Scouts and Families,
There has been a delay in communication with the Discovery Center that has led me to have to cancel the work day for tomorrow, Sat, May 10.  Since I have not been granted access to install the structure, I will have to reschedule the next workday after I get the go ahead from them. Thank you all for your help with my Eagle Scout project and I apologize for the delay. I will let you know of future dates as soon as I get it worked.
I checked the SignupGenius and no one was signed up yet so that will be deleted until the next dates are decide.
Thanks,Josh Johnston719-440-7016

Hello Troop!

Its time for Rank Advancements and to present Merit Badges! Tuesday, May 21st is our Court of Honor and it will be a BBQ themed event. The Troop is going to provide the Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Brats and the Buns.  We are asking the families to bring the sides:

Please sign up for the side dish you can bring.

Set up begins at 5:30 pm and the COH starts at 6pm at the Church


Oooh, look, a pretty rock!

Above is the link to the sign up for the MTB campout next weekend. The Scouts will need a good number of attendees so they can plan for food at next week’s meeting.


Out next campout is our Mountain Bike (MTB) campout up at Farish Rec area 17-19 May. Scouts will plan food and routes using available maps at next Week’s meeting (14 May). We have to make a couple of decisions on where everyone is to sleep since we have a pavillion, a cabin, and some tent sites. We may be able to consolodate on the Pavillion with tents (which would be best). 

Anyhow, please sign up and bring your bike, helmet, and all other safety gear for a few rides.

The riding requirements are two 2-mile rides, two 5-mile rides, two 8-mile rides (in that order), and a 22 mile ride. We will try and get at least three rides in during the weekend and finish up on another weekend later this year. At least all the admin and technical stuff should be done this month!


Scouts and Families,

Tonight’s meeting kicks off our flag season. We will focus on getting our flags ready and making sure our buckets are well equipped to manage the task on Memorial Day.

This is the Troop’s primary funding effort, so we need to ensure all the flags we put in subscriber’s yards, are good to go without rips, frays, or other issues.

If you have not signed up yet for flag distributions, please do so!

I will also hand out merit badge worksheets for Automotive Maintenance (May’s merit badge-we may have to reschedule this one) and Cycling (the focus of our campout next weekend). I will put out a separate post for the campout sign up.


Sea Base parents. It’s a requirement for all adults going to Sea Base (2 per boat) that we have our Wilderness First Aid/CPR/AED certification prior to going. Danny Reeves found this class and its perfect because it cover’s it all in two days. Please sign up for the $140 option that includes CPR/AED. Its for June 8-9. I will be there…

Dear Scouts & Families,
Due to a delay in receiving supplies for my Eagle Scout project, I am going to have to delay the start date for work on my Eagle Scout project  We will NOT be meeting on Saturday 4/4 for a work day. Instead we will only meet on Sunday 4/5 and the following Saturday 4/11. Nothing else has changed. We will still be meeting on these days at my house from 10am – 5pm at 7455 Winding Oaks Drive, 80919. If you have any questions please reach out to me. I apologize for the inconvenience. I look forward to working with all of you.

Please sign up here to help out!

Thank you,

Josh Johnston 719-440-7016

Scouts and Families,

I am currently working towards the rank of Eagle Scout and one of the most difficult parts of achieving the rank is leading an Eagle Scout Project. 

The current plan is for the troop to build an outdoors exhibit for the Space Foundation Discovery Center which fits the museum’s yearly theme of Building on Other Planets. The exhibit will be a model of a Mars habitat, constructed from a PVC dome and plated with wood paneling. 

Older scouts will be in charge of using power tools (under supervision of adults) like saws and drills in order to build the dome while younger scouts will be tasked with measuring and painting. Scouts need to bring work clothes (clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty) as well as eye protection and work gloves (if they have them). Lunch and drinks will be provided.

The currently scheduled work days are May 4th, 5th, and 11th from 10 am to 5 pm. The worksite will be my house at 7455 Winding Oaks Drive. Make sure to sign up if you need volunteer hours or if you just want to help me out. 

For more information please text or call Josh at 719-440-7016


Summer is almost here and it’s time to prepare the health and physical forms.  Please turn in all forms to Mr. McDowell by May 14th because Camp Cris Dobbins requires all the forms a few weeks in advance.  Scouts cannot attend camp without all the required documents.

All forms are located on the Camp Cris Dobbins website.  Scroll down the page and look for “Youth Required Forms” in the blue column on the right side. There is also information on our website under Summer Camp 2019.

Required forms and documents for all Scouts:

1. BSA Medical Form Parts A, B, & C (parents must sign Part B, page 2)

2. Copy of health insurance card

3. Colorado Addendum: Immunizations (this form must be filled out, a printed list of immunizations from the doctor’s office is NOT accepted)

4. Colorado Addendum: Additional information

Optional forms, depending on circumstances:

Colorado Addendum: Contract to carry emergency medications

Routine Drug Administration Record, filled out with meds, dosages, times

Special Diet request form

Remember: The journey is worth it.

Greetings Scouts and Families!

This week’s meeting will focus on Rank Advancement and MB completion. Higher ranking Scouts will dedicate their time to getting who I call “First Four” Scouts (Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and in some cases-First Class Ranks) up to snuff on their requirements using the EDGE method. Adult Leaders will be on stand-by to sign off requirements and conduct any SM Conferences needed. Higher Ranking Scouts (First Class, Star, and Life) need to be ready to begin developing their EDGE methodology for use with younger Scouts and also begin thinking about their service hours and projects.

See you tomorrow night! Class B uniforms!


Scouts and Families,

Above is the latest link for our Flag program sign up. This is the program which provides most of the operating funds for our troop and is the only “Troop” fund raiser (Popcorn and Camp Cards are individual efforts). Please Take an opportunity to sign up if you can.

In preparation for our Flags season, we will be preparing our Troops inventory of flags during our May 7th meeting.

Yours in Scouting,


Tonight’s meeting

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A reminder for tonight’s meeting:

We are meeting at Fire Station 18, will have a uniform inspection and move directly into the Station tour.

Camp Card money is due to Mrs. Durrenberger. If not money, then left over cards are to be turned in.

Yes, I sold all the camp cards, madam!

See you all tonight!


Spring Soup Kitchen!

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Soup Kitchen – Community Service Hours


This Spring’s Soup Kitchen will be on April 28th at the Sacred Heart Church. It will start at 5:45pm and probably run until about 7pm. Please come in your class A’s and full of giving and helping Spirit! It will be at the Sacred Heart Church located at 2030 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

We need at least 10 scouts and 6 adults. Friends and Family are welcome to lend assistance as well. The link is above for the signup.



Date: 04/28/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 5:45pm – 7:00pm MDT

Location: Sacred Heart Church, 2030 W. Colorado Ave.


Just a reminder to get it in your mindset that next week we will be continuing our Fire Safety Merit Badge at Fire station 18 (right around the corner from the church) at 6830 Hadler View.

Remember to bring your Fire Safety Merit Badge Worksheet (filled out) and wear your Class A uniform. We will conduct a uniform inspection right at 7pm, then roll into the station tour. Patrol Leaders and SPL will conduct the inspection.



Game Night!

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We had an excellent camping trip to the Great Sand Dunes. We are going to follow it up with a fun Game night at Pinon Valley Park (5585 Mule Deer Dr.) stating at 6:30pm to maximize light and fun. The Scouts were thinking kick ball or flag football. We will make a final decision when everyone arrives.




On Tuesday’s meeting, we discussed the patrol menus for the weekend and assigned Austin and Evan to purchase the food. We also inspected our Patrol boxes and made a list of required purchases (propane, paper towels, etc).

Here is the personal gear list that we discussed (ensure you adjust for the weather!):

10 essentials

Sleeping bag – it is going to be 20degrees at night – 0 degree bag is suggested

snow gear

sleeping mat

mess kit

Check your Scout Handbook for a more complete list as well as checking over the attachment below.

Geren M.

Troop 287 Scribe


Here is some updated information for the Sand Dunes Campout:

Weather: (Make sure you bring good rain gear)


  • See directions from Wilson United Methodist Church to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Google Maps. Roughly a 2hr 40min Drive.

Attendance:  This is a family campout and we are planning on having a good turn-out! Scouts are divided into two patrols.


  • Friday, 12 April:
    • 5:30pm Meet at Church, load gear, cross load kids and gear if needed, and depart as soon as we can (hopefully by 6pm at the latest).
  • Saturday 13 April:
    • Scouting activities
  • Sunday 14 April:
    • 9am Depart Great Sand Dunes
    • 12pm (noon-ish) Arrive at Church


  • Hikes on the Dunes
  • Navigation (Maybe Geocache to make it fun)
  • Rank Advancement and Merit Badge Completion
  • Knot Tying / lashing relays


  • $12 per scout for food or so for food. Campsite is unknown at this time since we are looking at getting about four sites to accommodate everyone.


  • Scouts will prepare their own food.  Evan and Austin are buying the food and overseeing the cooking activities for their respective patrols. Note that scouts will bring their Friday dinner with them…a Subway Sandwich or something like that. Depending on weather and the time we arrive and establish camp, we may have a camp fire and have some community.
  • Adults will bring/prepare their own food. Adults are more than welcome to combine resources and prep “group” meals, but of course, that is on your own. We will have some Dutch ovens and will likely share breakfast and dinner.  Lunch will be on our own while we are on the Dunes (hopefully high dune).

Packing List (suggested-please adjust as necessary): 

* Scouts please pack your own gear, Parents check. Pack like you are back packing to get used that that and tailor as necessary to adjust for car camping:

  • Class A Shirt
  • Backpack with Waterproof Bag (Could be a lawn/leaf garbage bag)
  • Sleeping Bag – CHECK the weather and make sure your gear is rated to keep you warm!!!
  • Sleeping Pad (The foam ones are the best for cold weather or at least one with a high insulation factor)
  • Mess Kit with eating utensils
  • Two Liters of Water (One should be a Nalgene Bottle)
  • Lighter/Matches
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothes to match the weather and activities (Rain Gear, Down Jacket, Fleece, Base Layer, Insulation Layer)
  • Beanie Cap (Warm)
  • Warm Gloves
  • Wool Socks and one or two extra pairs
  • Head Lamp with spare batteries
  • Hand Sanitizer (For for starting fires too)
  • Tinder (Dryer Lint works awesome, petroleum jelly and cotton balls)
  • Some money to get lunch/snack/warm drink on the way back
  • Toilet Paper
  • Chapstick/Sunscreen – very important!
  • A list of rank advancements you need to accomplish!!! (yes, Scouts should bring their books)
  • Toothbrush
  • Wet-wipes
  • Positive Attitude
  • Permission slip 
  • Scout Hand Book!!! (For Rank Advancement Opportunities) 

Troop gear:

  • Tents
  • Water Purification Pump
  • Compasses
  • Food to be purchased
  • Troop Flag
  • American Flag
  • 2 Patrol Box complete with stove (Fuel), cooking items, Cooking Canopy, Table
  • Firewood
  • Troop Telescoping Flag Pole with American Flag (it is in the trailer)


  • GPS
  • Sleds, Snowboards, Cardboard box for sliding down the sandhill. Sand will ruin your equipment so I don’t recommend good sleds or snowboards.
  • Camera
  • Book
  • Folding Chair

Ghost Stories 

This week’s meeting will focus on camp out prep. As Geren stated in his post, the Scouts will prepare a menu (use the Scout Corner link for documents to help you out), so bring ideas! The boys will also need to ensure all Patrol Gear is up to snuff. New Scouts should bring their gear for inspection. We can adjust gear for the weather from there based on what we are seeing in the forecast. Scout meals will be a collective effort by the Scouts (and paid from Scout accounts-usually breaks down to about $12/Scout, historically).

Family and adult meals will be the responsibility of those respective families.

A weekend timeline will follow after Tuesday’s meeting. As will a “planned” events listing. We sometimes get to do what we plan to do!

See you all on Tuesday!


Scribe Notes

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On Tuesday’s Meeting we started the Fire Safety Merit badge (completed Req.1,3,4,5-the rest is homework and we will visit a station at a later date) and decided the campout for April; which will be the Sand Dunes National Monument. Next week, we will plan food and gear for the Sand dunes, so bring ideas and be ready to support if you need to complete any of the following: Cooking Requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class.

We also decided to be more careful with time management during meetings so that we only have one hour of merit badge/Admin so we have time for an IPA (Inter Patrol Activity) every meeting.

Geren M. Troop Scribe

Tuesday’s meeting!

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Greetings, Scouts and Families!

I hope you all had a great Spring Break and are ready to tackle the rest of the school year, as well as get into some great Scouting fun this Spring and Summer!

Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled for the Fire Safety MB. We will cover a lot of the admin data and there will be some homework as a result (you can get a head start if you download, print and fill out the MB worksheet).

I’ve invited the CSFD to bring a truck to the church and talk about Fire Safety and what we can do to enhance our knowledge. As for now, they have not contacted me about showing up, but they have time.

See you all soon!


The Air Force Academy decided to re-schedule their Freez-O-Ree for the same weekend as our camp out at the Great Sand Dunes.  The weekend we are making a decision on is 12-14 April 2019.  Here are the choices:

Great Sand Dunes Family Campout:  All family are invited. We will hike the sand dunes, hike a trail to the waterfalls, swim in the little lake (if the snow melt started), communitee cooking, merit badge and rank advancemetn activities. Cost will be watever the campground costs and food. 

Here is a link to the Great Sand Dunes:

Freez-o-ree:  This is on the Air Force Academy. Scouts and Adult leaders only. This is a fun event for scouts. They will have a lot of organized activities. The ciriculum the cadets do does not include merit badges or rank advancements but scout leader’s can run some inbetween and after Air Force activities. 

Please sign up for one or the other. Based on the results we will choose one of the campouts so we will assume that scouts or family that sign up for either activity will end up going to the one the troop chooses.

Please sign up for one of the campouts at the below link: