Committee Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2012

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Committee Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2012


Recorded by: Andrea Warner, Secretary

Presest: Andrea Warner, Jen Jirous, Joyce Moore, Keith Moore, Kathy Kaelin, Chris Swanson, Jon Ullman, Tom Sharp, Dan Rodriguez, David Krzemien

Minutes From June meeting was approved unanimously


Scoutmaster Report: Keith Moore

Camp went well- group picture will be scanned and sent out by Keith Moore.  Scouts would like to go back to Camp A, Keith asked if we could get someone to stay on top of it for next summer to secure a spot for our troop.

New PLC is coming up so will discuss further with the new PLC about next summer camp and will advise back to the committee.

Keith Moore reported that out of the $2500 approved by the committee for new equipment purchase, he has spent $1300. All receipts has been turned into Kathy Kaelin, Treasure at this point. Will discuss further about the remaining equipment to be purchase at next meeting.

2 Scouts were called out for the Arrow Society- Michel Swanson and Sam Moore


Events Update: August 7th-Game night Rafting trip Echo Canyon cost $85.00 per person

August 14th Reg Weekly meeting (PLC Elections)

August 14th Last night for Board of review prior to COH

August 21st– Court of Honor

August `10-12 OA Ordeal

August 17-19 Climbing MB Campout? Will North is following up on Camp Falcon

August 26th– Soup Kitchen

Sept 3rd– Labor Day flags

Sept 21-23 Shooting Campout

Sept 23rd– Soup kitchen for those who do not do the campout

Oct 19-21 Dino Death March Campout


Chris Swanson requested a planning meeting again. Requested it to be held in August and then it will be submitted to the committee by the Oct mtg.


Treasure Report- Kathy Kaelin

See attach treasure report. Further discuss was table for the August meeting. Kathy did advise that she would submit a separate report for the flag account


Advancement Report

There will be several boys doing their board of review and scoutmaster review tonight.  The accurate total will be given at the next committee meeting in August. Joyce did advise that the scoutmaster will be giving her all the updates and she will report on that at the next meeting.


Flags Update- Chris Swanson

Lost 44 houses because of the fire. There was a discussion on how and when the refunds will be given for those houses but we are waiting to hear back about that. It was said that it will be around $350/$370. Nobody will be charges for 4th of July.

Pleasant Valley- Chris will send Jen information about the flags so she can contact the HOA for it to be sent out to the neighborhood. Keith will ask the boys when they would like to do the walk through Pleasant Valley to do the door hangers. Chris Swanson will be doing to the door hangers. Jen will remind Keith about talking with the boys. Jen will also have a flag in her yard to advertise to the rest of the neighborhood. It was discuss to keep this as a regular route and not have any boy obligated to do this route and the flags will be kept at the church and not at anyone’s house.  It was advise that there are several boys that live in the area that not one or tow boys would need to be obligated to do this route. It will be assigned just like the others. It was also discuss to include the 8 flags that the Swanson’s has in their neighborhood into this route in turn the flags should be back to the church but further discussion was table for now.


COH Planning- 

Only discussion was a possible presentation from summer camp. Table till the August committee meeting

Budget Planning/ Assurances- Table for August Meeting


Equipment Update- Table for  August meeting

Popcorn Sales-

August 23rd meeting for Popcorn Kernal at the council at 6pm, Kathy Kaelin volunteer to go. Dave will be the Kernal. There will not be a Show & Sale

Further discuss will be at Next meeting

Other Items-

Jim Brinkman gave brief info to Jen about a Mountain Shadows Concert in the Chipeta Park and suggested having the boys scouts there with the flags. The scouts will be approach to see what type of involvement and Jim will be asked to contact the POC for the concert to see maybe if we could do a flag ceremony instead of having the boys standing on the sidewalks holding flags. We need more info before we can proceed with this.

Chris Swanson advise that the new website is up and running. It is more like a blog. It still has a little tweaks to work out but it is free of cost. Please sign in to the website and sign up to receive email update.

BSA Troop 287


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