Veteran’s Day Flags

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Thank you for those who have signed up for flag duty this Saturday. We still have room for one scout and one driver on the sign up. Even if you can just do the afternoon route would be greatly helpful.
Maureen Reiser

Potluck Reminder

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Court of Honor Potluck sign-ups are looking a little sparse!! Please sign up as soon as possible in the RSVP section (for each member of your family that will be attending) and for food items that you will be bringing. Remember the troop will reimburse you for the expense of the meat. Let me know if you have any questions!

Troop 287 Annual Lock-in

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I know you all have been waiting. Well, Its time!

The Troop 287 Annual Lock-in is scheduled for Friday, December 9th into Saturday, December 10th.
Please signup below early so we can make all the arrangements.

Meeting 11/8/2022

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Elections tonight! If you are running for a troop position, please come prepared to address the troop and let them know why you are the right choice.

Please think about what you want out of your youth leaders and troop. This is your responsibility as a part of our scouting community and your opportunity to have your voice heard.

See you tonight!


Veteran Day Flags

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I wanted to post again about sign ups for this Saturdays Flag posting. We are in desperate need for scouts and parents to help post flags. We are currently short 3 drivers, 1 navigator and 2 scouts. Even if you can do half a shift with another group that will help, yes, we are that desperate. There are many scouts that have not had a chance to post flags this season and this would be a great opportunity to do a good turn and be financially responsible for yourself. Thank you
Text me with any questions
Maureen Reiser


I wanted to reach out and express my thanks to all of the fantastic committee members and the troop for the past year of support.

The reason I started out with that sentence is because I am looking to step down as the Committee Chair and let someone else take those reins. I would like to have someone tagged as the incoming Chair by our COH next week on the 15th, so please let me know if you are interested in the position.

It is not like I am leaving for good, I am just stepping back into a “parent support” or “ASM-undecided” role. Which means, I will be here to provide support and to answer any questions whomever replaces me will have.

A few things about the Committee Chair position:

1. Without a Committee Chair, the Troop WILL fold. There are three positions required to have a Troop: Committee Chair, Chartered Organization Representative (COR), and Scoutmaster. These positions are required to be filled by separate people. Those separate people can double up jobs on the Committee (like Advancements and COR), but not as a Scoutmaster/Assistant SM and a committee position. The reason for that is the SM is a non-voting/informal member of the committee and therefore cannot have a separate job/position on the committee.

2. It is really a fairly easy job with the awesome support we currently have on the committee. Just have to hold the monthly meetings, coordinate the Committee’s efforts throughout the year and to organize the Courts of Honor (which are pretty much pre-programmed with some refinement as they approach-Thanks Janine for your work on that).

3. The committee chair will also need to have completed all the required training for the position. The training can be found at

On that note:

Also coming open at the end of the year is the Treasurer position. Carrie has been doing that job for the past three years and it is time for her to pass the buck/checkbook to another willing participant.

  1. The Treasurer handles the finances of the troop, including the Scout accounts, trailer registrations, and payments to camps, activities, reimbursements, etc.
  2. Provides monthly updates to the rest of the committee on the troop’s finances.
  3. provies quarterly updates to Scout families as to the standing of the individual scout accounts.
  4. Ensures there are funds in our account at Council for new registrants and the Scout Shop for purchases for COH things.

Anyway, enough rambling from this guy!

Please let me know if you are interested in either of these positions, as I will not be re-registering under the rechartering process which another great volunteer, Kristen, is handling for the troop!

You can call, text, or email me if additional information on either of the positions above.

Dan 228-806-9063 /

Hey, look! I’ts Scott Hoekstra


Tomorrow we will meet in the Church parking lot at 7:00 am to group up and head out for our hike.

With the chilly weather, dress appropriately in layers. Bring your pack with your 10 essentials to include snacks, lunch, and water.

I originally posted we would be back at 4 pm, but with the quality of these hikers, we may be back earlier but will make sure to stop and smell the flowers and practice some scout skills, like they will be navigating…. not me. I’ll bring maps. On the other hand, we may not come back and choose to just live out a less complicated existence in the beautiful Colorado Rockies…. no…. well be back.

According to the signup we have 3 adults and 5 scouts. I will take Austin and Matt, Mr. Hoekstra will take Scott and Alex, and Mr. Holpuch will take Jefferson.

Rifle MB? Any takers?

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I know this is short notice, but I have a slot for the Rifle MB being taught tonight and tomorrow at the CPW youth Range on Sinton Rd. Geren has a scheduling conflict and I just realized that the MB was this weekend. I thought it was next weekend.

Anyways, if you are interested in attending, please let me know ASAP! I will have to give your name to the instructor soon to get you in there.

I paid the $25 fee already, so you should be good on that (but I won’t turn it down if you want to pay me back!)

Here are the details*MTY2NzU4NDkxMi4xLjEuMTY2NzU4NDkxOS4wLjAuMA..&_ga=2.252090377.1052734668.1667584914-1569557695.1667584913

First come, first served on this one!

Talk to you soon,

Dan (228-806-9063)

Veteran Flag Day

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We are at the end of flag season! Thank you for all those that have made this fundraiser a success. We still have some slots open for Veteran’s Day. Still needed: one scout, one driver and two navigators. If your scout is sign up please consider joining them, it evens out the positions.
Remember, we are posting flags on 11/12, Saturday after Veteran’s Day and will retrieve the flags at 4pm instead of 6pm. See you at the barn at 6am in your Class A’s and some warm gear.
Text me if you have any questions
Maureen Reiser

Time to get together for a Thanksgiving feast and Court of Honor!

Date: Tuesday, November 15

Time: 5:30 set up, 6:00 dinner, ceremony and awards following dinner.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Meeting 11/1/22

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I hope you all had a great Halloween and scored lots of treats.

It’s November 1st and the first meeting of the month. You know what that means…. Uniform Inspection. Come in your best Class A uniform!

We will be preparing for elections by announcing our candidacies and giving initial announcements, working on those straggling requirements prior to our upcoming Court of Honor, and doing other fun stuff I am sure. (The PLC never lets me know the whole plan)

See you tonight!

Mr. Petree


This is a reminder that the church that lets us meet in their building and store stuff in their barn has asked us for a little help.

Today will be their annual Trunk or Treat event. We are still looking for additional volunteers to assist us and show the church what Troop 287 is all about. Please join us at the church at 1:00 pm (I know the previous post said 1:30, but they asked us yesterday to come a little early). Please wear your Class A uniform so we can represent. Go Troop 287!!!!!

Please signup at the link below so I can track who is coming and who I can sign off service hours for.



Our November outing will be a day hike to Raspberry Mountain on the back side of Pikes Peak. We will do this on Saturday, November 5th, 2022.

The plan will be to meet at the Church at 7:00 am and head out to the trailhead which is near the Crags Campground off of Highway 67 just outside of Divide, Colorado. The trek is an out-and-back on the same trail and is about 5.2 total distance. From the top, you have a beautiful view of the Catamount Reservoirs, Centinal Peak, and the back of Pikes Peak. Each Scout should pack their 10 essentials including water, snacks, and a lunch to have at the top. We can hang out and scramble at the top for a while, have a bite to eat and work on some scout skills, and sign off on outdoor requirements. Bring your Scout Books! We plan to be back at the church by about 4:00 pm.

Please signup below so we can make transportation arrangements.


Looking for community service hours?
Want to help out the Church that supports our Troop?
Have free time this Saturday?
Like candy?

Our Charter Organization has asked for our Troop to provide volunteers to assist with their annual Trunk or Treat event this Saturday 10/29/2022. We are looking for volunteers to assist the Church with setup, coordination, and cleanup. The time will be from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the church. Let’s represent the Troop in Class A uniform and pitch in. This is probably the only community service where candy is involved. Come on! 

Please signup below!

Meeting 10/25/2022

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Here is the plan for tonight.

The PLC will be discussing Troop positions and elections to be held Tuesday, November 8th

In continued preparation for our upcoming Court of Honor on November 15th, we will work on rank advancement to assist you all in completing those requirements you are needing to move on up.

We will be discussing the upcoming hike to Raspberry Mountain.

As always, there will be a fun IPA to burn some of that excess energy.

See you tonight!

Mr. Petree

Meeting 10/18/2022

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The PLC has decided to try a new schedule for tonight’s meeting after suggestions of adjusting the IPA timing to get rid of excess energy to allow better focus when it’s time to get down to business.

The next Court of Honor will be here before we know it, so following the IPA we will get into rank advancement and check some of those boxes and help you all level up.

Can’t wait to see you all tonight!

Mr. Petree

Cake and pizza? Yup!

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Don’t worry about getting dinner before the meeting tomorrow. There will be pizza served/available as well as cake. I forgot to mention that.

I was focused on the cake. My bad.

See you all tomorrow night at 6pm!



Tomorrow night we will kick off Geren’s Eagle COH at 6pm, spend about an hour on it and roll directly into the regular meeting (after having some cake).

We will probably be there to set up around 5:30 if anyone wants to join us. It really wont be too much to do.

Scouts, please wear Class A uniforms for this monumentous event! You can switch to Class B afterwards if the meeting flow allows.


Meeting 10/4/2022

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Tonight we will do patrol planning for the upcoming Dino Death March family campout. Come with your menu prepared or at least some good ideas. Signup if you have not already at the link below so we have a good head count.

Being the first meeting of the month it’s time for Uniform Inspection. Show up in your finest Class A Uniform. It will be good practice for Geren’s Eagle Court of Honor next week.

We will work on some advancement and have an inter-patrol activity as well.

See you tonight!

Mr. Petree


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Next year will be upon us before you know it. Last month we did our annual planning meeting and collected your requests and ideas for next year.

The Knot Patrol met and below is the plan for next year. All of this has been posted on the troop calendar for your future reference.

January 21st – Monarch Ski Day
February 24th-26th – Snowshoe Campout
March 17th-19th – Mountain Biking Campout
April 14th-16th – Penetinte Canyon FAMILY CAMPOUT
May 19th-21st – Wheeler Geographical Area
June 9th-11th – Lone Eagle Peak
June 13th-25th – Northern Tier (Tentative)
July 9th-15th Summer Camp
August 18th-20th Collegiate Peaks (14er/Base Camp)
September 15th-17th Shavano / Tabeguache (14er/Base Camp)
October 13th-15th Great Sand Dunes FAMILY CAMPOUT
November 4th-5th 7 Bridges
December 8th-9th Lockin

Look forward to all the great adventures.

Mr. Petree