Webelos Night

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Troop 287 Webelos Night

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Wilson United Methodist Church

All WEBELOS I and II are welcome to come for a night of FUN & EXCITING scout events.

  • Learn how to throw an ATL-ATL
  • Learn how to throw a TOMAHAWK
  • Learn how to build a FIRE
  • MAKE & COOK your own camp meal

BE PREPARED! We will see you there rain or shine. Bring a coat as we will be enjoying the great outdoors!

For questions, contact Scoutmaster Keith Moore at 719-377-7737 or kmoore436@comcast.net

Committee Meeting

September 16, 2014


Jen Jirous – Committee Chair:

  • Jen opened the meeting outside as Keith took a break from making atlatl’s


Keith Moore – Scoutmaster:

  • Next week, September 23, is the Recruitment Party at 6:00 pm
  • In order to set up, boys and parent helpers should arrive at 5:30
  • We are expecting a large turn-out of Cub Scouts (thank you, Mr. Warner)
  • Membership Packets will be available to hand out to prospective recruits
  • There will be stations set up for the various activities: outdoor cooking station (Hobo’s Dinner), atlatl spear throwing, Soap Box Derby cars set out for demonstrations, a slide slow of photos from Sea Base and Philmont, and finally there will be a station for making S’mores.
  • Upcoming: the boys are hoping to backpack Sat and Sun, Sept 26 and 27; John Uhlman is working on obtaining permission to use the AFA’s Stanley Canyon
  • September 30: Mr. Woodard will be at the meeting to sign off on Aviation Merit Badge paperwork
  • October (?): The boys are hoping to hike the “Dino Death March” sometime in the fall
  • Upcoming: Scout Team Leader yearly planning meeting
  • Upcoming: Gina Swanson will be offering the Citizenship Merit Badges (in the Nation and in the World)
  • Focus for the fall will be to clean up any Merit Badges that aren’t completed


Sandy Johnston – Activities chair:

  • Veteran’s Day is on a D11 school day this year
  • Sandy will contact Will Mawhiney to set another date, possibly the preceding Saturday


Please join us at the next Troop Committee Meeting on Tuesday, September 16 at 6:30 PM at Wilson Church. All are welcome to attend!

Please join us for Tyler’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor

When:  Sunday, August 24th, 3 pm

Where:  Wilson United Methodist Church

There will be light refreshments following the ceremony.  See you tomorrow!



Committee Meeting – August 12, 2014

 Welcome to the informative and exciting page of notes from your very own Troop 287’s Committee Meeting.  Enjoy!


1) Jen Jirous – Committee Chair:

  • Opened the meeting.
  • Minutes from July were approved (Secretary’s note: “phew!”)

2) Keith Moore – Scoutmaster:

  • Order of the Arrow initiation this weekend, Fri the 15th and Sat the 16th
  • Court of Honor, next Tuesday the 19th – Ice Cream Social.  Each boy will bring his favorite ice cream topping.
  • Aviation Merit Badge will be finishing up, Saturday the 23rd 8 am – 12 pm – email Chris Woodard for more details
  • Soup Kitchen, August 24th 
  • Tyler Uhlman, Eagle Court of Honor, Sunday the 23rd at 3:00
  • Labor Day ‘Flags’ fundraiser needs a few more Scouts and more drivers
  • Zombie Apocalypse; happening on the Friday after Labor Day
  • Will get Cub Scout ‘Wee-be-lo’s’ to come for a Game Night on September 23rd
  • 20-mile hike coming up on a Saturday in October – details forthcoming

3) Joyce Moore – Advancement Chair:

  • Joyce talked about recruitment, rank advancements and that many Merit Badges will be awarded at the Court of Honor.

4) Phil Stafford – Treasurer:

  • Phil handed out treasurer reports; troop finances were discussed.
  • Popcorn selling season is coming soon.

5) Court of Honor:

  • Boys will build a rope bridge
  • Committee is providing the ice cream and the syrup; boys will provide the toppings
  • There will be a slide show of pictures from Philmont
  • Change of leadership – Senior Patrol Leader
  • Announcement will be made to give Scouts $20 bucks each for recruiting a new member

6) Special Game Night:

  • Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 23, at 6:00.
  • This will be a recruitment night to give local Cub Scouts a chance to check out our awesome troop
  • Agenda: dinner and games
  • Spread the word!



The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday August 12, 6:30 PM at Wilson United Methodist Church. All are welcome to attend!






Tuesday, August 19, 2014

6:00 PM at Wilson UMC

Come and enjoy ice cream with all the fixin’s prior to the Court of Honor


**** Please bring a canned donation for Westside Care & Share

IMG_0009 IMG_0013 IMG_0010 IMG_0017 IMG_0014

We had a fair amount of rain but not enough to dampen the spirits of Troop 287. Several highlights:

  • All the boys got all their merit badges mostly (97%) completed.
  • Troop 287 finished 1st and set a camp record in the Camp Wide Competition which consisted of fire starting, knot tying, archery, canoeing, popsicle eating, a lot of running and banana eating.
  • The troop did a funny skit and song that was well enjoyed by the camp.
  • No one got hurt (too badly) and all got along well.
  • Food was good and abundant.
  • Bugs weren’t too bad.
  • The adults actually got a bit of rest and relaxation.

I think we can confidently say that this trip will be a summer camp they’ll remember and cherish for a long time.

  • IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0200 IMG_0213 IMG_0214 IMG_0209 IMG_0216 IMG_0211 IMG_0208 IMG_0207



It’s Wednesday, July 16 and so far all is well. No injuries. No illness. No hick ups. No logistics problems. Boys are getting along great. They’re brushing their teeth, taking showers, getting to bed on time. They’re enjoying their programs.

We get quite a bit of rain in the afternoons which dampers some things, but mornings are sunny and gorgeous. Food has been good and we’ve been getting plenty to eat.

There is zero phone reception or internet at camp, but I managed to find the public library in Red Feathers Lake about 10 minutes away from camp to get this blog post out.

Photos below … will have more after camp is done.

IMG_0184 IMG_0175 IMG_0180 IMG_0185 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0183

Committee Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2014


Committee Chair – Jen:

  • Opened the meeting
  • June Meeting Minutes were approved
  • Next Court of Honor, August 19th, will be our Ice Cream Social
  • Committee members provide the fixings for Ice Cream Social
  • Jen will contact Sean Warner and Tom Sharp about inviting Cub Scouts


Scout Master – Keith:

  • Philmont went great; Black Powder shooting was the favorite activity
  • Boys are now eligible for the 50-miler award
  • Boys learned that they really enjoy throwing tomahawks; Keith suggested that the Troop buy some.
  • Mr. Uhlman & Mr. Swanson have looked into Yellowstone for next summer


Summer Camp chaperones – Chris & Will:

  • Camp Jeffrey begins July 13th
  • Snacks: a purchase will be made of trail mix and power bars, boys will split the cost among them out of their Scout accounts


Advancement Chair – Joyce:

  • Keith spoke in Joyce’s absence that there was nothing to report


Activities – Sandy Johnston:

  • “Zombies are Coming” – Emergency Survival Area campout will occur at Camp Alexander on September 5th
  • Check www.pikespeakbsa.org for more info


Treasurer – Phil Stafford:

  • Treasurer’s report was given, and approved.


Flag Fundraiser – Will Mawhiney:

  • Fourth of July fundraiser went well





Boy Scout Ready for Summer CampAll right! Summer Camp 2014 is just a few days a way.


Please arrive at Wilson Church parking lot no later than 7:45 a.m. We will try to leave by 8 a.m. Scouts are to travel in their Class A uniforms (have them bring a hanger for their uniform at camp).

We have to be out of camp by 9 a.m. on Sunday and expect to return to Wilson Church between 12 and 2 p.m. Please be available to pick up your scout around that time. We’ll try to call parents when we’re en route.

Medical Forms:

STILL NEED medical forms and copy of insurance card (front and back) for:

  • Patrick
  • Noah
  • Franklin

The boys will NOT be allowed to go to summer camp without copies of their complete medical forms and insurance cards. Please BRING THEM SUNDAY MORNING!


  • Class A Boy Scout uniform
  • Sack lunch for Saturday’s drive to camp
  • $6-10 lunch money for return drive on Sunday (put in envelope with boy’s name and give to Swanie)
  • mosquito repellent
  • sunscreen
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • signed parent permission form
  • no open toe shoes … have a pair of boots and a pair of sneakers
  • hat with broad brim
  • personal water bottle … with some form of attachment (e.g. carabiner)
  • rain poncho
  • sleeping cot and pillow (extra air or foam pad optional)
  • folding camp chair (if we have room to transport them)
  • 50-100′ personal cord … can be useful for tarps or hanging clothes inside tents
  • Personal spending money for trading post
  • Scout Handbooks
  • Fire N’ Chit and Toten’ chit cards
  • Flashlight (head lamps are pretty handy) with extra batteries
  • Hanger(s) for scout uniforms

A lot of these items should already be on the personal checklist. Be sure to use a marker and write the scout’s name and “Troop 287″ on clothing and items that can tend to be left behind (hats, water bottles, books, bags, etc.).

Also, we will be purchasing some snacks for the whole troop so Scouts don’t have to bring their own. Good idea since we have to put all smellables in the bear box every night.

About personal pocketknives … they must be no longer than four inches and they MUST be able to lock. Most Swiss Army-type knives don’t lock and are now banned by BSA. They must have their Totin’ Chip card if they carry a pocketknife.

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to keep a copy of your BSA medical form for yourself. They’re good for all BSA camps. Camp Jeffries is going to keep the copy we provide them. If you didn’t make your own copy and already turned in your form to Swanie, we might be able to make a copy at the church Sunday morning before we leave.

The next committee meeting will be held on Tuesday July 8, 2014 at 6:30PM at Wilson Church. All parents are welcome to attend!

Troop 287 Committee Meeting

June 10, 2014

Discussion Items


Approval of Minutes – Kathy approved. Sandy seconded

Scoutmaster Report – NA – away at Philmont.

Chris Swanson asked committee to sign reference sheets for summer campout.

  • Saturday June 28 – Sunday 29 – one night camp out at church for new scouts to prepare to summer camp. Start at 1PM to 1PM next day. The goal is to knock out merit badges that won’t be at summer camp. Also do 5 mile hike through Ute park. Tom will check with the church for approval.

Advancements Report – NA

Flags Update

  • Will reported that we lost 27 flags subscriptions this year. It was suggested that another route be added in his neighbourhood.
  • Have enough drivers and scouts for Flag day June 14.
  • Tom reported two flags were dropped off to retire the flags. Tom suggested a donation to drop off flags to be put into the scholarship fund.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Kathy reported we are on track with the budget. All outstanding payments have been received. Camp Jeffrey is paid up. Jen approved the treasurer’s report and Sandy seconded.


  • Sandy volunteered to take over camp coordinator duties. She will start looking in the fall for summer camps. Kathy suggested downloading information of all camps in Colorado for scoutmaster and have the boys pick the one they want to go to. Pick first and second choice and dates of the camps. Boys need to commit to going early in the year. The goal is to make an estimate and plan for that.
  • Kathy will update Tom as contact for the troopmaster renewal in September.
  • Sandy reported results from soapbox derby. Noah Walker was 4th in superstock division. Riley McNewb sixth, Josh Johnston eighth place.

Next Meeting – Tuesday July 8 – 6:30 PM

Adjourned at 7:20.


This is Michael Warner. I am starting my Eagle Scout Project, which is building stray cat shelters for the humane society, and I am requesting volunteers for work days. The first day is on July 20th from 12:00 to 4:00. On that day we will measure, cut, and start assembling the shelters. I need 3 adult volunteers and 4 Youth Volunteers for the first day. Youth volunteer will make the measurements and conduct assembly.  Adults are required to operate the power saws. I also need 2 more circular saws and 2 more power drills with drill and screwdriver bits. If you can provide these items when you volunteer, it would be greatly appreciated. The second day is on July 26th from 11:00 to 4:00. On this day we should be finishing assembling the shelters and paint the shelters. For this day I would need 6 youth volunteers and 2 drills with screwdriver bits to paint and assemble. Food and refreshments will be provided on both days for the volunteers. Please contact me on my phone, (719) 648-2509, or my email, michaeloceanwarner@gmail.com, if you can participate.

Thank you,

Michael Warner

Troop 287

One Night Campout at Wilson ChurchThis Saturday, June 28, 2014, the boys of Troop 287 will be doing a one-night prep campout to have some fun and get ready for summer camp. We’ll start at 1 p.m. at Wilson Church and stay the night up by the barn. Eat lunch beforehand. The boys will be working on several summer camp re-requisites along with earning their Fire N’ Chit and Tote N’ Chit. Friday night is hobo dinners. Boys will prepare their own hobo dinner at home and bring it with them to cook Saturday night. The boys will shop for and prepare Saturday night’s dessert and Sunday morning’s breakfast. We’ll be doing a 5-mile hike Sunday morning and should be done before noon. Cost is $6 per scout.

Scouts should bring sleeping bag, sleeping bad, a change of clothes, PJs, hygiene kit, personal eating utensils, poncho, good hiking shoes/boots, personal pocket knife (they’ll be learning how sharpen and care for them). Bring firewood, if you have some. The boys will be learning how to properly build, start, and extinguish fires in the metal fire bins.

For the hobo dinners, the boys need to be able to explain the basic food groups in their Scout Handbooks and include them in their meal. Here are some ideas for hobo dinners:



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Troop 287,

Here are the pics that I took at Philmont. Mr. Moore has plenty more! It was an honor and a privilege experience the challenging Philmont adventure with the scouts. They all demonstrated true grit and positive character throughout the 11 day 106 mile hike.


Use the drop box link to access all the photos I took.  Please download the ones you want because I eventually delete them off my dropbox.

Sean Warner


2014 Summer Camp Update

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We’re now less than a month away from heading to Ben Delatour/Camp Jeffries Summer Camp. A few house-keeping items:

Friday Night Dinner

Visitors are invited to join us in Camp Charles Jeffrey on Friday night for the Family Dinner. We need advanced reservations and payment for the Friday night meal by Tuesday at noon of the week you will be attending. You can buy Friday dinner passes under the day passes option in your registration on Camper. Friday Night Family Dinner Only: $8.00 per person.

If you plan to attend, you’ll need to write us a check for $8 and get that to Phil Stafford, troop treasurer. We’ll then be able to go into their registration site and sign you up.


Bring your completed medical forms to the next troop meeting, please!

If you haven’t completed your medical form yet, please do so. Note that you will need a front and back copy of your insurance card, too. I (Swanie) will be collecting all the forms and have them in a master 3-ring binder to take to camp. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. This form is good for one year for all BSA activities that may require a medical form.

Day Passes for Visitor Fees

Visitors and guests are welcome at the Scout Camp during any day of the week. Anyone who is not on the Scout or Adult summer camp roster is considered a guest. All guests must check in at the Scout Camp office upon arrival to camp and must check out when leaving.

Visitor day passes are $35 per day for adults and guests that come for just a day (or two or three). We will need to know when they will be in camp and for how many days at least two weeks prior to arrival to have food, as dining hall availability allows.

Day Passes

You can purchase day passes for the visitors who will be in camp. They are $35/day and can be added to your registration by checking the “Day Passes” box. Simply enter in the number of passes you would like.

Adults that plan to camp with the troop (regardless of the number of days) in the troop’s campsite must have the required Leader Reference Form and Character References. They will also need a Health and Medical record, but will not need Part C (Physicians form) unless they will be staying more than 72 hours. Upon check-in at the camp office you will be required to check-in all medications to the Camp Health Officer.

If you want a day pass, let us know and arrange payment with Phil Stafford.

Web Page

We’ll try to keep all the information updated on the summer camp web page:


The next committee meeting will be on June 10 at 6:30 PM at Wilson Church. Anyone is welcome!

Here is a picture from the 15 mile backpacking trip to Lost Creek Wilderness.  Everybody did great, and the boys going to Philmont in 2 weeks got to shake down all their gear.  The weather was great, no injuries, and all the boys got along–good luck to the Philmont crew!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA