The annual chili cookoff Court of Honor is next Tuesday (16 Feb)!  Scouts should rummage through old family recipes to make some award winning chili.  Setup begins for all scouts at 5:30 pm, with the chili dinner served around 6 pm. The boys selected a theme of “countries” for the COH, so please wear a hat, shirt, or other attire to represent your favorite country (Note: The Broncos are NOT a country).  The COH will follow at 7 pm with awards and advancements.  All Troop 287 families are invited!  A separate invite and item signup will be sent out via signupgenius.  If you don’t receive an invite by noon on Friday, please send your e-mail address to

We completed Troop elections at the last meeting.  The new Patrol Leader Council will take over during duties at the COH.  Here are the results!


Senior Patrol Leader:  Josh J.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Noah W.
Quartermaster: Nate C.
Scribe:  Brennon S.
Chaplain’s Aid:  Lance W.
Bugler:  Brady G.
Patrol Leader:  Cristian M.
Patrol Leader:  Preston S.
Assistant Patrol Leader:  Evan R.
Assistant Patrol Leader:  Kevin A.



For Tuesday’s meeting (7 pm, WUMC) we’ll have our semi-annual troop elections!  We’ll elect a Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and appoint the PLC and additional Patrol Leaders.  Additionally, all scouts will have a uniform inspection in preparation for the Court of Honor on February 16th.

Most importantly, we’ll be welcoming 8 new scouts that are joining Troop 287!

All parents are invited to the committee meeting which will begin at 7:30 while the boys are conducting elections.

See you Tuesday!


There will not be a T287 troop meeting on Tuesday, 2 Feb, due to D11 schools being closed for snow.  Enjoy your snow days!

Scout “Weekend”

Jon Ullmann —  January 31, 2016 — Leave a comment

We had a successful weekend at the Lockin with 18 Scouts/Webelos attending!  Lots of good fun, food, and games.  Thanks to Mr. Weston for helping out!

Also, thanks to the Scouts who participated at Scout Sunday at WUMC!

We will have a normal Tuesday meeting this week (2 Feb, 7 pm, WUMC).  There will be a Webelos crossover at WUMC on Friday, 5 Feb, at 6:30pm, with most of the Webelos coming to Troop 297!  We’ll look forward to welcoming them into the Troop.

For planning purposes, the February Court of Honor will occur on Tuesday, 16 February.  This will be the chili cookoff COH, so start dusting off your recipes!






Scout Sunday is this Sunday, 31 January, at 8:30 am at WUMC.  Please come out and show your appreciation to the WUMC congregation for all they do to support our boys!  Scouts will show at 8:30 am to receive instruction so they can perform greeter and usher duties.  Thanks to Josh J. for volunteering to be the reader!  We’ll also be presenting the Troop 287 charter to Pastor Dave during the service.  The service begins at 9 am, and we should be finished at about 10:15 or so…after we finish the Troop 287 cake!  See you Sunday!


Troop 287 will have a Lockin this weekend at WUMC!  We’ve invited Webelos that are interested in joining Troop 287 to the event.
What:  Troop 287 Lockin (overnight)
Where:  Wilson United Methodist Church
When:  5:00 pm Friday, 29 Jan, to Saturday, 30 Jan, at 2 pm
What:  Games, fun, inventory of Troop gear, etc
Uniform:  Class A Scout shirt/Webelo shirt for opening/closing ceremony
Cost: $12 per Scout/Webelo.  Covers dinner Friday night, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday.  Scouts/Webelos may bring a snack to share, such as popcorn, cookies, etc.

What to bring:  Clothes (and a warm jacket to wear outside….temps should be warm but we will be out after dark), sleeping pad/cot/pillow (if desired), flashlight, toothbrush, toothpaste.  

Games:  Scouts/Webelos may bring board games, hand held games, computer games (laptop), PS4/XBox/TV and games (we may be television limited), cards, footballs, soccer balls, Frisbees, etc.  All electronic games will be monitored by Scoutmasters…no “M” rated games, etc.  Suitability of games will be at the judgment of the Scoutmaster!

All attendees will need a waiver/info form for the Lockin.  We’ll have forms available at Tuesday’s meeting and at the event.

This is the only activity during the year we allow electronics, and the Scouts always have a good time!  Please bring cash or check (made out to Troop 287) and the waiver form to the meeting this Tuesday.  Please contact me directly via e-mail at if you have questions.

See you at Tuesday’s meeting!


At Tuesday’s meeting we’ll be hosting Webelo’s 2’s as they contemplate the big move to Boy Scouts!  Let’s have a good showing to tell them about Awesome Troop 287!  We need all Scouts to show in Class A’s as we encourage these Webelo’s to continue on their Scouting journey.  We’ll be setting up tents, building small fires, and tying knots (all Scout led) as we discuss Troop 287’s upcoming activities, to include summer camp and a high adventure backpacking trip or canoe trip this summer!.

We will also have a lock-in at WUMC on 29-30 Jan (Fri-Sat) with more information to be provided at Tuesday’s meeting.  Scout Sunday will also be Sunday, 31 Jan, at WUMC.  Lots of fun activities coming up!  See you Tuesday at 7 pm!

Boy Scout Troop 287



Meeting:                     Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            January 12, 2016, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church


In attendance:

Jon Ullmann, Tom Sharp, Jonathan Weston, Lisa Woodard and Sandy Johnston.


Jon Ullman – Scout Master

  • Troop is in need of a Flag Coordinator
  • Discussed the need to print door-hangers to increase ‘Flag’ subscriptions
  • Tuesday, Jan 12th, 7:00 pm: will be a normal meeting with Weebelo Cub Scouts visiting; Eagle, Life and Star Scouts highly encouraged to attend
  • Friday, January 29th, 5:00 pm activity: Freez-o-Ree versus Lock-In; boys voted at tonight’s meeting
  • High Adventure Summer Trip is being discussed among the Scoutmasters; final decision will be given next Tuesday.
  • Troop Master software program is up and running once again


Tom Sharp – Charter Organization Representative

  • Feb 7th is Scout Sunday; boys attend one of the services, either 9:00 am or 10:30 am and help to usher, present a reading, and help take the offering.
  • Discussed the possibility of doing the Soapbox Derby; May/June timeframe


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair

  • Tuesday, Feb 9th, 7:30 pm: Committee Meeting
  • Tuesday, Feb 16th, 6:00 pm: Court of Honor ‘Chili Cook-off’
  • Will be placing a bulk order for Troop t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! It’s back to business for Troop 287. Please join us for January’s Committee Mtg tomorrow at 7:30pm. All are encouraged and welcomed to attend.

See you then,

Sandy Johnston

We’ll start up with our regular weekly meetings beginning this Tuesday! Here is what’s on the agenda.

-Bring your Personal Management merit badge workbook.  We’ll continue with the merit badge requirements.  If you haven’t developed a budget and begun to track expenses/income, now’s a great time to start!

-We’ll plan activities for the following Tuesday’s meeting (Jan 19th) when we’ll be hosting Webolos in pursuit of their Arrow of Light!

-Due to conflicting activities for many scouts, I’ve cancelled our participation in the Klondike Derby for next weekend (15-17 Jan).  There is the possibility of a campout at the USAFA Freezoree (29-31 Jan) but I will need at least one (and preferably two) adults who can attend with me.  Please discuss participation in the Freezoree with your scout, and if you (adult) can help out please e-mail me at

See everybody at WUMC Tuesday at 7 pm!

We will not have a meeting on Tue, 5 Jan.  Regular Tuesday Troop 287 meetings will recommence beginning Tue, 12 Jan!

We are planning participation in the High Plains Klondike Derby on 15-17 Jan.  You should have received a signupgenius invite.  Please let me know via signupgenius if you will be participating in this campout by Wednesday, 6 Jan.  If you need further info or need to be added to the signupgenius distribution list, please e-mail me at


On Sunday, December 27th, Troop 287 will provide scout volunteers to the WUMC sponsored soup kitchen at Sacred Heart Church (2030 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904).  Please show at 5:45 pm in Class A shirt.  This event typically takes about an hour and a half and counts towards volunteer requirements for rank advancement while providing a service to the community.  See you there!

Our next regular Troop meeting is Tuesday, January 12th, 7 pm at WUMC.  Lots of great events for January to include planning a Webolos night and the next outing!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.13.04 AM

Troop 287,


Here’s your chance to get outside and play in the snow a little bit.  We are going to piggy back on UpaDowna’s Snow Day event for some sledding, Fat Biking, Hot Chocolate and snacks.  UpaDowna is a non-profit organization who’s sole purpose is to get people outside!  This event is completely free! They will provides Sled and Fat Bikes for your use.  If you never rode a Fat Bike in the snow then come out and try it. It’s awesome!  Make sure you dress for playing in the snow.  Bring your own sled if you do not wish to share and bring a bike helmet for Fat Biking. This event is for the entire family so parents and siblings can play too!

Please arrive a little before 10 and we can do a short flag ceremony to make it an official meeting. This event is the Troop outing for the Month.

Here is a link to the Upadowna website event and I pasted the information below. Aspen Valley Ranch is located in Woodland Park.

“Well folks it is time to get out the sleds, fat bikes, snow shoes and hot cocoa!! It is our annual snow day play day at the beautiful Aspen Valley Ranch.

We’ll kick things off at 10am and play in the snow until one! We will have hot cocoa, coffee, and some snacks! Please be prepared with warm clothes, gloves, and hats. Bring your own snow toys or borrow our sleds and snowshoes! We’ll also have fat bikes on hand…thanks to The Hub Bicycle Shop for coming out again to help! 


AVR is located at 1150 South West Road in Woodland Park – just one mile from downtown. When driving into Woodland Park on Highway 24 (from Colorado Springs), turn left onto West Road (at the stoplight just past Donut Mill). Follow West Road for about 1.1 miles. The entrance to AVR will be on your left (marked by two stone sculptures). Continue up this dirt road until you reach a round-about. Follow the signs to the parking area near the sledding hill (south towards Pikes Peak). Please do NOT park near homes.

Please Note: Aspen Valley Ranch is not yet open to the public, except during special events.”


Feel Free to email me with any questions at

Sean Warner

In accordance with Troop 287 policy that we do not hold activities when D11 cancels school, I am cancelling tonight’s meeting.

Stay tuned for info on sledding this Sunday (20 Dec) in Woodland Park!

For Tuesday’s meeting we’ll continue to work on the Personal Management Merit Badge, so all scouts working on the merit badge should bring the workbook to the meeting.  Prior to the meeting, please complete the budget that you will track for 12 weeks.  I’ll sign off on your budget and then you can continue to track income/expenses for the MB requirement.  This is a great time of year to complete the MB as you enter a vacation period and typically have more expenses over the holidays!

We’ll also be planning a Webolos event in January, and plan a sledding/outdoor activity for next Sunday, 20 December in Woodland Park.  Please keep the Sunday date open…this will be a great winter family activity!  If you have any questions please e-mail me (

Please email if your Scout would like to renew his subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine at a cost of $12.  Please let me know by Friday, December 11th.

Boy Scout Troop 287



Meeting:                     Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:            December 8, 2015, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location:                   Wilson United Methodist Church


In attendance:

Jon Ullman, Mary Cuccaro, Tom Sharp, Jonathan Weston, Sean Warner, Andrea Warner, Lisa Woodard and Sandy Johnston.


Jon Ullman – Scout Master

  • Discussed the need for a December activity
  • January activity will be the Freeze-o-Ree at the Air Force Academy
  • February – discussed the need for the new Troop Flag Coordinator to begin communication with the community


Sean Warner – Assistant Scout Master

  • December 20th – Free Sledding event with the Upa Downa Club at Aspen Valley Ranch, in Woodland Park; hot chocolate included. 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Andrea Warner – Treasurer

  • November reconciliation report was reviewed and approved
  • Informed Committee that $175 in Popcorn money is overdue
  • How the Rotary Club pays us for Flag sales was discussed
  • Secretary will now be given a copy of the most recent bank account statement


Tom Sharp – Charter Organization Representative

  • Sunday December 27th – 5:45 pm – Soup Kitchen volunteer opportunity
  • Boys need to let Lisa Woodard know if they want to pay for and continue receiving the Boys Life magazine.


Sandy Johnston – Committee Chair

  • Discussed ways of increasing attendance for the Flag days



Just a reminder the Committee will be having it’s monthly meeting tomorrow Tuesday, 12/8 at 7:30pm. All are encouraged and welcomed to attend. We will be discussing rechartering, so please remember to contact Lisa Woodard or Jon Ullmann if you or child will not be rechartering.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Sandy Johnston

Ice Skating for Saturday (5 Dec) is CANCELLED.  When I slipped the date to Saturday I didn’t realize it would conflict with the Downtown Festival of Lights parade.  Since the outdoor rink is right next to the parade route Saturday night will be crazy!  We’ll look for another opportunity to schedule this event.  We still need Scouts for the WUMC tree lighting Friday evening beginning at 4:30 pm!

We will have a meeting next Tuesday to regroup and reschedule activities.  Still looking for a December “lock in” night at WUMC which will be fun for scouts of all ages!

The committee is working hard on our recharter for 2016, which is due to the council on 18 Dec.  We will assume all scouts will recharter unless you have provided alternate information.  The recharter scout fee can be paid with a check to Troop 287 or via your Scout Account.  We’ll be collecting this information at the Tuesday meeting.  Please contact both Lisa Woodard ( and Jon Ullmann ( if your scout does NOT want to recharter for 2016.  We have lots of fun activities planned, including lots of camping and backpacking next year, to help your scout continue to grow and develop a life committed to the 12 points of the scout law.  See you Friday for the tree lighting and Tuesday for the meeting at WUMC.

Troop 287 has a busy weekend of events and there have been some changes, so check out the schedule below!

Friday, 4 Dec:  WUMC Tree Lighting.  Needs Scouts to direct cars/people beginning at 4:30 pm.

Saturday, 5 Dec:  Dave Krzemien Memorial Service, need 5 Scouts for Flag Detail (11am-1pm)

Saturday, 5 Dec:  Game Night Ice Skating at Acacia Park, 6-7:30 pm

Since we didn’t have our traditional meeting/signups this week, I’ve sent out invites via signupgenius for these 3 events.  You’ll find additional details in the signupgenius invite…please review the information and RSVP via the site so I know who is participating/attending…thanks!