Game Night 10/17/2023

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Hello Troop,

This week we are having a game night at Air City 360!
It is at 225 Spectrum Loop, Colorado Springs, CO, 80921.
We will meet there at 7:00 and end at 8:00.
There is a waiver you can fill out online on their website and it costs $17 per person.
Please fill out the waiver and buy tickets online before you arrive so we can take advantage of the full hour.

See you there,



Its time to start thinking about Summer Camp 2024. We have already discussed and identified the week of June 9th through 15th as the time to do it. Now we just need to figure out where and start making arrangements.

Step one is to secure some adult leadership to coordinate and attend the event. As in past years, the Troop will pay for the attendance of the first two to sign up to support the troop as leaders for the event. Sign Up below!!!

We are currently developing a list of viable camps and will be putting out a survey to gauge interest in each of the locations. If you have a favorite camp that should be considered please let me know soon.

Mr. Petree

Meeting 10/10/2023

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Hello Troop,

This week we are meeting to finish things up in preparation for the Great Sand Dunes Family Campout. We will be going over the gear checklist and spend some time putting the finishing touches on our sandboards.

I will also teach a lesson on saving money, and there will be an opportunity to get things signed off for rank advancement.

See you there,


Meeting 10/3/2023

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Hello troop,

This week we will be doing some meal planning for the upcoming sand dunes campout. We will also hear from Madden about keeping tents maintained. Lastly, we will work on the sandboards we started making last week.

See you there,


2024 Schedule Is Here!

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Following the annual planning meeting held by the youth at the end of August, we have taken their list of wishes and put them on the calendar. All 2024 outings have been scheduled, to the best of our abilities, and can be found on the websites calendar. We have done this to help you better plan out your busy lives. While all dates are as firm as they can be, please be aware that camp schedules and planning may have impacts and we will always relay changes and information as soon as it becomes available.

ASM Jason Holpuch here with some details on the upcoming Family Campout Oct 13th-15th at Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Great Sand Dunes Nation Park is about a 3 hour drive south west of COS.  

Activities during the campout can include, high dune hike, cooking competition, campfires and a solar eclipse!

The troop has 4 campsites reserved at Pinon Flats Campground inside the park which will accommodate around ~12 scouts and 6 scout families (1 car and 1 tent per family, no trailers please).  Please sign up ASAP if you plan to attend.

I look forward to seeing you at the campout Oct 13th-15th! 

Meeting 6/26/23

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Hello Troop,

This week we will start meeting in the church because it is starting to get dark out earlier.

We will have a uniform inspection since we have not done one in a while so bring your best class-A’s.

There will also be a lesson on bike safety and parts.

See you there,



As we enjoy this last week of Summer before we head into the Fall, you might be noticing that it is getting darker a little earlier.

You don’t have to be creepy mannequin head…but…

I recommend everyone bring headlamps for the game night to ensure you can keep the game going after the sun goes down. Also if you have any light up balls or frisbees. They may come in handy.

Game Night 9/19/2023

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Hello Troop,

This week we are having a game night because we just had a campout.

We will meet at the barn as usual and head to Wilson Ranch Park for ultimate frisbee/other objects. Bring frisbees, balls, and other fun (safe) stuff to throw so we can have a fun night. Pickup will also be at the barn at 8:30 pm. Wear your Class B uniforms since it is a game night.

See you there,



We currently have 8 Scouts signed up for our adventure this weekend, but only Mr. Turner and I to drive, and we cannot fit all these growing young men in our vehicles, especially with the troop gear. We are also in search of someone who could pull the troop open top trailer.

We also have 1 or 2 that may not want to summit, so if you don’t wanna summit and feel like a relaxing weekend in the mountains might be nice, volunteer to be one of the two adults we need to stay at camp if we are going to keep the option of base camp available.

We understand having other obligations. Not all drivers have to camp the weekend while driving round trip. We would gladly take volunteers to drop us and the trailer off on Friday, or pick us and the trailer up on Sunday.

Please help us out and use the link below.

Mr. Petree

Meeting 9/12/2023

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Hello Troop,

This week we will be meal planning and preparing gear because we are doing a 14er this weekend! We will also do a lesson on bear safety and work on some rank advancement.

Remember to wear your Class-A uniforms!

See you there,



Just a reminder that we need to have a good headcount in order to properly prepare for this upcoming outing. If you have not already signed up, but plan on going, please use the link below now to let us know.

See the previous post for more details about the trip.

We will be finalizing all the details tomorrow night at the meeting.

Mr. Petree

Mount Sherman!

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This month, like last, we will venture out to the continental divide area and visit another one of our glorious 14,000 foot mountains.

Our outing is scheduled for September 15th – 17th. We will camp Friday through Sunday, and will host a base camp and for those who are up for the adventure we will summit Mount Sherman on Saturday.

If you have never done a 14er, or have struggled in the past, don’t fret. Mount Sherman is arguably the easies of the massive mountains. With the trail only being a little over 5 miles round trip, and the starting point being above treeline, it will only be about 2,100′ +/- of elevation gain, depending on where we start.

The plan will be to camp near the trail head off County Road 18 Four Mile Road. We will look for a place with some shade cover, but will have pop up shades in case.

In order for this to happen I need at least one other adult to commit to the climb with me and also at least one that just wanna lounge around camp and hang with whomever chooses not to summit. Adults must have taken and completed BSA Youth Protection Training and should be a registered member of our troop.

Also if you plan on driving, 4WD or AWD is recommended. 2WD can do it, but it is posted as being a relatively rough road. I am also hoping someone can pull our troop open top trailer. It has a 2″ hitch and good clearance. Let me know in the signup comments.

We will begin planning at next weeks meeting, so please signup below so we are prepared with numbers of who plans on attending. Also in the comments please state whether you plan to summit the mountain.

We will meet Friday afternoon at the Scout Barn at about 4:30 pm and pack up to be on the road at 5:00pm. We plan to return Sunday between 11:00am and noon.

Troop Meeting 9/5/2023

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Hello Troop,

This week we will have a first aid lesson with a game of first aid hide and seek.
We will also complete some rank advancement and perform an inventory of patrol equipment.

See you there,


Flag sign up!

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We had two spots open up for Labor Day Flags. We are in need of a Scout and a Navigator. Please sign up below if you are interested.

Maureen Reiser

Planning for 2024!

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Hello Troop,

This week, we will be doing planning… a lot of planning. We will make a list of things we want to do in the next year. Come prepared with some ideas of cool places to go, things we can do, and merit badges we can earn.

We will also work on some rank advancement and have an IPA if we have time.

See you there,


We almost have a full team for Labor Day! We are still in need of two more scouts and two navigators. I know there is someone out there that has not taken a turn yet, be a team player and sign up for a great time and get to know someone new. It’s also a great way to get those scout accounts back in the positives after a busy summer.

208 596 3115

This Tuesday (8/22), Court of Honor will begin promptly at 7 and ice cream and socializing will be after (hopefully outside). Many of you have already rsvp’d and signed up for a topping but if you haven’t yet, please do so at this link.

Hello hikers! 

We are looking forward to a great weekend hiking La Plata. Here is some helpful information so you can prepare for a high altitude adventure. 

A great apps to use are and hiking project

Altitude sickness is a real thing even if you live in Colorado. Please be aware of the symptoms and communicate any you may experience along the way. Taking some Tylenol or Advil as you approach 10,000ft can prevent the not-so-fun altitude headache that can ruin your day. SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON SYMPTOMS TO WATCH OUT FOR.

Drink extra WATER and hydrate today and tomorrow. This will help you on Saturday. 

Bring snacks that are both salty and sweet. A variety of light weight, high calorie options are great.  Pepperoni or jerky or sausage sticks taste really great at the summit! So do cookies!

Here is a packing list to help guide you. We  recommend going light but still being prepared. 


– Day pack 

– Water (Nalgene or Hydration Bladder) 1.5 -2 liters

– Light gloves

– Beanie/hat/buff

– Sunglasses

– Sunscreen (small bottle or squeeze some into a ziplock so you’re not carrying extra weight)

– Headlamp or small flashlight

– Dress in layers (non cotton, moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, waterproof and windproof outer layers). Going up will be warm but it can be cold and windy up high.

— t-shirt

— long sleeve shirt/sun shirt

— fleece jacket or light puffy jacket or sweatshirt 

— Rain coat/wind breaker

– Good socks with no holes

– Study footwear…trail running shoes, hiking boots, or tennis shoes with really good tread 

– Hiking pants

– Trekking or ski pole (optional)

– Small light pocket knife (optional)

– Small first aid kit or bandaids at a minimum 

– Emergency blanket (if you have one)

– TP in little ziplock or small kleenex pack

– Cell phone


Most people who get altitude sickness get AMS, acute mountain sickness. Higher than 10,000 feet, 75% of people will get mild symptoms . There are three categories of AMS:

Mild AMS: Symptoms, such as mild headache and fatigue, don’t interfere with your normal activity. Symptoms improve after a few days as your body acclimates. You can likely stay at your current elevation as your body adjusts.

Moderate AMS: Symptoms start to interfere with your activities. You may experience severe headache, nausea and difficulty with coordination. You’ll need to descend to start to feel better.

Severe AMS: You may feel short of breath, even at rest. It can be difficult to walk. You need to descend immediately to a lower altitude and seek medical care.

Two severe forms of altitude illness occur less frequently but are more serious. Both can be life-threatening. You need to descend immediately and receive medical treatment for:

HAPE (High-altitude pulmonary edema): HAPE produces excess fluid on the lungs, causing breathlessness, even when resting. You feel very fatigued and weak and may feel like you’re suffocating.

HACE (High-altitude cerebral edema): HACE involves excess fluid on the brain, causing brain swelling. You may experience confusion, lack of coordination and possibly violent behavior.

Tuesday, August 22nd. Court of Honor will begin promptly at 7 and ice cream and socializing will be after (hopefully outside). Please sign up to bring a topping.