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Parents and Scouts,

Today “officially” ended out summer camp excursion this year. I believe the boys had an awesome time with camp, hanging out with their friends, doing Scouting activities and learning a great deal. Overall, and by all accounts, they had a great time.

Chris and I wanted to thank you again for trusting us with your kids for the week. We enjoyed it as well. Since the Scouts were a little older, we didn’t have to be “as involved” this year, and we were able to ensure the Scout leadership was fully engaged with directing traffic.

If you have pictures or anything to post, let me know via sharing a link or however that works. Sean was better at that than I am. I will figure it out.

Our next meeting will be administrative for the adults, but mostly game focused at the church for the boys. I would like to catch up on all the rank advancement things the boys did this week and maybe even close out some SM Conferences for those who need or want them. We will pull them off one by one for those things. I will also be working on all those blue cards that the boys earned this week, and try to establish a scheme/develop a plan on completing the final requirements for those MBs that need them.

See you on Tuesday!



We have 14 Scouts headed to camp tomorrow morning. We will meet at the barn at 1030 to load as much equipment in the trailer and my truck as possible. This is because Cris Dobbins only allows one vehicle into the camp; all others must be parked in the main parking lot. We will be able to drive up, drop the trailer, and then return the truck to the main parking lot for the week (bummer).

We have plenty of seats right now, with Blake (7), Paul (4), Chris (3), and me (3) driving. We will make seat assignments in the morning, and tent assignments will also be made in accordance with YPT and Cris Dobbins guidelines (Scout ages must be within 2 years).

Tomorrow, we sign in to camp at 1pm, which means there will not be a provided lunch. Please be prepared and bring a lunch for yourself to eat while all the check-in process is happening and we are setting up camp.

Parents, If there are any last minute meds or anything like that, please let us know tomorrow morning. Bring a signed note along with the meds, just in case the medics need something like that. I know a couple of kids are battling slight illnesses and such.

Parents/Family night is Friday night. Information can be found in the Cris Dobbins Program Guide as to directions, parking, check in times, and all that. If you want to or need to, you can take your Scout home Friday night (we have some Scouts with activities on Saturday and such). Plus, Saturday is a clean-up and get out day for us anyway, so no big deal if we lose a couple of Scouts.

I will do my best to communicate with a nightly text message to parents recapping the day’s events. You can use the text message to coordinate with other parents for car pooling or whatever on Friday for parents night. Or not, you guys can figure all that out. I just need to know by Wednesday who plans on coming up so the camp can plan for food and all that.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. If there is anything we are missing, we will try and remember it for next year. See you in the morning.



Summer camp is here! At 1030, Sunday morning, we will meet up at the church (barn) to finish loading any required troop equipment and cross load personal gear into the vehicles we will be taking up to camp.

ASM Blake McTee will have seven seats available;

ASM Paul Durrenberger will have four seats available;

ASM Chris Gilkes will have two seats available;

SM Dan McGuire will have two seats available.

We can make decisions on who will ride where, but we will have limited ability to drive into camp all the way to our site.

Packing list if needed is available in the Cris Dobbins program guide (link at the top of the page to the 2019 Summer Camp).

Again, 1030, Sunday Morning at the barn.

See you then.


Flag Day tomorrow!

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We have all eight Scouts we need to fill the requested slots to post flags tomorrow morning and afternoon.

We only have three driver/navigator teams for the morning shift though the afternoon shift is full of all four teams.

This means we will have to split the “unmanned” route between the three teams, or have one team double up. Also, it means with only three teams driving, the eight Scouts will have to add a third Scout to two driving teams. I guess the thing I am getting at is we need an additional driver/nav team to make this whole thing really successful.

So, if there is any possibility you can drive or navigate tomorrow morning, please either shoot me and Renee a text message or just show up at the barn tomorrow morning at 6.

We are covered for pick up, we have four teams in the afternoon and it should go smoothly then, we need help in the morning, so if you can, please do.


Flag Day: June 14th

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Scouts and Families!

This Friday is our second Flag posting day for the season and we are in need of:

One more driver,

Two navigators, and

Two Scouts.

The sign up is below if you can swing it to help out and benefit the Troop in the only fund raising effort we have for the year! All the other fund raisers (Camp Cards, Popcorn, and Pizza Cards – coming soon) are to benefit the Scout only. The Troop only gets its funds from the Flag program. Troop funds go toward awards at the COH, reimbursements for troop funded activities, Scholarship funds, and pretty much anything else that the Scout is not responsible for paying for like binders, blue cards, printing stuff for COH, registration for the trailers, and serves to front money for our camp activities and pre-order of Class B uniforms and other miscellaneous items-Danny Reeves can tell you more, since he is the treasurer).

As an added benefit, the Scouts average about $70 per holiday for their Scout accounts which can be used for dues, camps, or Scouting related equipment and supplies.

Please, if you have the opportunity, sign up to help out the troop.

Yup, you’ll likely get at least one more email from me tomorrow night if the slots are not filled!


Flags this Friday!

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We are in need of two drivers, two navigators and some scouts to help put out flags this Friday (14 Jun).

Please help out the troop and sign up! Each Scout gets in the neighborhood of $70 per day that he puts out flags. These funds can be used for anything Scout related. Plus, the Troop gets operating funds so we can do all the great stuff we do throughout the year.



On Sunday, 16 Jun, we head off to Summer Camp at Cris Dobbins, 22799 N Elbert Rd, Elbert, CO 80106. 

We are in need of drivers for the Scouts. I will have myself, Chris Gilkes and our two boys in my truck, pulling the trailer. 

We will need 13 more seats for the remaining Scouts. If you can, please sign up with as many seats as you can to deliver the Scouts to a place where you will not have to worry about them for a week. 

The drive is about 55 mins according to Google, which is on the internet, so it is never wrong.

Here is the link for drivers. Bear with me, as I may have to adjust the sign up genius since I am not well versed at this quite yet.


MTB ride 6/8!

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In support of our Cycling Merit Badge, I would like to extend the invite to do a ride tomorrow morning in Ute Valley Park. We will complete an eight (8) mile route in and around Ute Valley. 

We will meet up at 1145 at the Ute Valley Parking lot and head out from there at 1000. If you show up, great, if not, there will be more rides available in the future. Remember, summer is just beginning!

Required equipment: Helmet, water and day pack with 10 essentials. I will not let you ride without a helmet. Safety and all that.

You can RSVP at the link below. If you sign up, please show up. We are riding at 1200 sharp from the parking lot.


Meeting on 6/11

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Our meeting this coming week will focus on individual equipment prep and finalize troop equipment load-out into the trailer.

Below are the links for the individual and troop gear lists. If you are attending summer camp (especially if you are a first time summer camper), please ensure your packing list is completed and bought to the meeting so your leadership can conduct an inspection. While not a requirement, it provides the leadership the opportunity to get used to this type of activity.

Any candy, food, snacks, etc., should be brought in a separate bag/container for storing in the trailer overnight and while we are away from the tent sites (access will be granted while we are in camp). The use of bear bins (our trailer) is required and a safety concern. At no time is food allowed in the tents to prevent the boys sleeping with unwanted companions.

A sign up genius will follow for those willing to transport Scouts to camp. We have a roster of 15 Scouts, and will need to seat them for the trip. I would like to meet up at the church on Sunday morning to head up there as a group. Accountability is way easier that way.

Make sure all those Scouts who attended last week need to bring their books so we can give credit (mostly so the adults don’t forget when it comes time to do SM Conferences).

There were a couple of parents looking for additional information on the Flag Program. It can be found at the link below.

See you guys on Tuesday!


Next meeting-6/4

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Troop and Families,

On our next meeting, we have a couple things going on.

First, we have a guest speaker, Mr. Jacob Anderson, coming to speak to us about Civic Responsibility. Mr. Anderson is from the City of Colorado Springs Civic Engagement Office, and will discuss with us the responsibilities we have inherent to living here in the USA. This will fulfill rank requirements for the citizenship portion for First Four Scouts (First Class Req 9a). (Plan for about a 30-40 minute discussion)

These are not the tents we will be using at Cris Dobbins. Sorry!

We will also discuss our patrol/troop equipment needs for summer camp and sort out what needs maintenance of the selected equipment. There will be some opportunity for rank advancement stuff too via breakout sessions. (Plan for about 20 minutes).

IPA: Plan for remaining 30 minutes or so.


Today I met a few folks from the organization Focus on the Forest. ( They are based out of Woodland Park and basically go through our local National Forest System cleaning up after those people who leave trash around and really have no clue what Leave No Trace is all about.

As Scouts, part of our mission is to leave any area we visit in better condition than we found it. This is basically what these nice folks over at Focus on the Forest do. They have several programs which include Scouts of all kinds and even have their own “Scout Day” in September. Last year they had 94 Scouts show up and clean up parts of our forests.

The reason I am blabbering on is that this organization is a non-profit that could use all the help it can. Including Eagle Projects for those of you who may be approaching that time.

So, as there are many organizations and opportunities to serve our local area and help out with your projects (Eagle and non-Eagle, or just obtaining volunteer hours), please consider adding this organization to your list to make decisions about future opportunities. Again, this is just one of many organizations to volunteer with. I had never heard of them, and just think their mission is right up our alley, do with this information as you deem appropriate.

Yours in Scouting,


Flags! Whoo-hoo!

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Symbol of Freedom!! As seen today at the Territory Days Festival in Old Colorado City. Photo by Geren M., Troop Scribe.

Scouts and Families,

Tomorrow morning kicks off our flags season bright and early. If you are signed up, we will see you in the morning at 6 at the barn to load up flags and get’r dun. If you have not had the opportunity to sign up, please check out the available slots and throw your name down on the sign up genius.

Coffee and donuts will be provided based upon your enthusiasm, the generosity of the person obtaining said refreshments, and of course, the alarm clock (mostly the alarm clock). If it goes off early enough and gets the appropriate response – not a snooze button, there will be treats; if not: well, you get the idea.

See you in the morning!


COH update

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Here is the update link for the sign up genius for the COH on the 28th.

Let’s celebrate our accomplishments and our “departing” leader, ASM Blake McTee.


Soap Box Derby

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If there is anyone who is interested in participating in the Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby (links below), the troop has four cars that can be used at your leisure.

If you are interested, please let me know and coordinate with me and/or Mr. Tom Sharp for the use of the cars.

This is a pretty cool event, think of it like a life size Pine Wood Derby.

The dates are rapidly approaching, trials are on 2 Jun and the race is on 9 Jun.


Parents and Scouts,

Due to inclimate weather and our plan to cook outside, we are going to push back the COA for a week. In addition, there have not been too many folks signed up for items on the Sign-up list. You can review what is needed at the link below.

So, let’s reset and get engaged with our COA, as a reminder, this will be the last COA for Assistant Scoutmaster Blake McTee; let’s make it a memorable one.

Since we will not be having the COA, we will have a regular meeting, remember the third meeting of the month is Uniform Inspection.

Have a great night!


Scouts and Families,
I’ve been communicating with the Discovery Center on the best day to finish the installation of my Eagle Project and we’ve agreed upon Saturday, May 25th. 

We will be starting the day at my house (7455 Winding Oaks Drive) to put the finishing touches on the dome before moving to the Discovery Center (4425 Arrowswest Drive) for some landscaping work and the installation. We should be finished by 5 pm at the latest. There will be a Signup Genius created for this workday. Please utilize the signup so I know who will be coming and in case I need to get ahold of everyone should something arise.  Parents, at drop off please let me know if you are ok with my parents transporting your Scouts to the Discovery center, We will abide by the 2 deep leadership rule within Scouting.

I appreciate everyone’s work so far and apologize for the inconvenience of working on Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully, we’ll be able to finish this project and have a final product we can all be proud of.

Please sign up here:

For any questions, contact me at (719) 440-7016
Joshua Johnston 

Troop (MTB Campers for this weekend):

As usual, we will meet up at the church at 5:30pm and plan leave for Farish by 6 (40 minute drive or so)-we may actually get to set up camp while it is still light!

We will not NEED our patrol boxes (but may want to load one just in case), but those who are cooking need to understand what is required to cook what is being brought and need to make adjustments for preparing the meals. From what I know about the meals, they can be cooked in a mess kit (but we will need a sanitizing station to clean).

Our main gear can be loaded up and stored in our vehicles while we ride down the hill and can recover them later on Sunday afternoon (day pack w/10 essentials on the rides).

We can plan to meet back up and get gear later on Sunday evening, or whenever is convenient. We hope to be at the Church by noon. Updates to family members will come as cell service allows. If you want to ride down the hill with us, I think our plan is to roll out of Farish around 9 on Sunday. There is no cell service up there, so if you are not there, we will assume you are not coming.

Let me know if there are any questions or concerns. I am sure I didn’t cover everything and I likely forgot a bunch of stuff. -but we will be safe and have fun regardless.


MTB Campout!

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Let’s send it!

The MTB campout is here! We have five Scouts and three adults headed up to Farish Rec Area for the MTB campout. Conner is purchasing the food for the Scouts, and adults will be responsible for their grub.

We plan to ride four routes on Saturday (2 x 2 miles; 2 x 5miles) and on Sunday we plan to ride from Farish all the way back to the Church for a total ride of 25.1 miles (on Rampart Range Road). Anyone who wants to join us, is more than welcome. Our start time on Sunday, in order to get back by 12noon, will be 9am Boy Scout time-which means very “ish”.

Safety gar required is helmet. Recommended are gloves, eye pro, and any other gear you may want to add (shin/knee/elbow guards, etc.).

The weather this weekend is supposed to rain, so ensure the appropriate gear is packed. Layers! Pack as if we were hiking, just to keep used to that sort of camping. No Patrol boxes, since there are only five scouts, we can cook on mess kits or in the fire.

FRI MAY 17Mostly Sunny60°/32°10%SW 17 mph33%
SAT MAY 18PM Thunderstorms49°/32°80%NW 9 mph39%
SUN MAY 19Cloudy53°/37°20%S 13 mph42%

So, the weekend looks to be fun, either muddy fun, or MTB fun, either way, we will have a great time!

Geren, Troop Scribe

Have bike, will travel.


There are currently only three Scouts signed up for the MTB campout this weekend. I assume that will change in the next day or so!

Tomorrow night’s meeting will focus on campout prep (food, packing list, etc.) for the trip to Farish. The boys will also map recon for routes that will complete the Cycling merit badge requirements. We will not be able to complete all of the requirements, but will be able to get a good start on them! Ride requirements are:

Ride the following rides with your counselor: two 2 mile rides; two 5 mile rides; two 8 mile rides; and one 22 mile ride.

If time permits, we can also knock out some rank requirements to keep up with the tradition of rushing to completion the week before the COA!


Scouts and Families,
There has been a delay in communication with the Discovery Center that has led me to have to cancel the work day for tomorrow, Sat, May 10.  Since I have not been granted access to install the structure, I will have to reschedule the next workday after I get the go ahead from them. Thank you all for your help with my Eagle Scout project and I apologize for the delay. I will let you know of future dates as soon as I get it worked.
I checked the SignupGenius and no one was signed up yet so that will be deleted until the next dates are decide.
Thanks,Josh Johnston719-440-7016