Summer Camp Photos

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A little delayed but here are the Summer Camp Photos that Will and I took for Ben Delatour Summer Camp!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 8.35.25 AM

The rest of them can be viewed and downloaded at the below dropbox link:

Also, many of these summer campers are ready for rank advancements so please study for them and schedule a scoutmaster conference for one of the next two meetings prior to the next Court of Honor.

Flash cards are available on the Troop 287 website to study for rank advancement.  Here is a link to the flash cards:

Remember, you must also be prepared to demonstrate what you learned DURING the scoutmaster conference…such as knots, map reading, first aid, etc.


This Tuesday’s meeting will be a game night-canoe trip cleanup “party” at WUMC at 7 pm.  With everyone’s help we should be able to clean and stow the gear in about 45 minutes, leaving some time for the traditional game night.  Please wear your Class B T-Shirt.

If you’re ready for rank advancement at the August COH, please prepare for a Scoutmaster Conference and e-mail me ( a date when you’d like to complete it.  We really only have tomorrow and the following Tuesday to get the conferences and BORs complete.  You can find a link to the “BSA Road to 1st Class Flash Cards” under “Downloads” on the troop website home page.  These are the cards you should use to study to prepare for the Scoutmaster Conference.

See you Tuesday!

More Canoe Pics!

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canoe canoe1 canoe2

The boys of Troop 287 had  a grand time paddling, floating, and swimming down the Green River near Moab, Utah. It was certainly hot during the middle of the day, but massive canyon walls and peaks occasionally provided shade. Jumping into the river off large boulders became an instant hit as well.

Mud – it was everywhere – for a lot of boys, that was a bonus ‘fun’ feature.

At the end of the trip, we camped with another Boy Scout troop* and had a nice campfire program and ate wonderful chocolate brownies made by Mr. Ullmann in the dutch ovens.

Overall, spirits were high, the rigor was just right, and it’s safe to say all had a great time and experience.

Riley and Jon canoeing the Green River

Massive Green River canyon walls

Sam and Josh on the Green River

Sandy Camp Site

Green River canyon wall

We’ll certainly have more photos to show at the next court of honor.

Meeting Tuesday

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The canoe trip folks are off having their awesome adventure! Since, most of us that are still around are the younger scouts, we will focus on Tenderfoot rank advancements (or other rank requirements if needed) this Tuesday at the church. The court of honor is next month so lets knock out those remaining requirements!! We might even have time for a fun game too…

Normal Meeting Time. 7pm, July 28th at Wilson Methodist Church.


There will NOT be a regular Troop 287 meeting this Tuesday, 21 July.

The Troop will be preparing for the canoe trip with 2 events later next week.  On Friday (24 July) at 10 am all those working on the cooking merit badge on the canoe trip will meet at WUMC to go to WalMart and Costco to pick up expedition food and supplies.  Please bring the meal and shopping list for your assigned meal day (for the meals you were assigned at the meal planning meeting).

On Saturday (25 July) at 10 am, we will meet at the Troop barn to inventory and pack equipment.  Please bring your personal gear/bag for a shakedown to make sure you have everything and we get an idea of how we’ll load the vehicles.  Also, we will have a bug treatment to treat your clothes/gear, so please bring the personal clothes and gear you’d like to treat.

We will meet on Sunday (26 July) at WUMC at 7:30 am sharp to depart on the trip.

Please e-mail me at with any questions.


Tonight is the canoe trip meal planning meeting at WUMC beginning at 6 pm.  If you plan on completing the cooking merit badge, please bring 2 complete days of camp meals (2 x breakfasts, lunches, and dinners) to the meeting.  Also, if you haven’t signed the trip waivers or turned in your physical please do so at the meeting.  See you tonight!


St. Mary’s Falls

Troop 287 had a successful 10 mile hike in the Cheyenne Canyon area, trekking along Upper Gold Camp Road to the St Mary’s Falls trail, to St Mary’s Falls, and beyond.  In true Troop fashion the boys elected to take on one of the more difficult trails!  Even a bit of rain at the end couldn’t dampen their spirits!  Look for another 10 miler in August.

Boy Scout Ready for Summer Camp

Troop 287 will depart on the 2nd in a series of 10 mile hikes on Thursday, 9 July, meeting at 8 am at WUMC.  We will hike the upper Gold Camp Road beginning in Cheyenne Canyon.  The hike is along an old dirt road (closed to vehicles) with spectacular views of Cheyenne Canyon and the plains.  The first 5 miles is a gentle uphill slope, and then we’ll turn around and head back to the trailhead.  I need one more adult to come along to make this happen…if you can help or want more information please e-mail me at  Hikers need a day pack, hat, sunscreen, at least 2 liters of water, a rainjacket, a trail lunch, and snacks for the hike.  We’ll have a signup at tonight’s meeting.

Tuesday’s meeting will commence at 7 pm at WUMC.  This is game night, with the scout’s playing “capture the flag” after the opening ceremony.  Please wear Class B uniform (T-shirt) to the meeting.  We will also have a mandatory parent meeting for canoe trip participants at 8 pm.  At the meeting, the final payment of $110 per scout/adult is due (either by check or via scout fund).  I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

Hi Everyone,

I understand that many of us have plans but we’re down to the wire and still don’t have the minimum required number of Drivers and Scouts to fulfill our obligation to the Rotary Club on July 4th. Hopefully some of you can find a way to squeak in an hour or two in the evening to help pick up flags.

At the very least, we need two more drivers and one more scout in the evening.

Optimally, we’d also have:

– 3 Navigators each for both AM and PM (good way to learn the ropes and make it go faster for everyone).

– 3 more scouts in the morning and 4 in the evening to make teams of two.

The current roster is as follows:

AM Drivers: Sandy J., Sean W., Don P., Will M.

AM Scouts: Josh, Cody, Jaxon, Riley, Lance

AM Navigators: Michelle M.

PM Drivers: Sean W., Don P.

PM Scouts: Devyn, Cody, Lance

PM Navigators: Jessica H.

Please contact me if you can help out. We’ve never failed to meet our obligations before, let’s not make it the first time. 719-362-6909


Hey Troop 287,

Check out this most excellent KRDO new interview of ASM Swanie and Life Scout Ben S informing Colorado Springs on the when and how to retire an American Flag!

This is an excellent display of citizenship! Way to proudly represent Troop 287!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.30.44 PM

Hi Everyone.

We’ve got a few brave souls signed up for Flags on July 4th, but we still need to fill out the roster. With all the Camping and Canoeing fees lately, now is a good time to refill those scout accounts with Flag participation funds.We’re still looking for:

– 2 drivers in the evening.

– 3 Navigators each for both AM and PM (good way to learn the ropes and make it go faster for everyone).

– 4 more scouts in the morning and 5 in the evening.

Please contact me if you can help out. 719-362-6909

Hi Everyone,

Here comes Independence Day! BBQs, watermelon, fireworks, and … supporting Troop 287.

We’re looking for a minimum of 8 scouts and 4 drivers. 4 additional adult navigators would also help make it easier on everyone and navigation is a great way to learn how it works if you’ve never done it before. Please consider volunteering if you’re going to be in town.

The morning shift will start at 6:00 AM and the evening shift will start around 6:00 PM. I’ll be at the Scouts barn handing out routes and supplies in the morning and locking it up in the evening. If you’d like to volunteer, you can send me an email at or call at 719-362-6909.

Thank you for continuing to support your Scout’s activities and the Rotary Club humanitarian efforts through this patriotic fundraiser.

– Will Mawhiney – Flags Coordinator

On Tuesday we will be back to our normal Troop 287 meeting time (7 pm) at WUMC.  The church is resurfacing the parking lot, so if the parking lot is coned off (as Pastor Dave told me it should be on Tuesday), please park and/or drop off your scout in the grassy area towards the barn.  We will meet in the church to work on rank advancement, merit badges (canoeing and cooking), and planning our next 10 mile hike.  If you are going on the canoe trip in late July, please ensure your scout has a current physical.  We will have have canoeing parent meeting next Tuesday, 7 July, to finalize details and collect the final payment (I’ll work the numbers for the final payment and get a number to you prior to the meeting).  See you Tuesday!

A fun evening was had by all when Troop 46 from Soiux City, SD hosted Troop 287 for killer Dutch oven meatloaf and baked potatoes, while 287 put out their best Dutch oven chocolate cherry, peach & apple crum cobblers for desserts. Each troop participated in flag retirement ceremonies while a Troop 46 bugler played taps. After a few skits and songs around the campfire everyone was wished safe travels.  


dutch oven

Our meeting for Tuesday, June 23rd will be a joint cookout/campfire with Troop 46 from South Dakota.  For those carpooling, we will meet at the church at 5:30 pm…return TBD, but should be about 10:30-11 pm.  We will be meeting Troop 46 at the Lone Duck campground in Cascade, CO, immediately adjacent to Highway 24 (8855 US-24, Cascade, CO 80809,  You can also meet the group at the campground if that is more convenient for you (we should be arriving at about 6:15 pm).  I will be purchasing all the ingredients for our dutch oven cobbler.  If you signed up to bring ingredients on signupgenius I will be contacting you directly to coordinate this.  Please wear your class A shirt over your Class B Troop T-shirt.  Our troop will be accompishing a flag retirment ceremony as part of the campfire.  If you plan on attending and haven’t let me know, please sign up via signupgenius so we know how many people we’ll have for dinner/desert.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at  See you Tuesday!

Summer Campers,

This isn’t the first post I wanted to do upon returning from summer camp, but one scout has already found a tick on their body.  Please have your scouts do a tick check on their bodies. They will likely not feel the tick so you must inspect for it.  Parents help them buy looking at places they cannot see themselves like in the hair on their heads.  If you find one, here is the procedure for removing it:

– Use a pair of tweezers to pinch the tick as close to the skin as possible. Do not twist or jerk the tick out of the skin.

– Gently pull up until the skin raises a little causing the tick to hold onto the skin.

– Wait until the tick releases then kill it. If any of the head is left in the skin attempt to remove the pieces with a needle or the tweezers.

– Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Contact you doctor if the site becomes infected or if he starts feeling sick or feverish and let them know about the tick bite.


Hope you don’t have any!!!


I will have a happier post with pictures in the coming days :)





As a reminder, there is no meeting for Tue, 14 June.  Please sign up for the Tue 23 June joint cookout via signupgenius.  If you didn’t get the invite from signupgenius, please forward your e-mail to and I’ll send you the invitation/RSVP.

This is a picture from our 10 mile hike today at Rampart Reservoir.  Lots of water, and the scouts had a great time!  Congrats to Riley for completing his first 10 miler!

On Tuesday, June 23rd, we will have a joint cookout/campfire with Troop 46 from South Dakota, at the Lone Duck campground in Cascade, CO.  Troop 46 will provide dutch oven dinner (meatloaf), and our troop will provide dutch oven dessert (cobbler).  Since we don’t have a formal meeting between now and then I need to get a good count for dinner and arrange for drivers.  Please signup via the SignUpGenius e-mail you received.  If you did not receive the e-mail, please send me your e-mail address and I will add it to the invite.

We will depart and return from WUMC (23 June, time TBD, probably departing about 5:30 pm).  Please sign up with total who will attend (scout/parent), and let me know if you will be traveling directly to the campground in your own vehicle, or meeting at WUMC to carpool.  I’ll need about 3-4 drivers to move the scouts back and forth from Cascade.  Please sign up as soon as possible so I can pass an attendee count to Troop 46 for meal planning purposes.  If you have questions, e-mail me at