Cease fire!

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After careful consideration, coordination, contemplation, (and some other words that start with C), I have decided to cancel the trip this weekend.

If you purchased perishable food and would like reimbursement, let me know, we will get you squared away. For any non-perishables, we can save for future use, and will reimburse you for them as well.

I know this is not the decision many of you were looking for, but I want to err on the side of caution to protect the Scouts and Adult Leaders. Maybe I am being over protective (been known for that), but I believe this is the best decision for the Troop. Please know that I did not come to this decision lightly. For those of you who know me, I routinely will push the envelope to get things to happen, but this is not one of those times.

As a parent, I really want to go and have fun camping and shooting with my kid. As a leader, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of all who are involved in our activities. Not only exposure of our kids to each other, but to the many other Scouts and Scouting families who are attending CCD this weekend, and utilizing the camp and range facilities (shotgun, archery, and the other half of the rifle range).

Thanks for all the support you guys have shown via text message and such. I appreciate it.

As far as future meetings, D-11 is closed for the next two weeks, so Game Night is cancelled for the 17th. We will re-evaluate our meetings at the beginning of April. I will make a post as to where we are in that process when the time comes (school districts are re-evaluating on Mar 26th).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.


Range is HOT!!!

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Please, put a shirt on, Rambo! You’re scaring the children!

Troop, this weekend the range is reserved and so is the campsite out at Cris Dobbins, near Elbert, CO.

Here is the plan: Ethan G. and Austin P. are purchasing the food for their patrols. There are a total of 7 Scouts attending (according to the sign-up) on Saturday (plan and purchase accordingly, gents!). I think there will be 5 adult leaders there on Saturday to help supervise each other (because the Scouts don’t need supervision, right!)

Elbert County is currently under Stage 2 fire restrictions due to high winds and dry conditions, so we will not be able to have any open fires. Camp stoves and stuff like that are good to go, but no fire pit.

Weather (dress and pack appropriately). I don’t think we have anyone going that has not been on a cold weather trip, so please make sure you bring the right stuff:

FRI MAR 13Snow Showers/Wind31°26°50%SSE 24 mph84%
SAT MAR 14Mostly Sunny52°31°0%S 13 mph48%
SUN MAR 15Partly Cloudy54°35°10%S 14 mph54%

Packing: As with most cases, we like to pack out as if we were hiking across country. Self sufficiency and all that. pack what you need, but don’t over do it because you have to carry it all yourself!

Timeline (these are the hard times. Scouts will develop the backwards planning for meals and other marginal incidental things:
5:30pm Friday: Meet up at the barn and cross load equipment and kids. then roll out to CCD, set up camp, sleep. (Dinner on your own or bring it with)
8:00am Saturday: Range goes hot, Mr. Warner will provide instruction and all that. (b-fast prior-planning by Scouts)
1:00pm (or whenever): Range goes cold. We clean firearms and turn them in.
2:00pm: return to camp and work ADV, camp skills and all that fun Scout stuff. Lunch, dinner, sleep~.
No later than 10am Sunday: back at the barn for pickup. (we may be there earlier for recovery operations); (b-fast & pack-up is determined on the motivation of the crew)

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please let me know. I likely forgot something.



This week we seem to have nice weather. We also have a few things to do at this week’s meeting:
1. Mr. Durrenberger will go over some of the Cit in the Community MB work that you guys were supposed to have completed (~30 min).
2. We need to complete Campout Prep. We have a reservation at Camp Cris Dobbins for Friday and Saturday nights. We also have a reservation for their Rifle Range all day on Saturday. (I am working the logistics of what Firearms we can use there – theirs or ours and stuff like that). Regardless, we are going to shoot some targets! (~30mins)
3. Have some fun and maybe get some requirements signed off by PLs and the SPL/ASPL.(~30mins)

Sign up here (timeline is in the signup):



Scout Sunday

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Scout Sunday is this Sunday. We are meeting at 9:45 for 10:30 service.

Tom Sharp

Camp Cards!

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Troop, Here is an updated link for Camp Card sales this weekend. Mrs. Durrenberger secured us another date in April to sell cards. I’ve added it to the sign up.

Free for all on the March date, go ahead and sign up for any slot you would like to sell for.

Also, please fill in the gaps in the time slots. This way we can have continuity for cards and money from the start of the day until the last shift. If we don’t have someone to hand the cards and money to, that person will be responsible for maintaining it until the next shift shows up.


Rank ADV!

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Image result for scouts bsa rank advancement


This week will be focused on rank advancement. Since Mother Nature was not feeling well for the month of February and wreaked havoc on our meeting schedule, we have to make a few adjustments. No biggie.

We had an awesome time camping this weekend up in the rampart range. We had five Scouts learn a few things about fire making and a few tips ad tricks about bushcrafting.

Anyway, lets go through our books and make sure what we have done is documented in our Scoutbooks. I know a few of the newer Scouts are chomping at the bit to take care of some rank advancement tasks.

If you need a SM Conference, let me know via the sign up genius link below.


See you on Tuesday night!


Re-post for Scout Sunday

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Here is a re-post for the Scout Sunday you all heard about during hte CoH. We are looking for about 10 Scouts to participate. A great way to give back to the organization which gives us a home for Scouting.



Troop Class B Order Form

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Troop, here is the order form for the Class B shirts. They come in 3 varieties.: 1) short sleeve, 2) long sleeve, and 3) hooded sweatshirt.

Here is the deal on our shirts: The basic color we use is the forest green with white lettering. If you download and print this order form, this is the color combination you will receive. They are the ones we had at the CoH the other night.

If you want to change the color of the shirt, that is no problem. We will need a minimum order of 12 shirts to get the pricing listed on the form. The basic order is for any shirt color and only one ink color. So, if you want a colored shirt that is good with white ink, no problem. If we have an order that has a light colored shirt with dark ink added into the mix (like a tan shirt with black ink), we will incur a $10 service charge for that batch of shirts.

So anyway, think about it, and you can print out the order form and bring it to any troop meeting with your payment. Once we get a minimum order, we will send to print. The appropriate folks will sign off on the sheets as necessary.

Sizing. The youth small and medium are way too small for even our smallest Scout, so they are no longer being offered. If you want one for a younger sibling or something like that, let me know and we will work it out. Most kids will be able to get away with a Youth Large for a year or so, then move to an adult small. They don’t offer the sweatshirt in youth sizes. For adults: I am 5’10”, 190(ish) and an adult small sweatshirt fits me snug (I like that for hiking); I swim in the XL, but wear it casually.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know. I know I babble on about stuff sometimes, you’ll just have to get used to it.


Pizza Pal Cards!

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For those who have Pizza Pal Cards, please turn them in to Mrs. Roxann Pharris. Also, turn in the money associated with the sales that you have done.

This action is due ASAP!!! We are moving into Camp Card Season. There is a lot of money (and cards) out there. Lets get this taken care of so your Scout’s efforts are awarded in their accounts. Basically, we need to reconcile the program.

If you are interested in the Pizza Pal Card Program, please see Mrs. Pharris. Basically, they are for Old Chicago Restaurants here in town. The cards cost $15 each, and the Scout gets 50% of the sales ($7.50). The Card is worth $30 of pizza at the restaurant.


BushCraft Camping!

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Hey Troop,

This Weekend we have the Bushcraft campout planned and we’ll be meeting up on Rampart Range Road, site 951. The packing list is in the link provided below.

Alex is buying the food for the trip. Here is the menu we decided on:
Breakfast: Bacon, oatmeal
Lunch: ramen, fruit
Dinner: hobo meals (carrots, onions, kielbasa, peppers)

This is only a one night campout due to conflicting schedules and all that parent stuff. This is why there are only three meals.

After school and homework, Please leave ASAP so we still have time to set up and not get stuck in the dark. Well stay up there for one night then meet at the church around 5 o’clock Saturday. If your Scout needs a ride up please call or text 228-806-9063 (Mr. McGuire).

-Geren M.
Troop 287 SPL

Pack 24 Blue and Gold!

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“This way to Scouting, guys! Come on, lets go!”


Tomorrow night, 26 Feb, at 6pm the Pack 24 Blue and Gold dinner is being held at West Elementary School (they’ve offered to feed us-dangerous with a bunch of Scouts).

We are receiving three highly motivated Scouts into our Scouting Family. Please come on out and welcome these guys into the fold! They are also invited to our CoH tonight, so you will know who is coming over.

West Elementary School, 6pm (dinner is offered-again, eat up!). 25 N 20th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. AOL Crossover starts at 6:30pm and should take about 30 mins to complete. Let’ support these new Scouts!


Camp Cards!

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Here is a fund raising opportunity for you as a Scout. All proceeds benefit you and your Scouting career. This money earned can be used for Scouting activities or equipment directly related to a Scouting requirement (rank or MB).

Camp cards sell for $5 each and you earn $2.50 per card you sell. The troop gets nothing from this effort.

Below is a sign up for a Troop “booth” at Bass Pro Shops on March 7 from 9am -3pm. There are 12 slots available for selling at this booth (one hour slots, two Scouts per hour). Scouts will be provided with Camp Cards to sell to patrons of Bass Pro Shops and the proceeds at the end of the day will be tallied and divided by those who participated (12 slots, total divided by 12). The slots are for everyone’s opportunity. Please do not sign up for more than one slot until given the go-ahead to do so. This allows others to sign up. Once the free for all is given, and there are slots available, go ahead and sign up. If you work three hours, you will get three portions of the 12.

On an individual basis, you can sign for cards from Mrs. Durrenberger and sell them door to door. Just know that whatever cards you sign for, you are financially responsible for them. If you sign for 20 cards, you will have to turn in either the unsold cards, or the face value of each card ($5).

The camp card program is really easy and has no negative bearing on the Troop or the Scout. We simply turn in the unsold cards at the end of the season and don’t have an obligation after that. It’s a win-win situation.


As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. A brief will be provided tomorrow at the CoH.


Court of Honor!

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Tomorrow night is the CoH and we have 5 submissions for the Chili cook-off. Come-on Scouts! Show what you’ve got and throw your best work into a pot of chili! Or bring a side dish.

We are looking to feed about 50+ people (about 25 Scouts plus Family members), so be prepared for that!


Also, as a reminder from the Troop Treasurer: Bring your checkbooks, cash, PayPal link, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, etc. for due dues (see what I did there). $60 for the remainder of the year (pro-rated for new Scouts).

We will also spend about 15 minutes at the end of the CoH to talk about cold weather camping for those who are [bushcraft] camping with us this weekend. Just to make sure we are ready for the high adventure in the cold weather this weekend.

If you have any questions, let me know!


Bushcraft Campout

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Troop, in absence of the AFA Freeze-O-Ree we will be camping national forest land up on our local Rampart Range.

This will be another chance to take advantage of some great winter camping and hiking. Saturday we will be hiking to Rampart Reservoir via the Rainbow Gulch Trail. While snowshoes are not necessary you may bring them or a set of Yak Trax. Along the way and back at camp we can work on rank and merit badge requirements so Be Prepared with items you look to accomplish.

The plan is to camp along the West side of Rampart Range Road South of the Rainbow Gulch Trail Head and North of FR-306. There are some pretty good spots in that area that go primarily unused this time of year.

This will be a car campout in a winter environment so please bring appropriate gear for the task, but as always try to pack as if you were backpacking. If you are new or need assistance, seek your youth leadership and the resources of your Boy Scout Handbook and Troop 287 Webpage Resources.

Let’s get the attendance up for this activity and have ourselves a good ‘ol Patrol Cook-off.

Terrain elevation change.
Route of the hike in and back from the reservoir. We will be camping somewhere south of the start point.

Sign up is at the top of the post. Ray-thanks for putting this together!


CoH next week!

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“I tried the chili!!”


This time, we are going to make it happen (silly snow days)! CoH/Chili cook-off is re-scheduled for next week. I updated the Sign-up, so you still have time to break out grand daddy’s “burn yo’ face off” chili recipe and get ‘er done (see image above). Let’s get some competition going. Try out those recipes that can also be cooked in a dutch oven during a campout!

There are a few things that will happen at the CoH as well and I want to provide a little lead time:
1. If you have Pizza cards, or the money for them, please bring it to the meeting and give it to Mrs. Roxann Pharris.
2. Elections will be held for SPL/ASPL and PLs. Think about who you want leading you for the next six months. For the new Scouts, this will be an opportunity to see how we run our (new) election process.
3. New Scouts: Applications and dues (pro-rated to $60 for the rest of the year) to be collected.

I will put another post out, but want to get it into everyone’s mind: Next Wednesday, 26 Feb, we will be welcoming three more new Scouts from Pack 24 at West Elementary School at 6pm, so save the date and we can all be there to welcome these new Scouts. They will also be at our CoH to celebrate with us (and see what they are getting themselves into).

If you are a new Scout, do not forget to bring in your neckerchief that you received at the crossover so we can trade it out for the official Troop 287 neckerchief (see #3 above). One for one swap-no IOUs!

More to follow as we approach Tuesday. As always, give me a call/text/email if you have concerns or questions.


CoH Postponed :(

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Grunge rubber stamp with text Postponed,vector illustration


Due to the closure of D-11, we are postponing CoH until next week. If you have already started your chili, please enjoy it with your family tonight. Call this the trial run for next week!

Also, Scouts, this is your opportunity to do a good turn and clear off the driveway and sidewalks!

Anyway, stay safe and warm. We will see you next week!


Chili Cook-Off time

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It was brought to my attention that the time was not listed in the previous post for the cook-off. Here is the schedule for next Tuesday, 18 Feb:

5:30pm – arrive begin set up (tables, chairs, etc.)
6:00pm – serve food
6:30pm – collect votes on best overall chili
6:45pm – begin clean-up
7:00pm – move to sanctuary for COH stuff (goes until complete).


Scout Sunday

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Every year our Charter Organization requests that we participate in ONE of their ceremonies. We usher attendees into the pews, and one Scout reads from the scripture. This is one of the ways we give back to the organization which provides us a home for us to meet and store our stuff (along with using their kitchen and stuff for our activities).

Anyway, sign up and just sit through an hour of the Church’s ceremony on 8 March. 

Sign up here:




The February Court of Honor is upon us!

Get ready for the burn because it is time to break out the crock pots and mixing spoons for the annual Chili Cook-Off! Oh, yeah, some awards and stuff too.

So, here is the deal: bring your favorite home made chili to the court of honor and we will do a taste test and vote on the best all around chili. The winner will get a prize!

Of course, this is a family event, and the first event our six new Scouts will attend with us! Plus, there is an open invite to our Pack 24 Scouts we will bring into the fold later this month.

Also, sign up for a few condiments to bring.



Monarch Ski Day

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It is time for the Troop Ski day! Come on out and hit the slopes on the super fresh powder that Monarch Mountain has to offer.

Meet up in the parking lot of Safeway, 3275 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 at 0630 Sunday morning. Please sign up if you intend on going so we don’t leave you behind and we can situate seats and stuff like that.

Friends and family are welcome!

Mr. Warner, Mr. Durrenberger, and Mr. McDowell are all attending and there are a few seats avalable in their vehicles, so please plan accordingly.

Sign up here: