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Gamenight (or gameday)!

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It was decided that Gamenight was supposed to be over at Battlefield, on Saturday; however, Battlefield is temporarily closed. Bummer. The secondary event was decided to be Summit. They have laser tag, bowling, and an arcade. I think most of us have been there. The link is below.

As always with our game nights, siblings and friends are invited, as are anyone you know who might want to join Scouts!

The plan: Summit at Interquest
Date/Time: Saturday, Feb 27, 12pm Noon.

There is NOT A meeting tomorrow night, so enjoy the evening with your family!



Fortunately for us, we live in a great place that affords us the opportunity to get into nature without going too far. Below is the map for tomorrow’s hike.

We will link up at the Main Ute Valley Parking Lot near Eagleview Middle School at 1000am. We will wait for those who have signed up (total of 14 people – Scouts and adults), then step off no later than 1015. The route is just under 6 miles, all the way to I-25 and back. We will have a lunch stop when we reach I-25 and there is a Geocache we will search for when we take that lunch break. We should be back to the parking lot by 1pm or so (give or take a few minutes).

Here are some rule that we need to ensure we are following:

-masks are required when we are within short distance of each other (while out on the trail, if you are away from each other, you can remove them, but make sure you are wearing them when we are close)
-Uniform: (you can wear the Field Uniform (Class A) or a Class B t-shirt/sweatshirt. Since this is a Troop Activity, you should represent the Troop and yourselves by wearing a uniform. If you wear a Class B, you can also wear a neckercheif, if you so desire. If you have a BSA hat, of course that is also allowed.

-10 essentials (modified list below)(must bring your daypack with this stuff in it)/extras are fine, but you bring it, you carry it.
1. Pocket knife
2. Rain Gear (your call – 20% chance of rain tomorrow H42, L18)
3. Trail Food – Scouts were supposed to plan a lunch on the trail
4. Flashlight (your call-hike is in the middle of town, during daylight
5. Extra clothing (at the minimum-socks)
6. First-Aid kit (must bring personal kit minimum)
7. Sun Protection-clothing, hat, sunscreen
8. Map and compass (phone, GPS, etc.)
9. Fire kit (your call-we wont be using it)
10. Water (at LEAST a liter, more is better)

-Geocaching MB work: we will be hiunting for caches along the route, so if you have the equipment (GPS, Phone with app, etc.), bring it along so you can participate and we can finish up that badge for those of you working on it.

This hike will actually start the Hiking MB for many of you, so make sure you are ready for it! After all the admin stuff, and first aid demonstration stuff, there are a bunch of hikes that are required (5mi, 3x10mi, 15 mi; and a 20 miler). The first five have to be completed in order, the 20 miler can be done at any time. A five mile hike is also required for Second Class Rank Advancement (3b).

Lastly, if you need to demonstrate some skills or knowledge for Rank Requirements, I know that at least one PL will be there to get stuff signed off in your book along the route. I will also be there, to bless off on some stuff too.

Or you can click this link to get the route details:

Sorry for the long post,


In person!

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Image result for 10 essentials


We will have our first in-person meeting of the year tomorrow night. We will be at the barn, because we have not received clearance to be in the church yet.

Here are a couple ground rules:

-masks are mandatory
-keep your distance

We will have a warming fire because the weather tomorrow is supposed to be pretty chilly, although compared to yesterday, it will be like a heat wave!

The content of tomorrow’s meeting will be finalizing our Ute Valley hike and going over / inspection of your 10 Essentials, so make sure you bring your day pack with it properly loaded out. If you have questions about what is needed, check your Scout handbook for the official list. We will adjust our packing needs based on our final route and the weather (may not need extra clothes and stuff like that). However, still bring it fully loaded.

See you tomorrow,


Troop, read below, we can meet again in person. We will be at the barn on Tuesday. I hope it will be warmer than Sunday will be. Holy cow, brace for impact on the weather!

It’s Time to Restart Unit Meetings, Day Activities and Outings in Pikes Peak Council!
Colorado has authorized El Paso County to move to Level Yellow (Concern) as of 9am Saturday 6 February 2021.

  • Unit meetings, day activities, and overnight activities allowed with groups of 25 people or less including adults.
  • Use of outdoor venues maximized for all unit/family/household-based activities.
  • Indoor activities should be avoided if at all possible. Use of the social distancing calculator is required to determine capacity for any indoor activity.
  • As of 6 February 2021, El Paso, Park, Teller, Kit Carson, and Elbert Counties are all at level Yellow (Concern) 
  • As of 6 February 2021, Lincoln and Cheyenne Counties are now at level Blue (Caution).

It is incumbent on each and every leader to ensure all meetings and activities are conducted in a safe manner with all required COVID mitigation measures in place. Youth Protection criteria take precedence in all activities. Prior to commencement of meetings and any further activities or outings, the unit leadership team shall:

  • Review all of the guidelines and resources available at  
  • Review records to ensure completed forms for all parents and scouts are on file with the unit:
  • Consent & Hold harmless
  • Parent-Guardian guidelines acknowledgment forms
  • Unit Certification Form (Submit this form only to Council if not done previously).
  • Incorporate the Council and Colorado guidelines, BSA SAFERestart checklist, and BSA Health Screening Checklist into all meetings, activities, and outings

How this COVID level affects your unit:

  • Under level Yellow, unit-level outings, activities and meetings with 25 person limits may resume including adults, socially distanced and no interaction between cohorts. The limit for Blue Level counties is 50.
  • Transport to and from events should not exceed the 10 person/2 household limit. Families are encouraged to transport their own youth only to and from events.
  • Unit meetings will now adhere to the same limits as unit outings and activities (Group sports and camps, 25 person limits for Yellow and 50 for Blue levels).
  • Implement the BSA SAFERestart Checklist and BSA Health Screening Checklist for all unit meetings and activities
  • Review all of the contents of this page and the posted materials as well as refer to the state and respective county guidelines for planning.
  • For unit planning, District/Council Indoor and outdoor activities are limited to 50% capacity but no higher than the number determined by the distancing calculator and/or the percentage of the published capacity limit for the venue and in the Colorado COVID level restrictions table.
  • Whenever possible, consider retaining a virtual component to meetings and activities for inclusion of any ill, high risk or otherwise restricted youth.
  • Implement the BSA Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities for safety guidelines for using online forums for any virtual or hybrid in-person/virtual events and meetings.

How this affects your unit activities as well as district and council activities and events:

  • Unit/event leadership should continue to monitor state and county health sites for the most current information and potential changes, then exercise sound judgment for adapting or canceling unit events.
  • Ensure family transportation to/from outing location (no unit carpooling).
  • Transport should be limited to the 10 person/two household limit shown under personal gathering size
  • Individually prepared meals
  • Individual tent use for outings
  • Units with scheduled outings at Glen Aspen or Camp Alexander can continue as long as all activities remain outdoors and group size limits are adhered to.
  • Mandatory mask usage
  • Minimum 6’ social distancing at all times
  • For Yellow and Blue Level Counties, maximize outdoor activities and minimize indoor activities.

Guidelines for Pikes Peak Council Units, district and council for meetings activities and events remains per the Colorado six level restriction guide.

  • Event and Unit leadership should reference the Colorado COVID 19 Dial Dashboard ( for the current status of their county and the chart below to determine the capacity for their event.
  • The limits apply for indoor event only up to the limit determined by the social distancing calculator at: . In most cases, the actual indoor limit will be lower than the Protect our Neighbors, Safer at Home or Stay at Home category limit depicted.
  • Utilize the Groups Sports and Camps row for longer duration, primarily outdoor events (overnight camping, all day events, outings/events at Camp Alexander or Glen Aspen, etc)
  • District and Council event coordinators utilize the indoor or outdoor event rows for district/council events. Note that event limits are to be determined using the social distancing calculator up to the limit of the current phase for your county
  • Guided events, such as Ice Climbing at Camp Alexander, utilize the Outdoor Guided Services line.
  • Incorporation of a virtual (Zoom or other) capability for joining events should be considered whenever possible to ensure inclusion for individuals/families who are not able or not comfortable with participation in group venues.
  • COVID-19 resources for Commissioners (and units) can be found here:

Ute Valley Hike

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Here is the sign up for the hike on the 20th.

Remember to bring your daypack with your 10 essentials. Wear comfy sboots/shoes, because I think the route will be about 5 miles (give or take).

Here is the write up from the signup:

We will be hiking through Ute Valley on 20 Feb. We are starting out at the Main parking lot near Eagleview Middle School at 1000am. We will ensure everyone who is supposed to be there is there, and we will do a quick PCC/PCI (Pre-combat Checks/Pre-Combat Inspections) for your 10 essentials and we will step off no later than 1015am. Our route will take us up the main trail and all the way over to I-25 and back. We may adjust the route as necessary. We are planning to be done by 1pm.  

Not only will be be hiking to get a little back in shape, we will be starting the Hiking Merit Badge, and continuing with the Geocaching Merit Badge. So, make sure you are wearing comfy shoes/hiking boots. This trek is the beginning of our “more involved” treks we will be doing this spring/summer/fall. 

10 essentials are required, as with all of our outings. Comfortable day pack with your gear is also mandatory, so you can carry your stuff. 

For Geocaching, we will have to find a few caches along the way, so if you have the app, make sure you download some caches.


Still on Discord!

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Sorry about the late post. We are still on Discord for the meeting tonight. I hope to get us outside next weekend for the hike through Ute Valley to work more on the Geocaching MB and start the Hiking MB. We will talk a litte about that tonight.


Community and Crime Prevention | Twin Falls, ID - Official Website


Tomorrow night we are going to get to the Crime Prevention MB tomorrow night, so be prepared to take some notes and be involved in the discussion we will be having tomorrow night.

If you want to do a little read-ahead, here are the requirements (I’ve also attached the worksheet if you want to print it out and fill it out):

Requirements for the Crime Prevention merit badge:

  1. Discuss the role and value of laws in society with regard to crime and crime prevention. Include in your discussion the definitions of ‘crime’ and ‘crime prevention’.
  2. Prepare a journal from various sources that addresses crime and crime prevention efforts in your community.
  3. Discuss the following with your counselor:
    1. The role of citizens, including youth, in crime prevention
    2. Gangs and their impact on the community
    3. When and how to report a crime
  4. After doing EACH of the following, discuss with your counselor what you have learned:
    1. Inspect your neighborhood for opportunities that may lead to crime. Learn how to do a crime prevention survey.
    2. Using the checklist in this pamphlet, conduct a security survey of your home and discuss the results with your family.
  5. Teach your family or patrol members how to protect themselves from crime at home, at school, in your community, and while traveling.
  6. Help raise awareness about one school safety issue facing students by doing ONE of the following:
    1. Create a poster for display on a school bulletin board.
    2. With permission from school officials, create a page long public service announcement that could be read over the public address system at school or posted on the school’s Web site.
    3. Make a presentation to a group such as a Cub Scout den that addresses the issue.
  7. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Assist in the planning and organization of a crime prevention program in your community such as Neighborhood Watch, Community Watch, or Crime Stoppers. Explain how this program can benefit your neighborhood.
    2. With your parent’s and counselor’s approval, visit a jail or detention facility or a criminal court hearing. Discuss your experience with your counselor.
  8. Discuss the following with your counselor:
    1. How drug abuse awareness programs help prevent crime
    2. Why alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are sometimes called ‘gateway drugs’ and how ‘gateway drugs’ can lead to the use of other drugs
    3. The potential consequences from the misuse of prescription drugs.
    4. How the illegal sale and use of drugs lead to other crimes.
    5. Three resources in your city where a person with a drug problem or drug-related problem can go for help
    6. How to recognize child abuse
    7. The ‘three Rs’ of Youth Protection
  9. Discuss the following with your counselor:
    1. The role of a sheriff’s or police department in crime prevention.
    2. The purpose and operation of agencies in your community that help law enforcement personnel prevent crime, and how those agencies function during emergency situations.
    3. Explain the role private security plays in crime prevention.
    4. Choose a career in the crime prevention or security industry that interests you. Describe the level of education required and responsibilities of a person in that position. Tell why this position interests you.

Talk to you tomorrow,



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your Troop leadership has some planning in store for your guys! Digital Lock-in, and planning for our next outing. Yes, we are going to get outside as a group. Whether it be camping, hiking, biking, or something else, we are going to do it. Details coming tonight.

See you all on Discord in a bit.


Back At It - RapPad


Alright, here is the deal: Covid really isn’t going away. We have to deal with it.

BSA rules say (for meetings) we can meet in groups of no more than 10 people, and only from two households. That really doesnt do anything for us or our Scouting format. **We are however, authorized to conduct “unit level outings/activities/events/camping/day activities” limited to 10 people (including adults). This means we can do weekend stuff for small groups-like patrol activites. More on that tonight.

Tonight we are moving to using Discord exclusively. It is free, we can have split off groups for advancement and stuff like that. Video is available and we can mold it however we want.

For future meetings, and “gatherings” we need to come up with some ideas. Right now it is a bit too dark and too cold for outdoor activites on Tuesday nights at our regular meeting times. Maybe we can come up with a schedule where we plan a weekend activity/hike/camp/etc., twice a month? Or have the Patrols plan their own outings-two adults required for each outing (YPT). We can discuss this further tonight.

Anyway, here is the link to discord, if you don’t already have it:


Virtual Lock-In!

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Lock In – Cynthia : Bonnies Sewing Center


This is a reminder that the Virtual Lock-In is today from 3-7pm.

It will be hosted on Discord, so use the same room as you always do for meetings, there will be a myriad of games and stuff to partake in.

Talk to you soon,


Last meeting of the YEAR!

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last meeting | Total Devotion
Panic, joy, heartbreak, happiness, so many emotions!


Tonight is our last regular meeting of the year. The Scout leadership is going to lead a discussion on the Virtual Lock in, how to participate and all that info.

We will also make sure to mention summer camp at Cris Dobbins 20-26 Jun this coming summer. Make sure you sign up.

See you guys tonight.


Topic: BoyScouts Troop287’s Zoom Meeting
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 741 7820 3858
Passcode: 0BtFgg

Not sure where this is, but it isn’t CCD, but it is in Colorado.


Camp Cris Dobbins sign up is linked below. 20-26 Jun 2021, cost of $450/Scout.

More info to follow in the coming weeks. We need to get a good idea of who is attending so we can make our reservation.

We will develop an optional payment plan to get everyone paid in full by May. Usually the initial deposit is $100, then the rest is divided over the remaining months. Or, you can pay in full. Up to you. More to follow on that.

Here is the link:


Pin on Presentaciones Power Point Templates
Virtual lock-in image-seems legit.


We are looking to get a few more rank advancements completed tonight before we finish out your meeting year with a Merit Badge next week and a virtual lock-in. I am not totally sure what that entails, maybe streaming movies and games over discord? The PLC will fill you all in on that tonight.

Of course, we will start again via Zoom, then move to Discord. If everyone has access to Discord, we may just hold our meetings on that platform and forego Zoom entirely. SPL-Please take a poll and let me know if this is a possibility.

See you all tonight.


Back in action, sort of!

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Collectibles Historical Memorabilia Cool Boy Scout Patch 282 Zombie Patrol!
Or at least, the Corona Virus pandemic.


We are back on the Zoom meeting format, and will continue our regularly scheduled meeting themes with a slight change in the future, however, this month will follow the below format since we are not able to hold any in-person events at all (I was looking forward to the lock-in):

1st week: Rank Adv
2nd week: MB Work (which one?)
3rd week: Rank verification/MB requirement verification/etc.

We only have three meetings left in 2020, then we will start back up in January on the 12th.


Same Zoom channel, same Zoom folks!

BoyScouts Troop287 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: BoyScouts Troop287’s Zoom Meeting
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 741 7820 3858
Passcode: 0BtFgg

Troop Committee patch - BSA CAC Scout Shop

Troop Parents,

Here is a call to action! Several Committee Members are coming to the end of their terms as members of the Troop Committee. The term is generally two years and filled often by new members to the troop, or those who have been in the troop for about a year, so they kind of know the ropes (ish). This way, there is some buy in and the new members can see how things were run, and how they can be improved upon.

Several of the current committee members have been in their positions for nearly four years. While they are doing a fantastic job, they need a little releif from their roles and need to be allowed to focus on other aspects of their Family lives. Their Scouts are Life Scouts and are getting ready to move on to bigger and better things.

The bottom line here, is that we need some of you to step up and hep the Troop out by grabbing up one of the positions that is opening up. They are listed in the sign up genius link below. Closing date is the end of the year, so we can start 2021 nice a fresh!

No worries if you miss this post, I will repost it several times between now and the end of the year.

Talk to you all soon!


Follow Me (sculpture) - Wikiwand
This statue stands outside the US Army Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, GA.


Tonight the new leadership takes over as voted by you a couple weeks ago. Here is the breakdown:

SPL: Mark P.
ASPL: Evan R.
PL: Austin P.
PL: Geren M.

This is what is in store for you tonight:
Since this past weekend was a campout (we just wont talk about that), tonight is a game night, hosted and managed by your ASPL via Jackbox over Discord. Zoom to start, Discord to follow; details below.

Next week is Thanksgiving week, there will not be a meeting.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 1 Dec.

See you all tonight!


Topic: BoyScouts Troop287’s Zoom Meeting
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 741 7820 3858
Passcode: 0BtFgg

Merit Badge Process!!

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Troop, I have recieved a few questions about Merit Badges and the process to obtain them. Here is a quick rundown on how it works:

This stuff can also be found here:

I totally encourage all Scouts to get involved in the Merit Badge program and it does a lot for a Scout, including reaching out and “cold calling” or making “cold contact” with people they are not familiar with to set up meetings and discuss things they are interested in learning about (for us adults, it kind of sounds like a cold call in business).

Step 1: Find a topic you want to explore. There are likely a few out there that one of the currently available 138 merit badges will cover.

Step 2: Talk to the Scoutmaster and get a Signed Blue Card for that merit badge (basically, the signed blue card is the authorization to start the MB) – I will update SB with the started MB. Most Pikes Peak BSA (PPBSA) programs (not camps) will require you to turn in a SIGNED blue card at the start of class.
This step is to be completed PRIOR to starting the Merit Badge. Officially, any work completed prior to doing this does not count toward the completion of the Merit Badge. However, we can work stuff out on a case by case basis depending on the situation (and the Merit Badge counselor).

Step 3: Search out and make contact with a QUALIFIED MB counselor (YPT and Registered with BSA); let me know who it is and I will link them to you in Scoutbook. There have been some folks who get MB stuff completed by those “counselors” who are not validated, registered, or YPT certified to do this type of stuff under the BSA umbrella.
Finding a QUALIFIED MB counselor is a safety thing for the Scout and the Counselor. Plus, should anything happen (someone gets shot with an arrow, etc.), BSA insurance will cover it. If the counselor is not qualified, insurance will not cover it.

Step 4: Either demonstrate skills/knowledge to the MB Counselor or obtain guidance from the counselor – continue this process until the counselor is satisfied with your skills, knowledge, etc. (completing the requiremens of the badge) and signs off for all requirements. This process may take more than one meeting with the counselor, or may take several months to complete. Since the counselor should be linked in SB, they should sign off in the system. If they don’t, let me know and I will take care of that aspect of it when I get the [completed] blue card.  The PPBSA is pushing this process and we will likely see this mandated in the future, but who knows. Any knowledge or skills demonstrated prior to getting a signed blue card will not count toward completion of the badge. You’ll have to re-deomonstrate stuff to your counselor if this is the case.

Step 5: Turn in the Completed Blue Card to the Scoutmaster and get recognized at the next COH. The Counselor may or may not keep a portion of the card for his/her records. That is just fine. The other two portions of the card should be turned in and the Troop will keep a portion of the card for our records. The last portion of the card will be returned to the Scout upon recognition at the CoH with the badge earned.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

There is some flexibility due to COVID this year, that will be discussed individually on a case by case basis.


Thank you for being so flexible and attending the ceremony we held for Josh the other weekend. It was a really nice turn out and the weather was fantastic. I know that Sandy, David, and Josh all appreciated the fact you braved the social world and turned out for his ceremony.

Josh reached out to me and asked me to ask those who provided gifts for him without tags to reach out to him (or Sandy) directly so he can properly thank you for what you gave him. He is super appreciative of everything you all did and provided!

Thanks again,

Dan McGuire
BSA Troop 287


You guys decided on a few things for this weekend’s campout.

Food: Everyone is on their own for food.

Shelters: Everyone will be in their own tent/shelter (family members can be together)

Activities: Geocaching MB, Quartermaster duties inside the barn, First Aid Skills for rank advancement.


Friday at 1700: Arrive at the barn and set up your shelters. Dinner, then maybe a socially distant gathering around a propane fed fire (fire ban is currently underway)

Saturday: Wake up and get breakfast, cleanup, quatermaster duties in the barn (inventory and inspection, organization), Geocaching MB (E. Reeves instructing), Rank required First Aid Skills instruction. Lunch and Dinner will be played by ear (easy since everyone will be supplying their own food).

Sunday early wakeup and break-down of camp/shelters, then breakfast.

Sunday 1000: End of Camping operations. Hand-over of Leadership responsibilities to newly voted persons.

We will not be holding our CoH as we had planned. It will be rescheduled for a future date. COVID strikes again!

***COVID UPDATE*** Play this weekend by ear guys, as of right now (12 Nov 20), we are a go for camping according to the PPBSA website.


Here is the organization deal: we are supposed to have only 10 people at an outdoor activity. The Scouts will camp in a separate location from the adults (maintaining social distance). The Adults will supervise from a distance. We can make this work, but please be flexible.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know. Trying times, but we will deal with it all.


Voting Information!

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Voting: A right or a duty? - The Boston Globe


This evening, the PLC had a meeting where they discussed the next round of Scout Troop Leadership. Please continue reading. Most importantly, if you want to have a position in the Scout Leadership ranks, please attend tomorrow night’s meeting.

The PLC decided to use a Google form to vote on. Each Scout will have the opportunity to throw his name in the hat for what position he wants (1CL+ for SPL/ASPL).

If you want to be a PL, make it known! Your name will be added to the list for voting. If it is not on the list, of course you will not get that position.

Also available for leadership (what I call soft leadership positions) are Historian, Scribe, Quartermaster, Chaplains Aide, Bugler, Outdoor Ethics Guide, and Instructor. I know there are several other positions in the book, but our troop traditionally does not use them (like the Librarian, since everything is online anyway, or the Webmaster, since the SM does a lot of that web-stuff).

Anyway, please attend tomorrow night via Zoom for the first 40 minutes and then a transition to Discord, where the voting and all that stuff will be documented.


Zoom details:

BoyScouts Troop287 is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: BoyScouts Troop287’s Zoom Meeting
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 961 858 5239
Passcode: 8EKJzf
One tap mobile
+13462487799,,9618585239#,,,,,,0#,,345220# US (Houston)
+16699006833,,9618585239#,,,,,,0#,,345220# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington D.C)
Meeting ID: 961 858 5239
Passcode: 345220
Find your local number: