Committee Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2012

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Committee Meeting Minutes-August 14, 2012

Recorded by: Andrea Warner, Secretary


Present: Andrea Warner, Dan Rodriguez, Gina Swanson, Chris Swanson, Kathy Kaelin, Jen Jirous, Joyce Moore, Keith Moore, Tom Sharp

July meeting minutes approved unanimously


COH Planning:  August 21st time change to 630pm Ice cream Social

Will start with the ice cream social then move into the court of honor. Slide show for Boundary waters and camp A. Gina suggested that Keith mention to the scouts to bring a friend like last year to help promote the troop. Jen will pick up all items needed for the social. Joyce will do the program: Program items include time frame of Ice cream social 630-7pm, Posting of colors 7pm, Kathy will talk about scout accounts, Jen will go over admin items, slide show, then the court of honor will begin.. Please arrive early for set up.


Scout master Report:  Climbing camp out is cancel because of lack of scout sign up. Possible alternative will be a wilderness campout. Keith will report back to committee after talk with scouts. Kathy did camp research for next year, she gave print outs to Keith to look over and discuss with scouts, further discussion will be at future meetings. Keith mention additional fundraiser of Christmas tree sales, gave info to Jen to look into it further and then she will report back to committee.


Advancements Report:  Joyce advise there were 7 board of reviews in the last 2 weeks and possible 4more after tonight’s meeting. Joyce suggested that it should only take 15 minutes for a board of review. She asked about having a meeting with the Knot Patrol to go over the procedures of the board of review to take back to the scouts so they are more prepared and know how it works.  Joyce advised that she still needs blue cards and the rank advancements updated in Troop Master. Which then lead into a great discussion of the use of Troop Master. It was asked for the ASM to update troop master regularly but it was brought to the committee that it is just too much to stay on top of it along with their other duties. Chris Swanson suggested that the troop no longer use Troop master. There was a lot of back and fourth about it. Keith would like to see that it stays with the troop. Dan Suggested that it stays with the troop also and that it is a great resource if it use correctly and to keeps to scout standards. The final outcome is to keep it and have committee members take turns coming in once a month make copies of the boys books and update info into Troop master.


Treasure Report and Budget Planning:  Kathy passed out the treasure report and went over it with the committee. The budget is still not finalized and has not been voted on yet. Further discussion at next committee meeting.


Flags Update: Light discussion but it was table till next meeting when more financial information will be available.


Equipment Update: Table to next meeting

Other items: Joyce advise that she found out that she found out that the Troop did pay for adult application and the balance of the recharter account is $18 which is where this comes out of. Committee agrees that the Troop no longer pays for any new adult application.

Dan Rodriguez will take on the duty of membership chair and the training chair. Youth protection training certificates are needed on all adult application when submitted. They cannot be submitted to council with out them.

Jen will make fliers for duty description that the troop is in need of and have them for the COH. Keith suggested that they also go on the website. There was talk about Dave having information about a welcome packet. Jen will contact Dave to get the information so it can be posted also on website and to give to parents.

Andrea will contact Chic fila about another spirit night for the Troop.

Next meeting: Tuesday Sept 11th 6pm

BSA Troop 287


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