Harvest Festival

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Harvest festival Sunday October 30 at thee church from 3-6pm. I need scouts and families to help park cars. This is a fun activity with food and games. Hours count for service hours for rank advancement.
Tom Sharp
Charter Organization Representative


Just in case you haven’t submitted popcorn orders yet they are due now.  I am submitting the orders online on Monday.

Here are the order forms that I have received so far:

  • Cody P
  • Josh J
  • Nico G
  • Jack D
  • Marquel E
  • Devyn L
  • William R
  • Evan R

If you are not on this list please re-send me the order from to seanmwarner@gmail.com

Please bring any money in that you have collected to our meeting on 25 October 2016


Sean Warner


We are not having a normal meeting this week because of game night and Popcorn order forms are due so I’d like to offer one of two easy options for turning them in this week.

  • The first option is you can scan or photograph your order from and email it to me.
  • The second option is to drop off the order form at my house located at 240 Via Linda Vista, Manitou Springs, CO. I have a mailbox marked Colorado Peak Real Estate and you can drop if off in there.

We have to have all the orders in by the 23rd so I have to have the order forms earlier than that. I will collect the money at the meeting on 25 October.

Here are some other key dates….

  • Popcorn Distribution (November 12, 2016)..we will had it out after the dino death march campout.
  • Prizes available (December 1st, 2016)

Sean Warner


Scouts and Zombies,

Our next meeting is going to be a scary game night!  We will not have a meeting on Tuesday the 18th.  The meeting will be at the Haunted Mines on Friday 21, Oct @ 7pm.  The Haunted Mines does not operate Mon-Thursday.  The plan is to meet at the Haunted Mines at 645 on Friday. Parents and scouts can buy their own tickets online at http://hauntedmines.org/shop/ or just meet there an buy your ticket there. It’s $15 a ticket online…there might be coupons available out there somewhere.  The Haunted Mines can be located using this link http://hauntedmines.org/faq/directions/.

The Troop has done this the past 3 years and they all love it….yes it is spooky, but yes they will come out ok…or will they…

Sean Warner

Centennial Campout!

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We had a great time at the Centennial Campout this weekend! There were 1100 people that checked in on Friday night and plenty of events.  We threw tomahawks, shot arrows, welded, saw US Army Strikers, Airforce Gliders, and much more fun stuff!

img_7856 img_7883 img_7891 img_7954 img_7921 img_7918 img_7919 img_7915 img_7928 img_7929 img_7930 img_7931 img_7932 img_7933 img_7937 img_7950 img_7952


The Pikes Peak Council is requiring Part A and B of the physical for those scout going on this weekend’s campout.

Here is a link to it. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_ABC.pdf

You don’t need a doctor and it only takes about 5 minutes to fill out part A and B. Please do so before arriving at the campout or church tomorrow night!



Here is the latest and greatest folks!

For those attending the Centennial Campout and are spending the night, and going with me, meet me at Wilson Methodist Church as close to 5pm on Friday as possible.  I expect that we will be back at the Church by 10am Sunday morning…or earlier.  On this campout, I have no problem having parents pick their scouts up directly from the campout Sunday morning…

These are the folks that I expect to see at the church:


  • Lance W
  • Preston S


  • Blake M

These are tthe people spending the night, but I expect to meet them at the campground on Friday night:


  • Marquel Edwards
  • Riley M (And Family)


  • Tom S

These are the scouts that will be there during the day on Saturday:

  • Jack D (Try to arrive by 8am on Saturday)

Families Attending on Saturday

  • Floyd S and family

So, upon check in on Saturday I will pick up bracelets for Lance, Preston, marquee, Jack, Sean W, Blake M, and Tom S. I DID NOT pay for additional family members so be prepared to pay $5 at the entrance for the rest of you. I’m tracking Riley’s family paid separately online.


  • Please bring you overnight gear and plan for cold temps at night.
  • Please bring your permission slips  .
  • Please bring your own dinner for Friday night (Subway sandwich or something like that)
  • All Scouts need to be in Class A Uniform to include neckerchief

Preston S will be supplying the food. Here is the menu:

Friday – Dinner on your own (Subway)

Saturday – Breakfast: Pancake provided by Camp, Lunch: Ham and Turkey Sandwiches, Dinner: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Sunday – Pop-tarts and Oatmeal (Yes, I know it sounds delicious!!)

For those that need to link up with me, My cell number is 719-648-6798. I also attached all the information on the camp on this post. If you are driving there then please use the parking pass attached to the documents.




Sean Warner

Boy Scout Troop 287


Meeting:                   Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            October 11, 2016, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church

In attendance:           Sandy Diggs, Lisa Durrenberger, Sandy Johnston, Pam Reeves, Danny Reeves, Sean Warner, Jonathan Westcott, Lisa Woodard.


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair

  • Opened the meeting
  • Gave overview of Scoutmaster Meeting; calendar of activities has been created for the next year; uploaded to the Troop Website.
  • October 18th: the final Popcorn order forms are due at next Tuesday’s meeting
  • October 30th 3:00 PM: church Harvest Festival – all boys asked to help direct traffic; look for a sign-up Genius email
  • November 5th: Veteran’s Day Flags and the downtown parade: sign-up sheets (through Sign up Genius) will be re-sent.
  • November 12th: Popcorn orders will be picked-up and made available to Scouts
  • November 29th: Popcorn money is due!


Danny Reeves – Committee Treasurer:

  • Gave the current status of the Troop’s different financial accounts and the total Operating Account
  • Discussed the current status of the ‘Flag’ money
  • Questioned the feasibility of having our next Committee Meeting on Election Day



  • Committee Chair made a motion to allocate funds to various accounts in order to budget the Operating Account; motion was seconded and approved.
  • Motion made to add superfluous funds to the Scholarship Fund; seconded and approved.
  • Motion made to use ScoutBook over TroopMaster to record Merit Badges; motion was seconded and approved.
  • Motion made to move the next Committee Meeting to November 1st – approved


Sean Warner – Scout Master

  • October 14th – 16th will be the Pike’s Peak council’s Centennial Campout; 6 Scouts attending from Troop 287
  • Motion made to hold Summer Camp at Cris Dobbins; motion approved
  • Saturday, November 5th will be the Veteran’s Day Parade and our “Flags” fundraiser.
  • November 11th & 12th: “The Dino Death March”
  • Scoutmaster Conferences have been quantified and standardized
  • No meetings in December, but there will be a 20-mile hike and a service project to meet requirements for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge





First, a follow up for the Centennial Campout

The cost for the campout is $10 for the campout and $15 for food so $25 total.  The treasure will be at Tuesday nights meeting. Please be prepared to settle payment tomorrow at Tuesday night’s meeting. Please bring a signed permission slip as well. This is available on the troop website.

Second, all the events the troop will be doing are available to view on the Troop Calendar on the website. One the right hand side of the website there is a link that says “View all Troop Events.” Click on that and you can see every meeting and outing through June 2017.  This will allow adult leaders, scouts and parents alike to prepare and plan for future meetings and outings.
Sean Warner

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.51.17 PM


The focus of this Tuesday’s meeting will be preparations for the Centennial Campout and a Committee meeting.

Here is what we will focus on for the Campout:

  • Timelines
  • Meal Planning
  • Packing Inspections
  • Permission slips

The Committee Meeting will start at 730pm. Parents are always encouraged to attend along with the committee members.

Here is the packing list for the Centennial Campou  PLEASE BRING YOUR GEAR WITH YOU TO THE NEXT MEETING.  Always pack like you are going on a Backpack trip even when car camping. The goal is that all scouts know how to pack their backpack bag from memory.

1. A pocketknife or multitool

2. A first-aid kit

3. Bring extra clothing to match the weather.

4. Rain gear

5. A flashlight and/or headlamp

6. Trail food

7. Water (2 Liters)

8. Matches and/or a fire starter

9. Sun protection

10. compass

11. Sleeping Bag should be rated to at least 20 degrees. If you can find one that is rated to 0 degrees then even better.

12. The Backpack should have a frame. School backpacks do not provide the support necessary for backpacking trips. I recommend at least a 45L backpack.

13. A Sleeping Pad 

14 Class A’s and Class B’s



Here are some hygiene items you may want to pack, depending on the outing:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Soap
  • Waterless hand cleaner
  • Washcloth
  • Toilet paper
  • Trowel for digging cathole latrines


Here are some cooking and eating items you may want to pack, depending on the outing:

  • Bowl for cooking and eating
  • Spoon
  • Cup or insulated mug
  • Water treatment system
  • Backpacking stove with fuel (Troop will provide this but you can bring one if you have it).
  • Metal Cup that you can heat water on one a stove


Here are some extras you may want to pack, depending on the outing:

  • Watch
  • Camera
  • Notebook
  • Pen or pencil
  • Sunglasses
  • Small musical instrument
  • Gloves
  • Whistle
  • Nylon cord (50 Ft for close line or improvised fishing)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hiking stick or trekking poles
  • Animal identification books, plant keys, geological studies, star charts or other guide


Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Sean Warner

Scout Parents,

There are some very excellent Camping Gear Deals at Costco right now.  I was there last night and this display will be there through Sunday.  The prices of all this gear is double at REI.  There are 20 Degree down sleeping bags for about $130…inflatable sleeping mats for as low as $29 and other cool gear….


Just thought I would spread the word!


img_7639 img_7638


There is less than two weeks to sell popcorn folks!  If you still haven’t received an order form you can pick them up at council.

  • Final Orders Due – Troop meeting on Oct 18th
  • Final Distribution (November 12, 2016)
  • Popcorn pick up will be when we return from the Dino Death March Campout
  • Payment Due – by 6:00 PM (December 1st, 2016)


Good luck!
Hi all
As many of you know my last work day for my Eagle Project is this Sunday, October 9th. It will once again be at the church, this time from noon to around 3. We will be finishing up construction on a few things, and then will be staining everything built on the first day. Please wear older clothes you are not afraid to get wood stain on. If you plan on going , please let me know at sctjirous@gmail.com if you have not already.
Thank you!
Scott Jirous

Thanks to all the Scouts who made Nick’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor a great celebration!

Nick continues the Troop 287 traditions of perseverance and working hard to learn the skills and traits required to earn the Eagle Scout rank.   We have many fun events coming up to keep all our Scouts learning and leading on their way to the Eagle Rank.

Franklin W. is next!  Look for another Eagle celebration soon!






There are only 4 scouts signed up for the centennial campout.  Since there are 4 signed and 2 adults committed, the camp out will happen, but this is a great opportunity to achieve some rack advancement and have some fun! I will sign the troop up tonight so please sign up!

You all should have received an invite to sign up on Sign up genius. If you didn’t then please shoot me an email at seanmwarner@gmail.com.

Here is the info on the campout:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.51.17 PM

Troop 287,

Here is the flyer for our October 14-16 Centennial Campout hosted by Pikes Peak Council.  Families are invited!! There will be a ton of activities, games, merit badge and rank advancement opportunities.  Please discuss with your scout and sign up on the separate Signup Genius email that has been sent out. If you are not receiving the Signup Genius emails then please contact me directly so I can add your email.

The cost is $10 per scout and there will be an additional cost for food.  We need at least two adult leaders to attend.

Centennial Campout




This is an Eagle Required Merit Badge so see you Tuesday! Uniform is Class A’s.


Additional Notes:

  • The Troop has created a calendar through June and it should be posted on the Website soon.
  • There are only 4 scouts signed up for the Centennial Camp out. I’ll wait until Monday night to register incase anyone else wants to sign up.  You all should have received a sign-up genius email that allows you to sign up online.
  • There are a few changes coming up on the flow of meetings..game night, PLC, etc. That information will come soon in a stand alone post.

Sean Warner



picture1Nick’s Eagle Court of Honor is this Sunday at 3 pm at WUMC!

Scouts should show up prior to 2:45 to form the honor guard and assume other COH duties.

Refreshments and “Face Cake” will be served following the ceremony.

See you Sunday!

Hi all

Just another reminder that my Eagle Project is starting this weekend! We will be working from 10-4 on Saturday the 1st. The next work day will be Sunday the 9th, from 12-5. The following volunteers have told me they may be available:
Franklin W.
Noah W.
Josh J.
Alex B.
Rhett B.
Nico G.
Ian M.
Evan L.
Sam M.
Michael W.
Please email me at sctjirous@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer, or if you have more questions!
-Scott Jirous

Tuesday’s Meeting

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Tuesday’s meeting will be focused on Planning. We’ve already collected all the information for what camping actives the troop would like to do throughout the year, now we are going to determine merit badges and promotional achievements need to be accomplished so every scout can work towards their next rank to two. Every scout needs to bring their merit badge binder and scout book and ready to discuss merit badge and rank advancement ideas.

The next planning meeting will be with the ASMs during a Knot Patrol meeting on Thursday followed by a Boy Scout led annual planning meeting in late October/early November.


Sean Warner


Come celebrate Troop 287’s newest Eagle Scout on Sunday! Nick’s parents will be hosting an Eagle Court of Honor at WUMC at 3 pm.

All Scouts and families are invited to this event. We need Scouts to continue the Troop 287 tradition of providing an honor guard, and we need a Scout of each rank to perform a short reading for the ceremony.  Please contact Jon Ullmann at jonu_1999@yahoo.com if you can help out.

See you Sunday!