advancements, Merit Badges and a change of leadership! I am so proud of all our scouts and parents for making this possible!

The theme of this COH is ICE CREAM! Its the Ice Cream Social.

The troop will provide the ice cream but scouts will need to bring toppings to share! Please sign up for whatever toppings you would like to bring to share with the Troop.

Please no nuts!!! We have food allergies and do not want any cross contamination with nuts being on the same table or anything like that. Thanks in advance for this!

Sign up genius:

Set up begins at 5:30pm.  We will start serving the Ice Cream around 6pm.  The formal portion of the ceremony will begin around 6:45ish….could be a little earlier or later.

See you there!

Meeting recap 6/20

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Last night we finished decorating the barn. Scouts got their Boards of Review and Scoutmaster Conferences as required. We also played in games in and around our “new” area. In addition, we built a fire in the new fire pit.

Geren M.

Troop Scribe

Lazy Camp Recap

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This weekend we cleaned out the Barn and helped the church dig and lay some mulch for their playground (earning three hours of service each). There were nine scouts that attended. We donated a bunch of old camping gear and made the barn our summer meeting area. We also found old camp maps and pictures of the troop and high adventure. We decorated the “new” meeting place with our finds.

Geren M

Troop Scribe

Meeting tonight!

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A lot of moving parts tonight! We have four BOR’s, COH planning, annual planning (may be saved for later), and Uniform Inspection. The rest of the meeting will be dedicated to having fun! We will utilize our “new” meeting location tonight and see how it goes. And I am probably forgetting something as usual.

Class Uniforms tonight!!!!


Soup Kitchen

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Here is another opportunity for service hours and to give back to the community. Please take the time to sign up! The event is at the Sacred Heart Church from 6-8pm this coming Sunday, 25 August.


Meeting notes 6/13:

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Tuesday August 13

Held elections and planned for lazy camp. Jack is purchasing the food for this weekend.

During the campout we will clean out and organize the barn and help the Church upgrade their playground (Will Count for Service).

New leadership (Takes affect Week after CoH) :



Turbo Ninos PL- Cody

Wall Clan PL- Xander K.

Scribe- Mark

Historian- Geren

Quartermaster- Austin

Chaplin’s Aid- Zander H.

Bugler- Evan

Instructor- Jack

Geren M., Troop Scribe


This weekend is the Lazy Campout at the Barn! We are going to do a few things this campout. We will do some Geocaching Merit Badge Work, fire building, cook-off, pioneering, and we will also organize the troop gear in the barn. There is also an opportunity to get a few service hours with the church. They are requesting some assistance with clearing out the mulch in the playground of the church in preparation for new rubberized mulch (Saturday 8-10am). 

If you want to help with the cleanup, you can just show up at 8 at the church. If you plan on camping, please RSVP. 

We will meet at the Barn at 6pm Friday night. Families and “part-time” attendees are welcome to show up and have fun with us!