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Order of the Arrow (OA) Hat Pin - BSA CAC Scout Shop


This week, we will be visited by representatives from the Ha-Kin-Skay-A-Ki Lodge, Order of the Arrow.

They will present an invormational video and give us an idea of what the OA is all about. Then they will hold an election for eligible Scouts to be inducted into the OA. I will not go into the details, but we do need as many Scouts as possible at the meeting for the voting process.

To be eligible, a Scout must be a First Class Scout, and have 15 nights in the past two years camping. Up to five of those nights can be a “long term camp” like summer camp, but no more than five nights can be counted in that way. The other 10 must be two or three night (weekend) events.

More on that from the OA reps on Tuesday night.

Just a reminder to get your MB selections in either to me on Tuesday or email them to me if you have not already done so. The sooner we get them in, the better chance you will have getting the choices you want.

Lastly, for those of you who missed this campout this weekend, we all had a really fun time. We had some special concocted brownies using 18 year old cocoa powder and coffee creamer, and even conducted a rescue mission for a lost chair, which entailed repelling (sort of) down a ravine. Pictures and video to be presented at the COH next month.

Gotta decide on game Night for next week as well, since the OA elections are this week.

See you on Tuesday.



We are a “GO” for the campout this weekend. Here is the itenerary:

We will link up at the Palmer Lake Reservoir Trailhead parking lot and head out from there. (5pm Friday to 8am Sunday)

I would like to get an early start to this adventure, so I am asking that we link up at the parking lot no later than 5pm, with a step-off no later than 5:30pm. (let me know if this is an issue-a group text will be coming out later tonight to make sure all parents of Scouts are aware of the details).

We will hike until the sun gets a little low in the sky find a place to camp and bed down for Friday night. Saturday will be a hike and play/learn type deal up to then back from the crash site to a camping point close to our starting point.

Sunday will be a short hike out, since we have a schedulling crunch to get this thing done. Therefore, we are looking to EXFIL from the Start/Stop parking lot around 8-8:30am. So, pareants, please plan for that timeline. You could always get a coffee in Monument on your way up to grab your Scout.

The Trail is called “Ice Cave Trail” and in Alltrails, you can find it under “Harrison Plane Crash via Ice Cave Trail” (link below).

Parking lot is in the image above, labeled in green as “Palmer Lake Reservoir Trailhead” Google maps link below.

Here (below link) is the map we will be using, to include our route to and from the crash site. Our overnights will be somewhere along this route.

Here are directions to the Trailhead from the Church (copy and past the link into google maps):,+Colorado+Springs,+CO/Palmer+Lake,+CO/@39.0233278,-104.9293935,30874m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x871351eca14a0ee5:0x6960917c224dd986!2m2!1d-104.8677408!2d38.9269429!1m5!1m1!1s0x876caecf444acde9:0x735ec489ae80492d!2m2!1d-104.917204!2d39.1222138!3e0

If you have any questions, please let me know. If we need to cross load Scouts for transport, our current restrictions allow two households in a vehicle, so I think we can work some sort of transport deals. MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED.

BSA Transport guidelines:
Ensure family transportation to/from outing location (no unit carpooling).
-Transport should be limited to the 10 person/two household limit shown under personal gathering size

Talk to you soon,


Troop (those attending summer camp 20-26 Jun 21),

Here is the latest information from Camp Cris Dobbins on MB selection. I have several MB lists from you guys, but I do not have them all. So, at the bottom of this post is a document we (as a troop) will use to select your merit badges for the duration of camp. The sooner you get me your picks, the better off you will be in getting what you want. You can download and fill out the form below and email it to me @ CCD has not posted the form yet (likely be posted to their site later today). The sooner the better!!!

Read below for the latest information on the CCD MB program.

Merit Badge Sign Up Process
To avoid the “doubleknot dash”, this year we will have troops complete a Microsoft Form for each scout.
You will be prompted to choose and rank 6 merit badges for each youth in priority order. Based on the
availability of each merit badge, we will create schedules starting with the first pick. If a youth does not
get the first couple merit badges on their list they will still have opportunities to work on them during
Troop Activity Time.

  1. Collect Merit Badge Preference List from each youth. Use this sample Planning Sheet – Click
  2. Go to the Merit Badge List Submission located on available
    April 21st. (not available at the time of this post).
  3. Complete the form for each youth attending camp. If changes are needed – please submit again
    & notice the Camp Director ASAP.
    Submissions will be accepted until the 11-Day Meeting.
    Schedules will be provided at Check-In or the Leader’s Meeting.
    Merit Badge Fees
    Some merit badges or activities require more resources than the camp is available to provide on a “free”
    basis. Some badges have an extra fee or require a kit to complete it. All fees and kits must be purchased
    at camp. Units have the option to make one “lump-sum” payment for these or Scouts can individually
    pay for them. This is up to the unit on how they want to handle fees.
    ❖ Rifle Ammo – $1 = 10 shots or $10 = 100 shots
    ❖ Shot Gun Ammo – $12 = 25 shots or $35 = 100 shots


Above is the signup for this weekend’s camping trip. I know many folks have stuff going on this month. No biggie. Our troop (loosely organized) policy states we need six Scouts to make a campout a go, plus two registered adults. Right now, we only have two Scouts signed up on the signup genius and one adult (me). We will be moving forward with the trip until Thursday evening around 7, when I will make the final determination on cancelling or not.

If you want to go, sign up at the link above, otherwise, we will just postpone this trip until next month.

Temps are supposed to be in the 60’s during the day and 30s overnight. Browse the Troop site for the packing list. Food is still on an individual basis due to covid (Pikes Peak BSA has not updated their stuff yet), but that list is also on the troop site.

Anyway, if you need a hammock, please state that on the sign up as well.

Talk to you soon,



There was an issue for the last couple of weeks where posts I was making were not being sent as emails. Please take a few minutes to visit the Troop website (link above) and review the posts you may have missed. I think the last post that went out was on 5 April. There is a lot of information to be had since then (camping this weekend, Merit Badges at Camp, and Committee Member requests).


Troop, I was notified there is an issue with the posts being published and the above link being broken. I am working the issue posting issue. The link above should be good to go now, but if it isn’t, let me know!



It has been quite a while since we have had a COH. Since February 2020 as a matter of fact. So, this next COH will cover 15 months of stuff. RSVP with all those attending (Family and whomever you want there) at the link above.

The COH will be held on May 11. Our start time for set up is 5:30pm, with a dinner time of 6pm. Then we will have a viewing of a Scout put together slide show for a couple minutes, then the award ceremony portion.

Food will be catered by Bird Dog BBQ and is open to all family members whom you would like to see you receive what you have earned.

More to follow on this subject as we get closer.


Parents needed!

Dan McGuire —  April 19, 2021 — Leave a comment

Parents, we are still looking to fill some slots in the Committee and have some folks take over a couple of positions.

Here is a sign up Genius that lays a brief overview of each position:

If you have any direct questions, I can do my best to answer them, or you can go direct with the person in that position, or coordinate with Lisa (she knows a lot of stuff about the committee positions).


Funny Boy Scout Patches- No Name Patrol! (#463) | eBay
No Name Patrol is not an option!


It has been a couple of years since we created the current patrol names and stuff, and now the current Scout Leaders (as has been discussed) will be renaming the patrols, and possibly shifting members around.
This week’s meeting will be focused on the Patrol re-naming, but first, we will be finalizing the camping trip route and possible stopping points. We will likely hike out a couple miles, camp, continue the hike to the crash site and start our trek back Saturday night to a point close, but not too close to the end point to find a campsite. It is a pretty short and relaxing hike, so think we will have plenty of time to cover a lot of stuff, if desired (SM conferences, rank requirements, etc.)

Here is the sign up link for the camping this weekend (let me know if you need a hammock or other gear):

COVID Update: The State decided last week to allow counties to make decisions for COVID restrictions. As of right now, there have not been any changes, but that does not mean there wont be any between now and this weekend’s campout. I will check the council website (which your Scout leadership should do as well) on a daily basis to see if anything changes. I will also be in contact with council to see if there are any updates which have not been published.

Anyway, I will make another post after final decisions are made at this week’s meeting about the camping.



Here is the stuff you guys talked about last night. The route will be published next week as we get closer and the stops are decided upon at our next meeting. However, if you are interested, the route is available on AllTrails: Harrison Plane Crash.

Here is the meal plan: everyone will buy their own since we are still under Covid non-patrol eating rules.

Packing List:


  • Clothes bag (optional)
  • Base layer (long underwear, tight-fitting synthetic shirt)
  • Zip off pants (otional)
  • Pants (normally not jeans)
  • Shorts (normally not denim)
  • T-shirt (at least 3, class B works well
  • Socks (a lot, at least two pairs, non-wool socks work best, normally synthetic)
  • Underwear, moderate amount
  • Belt (optional, helps with hiking and holding backpack)
  • Trail shoes / Hiking boots
  • Sweater with hood
  • Ball cap / beanie
  • Down jacket / puffer jacket
  • Raincoat / poncho


  • Personal hammock (included for this trip, if not lending then hammock with tarp)
  • Sleeping bag (20* or less)
  • Sleeping pad
  • Camping / blowup / neck pillow
  • Backpacking backpack (basically required for backpacking)
  • Mini bear bag (holds any food or smellables)
  • Mess kit (plate, cup, bowl, couple spork-knives)
  • Jet-boil (troop will provide if necessary)
  • Nalgene bottles (at least two)
  • Water filter (troop will provide if necessary)
  • Hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, tp, trowel, creams, sunscreen, bugspray)
  • Sunglasses
  • First Aid Kit (follows BSA guidelines preferably)
  • Rope / paracord (a large length is good)
  • Navigation kit (compass, map, pen & paper)
  • Headlamp (very important, bring extra batteries)
  • Fire kit (matches, lint, lighter, waterproof matches)
  • Emergency kit (with most or all of the 10 essentials included)
  • Trail snacks (normally with a decent amount of calories)
  • Water bladder (normally with water filter)
  • Electrolytes (if possible)
  • Pocket knife / multi-tool
  • Whistle
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Scout book


The PLC asked me to post this information in preparation for tomorrow night’s Campout prep meeting. Links are at the bottom of this post.

Remember, you will be discussing your clothing and gear, as well as deciding on the menu for the weekend. Make sure if you are coming on the trip (NEXT WEEKEND 23-25 APR), you LET ME KNOW if you NEED a hammock. We are sleeping in individual tents/hammocks per covid rules. I have a few extras you can use. And sign up on the signup genius that I posted over the weekend.

Although the Scouts will create a meal plan as a troop, we are still in the “Yellow” status for meetings and all that, which means no “family style” eating or food preparation. If you need the rank requirement for advancement for planning and purchasing the meals, make sure you write all that stuff down, create the budget (we usually do $8-12/Scout/weekend campout), and then go shopping (stay on budget) and bring all that documentation to the next meeting so you can get credit for it.

Also, just a reminder for you in Leadership and those who want to be in Leadership positions, our website has a bunch of good information and links at your disposal under the “Scout Corner” tab at the top of the screen. Make sure you check it out. The resources there are for you as Scouts and as Scout Leaders. Remember that we (adult leaders) are there to help you along, not do all this for you. So, i encourage you to take a break from Youtube, Discord, or Minecraft and check out YOUR website!

See you guys tomorrow night.


Capt. Sidney Harrison Trail - Plane Crash Site - Walking Around - YouTube

Troop, we are shifting our schedule a bit to allow for more time for campout prep.

This week is campout prep, older Scouts will be conducting a layout of younger Scouts backpacking gear (so, if you plan on camping this month, bring your gear!). As always, we will be discussing what and how to wear the proper gear, what to bring to sleep in, and how to stay comfortable (warm or cool) on these hikes.

Also, the Scouts will be selecting the meal plan, which will require at least one Scout to purchase the food and bring it to the campout. Depending on how many attend the campout, we may have a second “camp cook”.

The link to the signup is below, so If you would like to attend this hammock style camping trip to a pretty cool historical site, go ahead and sign up! Below the sign up are a few details which will be explained further as we get closer to the campout.

Who: Troop 287
What: Hammock Camping
Where: Harrison Plane Crash/Ice Cave Trail-Palmer Lake, CO
When: 5pm (adjustable to accommodate), 23 April through 10:00 25 April.
How: By hiking! That’s how!

Our plan will be to meet up in Palmer Lake near the trail head (details coming later) no later than 5pm Friday, 23 April. We will step off no later than 5:15pm, and hike in until we find a good place to set up camp. On Saturday, we will continue our hike to the crash site, and stay the night near there, or on the way back. We will return to our starting point by Sunday morning at 10:00am. 

Additional details and finalization of those details will be made at our meeting on 13 April. This will include meal planning, route (already done through All Trails), hike leaders and all that stuff. Times are adjustable to accommodate adult schedules and stuff like that.

Let me know if you have any comments, concerns, or questions.


Troop, just a quick reminder that this week’s meeting is the first meeting of the month and we will have a uniform inspection. Class A uniform with all the chest candy you’ve got!


Patrol Leaders' Council


This week we will focus on planning what we are going to be doing for the remainder of this year. I know we have done this during covid, but we need to re-hash it so we (us adults) can plan against what you Scouts would like to do.

Bring your ideas pertaining to outings, merit badges, and game nights. As far as it goes, we need to decide on what kind of events we want to do. The adults will figure out a best time to plan what you guys want to do. Just really need to fill in the blanks below (plus merit badges).

April: Hike campout from Palmer Lake to a plane crash site for hammock camping.
June: Summer Camp at Camp Cris Dobbins
September: 14er usually
November: No Campout due to Thanksgiving and Columbus Holidays (Day hike or bike ride?)
December: Lock-In


We’re BACK!

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WELCOME BACK NOW GET BACK TO WORK Poster | K | Keep Calm-o-Matic


Welcome back from your well deserved Spring Break!

Now, we need to get back into it!

In March we had 1: Rank ADV; 2: Camp Planning; 3: Game Night (Spring Break); and now we need to round out our month with some Merit Badge work.

We do not have a badge planned for this week, so we will try and finish up a few outstanding merit badge items.

Mr Petree has Indian Lore, if you all remember that one! I can finish up (if you bring in your work) some Emergency Preparation, some Crime Prevention items. If there is a Merit Badge you would like to start (as an individual or a Troop-PLC) let me know and we will get it going next month.

April will look something like this:

1: Rank ADV
2: Merit Badge
3: Camp Prep – 5W’s still to come. (also this may be rearranged depending on adult supervision availability and weekend planning)
4: Game Night

Also, PLC will need to come up with a plan for camping in April and some merit badges to throw on the calendar. I know we did this in the before times, but now we need to rehash it and get it going.

Lastly, on Wednesday night, Pack 166 is having their crossover ceremony. We will be there to receive two Scouts (one has been with us for a couple of months, and the other visited us a couple weeks ago.
Foothills Elementary School at 5:30pm. Class A uniforms, please! Lets get as many of us there as possible. I know I will be there, which means at least one of the PLs will be there!

Talk to you all tomorrow,


Spring Break!

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Enjoy the break this week and get some Family fun in wherever you may be!

While you are “resting” from Scouting this week, take a moment to think about the Merit Badges you want to complete at camp this summer (if you are attending).

Take a look at the Program guide I sent out a week or two ago (there is a post on the site) and select and rank in order of preference up to 15 merit badges/classes. Please either email th list or write it down and bring it to Scouts next week. I have only two lists, and we will need to get those from you so we can select our choices before they fill up.

See you next week.


The warming tent from this past weekend.


As we (mostly) always do the meeting after a campout, we are having a game night. This one is going to be focused on competetive gaming. We will sort it out and have a game system or two to choose from to play a friendly competition.

From your SPL:

Tomorrow night we will be playing Jackbox and other video games for a game night! Please meet in the church at 7:00pm and if you would like to participate, please bring a phone, computer, tablet, or any device that can access an internet browser. We will be required to stay only in the main church area and to maintain social distancing we will use the projectors. See y’all tomorrow. -Mark

I forgot to tell you to bring sleds and winter/snow sport type stuffs.

See you at five!

Joint Base Charleston plays role in largest NATO exercise in 20 years


I spent some time down on Fort Carson earlier today and did a site visit to our camp location (map below). After coordinating with the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES), and the Fort Carson Emergency Operations Center (EOC), as well as the Butts Airfield Staff (2miles down the road from our campsite), they all agre the storm is hitting more north than originally thought. The current forecast as of 1245hrs, is 2″ tonight, 5″ tomorrow, and another 1″ on Sunday for Fort Carson.

So, as it stands, we have the required amount of Scouts to have a campout, and will be moving forward with it.

5PM tonight, we will link up at Gate 1 Visitor Center to get vehicle passes. Current, DL, Registration, Insurance required.
Then we will move to our camp location to set up. We will have fun until Sunday around 9am, or whenever you and your family decide to break camp.

If at any time the weather is a safety concern, we will assess and make a determination as to continue outdoor activities. As this is a Family outing, Families can always make the call on their own.

Once you take the left fork in the road, there is a right turn in to the camp area. There are supposed to be four tent platforms, but I only found three. Pick one and set up! I planned to take the area directly to the right as you come into the clearing. These sites are pretty rought and need some tending, but we will make it work.

See you tonight,


Here is a link to the Cris Dobbins Camp Program Guide. Please check it out and on page 10 is a list of merit badges they are offering (also pasted below).

This is what they suggest: select up to 15 merit badges. Prioritize them in the order you want to take them. You will likely get top 5, but we need to have a few back up options in case the classes are full or whatever.

Bring your selections to the next meeting, or email them to me so we can get you registered for the badges you want.

In years past camps have suggested for First Year campers to take the Eagle Bound classes. My recommendation is to take the actual merit badges and not those. We can take care of the Rank requirement stuff within the Troop. Aslo, because MB opportunity is lower due to covid, get these ones while you can sort of thinking.

Here is the list: