Soup Kitchen THIS SUNDAY

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We need Scouts and families to volunteer at this Sunday’s soup kitchen. The time is 5:45 PM, and we volunteer at Sacred Heart Catholic Church(21st street and Colorado ave) Avenue. Scouts wear class A uniform. We should be finished by 6:45.
Tom Sharp COR

Canoe Trip Photos

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It looks like the troop has some great weather and fun. Here is the link to the canoe trip photos that I received from Ryan B. If anyone else has some then please send them and I will add them to the photo album.




I hope you had a great time Canoeing this weekend.  Now that you had the monthly campout we are going to have our Game Night. This week it will be at CityRock Climbing Gym located at 21 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. I will arrive at 7pm and go until 830 but you are more than welcome to come earlier and stay later if your parents are good with it.  The cost is $17 to climb and $5 if you want climbing shoes.  If you are a member then you don’t have to pay of course.

Next month our outing will be a climbing merit badge at Fort Carson and Red Rock Canyon so this will a good prep session and just a fun time.

If you have not climbed at CityRock before then please fill out the waiver at the link before coming

First time climbers will also have to do go through a short orientation at the beginning.  The rest should just only need to sign in and climb. This is just a fun climbing night!

See you there!




Popcorn News!

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Just a quick update on popcorn sales! All of the Scouts should have received their order forms in the mail by now. If your Scout hasn’t then you need to stop by Council and pick one up. Some dates to keep in mind….

September 8 – Door to Door Popcorn Sales began

October 26 – Final orders will be due at Council. For our Troop, please bring your final sales sheets in to the meeting on Tuesday, Oct 24 so our Popcorn Kernel Jessica L. can collect those and turn them in to Council by 10/26. Don’t forget to pick your prizes on your order sheets!

November 11 – Popcorn pick up at Distribution Center; Jessica might need help with this depending on how much we sell.

November 30 – Full Payment is due to Council by 6:00pm!!!! Please have all monies ready to turn in at the meeting on Tuesday, November 28!!!

December 15 – Commission checks and prizes should be available for pick up!

Don’t forget your Scouts can create an account online at and sell popcorn to family and friends in other cities and states!

Any questions, reach out to me and I can get with Jessica to get you answers!

Good luck with your sales Scouts! Have fun!




If your scout is going on the Canoe trip, Please print and bring the signed permission slip for your scout. This link is also located on the website to the right of the page.

Thank you,


Hi folks,

This weeks campout will be canoeing at Rampart Range Reservoir! Mr. Durrenberger and Mr. Studebaker will be starting the merit badge Tuesday.

Rampart Range Reservoir a short drive from Colorado Springs and its easy car camping. These sites are first come first serve so we will need one adult to head out a little early and secure the sites.  The cost for this campout will be approximately $15-$20 per scout. This fee covers the cost of food, campsites, sunscreen, bug spray and cooking stuff for the scouts. The $160 rental fee for canoes are being paid for by the troop which was earned through FLAG MONEY!!  This is another reason why flags are so important! The next flag sign up will be coming out soon so please support the program.

Please sign up on Sign Up Genius at the below link:

For this Tuesday’s meeting we will decide meal plans, who is buying and preparing food.  We will also prepare our troop gear.

If you took home a tent to dry out from the Terryall Campout then please bring it back as we will need it!!

You do not have to bring in your gear to this meeting but here is a good link to a basic packing list:

Please make sure you have a bathing suit or two and towel. We will be in the water a lot and sunburn is a risk so hats and swim shirts are a good idea. Shoes that you can get wet in will help protect your feet.  You can also bring goggles or a swim mask/fins if you’d like because I’m sure we will get some play time in the water too 🙂




Scout Leaders and Parents,

In order to ensure that we do not have a lack of Adult leaders to participate in future camp outs, I’ve created a sign up for every camp out for the rest of the year. This is for Adult Leader’s only. Each individual sign up will come out later. Please take a look a sign up for what you can do or would like to do.  We have to have a least two adults for every camp out. This will allow us to plan way in advance so there are no surprises.

Camp outs on this list for 2017-2018

Sept 17: Canoeing Trip Rampart Range (Paul D and Floyd S are already signed up but more can)

Oct 17: Climbing Merit Badge (Fort Carson and Red Rock Canyon)

Nov 17:Veteran’s Day Parade (No Overnighter in Nov)

Dec 17: Long Hike or Bike Ride (No Overnight in Dec)

Jan 18: Snow Sports Merit Badge (Monarch Mountain/Salida)

Feb 18:Snow Shoe camp out (Mueller State Park)

March 18: Freez-O-Ree (Air Force Academy)

Apr 18: Great Sand Dune Back Pack Trip (Great Sand Dune National Park)

May 18: 15-20 Mile Back Pack Trip (Terryall, Refrigerator Gulch/Wilderness Canyon Loop)

June 18: Summer Camp (TBD)

July 18: Troop high Adventure 5 day backpack trip (Rocky Mountain National Park or Canoe Trip)

Aug 18: 14er Camp out (Harvard Peak or Bierstat)

Please sign up on SignUpGenius at this link:



We are again invited to march with the local Colorado Springs Special Forces Veterans in the Colorado Springs Veteran’s day parade on November 4th.  We will meet at the VFW 101 at 7am (Time might change) and will be done about noon or earlier.  After the parade you can hang and chat with the veterans about their experiences….don’t forget to thank them!!

We would like to have at least 10 scouts there and two adult leaders. Please sign up at





Please sign up for Flags on Veteran’s Day. We really need more drivers!! Don’t assume someone will do it.  Thank you in advance for being part of the team!

Here is the link to sign up:



Hey Scouts,

Thank you those that did Flags today! You are all supporting the Troop! However, we have the same parents doing it all the time and desperately need some more Parents driving 🙂

So this Tuesday we have an Annual Planning meeting. We got a little start the other day before the ascent but we will finish it up. We will apply Merit Badges and Activities to each month through next August.   I would also really like parent involvement if you have good ideas. Let’s continue to make this Troop full of Adventure and fun!!

Some other things to look at:

Finally, I kinda hurt my foot and I might not be able to make the Canoeing Trip because I might have surgery. For planning, I need someone with a military ID able to get the canoes from the Air Force Academy and potentially someone to run this campout.




Labor Day Flags

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Hi Folks,

These are the assignments for flags. I apologize for the late notice but I was still trying to fill some empty slots until 9pm tonight! We need all the Scouts that signed up to please show up and fill their spots on the assigned routes. Since we did not have enough drivers, we don’t need everyone that signed up for navigator. I appreciate those of you who signed up but I just picked random people for slots. If I didn’t put you in a slot this time, don’t worry there is still Veteran’s Day!

Please meet at the barn at 6:00am for the morning route and 5:00pm for the evening route! If you have any questions or anything comes up then please txt me because I will not be checking my email anymore tonight or tomorrow morning.

See you all in the morning!



Route A am: Sandy, Jude

Route A pm: Ted, Ryan, Jacob J, Riley

Route B am: Paul, Lisa, Jack, Daniel

Route B pm: Paul, Lisa, Jack, Devyn

Route C am: Michael, Julie, Mark, Jacob C

Route C pm: Michael, Julie, Mark, Jacob C

Route D am: Floyd, Audrey, Preston, Jacob J

Route D pm: Floyd, Audrey, Preston


Here are some photos my son Lance took on the Pikes Peak Ascent.  He said this time its free but next time it will cost you!! haha!  He wants to be a professional photographer…I think he’s on his way!


Parents, we are still in need of drivers and scouts for Labor Day Flags. We are going to divide it into 4 routes at this point. So, we need one more driver and two scouts on the morning route and one more scout for the afternoon. I will be out of town working and Sandy will be out of town too so we cannot drive this time. The trailer is still available too so someone can use it to transport the Flags.  If we cannot get another driver in the morning then someone will have to do two routes which is pretty demanding.

Its a true privilege to put out Flags in honor of our national holidays! Please participate in supporting the troop and your scout’s activities.

I thank you in advance for your team work and dedication to the troop!!

Here is the link to sign up:

Thank you!!!



I would like to say what an honor it was to experience such a tremendous feat with your scouts along with my own son.  This was a really tough hike and you and a huge accomplishment for all the scouts and parents that completed it. It was also awesome to have to many parents there to share this experience with their scouts. This was something special that we will always remember! I am proud of all of you!

Please download these photos. I tried to get shots of all the boys throughout the hike.



The Scouts decided that they wanted to so Springs Trampoline for game night this week.  They are closed on Tuesdays so I made a group reservation for Thursday from 6-8pm. There is NO meeting on Tuesday!! There are trampolines and an American Ninja Warrior Course. This is open to everyone….scouts, parents, siblings, and friends….

Here are the details:

Date/Time: Thursday 31 Aug from 6-730pm. Try to show a little early like 545pm because it will take a while to check waivers for each person.

Cost: $11 per person.  This is a group rate as long as we have a minimum of 15 people

Waiver: Every person needs to have a waiver and it must be filled out by a parent. I CANNOT fill out a waiver for your scout if you forget to do it and drop him off.  Here is the link to fill out the online waiver:

Ninja Course: If you want to do the ninja course then there is an extra cost of $5 and you must wear tennis shoes.  You can go back and forth between the Ninja course and the trampolines as much as you want.

Here is the link to SignUpGenius so you can sign up:  Even if you forgot to sign up you can still come

It looks fun!!





Hi Folks,

The Troop did it!!! They reached the Peak just before 1:30pm and they are all set to catch the Cog at 3:20pm for the ride down. The Cog arrives at the station around 4:30pm. You can pick up your Scout there at the Cog station at that time (but please be aware that parking in that area is really limited) or since the Troop will be taking the shuttle to Memorial Park in Manitou, you can pick up your Scout there (where you dropped them off).

Sandy CJ



Hi Folks,

Just wanted to give you an update on the Pike’s Peak hike! The Troop arrived at Barr Camp at around 12:30pm today! The Scouts, Leaders, & parents did amazingly well! We got some strong Scout go-getters! Everyone arrived safe & sound! The Scouts picked out their spots in the lodge and the adults set up their tents. Everyone had some time to unwind, rest, play and even work on some Scout skills for rank advancements! It’s been a great outing!

Tonight, everyone will be enjoying a spaghetti dinner with “switchback” garlic bread! Then it will be early to bed and early to rise for pancakes before heading out to conquer the Peak. Hopefully there will be plenty of time to enjoy donuts at the top before catching the 3:20pm Cog train back down the mountain. Sean will have some great photos to share!

Good Night!

Sandy CJ


I forgot to add toilet paper to the Pikes Peak Packing list post! Hope everyone thought to bring some!!!




We can all park there for free overnight so it just makes sense to meet where we can park. If for some reason you would like to park somewhere else then here is the link to Manitou Springs Parking. Please plan accordingly if you plan on Parking Overnight.

Here is the link to the Parking Map in Manitou Springs.

The current weather for the summit of Pikes Peak on Saturday is a high of 54 and a low of 29 with a 20% chance of rain. On Sunday its a high of 52 and a low of 27 with a 50% chance of rain.  Our goal will be to make it to the top before the rain on Sunday.

Also, Please email me if your scouts have any allergies that we need to be aware of.  We will have ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tylenol and Benadryl in case someone needs it.

Also, in case a scout cannot make it we have a few backup plans.  We can send someone down at on the COG railway from Barr Camp or Walk back down.  You might have to pay for another ticket on the COG railway if you scout needs to return early.  The ticket we already purchased be able to be transferred.   The 2nd Plan is if anyone cannot make it to the top then we might have to walk back down to Barr Camp and take the COG Railway then also.  If some scouts cannot make the top by the 3pm train then Mr. Brinkman will drive to the top and pick up the stragglers.

Here is a great link that explains the hike in detail!!


Here is the current list of people I am tracking for the trip. Remember, there are only 12 slots in the cabin right now so we will prioritize the scouts use of the cabins but can adults if some want to sleep in tents. If there are any extra spots in the cabin when we get there then we can adjust.

Total 23

Adults (9 Adults)

Mike P

Sean W

Paul D

Sandy J

Ted J

Julie C

Ryan C

Michael W

Blake M

Scouts (14 Scouts) 

Lance W

Josh J

Mark P

Ignacio H

Devyn L

Jack D

Jude W

Noah W

Jacob J

Riley C

Jacob C

Josiah C

Rhett B

Cody P

See you at 5am Saturday morning!



Hi Troop!

Our awesome Pikes Peak Ascent is this weekend.  Our meeting tomorrow will focus getting ready.

Please bring your complete Packing list to tomorrow’s meeting so we can go over it, make sure we have the right stuff, and most importantly….make sure the packs are not too heavy!

Please bring you permission slips to tomorrows meeting. Also, headaches can be a symptom high altitude.  Please annotate on the permission slip is scout leaders can be authorized to give your scout some Ibuprofen, Aspirin  or Tylenol.  Please write “I give (or do not give) permission for the Scout Leaders to administer Ibuprofen, Aspirin  or Tylenol to my scout as needed”

Permission slips can be found on the left side of the website or at this link

We do not need Mess Kits to eat at Barr Camp for the Spaghetti Dinner or Pancake Breakfast. They provide plates and utensils.

Here is the link to the original post for our trip:

By the way, I took this photo a while ago and there is not that much snow up there right now…:)


Don’t forget to enjoy the Eclipse today!!