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Air City BOGO.

Dan McGuire —  October 19, 2021 — Leave a comment

We figured out that if you want to get the BOGO, you’ll have to call the place, that is, if you have trouble when trying to apply the BOGO in your cart. Here is the number: 719-653-3182., option 7.


AIR CITY Update!

Dan McGuire —  October 19, 2021 — Leave a comment


Air City 360 is open until 8pm, which means we would only have an hour to play. Given the fact our last game night everyone wanted to go longer, I propose moving out lilnk-up time to 6pm instead of 7pm. This will give us 2hrs to play and we will also be able to capitalize on the BOGO offer and play time

Time Change: please meet at the Air City location at 6pm, not 7!

Also, please try and register on-line to ensure you have a spot. If you have issues, we have Mrs. Anderson calling them at 3 when they open to get clairification on the BOGO and reservations.

See you all tonight!



You all voted to head over to Air City 360 for game night. Above is the link to their website so you can fill out the wiaver before heading out there. Tuesday is BOGO night so this is a good opportunity to buddy up with another Scout to basically get half price admission. We are going to meet up out front a few minutes before 7 so we can organize and get in there together.

Who: All Scouts in Troop 287 and friends, siblings, family, etc.
What: Game night after Sand Dunes Family Camping
Where: Air City 360, 225 Spectrum Loop (near Top Golf)
When: Tonight, 19 October, 6:50pm
Why: To have a great amount of fun and blow off some steam.

Alrighty, then! See you guys tonight!


Dunes Campers,

Dan McGuire —  October 14, 2021 — Leave a comment
Tatooine - Works in Progress - Blender Artists Community

We’re excited to join you at the Dunes this weekend! Here are some final planning details. If you have any questions, please let me know:

– Transportation is on-your-own. We will NOT meet at the church and caravan down.  The Andersons plan to leave as early as possible after school on Friday (430ish?). It’s about a 3-hour drive, but you might want to pick up dinner on the way. If anyone needs help with transportation, let us know.  

– It is a National Park, so there is an entrance fee if you don’t have a pass. I have paid for the camping, but that doesn’t include park entry. 

– We are staying in Pinon Flats Campground, in the National Park. We have 3 sites reserved, all in “Loop 2,” Sites 45, 71, and 88. If you get there first, just occupy one of those sites. We called ahead and confirmed this procedure (there shouldn’t be any check-in required). Technically, each site is limited to 8 people and 2 cars, but they may not strictly enforce that. Sites 45 and 88 are intended for tents only. Site 71 is suitable for an RV. If you’re bringing an RV, please let us know so we can hold that site for you. Pets are allowed but must be leashed.

– Food is not provided by the troop. Families should plan/make their own meals. If you need help with equipment, let us know. The scouts planned a desert competition for Saturday night.  

– It is expected to be “crisp” fall weather. Overnight lows in the 20s and highs in the 50s, and it can be windy (that’s how the dunes got there!) so pack appropriately and definitely bring a windbreaker.  Please bring firewood if you have some. We will not be able to collect firewood, as it’s a National Park. I don’t know if they sell it there. 

– The main activities Saturday will be working on Scout Skills/rank advancement, Family Life Merit Badge, and hiking/sledding in the Dunes. Bring your snow sleds — plastic-bottomed sleds work the best. 

– If I forgot to mention anything, please reach out. I am most-easily reached by text at: 801 791 7854. E-mail is:

See you Friday!

Take care,


2022 Calendar dates!

Dan McGuire —  October 13, 2021 — Leave a comment

Troop, last month the Scouts planned their 2022 desires and the adults sat down and had a Knot Patrol meeting to throw all the Scout’s desires on the calendar where it could be best supported by the Adult Leaderhip team. Below are the results.

January 21-23, Ski Day (Monarch, opportunity to Stay in B&B in Salida-optional)
February 25-27, Winter Camp (Snow Sports) Old Monarch Pass
March 11-13, Penitente Canyon Hike
April 8-10, Lost Creek Wilderness Hike
May 13-15, MTB Campout (Dillon-Breck)
June 10-12 Music Pass Camp
June 8-20 Philmont (select Scouts)
July 10-16 Summer Camp at San Isabel Scout Ranch
August 26-28 Squirrel Creek loop/Bishop’s Castle
September 16-18 11 Mile Canyon campout
October 14-16 Dino Death March at Picketwire Canyon
November 4-6 Camp/day hike/bike
December 9-10 Lock-in

I will get these publilshed on the troop calendar in the next day or so.


Camping In The Dunes of Great Sand Dunes National Park - Traveling Tacos


Tomorrow night’s meeting will focus on campout prep for this coming weekend’s Sand Dunes Family Campout. Make sure you sign up at the link below if you and your family plan on attending. This will allow for the purchase and preparation of food and all that. We generally will have a patrol level dessert cook off.

See you tomorrow night!


family life merit badge - Berel

Scouts and Parents, Mr Anderson will be offering a Family Life Merit Badge workshop during the Dunes family campout. This badge is required for Eagle, and since scouts and parents will be there, it will be very easy to knock out a large chunk of the requirements in one weekend. Mr Anderson will bring worksheets to facilitate the required activities. It would really help if we had additional merit badge pamphlets (he has one that he can share). If you have a copy of the book, can we borrow it? 

If you would like to buy one ($5):

The hard-copy workbook (preferred)  can be purchased at the local Scout Shop, or online here:

The eBook can be purchased here:

Happy October, Scouts! It’s the first week of the month and that means class A uniforms! And inspection. So, break out the sashes and Sta-Flo to press your shirts! Also, this is the rank adv week, so if you need some of those requirements sign off, ensure you get with your PL first, then go to your SPL/ASPL for the second signature before heading to an adult leader for the last sign-off. If we are busy, any Star ranked Scout or higher can sign off for the requirements.

Also, here is a link for those of you who are doing the Enviro Sci MB with Mrs Winslow. This is for the portion that has beekeeping stuff. This is a short click to bang (scheduled for the 6th-Wednesday). All the details are in the signup genius, and if you have questions, Mrs Winslow or Mrs Anderson (who set this up) can answer them.

see you all tomorrow night!


T287 Family members crossing Medano Creek in April 2019.


Here is the signup for the Sand Dunes campout. We will be camping in a different camping area than we did last time, since the Pinion Flats Campground is booked solid. We will figure it all out as we get closer to the campout and have a solid headcount. We may have to send someone out early to secure some spots (why we need an accurate number of folks attending).

Anyway, since we always bring Family to the Sand Dunes, no reason to change that now! Make sure when you RSVP include yourself and all Family members who plan on attending.

More information to follow in the next couple of weeks, I wanted to push the sign up out quick so have time to plan for it.


Tuesday MB: Orienteering!

Dan McGuire —  September 27, 2021 — Leave a comment
Orienteering Merit Badge: "Guys, I don't care about using the map, let's  just walk there." - That Exam | Meme Generator


I know this month was a little whacky with scheduling, but we can get back into the swing with a bit of MB work. If you already have the Orienteering MB, let me know and you can assist in teaching. We will go over the basics this week (that fun admin stuff) and discuss how we are going to move forward to completion of the badgework.

Anyway, Class B’s this week. Make sure you bring your handbooks so you can get a few things signed! Because I know you’ve likely done them!

See you tomorrow!


Here is a read-ahead for the requirements of the badge if you have the desire to get ahead of the game:

Requirements for the Orienteering merit badge:

  1. Show that you know first aid for the types of injuries that could occur while orienteering, including cuts, scratches, blisters, snakebite, insect stings, tick bites, heat and cold reactions (sunburn, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, hypothermia), and dehydration. Explain to your counselor why you should be able to identify poisonous plants and poisonous animals that are found in your area.
  2. Explain what orienteering is.
  3. Do the following:
    1. Explain how a compass works. Describe the features of an orienteering compass.
    2. In the field, show how to take a compass bearing and follow it.
  4. Do the following:
    1. Explain how a topographic map shows terrain features. Point out and name five terrain features on a map and in the field.
    2. Point out and name 10 symbols on a topographic map.
    3. Explain the meaning of declination. Tell why you must consider declination when using map and compass together.
    4. Show a topographic map with magnetic north-south lines.
    5. Show how to measure distances on a map using an orienteering compass.
    6. Show how to orient a map using a compass.
  5. Set up a 100-meter pace course. Determine your walking and running pace for 100 meters. Tell why it is important to pace-count.
  6. Do the following:
    1. Identify 20 international control description symbols. Tell the meaning of each symbol.
    2. Show a control description sheet and explain the information provided.
    3. Explain the following terms and tell when you would use them: attack point, collecting feature, catching feature, aiming off, contouring, reading ahead, handrail, relocation, rough versus fine orienteering.
  7. Do the following:
    1. Take part in three orienteering events. One of these must be a cross-country course.*
    2. After each event, write a report with (1) a copy of the master map and control description sheet , (2) a copy of the route you took on the course, (3) a discussion of how you could improve your time between control points, and (4) a list of your major weaknesses on this course . Describe what you could do to improve.
  8. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Set up a cross-country course that is at least 2,000 meters long with at least five control markers. Prepare the master map and control description sheet.
    2. Set up a score orienteering course with at least 12 control points and a time limit of at least 60 minutes. Set point values for each control. Prepare the master map and control description sheet.
  9. Act as an official during an orienteering event. This may be during the running of the course you set up for requirement 8.
  10. Teach orienteering techniques to your patrol, troop or crew.

Game Night: NINJA GYM!

Dan McGuire —  September 16, 2021 — Leave a comment
15 Best Ninja Movies Ever Made | ScreenRant


Next Tuesday is the long awaited game night. We will meet up at the Altitude Ninja Gym. Please RSVP so we can track how many Scouts are coming. Family members are welcome as well, just make sure they are counted in your RSVP. On the gym’s website, you can pre-fill out a waiver or just do it when you arrive (link is below).

Cost is $15/person.


750 Garden of the Gods Road
Suite 125, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

I think it would be cool if everyone dressed up as their favorite Ninja!

LEGO® NINJAGO® La Película: Video Game

See you Tuesday! Dont forget to sign up for flags on Veterans Day! Also, we will be (hopefully) walking with the local branch of the Special Forces association in the parade, along some of our Country’s bravest Warriors.

More on that stuff later!



I forgot to remind you guys that this week is uniform inspection since last week was campout prep. My apologies for the late reminder, it slipped my mind when I was making yesterday’s post.

Anyway, look good tonight!


Tomorrow night switch up.

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It is getting too dark during our scheduled meeting time to conduct games and stuff outside, and we didn’t have a plan for an alternate location for this week’s game night. Therefore, we will be having our regular meeting tomorrow night at the barn to discuss next year’s annual plan of Scouting.

This will include a brainstorming session for:

Merit Badges: what do you want to do within the troop as far as merit badges

Camping trips: what type of trips do you want to do? loop hikes, wilderness survival (minimalist type of camping), 14ers, through hikes, Family camps, etc.

Activities: game night wish list (big ticket items like Battlefield, Axe Throwing, Overdrive, or any other event that would require a reservation)

The BIG ONE: Where we are going to Sumer camp!

Make sure you bring all your ideas, nothing is really off the table, but will be limited to what we as adults can support (no Alaska trips and stuff like that).

We will also discuss our 2022 Philmont Trip, which is scheduled for 8-20 Jun 22. We may need to schedule Summer Camp around that timeframe for those who would like to attend both.

See you tomorrow night.


Hi Scouts and Scout Families,

Below is the last signup for flags for this year. Veterans Day actually falls on Thursday, November 11 and since this is a school day we are planning on posting flags on Saturday, November 13. I know this post is early, but I wanted to give everyone time to make some room in your schedules to help. Thank you so much!

Renee Hames


Dan McGuire —  September 9, 2021 — Leave a comment


Below are a few events to look out for:

Scout night at the AFA: Let the rest of the troop know if you plan on attending and camping at the AFA game, we can have a fun time tailgating prior to the game and all that! I know my family is planning to attend, and we are dragging our trailer up there too.

Purchase tickets here:

A few other MB opportunities. Check out the Council calendar for additional details. If you are interested in these, let me know and I will get you a Blue Card for them.





DDM update:

Dan McGuire —  September 8, 2021 — Leave a comment


Currently we have five Scouts signed up to go on the DDM this weekend. According to our Troop’s historical practices, we need at a minimum of six Scouts to conduct an event. Therefore we are going to postpone (as a Scout sanctioned activity) this weekend’s campout. This postponement of course does not change the fact that camping can proceed, it just won’t be a Scout camp. Since this was planned as a Family oriented camp, please feel free to go forth and camp out down there, or wherever you feel like.

There have been other concerns raised as well, like the weather down there (102-104 degrees) during the day and hiking in those temps is certainly a concern for safety. So if you go, take extra water.

Anyway, I would like to reschedule this trip to maybe next weekend, or possibly even November (when it will not be so dang hot!). Anyway, we can discuss at next week’s meeting (which will proceed as a scheduled game night-SPL: what are we doing for game night?).

If anyone would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.


In case you are interested in going down there, here is the data we were going to use for our campsite and hike:

Campsite location was at/near the Withers Canyon Trailhead.

The Hike was to follow the Withers Canyon Trail down to the Purgatory River and then south along the river to the Dino Tracks, there is an old Mission with a graveyard down there as well we were going to check out.

Google Map to destination (or type Withers Canyon Trailhead into Google maps as a destination):,+Colorado+Springs,+CO+80919/Withers+Canyon+Trailhead,+La+Junta,+CO+81050/@38.2902276,-104.7816551,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x871351eca14a0ee5:0x6960917c224dd986!2m2!1d-104.8677408!2d38.9269429!1m5!1m1!1s0x8711e2f46bc01901:0xbaa0a8bc5818af48!2m2!1d-103.571494!2d37.6596848

Alternative date for DDM?

Dan McGuire —  September 7, 2021 — Leave a comment

If there isn’t enough support for the trip this weekend, we could postpone it to next weekend (Sept 17th). Just a thought to throw out there. I’m open to the discussion.


Troop, as of right now there are only four scouts signed up for the campout this weekend. We need at least six for an event to take place. I’ll put a deadline of tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 7pm for any additional sign ups. (Use the previously published signup genius link) If we don’t get the numbers by then, we will cancel the campout. This will eliminate last minute scrambling to get stuff purchased for the right amount of attendees and stuff.



This past week, Mr. Anderson has added his skill set to the roster of Merit Badge Counselors!

These additional badges are a welcome addition to what we have and include a few Eagle Required (ER) badges we were missing in our kit for the past year or so.

Here is Mr. Anderson’s list, some of which will be incorporated into next year’s plan:

Citizenship in the Nation (ER)
Citizenship in the World (ER)
Cycling (ER)
Family Life (ER)
Hiking (ER)
Personal Fitness (ER)

If you are interested in any of these badges, please coordinate with Mr. Anderson directly. Of course, you will need a Blue Card from me prior to starting.

Also, we need a couple more Scouts and Navigators for Flags this coming Labor Day (Monday), so please sign up!

There will be donuts!


We still need a least 2 more Scouts and 2 more Navigators. Please sign up below.

Thank you!