As Promised, here is the sign up genius for the upcoming back pack trip!

Sign up here!


This trip will be one of the most beautiful back pack trips you will ever go on in the troop.  This is available to all the scouts in the troop and will be tailored to handle all capabilities, ages, etc.

I will be from 18-20 May. We will depart from teh Church around 530pm and will return Sunday afternoon.  We might need drivers to drop us off and pick us up depending on the plan.

The only cost should be for food which is usually $12 per scout.

This is a back pack trip  so its important to have a quality backpack and a decent sleeping bag that is rated to at least 35 degrees.

The boys will determine the packing list, meal plan and routes (with adult help of course) so that information will be disseminated as its worked out.

We might divide into two ability groups so we needs at least 4 Adults.






I know most are used to a weekly post prior to the meeting. If you don’t see one please refer to the troop calendar on the website:)

Tonight’s meeting will continue with the planning of the next back pack trip.  The focus will be determining what parts of the above trail we will hit. This entire trail is 27.7 miles so we will not do the whole thing but we will hit some of it!

I also just realized that I didn’t do a sign up sheet for this campout yet.  I will get that done today!!! …along with Sign up for Flags.

SPL and PL will focus on Route planning and packing list tonight and the Scribe will post the packing list. One of these people should bring a laptop to recon the route and for the scribe to take notes on.  I believe I have a map of this area so I will try to find that too!

If you are doing a Board of Review then please be prepared to do it at 715.

There is a committee meeting tonight at 730 and all parents are invited to attend!




On May 1, scouts moved extra cots into the barn, so scouts who don’t have a cot can use a troop cot during summer camp. We then planned meals for the backpacking trip later this month. To top it all off, scouts worked on rank advancements. The PLC scheduled for the meeting has been postponed to next week.




Evan R.

Troop Scribe


Our next meeting will cover two topics: Our Flag Program and Scout Master Conferences.

Flags: We need as many parents as we can for this meeting. Our flag program funds all our purchases and many of our activities. We will prepare the flags and discuss how to successfully put out and pick up the flag.  We will also have sign up sheets for the entire year so we can all plan ahead and sign up for the days that best work for each one of us.

Scoutmaster Conferences:  We are approaching our next COH. Let’s knock out some of our scout master conferences in advance this time. Next week is our board meeting so we can do Board of Reviews. Please come prepared in your proper uniform and scout handbook if you are getting a SMC.




I remember some of you really liked the triathlon we did at the last summer camp. Here is an opportunity to train and do the same at the Olympic Training Center. Below is the link and registration if you are interested. This is an individual thing and not a troop thing so you guys can sign up on the link and have fun!!




Laser Tag at Battlefield Colorado is not cancelled due to the weather.  Just please bring hats and gloves….those metal guns can get cold on the hands.

Please make sure you have signed the online waiver before coming. Refer to the previous post for the link to the waiver.

Remember, the cost will be about $24 a person we will pay with the troop card so everyone can pay the troop (It gives us a little discount to pay all at once)

Battlefield Colorado Waiver and Update

We still need more people to sign for the Laser Tag event! Please sign up here!


All participants must sign a waiver.  Please sing the waivers before going to save time. Minors will need their own parent to complete and sign the waiver. Your check-in process will go much faster and easier if the waivers are completed online prior to the event.

There are two ways you may complete the waiver and register for your event:
1. Click on the following link:

2. Or, visit and click on the Waivers Menu at the top of the page. You can then enter the following group number: Group #: 39774

If you or your child have visited before, you should already have a login to our Digital Waiver System, and can quickly login and sign the waiver for this event.

What to Wear

Fully closed shoes are required. We play in a urban area with asphalt, gravel, buildings, uneven terrain, etc.  At some point, most people will kneel, sit or lie on the ground, so please wear appropriate clothing.
Winter Play: Please bring gloves and clothing layers as you would for any outdoor winter sport.
Summer Play: No sandals, flip flops, clogs, or other open shoes are permitted. We highly recommend long pants.

Arrival Time

In order not to miss any play time, please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your start time in order to park and check in. Our start time is 6pm so please arrive by 5:45pm.  If you are interested in weapon upgrades, they are very popular and regularly sell out, so you might want to arrive 30 minutes in advance for the best selection.


Please check the website at the link below for directions:


Free parking is available. Please check our website at the link above for parking details.

Folks, this is a great opportunity to earn a couple of Service hours for rank advancement or Merit Badge requirements.  We are helping the Soup Kitchen serve food to those that need it on Sunday from 530pm – 7pm at  Sacred Heart Church located at 2030 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

This is a great way to help the community, earn some good Karma and knock out some service hours!!

Please sign up on Sign Up Genius Here:

Thank you,
Tom Sharp



Scouts and Parents,

On Tuesday the 24th we are doing Battlefield Colorado for Game night. This is laser tag at its finest adn a ton of fun.  It starts at 6pm and goes until 730pm. Please arrive by 545pm. Also, please go to the website and fill out the online waiver before coming. The waiver can be found at  The website is to see more information on Battlefield Colorado.  The cost will be $24 a person. Parents, family and siblings can play ( Must be at least 11 years old). It would be best if we could have at least 15 people to play. If another element arrives it might be force on force…us against them.  If its us then there will be multiple scenarios that we will play.

Please sign up so we can expect you there!  You are able to use scout funds if its in your account.

Please sign up here:


The two biggest preparation items that we need to focus on are Camp Physicals and Merit Badge selection for each of our scouts.

1.This is the exact form that scouts and leaders attending camp need to have filled out.  Parents can fill out parts A and B but a Health Care Provider must fill out part C.  No scout can go to summer camp without this  exact form: lestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_ABC.pdf . In addition to the physical, scout also need this Colorado Addendum form, Parents do not: 

2.  Scouts and Parents need to send their scout’s Merit Badge Selections to Paul D an Myself by May 1st.  Paul’s email is and mine is .  Please look at the Merit Badges starting on Page 10.

Here are the recommendations:

First Year Camper Program Ideas: First Class Center advancement, Art, Basketry, Leatherwork, Poery, Swimming, First Aid, and Woodcarving Merit Badges.

Second Year Camper Program Ideas: Anything not earned on the first year camper list, Camping, Fish & Wildlife Management, Fishing, Geology, Indian Lore, Mammal Study and Rifle Shoong merit badges. This program places its emphasis on merit badge work. Camp Alexander provides the unique seng for compleon of badges that can only be earned in the great outdoors.

Third and Fourth Year Camper Programs Ideas: Anything not earned on the first or second year camper lists: Archery, Astronomy, Canoeing, Climbing, Geo‐caching, Environmental Science, Lifesaving, Nature, Orienteering, Pioneering, Rowing, Shotgun Shoong, Weather, Wilderness Survival, Search and Rescue, Emergency Preparedness, ATV Rider Course, and Welding.

An example is:

Lance W (third year scout) would like to sign up for:

9am (Session 1):  Emergency Preparedness

1030am (Session 2): Camping

130pm (Session 3): Fishing

3pm (Session 4): ATV

A first year scout might look like:

9am (Session 1) and 1030am (Session 2): Tenderfoot & Second Class

130pm (Session 3) Monday and Tuesday – Art (2 day class), Wednesday and Thursday – Basketry (2 day class)

3pm (Session 4):  Monday and Tuesday – Leatherwork (2 day class), Wednesday and Thursday-

Woodcarving (2 day class).

  • If a first year scout would like to focus on more rank advancement than merit badges then he could also do the first class session instead of one or two of the merit badges.

Some other things to note: There is a whitewater rafting option. Not a merit badge but just for fun. We have to decide if we want to try for that at the next meeting.  This guide will also tell say that scouts need to rent cots. We have enough cots for everyone so that is not necessary.




The Order of the Arrow elections are cancelled because a scout has to be 1st Class or higher and have 15 nights camping, While we have many scouts that have 15 nights camping, all of our 1st class scouts or higher have already been to the OA.

So, it will be up to the scout to decide the plan for tonight. We could get a head start on planning the backpacking trip, or we could work on some Rank Advancements/Merit Badge Requirements, or Something else.



Boy Scout Troop 287


Meeting:                      Troop 287 Committee Meeting

Date & Time:               April  10, 2018  7:30 PM

Location:                     Wilson United Methodist Church

In attendance:            S. Warner,  L. Durrenberger,P. Reeves ,R. Pharris, M. Pharris, M. Kellner,S. Johnston,S. Diggs, D Reeves. T. Sharp


Lisa Durrenberger – Committee Chair

Opened Meeting 

  • Discussion regarding recognition for 25 years being a Troop.
  • Camp Card discussion and Bass Pro Sales in April 14th, 2018, camp cards distributed.
  • Summary of Troop Roster count, 24 Scouts , 8 Scoutmasters.
  • REMINDER ***Court of Honor date change to June 12, 2018.
  • Discussion of Youth Protection Training, training has been updated and needs to be completed by October 2018. Email was sent out. There is also position specific training if needed.
  • Discussion regarding proposed service projects.

Troop Secretary- Sandy Diggs

  • Reviewed last March 13, 2018 meeting notes

Sean Warner – Scoutmaster.

  • Great Sand Dunes feedback provided. Troop led with 2 hiking opportunities. The Visitor Center was a learning opportunity for scouts.
  • Backpacking Trip scheduled for May 18th – 20th, 2018 , 2 levels of backpacking will be available for older and younger scouts.
  • Summer Camp is coming up, starting June 17, 2018. It is important to have physicals completed and merit badge selection in.
  • SeaBase Trip is scheduled for August 5-11th, 2019, Coral Reef Trip ,2 boats reserved , costs discussed. Asking for additional scouts to participate.
  • Discussion regarding need for new troop gear.
  • Order of Arrow nominations will be at the next scout meeting April 17th, 2018.
  • Game Night, April 24th, 2018, 6 to 8 p.m.  At Battlefield, 120 W Costilla St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.


Danny Reeves – Committee Treasurer: 

  • Gave the current status of the Troop’s total accounts.


Sandy Johnston Committee Member

  • Flag opportunities and positions discussed. Need all time slots for the season to be filled. Sign Up Genius for all 5 events will be sent.
  • Reminder and follow ups will be made to all who sign up.
  • Volunteers needed for Flag Program Coordinators.Troop and parent meetings are scheduled. Please all parents plan to attend May 1st, 2018





We have two sailboats reserved for Sea Base in Aug 2019. The troop has to make the deposit on the boats by the 18th of this month. Right now we are 1:1 with parents going with kids and Sea Base likes it to be more scouts than parents. If your scout would like to go with us, please let Danny R know ASAP at and cc me too please. We will have to scratch an adult if we have to go down to one boat and we don’t really want to do that.  Here is a link on Sea Base so you can check it out. The scout has to be 13 years old and have completed 8th Grade to attend.

Here is the link on the Troop Site to sign up also.





This Tuesday’s meeting is going to work on the Citizenship on the Nation MB and I would like to start at 630pm if that is ok. I would like to knock out some rank advancement for the younger scouts as well!  So the meeting would be from 630-830.

We had an AMAZING campout at the Great Sand Dunes.  The Boy led methodology is really coming along. The planning was better, the food was awesome, and the activities were super fun! The patrols are really starting to work well together. However, there is always something we can improve on. I talked to the SPL and ASPL on the way home and they stated these improvements for the next campout:

  • Planning: Time constraints for planning each parts of the campout. We don’t need to spend 45 min planning a menu. Delegate more responsibility to the Patrol Leaders.  Plan rank advancement activities into the campout. There are SPL and Patrol leader planning checklist on the website in Scout Corner and those should be used.
  • Cooking: This part went really well. We need some cleaning supplies in the Patrol Boxes and we need to organize them better.
  • Hiking: Scouts should carry their own gear. Its important that scouts learn the lessons of packing properly…or improperly.  Troop great will be distributed among the scouts.

Here are some sustains:

  • Food planning was spot on. Meals were yummy and had variety.  Patrols worked well together on camping.
  • Patrols were better organized than in the past. This made all the leadership work better.
  • Scouts really put forth great physical effort and mental determination to get to the highest Sand Dune while having fun.  We learned that you can do anything you set your mind too!!

Here is the link to pics from the campout:

Also, I apologize for the late post on the awesome Freez-O-Ree Pics that Mr. Ray took but here is the link to those as well!!

All photos can also be accessed on the top of the page under “Photos”


Order of the Arrow:  Order of the Arrow is the Honor society of Boy Scouts.  The Council Representative will be coming to the Troop on the 17th to hold a vote for those that can attend the ordeal. You must have 20 nights of camping with Boy Scouts to attend the ordeal but anyone can vote. We must have some paper complete on Tuesday for those that are eligible on Tuesday. All scouts can vote!  Here is some more information on the OA.


Battlefield Colorado:  Our next game night will be on the 24th and it will be at Battlefield Colorado at 6pm.  If you liked the laser tag we did at the last game night then you will love this. This is laser tag on steroids.  They own almost a whole city block that we can use and they will give us numerous scenarios to do.  The cost is $24 per person. Adults can play. I will play!! It will be for about 90 minutes of super fun!!  Here is a link to their website  For those that want to go, please fill out the on line waiver with them prior to the 24th.

Don’t worry about the 12 year old age limit. I talked to them and they said we are good. I’m hoping we can get 15 players.

Summer Camp: Please look at the link for Summer Camp 2018 at the top of the page. Scouts need to get a physical done and plan out what merit badges they want to do soon!  Please download the leaders guide there. It has all the instructions for both.  I will send another post soon just about summer camp but it will be here sooner than you think!



Here is some updated information for the Sand Dunes Campout:

Weather: (Make sure you bring good rain gear)

  • Friday  59/37F with a 80% chance of rain
  • Saturday 66/44F Mostly Cloudy
  • Sunday 57/28F with a 70% chance of rain


  • See directions from Wilson United Methodist Church to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve ( ) in Google Maps. Roughly a 2hr 40min Drive

Attendance:  Right now we have 15 scouts and 6 Adults signed up on Sign Up Genius. Scouts are divided into two patrols.  Please make sure yourself and scout are signed up here:


  • Friday, 6 April:
    • 5pm Meet at Church and depart as soon as we can.
  • Saturday 7 April:
    • Scouting activities
  • Sunday 8 April:
    • 9am Depart Great San Dunes
    • 12pm (noon)  Arrive at Church


  • Hikes on the Dunes
  • Navigation (Maybe Geocache to make it fun)
  • Rank Advancement and Merit Badge Completion
  • Knot Tying


  • $12 per scout for food. Campsite is $160 for everyone.  Some of that cost may be divided up among the campers or the Troop might be able to cover some of that.


  • Scouts will prepare their own food.  Geren and Austin are buying the food and overseeing the cooking activities for their respective patrols. Note that scouts will bring their Friday dinner with them…a Subway Sandwich or something like that. Please see the previous post for a list of food items and menu
  • Adults will prepare their own food. We will have some dutch ovens and will likely share breakfast and dinner.  Lunch will be on our own.

Packing List: 

* Scouts please pack your own gear, Parents check. Pack like you are back packing to get used that that and tailor as necessary to adjust for car camping:

  • Class A Shirt
  • Backpack with Waterproof Bag (Could be a lawn/leaf garbage bag)
  • Sleeping Bag – 30 degrees (or have a bivy sack to put over it to make it warm to 30 Degrees)
  • Sleeping Pad (The foam ones are the best for cold weather or at least one with a high insulation factor)
  • Mess Kit with eating utensils
  • Two Liters of Water (One should be a Nalgene Bottle)
  • Ligher/Matches
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothes to match the weather and activities (Rain Gear, Down Jacket, Fleece, Base Layer, Insulation Layer)
  • Beanie Cap (Warm)
  • Warm Gloves
  • Wool Socks and one or two extra pairs
  • Head Lamp with spare batteries
  • Hand Sanitizer (For for starting fires too)
  • Tiinder (Dryer Lint works awesome)
  • Some money to get lunch/snack/warm drink on the way back
  • Toilet Paper
  • Chapstick/Sunscreen
  • A list of rank advancements you need to accomplish!!!
  • Toothbrush
  • Wetwipes
  • Positive Attitude
  • Permission slip 
  • Scout Hand Book!!! (For Rank Advancement Opportunities) 

Troop gear:

  • Tent
  • Water Purification Pump
  • Compasses
  • Food to be purchased
  • Troop Box with cooking supplies
  • Sled
  • Troop Flag
  • American Flag
  • Troop Box complete with stove (Fuel), cooking items, Cooking Canopy, Table
  • Firewood
  • Troop Telescoping Flag Pole with American Flag


  • GPS
  • Sleds, Snowboards, Cardboard box for sliding down the sandhill. Sand will ruin your equipment so I don’t recommend good sleds or snowboards.
  • Camera
  • Book
  • Folding Chair
  • Ghost Stories 🙂

Friday night: Scouts bring their own dinner.

Saturday breakfast: Breakfast burritos- eggs, Mexican blend cheese, ham, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and bananas. (Buy one big onion, one green pepper, one red pepper, and two big tomatoes.)

Saturday lunch: Pb&J sandwiches on the dunes. White bread, nutella, and sandwich bags.

Saturday dinner: Patrol cook-off. The two patrols have chosen meal that they want to make for the cook-off. One person from each patrol is buying food for their patrol.

Sunday breakfast: Muffins. The buyer gets to choose.


Snacks: At least two boxes of granola bars and a big bag of trail mix.

Drinks: Tang and lemonade.



Evan R.

Troop Scribe

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

This Tuesday’s meeting will focus on the Planning for the Great Sand Dunes campout this weekend.  Scout DO NOT need to bring their personal gear to this meeting. This is a car camping trip and there is very low risk of gear issues.  SPL and ASPL will plan the campout using the Planning Sheet located int eh Scout Corner link at the top of the website.

Scouts will finalize meal plans, activities and packing lists at Tuesday’s meeting. The final cost will also be determined.

We will definitely hike the sand dunes and accomplish rank advancement activities.  This is also a great opportunity for Scout Master Conferences.

This campout is a family campout. Parents feel free to attend and well as bringing siblings and friends.  There is a family signup portion on the signup genius so we can determine the amount of people we need to plan for. Scouts will plan meals for the scouts.  Family members are responsible for their own meals and can coordinate together if you wish.


Here is the signup genius link:


I wish everyone a happy, safe and well deserved Spings Break. No meeting this week!




To complete our Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge we have to tour a federal facility.  Mrs Carr set up a tour of the United States Post Office for us to meet that requirement.

We will tour of General Mail Facility located at 3655 E. Fountain Blvd. on Friday, March 30, 10 AM.

Please sign up here by Monday, March 26th to attend

The Point of Contact for this tour is  Julie Carr at 303-882-7326 or

Please sign up at the following link:


On the Tuesday of March 13, we planned the meals for the Freeze – O – Ree, went over how to pack for a camp out, and looked over the troop gear to make sure we had everything we needed for the camp out.

Evan R

Troop Scribe