Need Help Soup Kitchen Sunday April 27th 5:45 PM
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 21st and Colorado ave.

Just a friendly reminder for parents to please attend this coming Tuesday’s summer camp parents’ meeting:

Tuesday, Apr 29, 7 p.m. Wilson United Methodist Church.

ALSO: we’re still in need of another parent attending camp for half of the week … either the first or latter half. Please let us know if you’re interested. We’re confident there is no cost for you to attend and stay at camp. But we will need help with transportation.

Right now, the only adult leader going for the entire week is Assistant Scoutmaster, Chris Swanson. Our Charter Org Rep, Tom Sharp has agreed to go to camp for either the first or last part of the week. But, we’ll still need another adult, 18 or older, to attend for the other half.

Tough Ride…Tougher Scouts!!!


Ben Delatour Scout Ranch logoFor all parents of scouts attending 2014 Summer Camp at Camp Jeffries (part of Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, Fort Collins, CO), there is a parent meeting night scheduled for Tuesday, April 29 at Wilson United Methodist Church (where we meet for Troop meetings). At this meeting, we’ll discuss a variety of topics:

  • payment information
  • merit badges/activity information
  • medical forms
  • camp t-shirts
  • supply list
  • camp and visitor information
  • swim test
  • any special needs

This meeting is very important for parents of first-time campers. This will be a good time to come with all of your questions about camp and what’s expected of the boys to prepare for camp.

Camp website:



Wilson Church needs scouts and families to help with the Easter egg hunt this Saturday. The activity starts at 10 AM so we need helpers there at 9:45. Should be done by 12. Counts as scout service hours.
Tom Sharp

Soap Box Derby Race

Tom Sharp —  April 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

Calling all Scouts! The troop has a few Soap Box derby cars to borrow and RACE, EMAIL or call me if you are interested!!!
REGISTRATION by MAY 10!! Inspection May 31 practice June 1. Race June 8. You have to have a truck or van or trailer to pick up the cars take them home.
Tom Sharp EMAIL 719-651-4933

Troop 287 Committee Meeting

March 14, 2014



Welcome – Attendance: Jen J, Joyce S., Kathy K, Sandy J, Tom S., Keith M., Will M.

Approval of Minutes – Jen made a motion to accept minutes, Sandy seconded

Scoutmaster Report  -  Keith

  • Working on the aviation merit badge. Visited the CS control tower last weekend.
  • Lockout scheduled for April sometime to do troop inventory of equipment. Possibly the last weekend  of April 11 or weekend of April 25.
  • Possible backpacking last week in May or campout possibility May 17 with Pack 6.
  • Troop will need volunteers to provide transportation to Philmont and summer camp.
  • We have three joining the troop from Pack 6 and one from Pack 2.
  • Flag day flags will need younger guys to participate due to older boys being at Philmont.
  • Order of the Arrow electionns scheduled for April 1.
  • No meeting for spring break week.
  • Next COH is May 20

Tom reported that there is a men’s fellowship meeting at the church on May 10 around 6PM.  Boys can each $ by participating in the dinner. He will provide a full report on April meeting.

Advancements Report – No Report

Treasurer’s Report  - Kathy – Jen  made a motion to approve. Sandy seconded.

Other items

  • Mulch fundraiser will be tabled for another time. Kathy made a folder and put in file cabinet
  • April is Scout food donation month. Troop is expected to collect donations and turn in to council on April 12.
  • Committee reviewed and approved a scholarship application.
  • Committee may have a volunteer to do treasurer when Kathy leaves.
  • Sandy will volunteer for membership if someone else will volunteer for flags.
  • Soapbox derby – June 1 practice, inspection May 31, June 8 race – two weekend commitment. Location is downtown Colorado Springs – $25 dollars to enter. Tom will check with boys to see who is interested. Troop has cars.

Flags Update

  • Veterans Day is November 11 which is a Monday. Scouts will be in school so the troop would like to do flags the weekend before. Kathy will check with Rotary about this option and report back to committee.
  • Troop will do the flag hangers on Memorial Day weekend when boys do the flags. 3 scouts will participate in each route.
  • Sandy will suggest that the Rotary repair the flags during the lockin.
  • Rotary will reimburse us for caps and door hangers. Will need more parent involvement in flags since Sandy will be limited in how she can support.

Next Meeting – Tuesday April 15  –  6:30PM
Meeting adjourned. 7:45

Come one come all — Troop Committee Meeting is Tuesday March 18th at 6:30 PM. 

See how the support system for the troop works.  All parents are welcome to attend.  You do not need to be a registered leader to participate.

Hope to see many of you there.

Jen Jirous – Troop Committee Chairman

Troop 287 Committee Meeting Notes

February 11, 2014


Discussion Items


Attendance: Kathy, Keith, Sandy, Jen, Joyce


Approval of Minutes – Kathy motion to approve, Sandy second

Scoutmaster Report –

  • Freeze-or-ree – 11 scouts attending, 8 stations run by cadets, Scouts received woodles for completing stations when they competed stations. Team competitions, survival shelter building commended, hiked a lot. A good time was had by all. Big brown tent blew over the trailer. Damaged the trailer – will try to repair this weekend. May need to replace poles for the tent. Rain flies may also need to be replaced. May need to replace camporee tents. Will sleep 3-4 boys and tall enough to stand in. Have 5 that are usable and 4 that are questionable. Boys will do inventory at the lock-in in April. Scoutmaster box broke and will need to be repaired.
  • 7 boys interested in skiing – February 22 or March 1
  • April will do lock-in.
  • July need an adult for summer camp. COH need to talk about this. Scouts can use scholarship funds to attend
  • Report on what makes Philmont “special”.  Keith will be doing meetings to discuss this. June 10-22. May need parents to volunteer to take Scouts.

Advancements Report – Jessie 61st Eagle  -

Treasurer’s Report  Kathy  -

  • Little activity to report.
  • Moved all abandoned funds into the scholarship fund.
  • Summer camp is in deficient because troop made payment and boys haven’t paid up. February COH will require payment of troop dues.
  • Jen motion to approve. Joyce seconded

Kathy will be leaving in June so we will need replacements

  • Treasurer
  • Camp Coordinator
  • Flag person
  • Fundraiser Coordinator

COH Planning – February 18 –

  • Joyce will do program.
  • Tom will do recap Scout Sunday.
  • Dan Mardis will be invited to do the Friends of Scouting campaign and the Recharter
  • Christian will MC.
  • Instead of canned goods families need to bring diapers.

Joyce asked about the troop Directory. Jen will talk with Andrea about latest version and/or will look for latest version.

Mulch Fundraiser – Kathy presented information on the mulch fundraiser. We need to decide on the process. Collect orders, plan for delivery, and putting in. Must participate in all 3 to receive funds. Will bring this up at the COH with sign-up for boys and parents who want to participate. Kathy will contact nursery to get us to sponsor this activity by bagging. Will keep us up to date.

Joyce suggested having magnetic signs to put on vehicles as we are doing the fundraising. Committee will look into this further

Camp cards – February 27 – April 14 timeframe for selling. Kathy will bring this up at COH and will have a sign up sheet at COH. Boys make 2.50 per card.

Next .Meeting – Tuesday March 18  – 6:30PM

Aviation Merit BadgeFor those working on the Aviation Merit Badge, please meet at the church this Sunday, 3/16, at 12:15 pm. Mr Ullmann and Mr Woodard will be driving to the boys to the Colorado Springs airport for a 1:00 presentation in the air traffic control tower.


Hi there,  It is time for Camp Card Sales again.  I have 200 cards available for Scouts to sell.  The Cards are $5.00 the scout earns $2.50 on each card sold.  I have scanned a copy of the Camp Cards below.  You do not have to sell all the cards you take out. 

I will also have them available for pickup at Laser Tag next week and all other Scout meetings until the Turn in Date.  Please call me at 633-7611 and let me know how many cards you would like to sign out. 

Scouts are responsible for all cards taken out.  Any missing or damaged cards will have to be paid for.  The deadline for turning in unsold camp cards and monies to the Treasurer is April 8th at the Meeting. 

This is a really easy fundraiser and I hope many of our scouts will take advantage of this opportunity.

Kathy Kaelin, Treasurer Troop 287 — email:  Phone 633-7611.2014 Camp Card

Ski trip to MonarchThe boys of Troop 287 are going to Monarch Ski Resort on SUNDAY, March 2 (not Saturday). Boys are to meet at Wilson church parking lot at 6 a.m. with ski gear. This is an all day trip. Bring your own lunch.

Pre-purchase your ski pass at King Soopers.

Bring your own or rent your own skis and bring them. We won’t be renting at Monarch. You can go to Golf & Ski on Academy to rent skis.

Save your receipts to get reimbursed from your scout account.

Shotz lazer tagThe boys of Troop 287 will be going to Shotz Lazer Tag & Billiards for game night on Tuesday, March 4. Shotz Lazer Tag & Billiards is located at 4474 Austin Bluffs, Colorado Springs. Bring $8 for 1 hour of play!

Visit: Shotz Lazer Tag & Billiards website






WHEN:          Tuesday, February 18, 2014                                                           

WHERE:       Wilson United Methodist Church               

TIME:            6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

                        Set-up at 5:30 pm


Two categories will be judged, Scout and Adult.  Prize given to best Scout Chili!


 Scouts, this is a chance for you to get creative and design your very own merit badge!  Submission must include a merit badge picture!


Don’t forget to bring a package of diapers instead of canned goods.


Please be prepared to take care of the following items, as always I will have copies of your scout’s account:

Scout Dues — All scouts that have not reached the rank of Eagle owe $72.00 for 2014 Scout Dues.

Camp Jeffrey Second Payment — $100.00 for all scouts that are signed up for Camp Jeffrey in July 2014.

Philmont Final Payment — $350.00 is the final payment for the trip.  If you have paid in full you can ignore this.  If you have not made any payments the cost for the trip is $800.00 plus expenses.  Travel and other expenses will be determined after the trip.

If you have any questions about your scout’s finances please call or email me at 633-7611 email:



Freezoree Campout

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IMG_3427 IMG_3429 IMG_3432

Another successful Troop 287 Freezoree at the AF Academy!  We set up camp on Friday afternoon, had a chilly and windy Friday night, and a balmy Saturday of AF cadet led events.  The boys did great; be sure to ask Keith so you can view our recognition as one of the top 8 of 24 troops for the cadet challenges.  Saturday afternoon and evening had very brisk winds, but since the title of “Breezoree” is etched in Troop 287 lore for the 2011 event, we’ll have to come up with a new moniker.  On Saturday the boys got a head start on the aviation merit badge by learning the effects of wind on objects, and how a 15 foot tent can become airborne (I believe the tent flew further than the Wright brothers did at Kitty Hawk).  Sunday morning was chilly, foggy, and certainly worthy of the “Freezoree” title.  We packed up quickly and headed for warmth (we were busy and I don’t have pictures of the 17 degree ice fog).  Enjoy the pics of the merry times!

Hi there,

The troop is meeting to discuss the new Mulch Fundraiser.  This could be a very profitable fundraiser for the troop but it will require lots of hands on by the boys as well as parents. Come and get in on the ground floor of planning.

We will also be finalizing plans for the Court of Honor on Feb 18th.

Come and join us — we have a great time.


Jen Jirous

Committee Chair

Troop 287 Committee Meeting

January 14, 2014


Discussion Notes



Approval of Minutes – not posted. Jen will check with Andrea about minutes

Scoutmaster report

  • Freeze-o-ree Air Force Academy– Feb 7-8, Must sign up by Jan 20
  • Finishing up Citizenship in the Nation
  • Mr. Woodard will be starting Aviation Merit Badge
  • Venture crew in not rechartering this year
  • March – no activity planned
    • Soup Kitchen
    • April – Spring backpacking trip
    • May – Possible lock-in
    • June – possible backpacking
    • September  - Fall camporee
    • August – Camp A. Possible shooting weekend in August
    • October – Climbing at Fort Carson
    • Older boys will be gone at Philmont over flag day
    • Will start planning meetings for Philmont. Kieth will check with boys to schedule.

It was suggested that the troop reimburse adults for providing transportation to events. This could be divided up between boys who are attending. Will discuss further.

New PLC elections coming up.

Advancements Report. Joyce –

  • Stephan and Jessie Court on Honor coming up.
  • Joyce will update the plaque at the church to include all those that had gotten eagle from troop 287. Committee agrees that missing scouts should all be included.


Treasurer’s Report . Kathy. Approved by Joyce. Seconded by Jen

Scholarship fund – funded with scout accounts that have been inactive. Will promote to the adults to donate to the account. Kathy will bring this up at the next COH. The committee agreed that the emergency fund should also be put into the scholarship fund.

Troop Recharter Update. Kathy.

16 scouts/10 adult leaders. Kathy has it ready to go but would like proofread of it before submitting. Due January 15.

COH Planning

  • February 18. Chili Cook-off. Set-up at 5:30
  • Joyce will check to see if a boy should be do reminder/program as part of communication.
  • Committee will supply cheese, corn bread, sour cream, onion, crackers, plates/bowls cups.
  • Jen and Sandy will make corn bread. Kathy will get other supplies and veggie tray. Joyce will order cake.
  • Joyce will check with Keith about theme.
  • Joyce will check about prizes and Kathy will do certificates

Flag update – Sandy.

Kathy and Sandy met with Rotary club. Rotary will be advertising to increase membership. Max will be doing phone calls to people that don’t have email access. Membership currently at 250 – goal is to increase to 300. Rotary is replacing current issues and will fix the flags. Rotary pays for caps and door hangers so will reimburse us for those.  Flag information will be on the back of the insert for the COH flier.

Mulch fundraiser. Kathy.

Rocky Mountain landscapers (Jared Martin) are willing to give the troop a discount and work with troop on deliveries.  Scouts can take orders and can apply the mulch if wanted. RM can deliver 35 cubic yards for $65. Troop could build a box of the right size and fill bags based on correct amount. May need to have customers sign a waiver. Need to check on specifics (fire danger) of the mulch with homeowners association. The committee will ask Keith to bring this up with the troop. Tabled for the February meeting.

Next Meeting – Tuesday February 11  – 6:30PM

Adjournment – 7:45.

Freezoree Information

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For Scouts going to the Freezoree we’ll be meeting at the church at 5:30 pm Friday (7 Feb).  The weather should be partly cloudy with highs in the low 30′s and low’s in the teens.  Scouts should bring a warm sleeping bag, sleeping pad, an extra blanket, several pairs of wool socks, stocking hats, gloves etc.  Dress warm and in layers!  If you have a sled you might want to bring it along as we’ll look for a good hill to give it a test!

Scout Sunday

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Scott reads the scripture

Scott reads the scripture

In honor of our charter organization, Wilson Ranch United Methodist Church, the boys of Troop 287 participated in Scout Sunday at both the 9:30 and 11:00 services. Michel S. read the scripture at the 9:30 service. Scott J. read the scripture at the 11:00 service.

We had a nice attendance that was undoubtedly well received by the congregation. Thanks, Wilson Church, for giving us a place for our scout activities and meetings!


The Rodriquez Family and Boy Scout Troop 287 cordially invite you to attend the Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony to recognize STEFAN RODRIGUEZ who has risen to the rank of Eagle Scout.

Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 3 p.m.
Wilson United Methodist Church
6460 Flying W. Ranch Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Reception following ceremony

Please RSVP by January 20, 2014
Dan or Laura 598-2474 or