November 2014 Troop Committee Minutes

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Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2013


Present were:  Jen Jirous, Kathy Kaelin, Joyce Moore, Sandy Johnston, Tom Sharp and Keith Moore

Approval of Minutes:  Kathy noted corrections – the title needs to be changed to October not November, and the last entry should be – December committee will concentrate on Policy and Procedure Manual and the Budget for 2014.  Joyce moved to accept the minutes as modified,  Jen Seconded – all voted in favor.      

Scoutmaster Report: Keith handed out the modified Annual Report with a list of additional Merit Badges the boys would like to do.  The committee voted to approve the activities in the Annual Report but not the Merit Badges until they are scheduled.   

Keith also reported that the Knot Patrol met and asked for more parent involvement in the troop.  With only 4 Asst Scoutmasters covering events with two leaders is becoming a problem.  On last two campouts we had a parent volunteer attend as the second adult.  This worked out very well.  The committee will make a signup sheet for the Activities on the Year Plan and ask parents to volunteer.  This will include Flags Holiday sign-ups.  Kathy will lay out the signup sheet – Keith will print it in Poster size and have ready for the COH next week. 

Advancements Report:  Joyce made a motion that for all Eagles the troop would provide – Eagle Kit – Standard – Cost $26.99 and the Eagle Neckerchief and Slide – Cost $22.98 – Total Cost Approximately  $50.00 – Jen made a motion to Approve – Kathy seconded and all voted in favor.    We have two Eagle COH coming up – Michel Swanson – November 24th  and Stefan Rodriguez – January 26th.  Joyce attended the Eagle Fledgling Class – Said it was very informative. 

Treasurer Report:  Kathy handed out the Treasurer Report.  We are still within budget.  There is $330.00 in the Flag Account we can use to bring the Income up to the necessary level to cover actual expenses.  This will be determined on the final Financial Statement for 2013.  Jen moved to approve the Treasurer Report for November – Sandy seconded – all voted in favor.      

Parent Involvement Discussion:   Kathy will take the Yearly Calendar and make a Sign-up Sheet for Leaders and Volunteers.  Keith will print it poster size and bring it to the COH next week.  Sandy will staff that table and work on getting Parent Volunteers for the activities for the next year. 

Kathy will make a second Sign-Up Sheet for the Merit Badges the boys would like to do.  We will need people who have experience or interest in those areas to become Merit Badge Counselors.  That will be avail for the Parents as well. 

Sandy will also have a sign-up sheet for the Troop Website.  She has volunteered to put in the email addresses for the families that want to receive that information in their emails. 

COH Planning – November 19th:  Joyce will do the Flyer for the COH.  Canned Goods for Care and Share will be the Admission Fee for the COH.  Families will be asked to bring Sides and Salads.  Set-up – 5:30pm – Dinner 6:00pm – COH 7:00pm.

Turkeys – Joyce and Kathy

Dressing – Kathy

Mashed Potatoes – Sandy

Cranberry Sauce, Gravy, Rolls, Butter – Jen

Cake – Joyce

Tom will find out how we can do a video slide show of pictures from Summer Camp, Sea Base and other activities the boys have participated in.  He will get the format to Kathy so she can download the pictures. 

Kathy will be collecting for the Registration Dues for 2014 — $24.00 per scout and leader — $12.00 for boys life.  Also she will have sign-ups for 2014 Summer Camp – Camp Jeffrey – $100.00 deposit.

Other Items:

Parent and Leader Training: Kathy reported that she checked with the Training District Rep for Frontier and the YPT Training Disk that is used for group training has not been updated in many years.  It would take 1 ½ hours to complete.  It was decided that this would not take place during the COH as discussed.  Sandy suggested we have one meeting a month be YPT Day – During the meeting Parents can come in with their computers and complete the YPT Training with leader help.  Also the committee will look for CPR and First Aid Training that can be either at Council or at the Church for anyone who wishes to take it.  More information will be made available in the future. 

Next Meeting:  December 10th 6:30 PM:  Focus on this meeting will be to Review  the Policy and Procedure Manual and the 2014 Budget.  Please be ready by reading the Policy and Procedure Manual.

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