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Communications Merit BadgeWe’ve started the Communications merit badge for all of Troop 287. Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, I can’t email everyone a file copy of the book.

You can download the Communications MB worksheets, though:

We’ll have to get all the scouts access to a Communications Merit Badge book as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we’ll continue working on the merit badge, starting this weekend at the Dino Death March campout.

If the boys signed up to do a program or give a speech this weekend, they need to submit an outline by noon on Friday. For should also type and print programs (for the programs, not speeches) and make enough copies for 15 people. Bring those to the campout!

For those who are giving a speech or running a program, I will highlight the requirements:


SPEECH (for requirement 3):

Write and prepare an outline for your speech which includes an introduction, three main ideas, and a conclusion. I want to look something like this (remember, you can give a speech on a topic of your choosing):

INTRO — I am going to share with you why I like the Minnesota Vikings football team.

I. Because they play in the “black and blue” division with the Packers, Bears, and Lions.

II. Because I was born and raised in Minnesota

III. Because my family members are still a big Minnesota Vikings fans

CONCLUSION—Now you know why I like the Minnesota Vikings. Skol Vikings!


When you have your outline (just the outline) ready, email it to me at by noon on Friday, Oct 19.

Your speech must be at least 5 minutes long. Let’s keep it to fewer than 10 minutes. You can use props, if you like.

You can use to notes, but you cannot simply read your speech. I want you to look at your audience, speak with confidence, and use hand gestures. You should practice your speech at least five times before giving it.





[  ] Make a campfire program:

– Opening

– Greeting, introduction of guests

– List of speeches, songs, skits with titles and names

– Closing

[  ] Get information about each presentation and presenter ahead of time

[  ] Write and print a program with the presentation information (title, name, short description, if available)

[  ] Run the campfire program:

– Make sure the stage is set and ready ahead of time

– Introduce each presenter, tell us a little bit about them

– Lead the applause at the end of each presentation

– Thank each presenter

– In between, maybe add some jokes or stories

– Be sure to be loud enough that everyone can hear you

– Keep the program moving, avoid delays, keep it fun and positive


Submit the program outline to me by email ( by Friday noon, Oct 19.

If you’re teaming up, both scouts need to have an equal role in running the program. You can work that out between the two of you. Be sure to coordinate BEFORE the campout.

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