February 11 2014 Committee Minutes

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Troop 287 Committee Meeting Notes

February 11, 2014


Discussion Items


Attendance: Kathy, Keith, Sandy, Jen, Joyce


Approval of Minutes – Kathy motion to approve, Sandy second

Scoutmaster Report –

  • Freeze-or-ree – 11 scouts attending, 8 stations run by cadets, Scouts received woodles for completing stations when they competed stations. Team competitions, survival shelter building commended, hiked a lot. A good time was had by all. Big brown tent blew over the trailer. Damaged the trailer – will try to repair this weekend. May need to replace poles for the tent. Rain flies may also need to be replaced. May need to replace camporee tents. Will sleep 3-4 boys and tall enough to stand in. Have 5 that are usable and 4 that are questionable. Boys will do inventory at the lock-in in April. Scoutmaster box broke and will need to be repaired.
  • 7 boys interested in skiing – February 22 or March 1
  • April will do lock-in.
  • July need an adult for summer camp. COH need to talk about this. Scouts can use scholarship funds to attend
  • Report on what makes Philmont “special”.  Keith will be doing meetings to discuss this. June 10-22. May need parents to volunteer to take Scouts.

Advancements Report – Jessie 61st Eagle  –

Treasurer’s Report  Kathy  –

  • Little activity to report.
  • Moved all abandoned funds into the scholarship fund.
  • Summer camp is in deficient because troop made payment and boys haven’t paid up. February COH will require payment of troop dues.
  • Jen motion to approve. Joyce seconded

Kathy will be leaving in June so we will need replacements

  • Treasurer
  • Camp Coordinator
  • Flag person
  • Fundraiser Coordinator

COH Planning – February 18 –

  • Joyce will do program.
  • Tom will do recap Scout Sunday.
  • Dan Mardis will be invited to do the Friends of Scouting campaign and the Recharter
  • Christian will MC.
  • Instead of canned goods families need to bring diapers.

Joyce asked about the troop Directory. Jen will talk with Andrea about latest version and/or will look for latest version.

Mulch Fundraiser – Kathy presented information on the mulch fundraiser. We need to decide on the process. Collect orders, plan for delivery, and putting in. Must participate in all 3 to receive funds. Will bring this up at the COH with sign-up for boys and parents who want to participate. Kathy will contact nursery to get us to sponsor this activity by bagging. Will keep us up to date.

Joyce suggested having magnetic signs to put on vehicles as we are doing the fundraising. Committee will look into this further

Camp cards – February 27 – April 14 timeframe for selling. Kathy will bring this up at COH and will have a sign up sheet at COH. Boys make 2.50 per card.

Next .Meeting – Tuesday March 18  – 6:30PM

BSA Troop 287


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