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We made it!

Ray Petree —  July 11, 2022 — Leave a comment

Just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know we have arrived safe and sound.

All the scouts have settled in to their new homes for the week, got the lay of the land, their schedules, and are ready to hit the ground running.

We had a great opening campfire last night. There was a little home sickness before bed, but that quickly subsided.

All is well, and we will post updates as service allows.

Mr. Petree

Meeting 6/28/22

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Tomorrow night we will be meeting up at the barn. Attire will be Class B uniforms.
We will have some fun patrol challenges and further develop our teamwork. We need to get our new Patrol names, calls, flags, etc. ready. Patrol Leaders make sure you are present.
There are still a lot of adventures to have this summer and we will be taking advantage of the daylight to make sure we are prepared and everything is in order.

Many of you have troop gear that you had taken home to cleanup following outings. Things like tents and stoves etc. Please take a look around and bring those with tomorrow evening. We need gear back to make sure we are ready for the next adventure. Check twice!

Speaking of next adventure…. get ready for Summer Camp. We have signed up and chose our merit badges. All we need to do is pack… right!?!?! … Wrong!!! Many are still missing medical forms. Mr. McGuire has been asking and asking. If you turned them in… Great Job! If not, the deadline is tomorrow night. Bring them with you.

August will be Squirrel Creek Backpacking Trip and Bishop’s Castle. Post and more info coming soon.

Things you’ll need…..
1. Good Attitude
2. Scout Book
3. Troop gear you have
4. BSA Med Forms (A,B1,B2,C)

See you soon!
Mr. Petree

Meeting 6/7/22

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We will meet inside the church for tonights meeting.

The Philmont Crew will be bringing all their gear in to do a shakedown and we will take this opportunity to discuss backpacking planning, packing, and gear. It will be a great warmup for Summer Camp coming in July and Squirrel Creek Loop Backpacking Trip in August.

After that we will continue to work on some advancement and conduct another teambuilding IPA (Inner Patrol Activity) if we are focused and have time.

Reminder that we have Flag Day on June 14th. There may be slots left. This is a great way to raise some funds for your scout account. Due to our flag fundraising and a lot of the troop being away at Philmont there will not be a meeting on June 14th. Enjoy your family, friends, and celibrate that awesome stars and stripes.

Next meeting will be June 21st and we will have a game night with the activity to be determined. If you have ideas and suggestions, bring them tonight.

Philmont Crew!!! Bring your packs fully ready to go. We meet at the barn tomorrow morning at 0700 to hit the road to New Mexico.

Yours in scouting!

Mr. Petree

Camp Cards

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Hope you had fun and were successful selling camp cards. Now that we are at the end of the selling period, I need everyone to reconcile with me at tonights meeting. Please bring the money for the ones you sold and any ones you didn’t so we can settle up with the council.

Mr. Petree

Metting 5/24/2022

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Following the Court of Honor last week we will be distributing the new position patches and determining the new patrols.

To start things off we will work on a round of fun team building activities tonight to build that patrol comradery. Get ready for some teamwork.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!!!

Mr. Petree

Tonight is the night! Tonight we get to honor and celebrate all of the hard work and accomplishments we have realized over the past three months.

Remember to look your best and bring your loved ones.

Dinner at 6:00; awards at 7ish.

Cannot wait to see you all.

Mr. Petree

Meeting 5/10/22

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Tonight at the meeting we will be holding elections for the next round of Troop Leadership and working on some bushcraft skills. This will allow those participating in a Board of Review to sneak away and level up!

If you would like to run for a position you will have the opportunity to address your peers prior to casting of ballots.

Whether running for office or crushing your Board of Review, remember to look your best…. Class “A” uniform.

See you all tonight!

Mr. Petree

Meeting 5/3/2022

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Tonight, being the first meeting of the month, is…. you guessed it Uniform Inspections! This will help us get all ready for anyone performing a Board of Review next week on 5/10/22.

In addition we will be working on campout prep for the Lathrop State Park Trip, and working on those last few rank requirements before the Court of Honor on 5/17/22. (If you havent signed up…. the time is now. See the “Activity Signup” tab or links below.

Lathrop State Park

May BBQ Court of Honor

We will also talk about Board of Review scheduling, Summer Camp med forms, Camp Cards, Rotary Club Color Guard, and Flag Fundraising.

See you all tonight!

Mr. Petree

Meeting 4/26/2022

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Don’t forget your handbooks!


With the Court of Honor rapidly approaching I look forward to all the awards, merit badges, and ranks we will be handing out. Tonight we will be working on those last odds and ends to assist you in getting to that next level. The Scout leadership will be working the EDGE method with those who need it. The Assistant Scoutmasters can sign off on rank requirements. I will be available for Scoutmaster Conferences and be taking signups for Board of Reviews with the Troop Committee to be held at the May 10th meeting. Lets do this!

I will also have Camp Cards available for those of you who want to sign them out or need another batch if you have sold all yours.

See you all tonight!


Camp Cards are in!

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Camp Card season has started. Just $5 each! I just picked some up from the Council office yesterday. It runs from now until June 2nd. You may check them out from me starting next Tuesday in groups of 10 cards each. You may sell them and return the money to me during our Tuesday meetings and check out more as needed.

You will be responsible for any cards you check out, so keep them safe. I will have a check out sheet you will need to sign acknowledging receipt. If you lose the cards you will have to cover those costs. On the May 31st Tuesday Scout Meeting we will collect final funds and any unsold cards so we can give them back to the Council by June 2nd.

So, get ready and start raising some funds to put in your scout account!

Mr. Petree

Hello Scout Families!

ASM Jason Holpuch here with some details on the upcoming family campout May 13th-15th at Lathrop State Park.


Lathrop is about 90 miles South of COS, near Walsenburg, CO.  

Lathrop is Colorado’s first state park and there are lots of outdoor opportunities here including bike trails, hiking, kayaking or SUP, fishing, beach zone, and even a golf course in the park!
We can come up with an activity plan based on feedback and interest from the scouts.
I have 5 campsites reserved which will accommodate up to 30 people and 6 cars for the campout.
I look forward to seeing you at the family campout May 13th-15th! 

– Jason Holpuch

Game Night 4/12/2022

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Following our strenuous adventure it’s time for some fun. Ultimate Cabbage at the Wilson Ranch Park just behind the barn. Class B uniforms or athletic attire (Don’t forget hoodies or light jackets). I’ll get the cabbages. We will meet at the barn as usual and walk as a group along the trail to the park for some fun and games. While the scouts are doing getting their game on, the Troop committee will be meeting in the church. Get some!!



Great job on the recent backpacking trip. It was a first for many, we had a great time, and we learned lots of lessons. Hopefully many more to come for each and every one of you. Here are some of the memories.


Austin, Hunter and I did some recon yesterday afternoon after hearing there may be additional road closures at the location of our new trek. The rumors were correct that Gold Camp Road is closed near Helen Hunt Falls, but we checked out and were successful taking an alternate route. We made it to the trailhead.

Even though there is a parking lot the plan is to be dropped off and picked up as originally planned. We do not want to leave any vehicles at the lot. We will meet at the barn tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 pm sharp, and plan to be on the road before 5:30 pm. We will caravan as a troop from the barn to the trailhead.

There is not a long drive, so those that usually eat in the car Friday night should keep that in mind. Come will a full (but not to full because we are hiking Friday evening) belly, or something snacky you can eat quickly during the drive, on the trail, or once you arrive at Friday night camp. An extra ramen in their pack never broke any ones back.

Patrol Shoppers should arrive with food rations broken out for each person in their patrol to carry. No flats of Costco muffins to carry down the trail.

Everyone should arrive with their packs completely packed minus the room you left for food and troop gear. We will hand out the divided gear (Personal ration of food, Jet Boils, Fuel, Tent parts, and Water filters) at the barn to have you add them to your packs. Remember to have plenty of water/water containers. While there are a number of watersheds shown on the map, we are not sure what the levels will be. There appears to be some snow patches still on the north slopes of certain areas, so we may be able to use that as a source as well.

Remember this time of year can be hit or miss with weather. It could be sunny and warm as well as rainy or snowy in the same day. Layers are our friends. Bring the appropriate gear. No big snowboarding jackets and snow pants. Instead a base, mid, and outer layer.


I have maps all printed for both treks.

The roster I have is as follows:

+/- 10 Mile Trek

Mr. Holpuch, Mr. Kunkle, Mr. Boydston, John, Ben, Madden, Jefferson, Alex, Hunter, Hayden, Nickolai, Sam, Zayden, Scott, and Miles

+/- 20 Mile Trek

Mr. Petree, Mr. Winslow, Austin, Evan, Matt

Drivers, Thanks so much for the assistance. Just for being awesome we reduced the drive time for you this one time from 2+ hours each way to about 20 minutes.

Look forward to it gentlemen!!!! remember to Be Prepared

Mr. Petree

Meeting 4/5/22

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Due to the wind and possibility of rain, let’s meet in the the chapel tonight. Don’t wanna mees up those nice uniforms. Hint Hint. Uniform inspection.

Things to remember… bring your books for tracking rank advancement and if you have a troop tent or other gear from a recent outing please bring them so we can return them to inventory.

See you soon

Mr. Petree

Change of Plans!

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Austin, Hunter, and I did some recon to prepare for the upcoming backpacking trip only to find that the last almost 8 miles of CO 56 are closed. This means we will not be able to drive to our drop-off point. Rather than adding 8 miles to each of the routes, we spent most of the day looking at other options. Here is what we came up with.

This route will be a loop and is located right in our own backyard. We will start near Helen Hunt Falls and in keeping with the original plan take off in two different directions. We will again meet up on Saturday afternoon and camp together and then finish as a Troop. While it was not what we were hoping for, this does have some benefits… first, it is about two hours closer. Second, because it is a loop we can leave vehicles at the trailhead and return to them reducing the headache of the drivers necessary for a thru trek and allowing some adults who might have wanted to come to join in. With that being said please reach out if you are an adult who wanted to go but couldn’t before. Finally, it is a bit shorter on both loops for those who may have been unsure about the distance.

We will discuss this more on Tuesday evening.

Mr. Petree


Mr. Anderson here….

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge is an Eagle requirement and a relatively difficult badge to earn. I am a counselor for this badge and would like to begin working on it with interested scouts. The requirements for this badge are complicated and require reading, research, field trips, and volunteer service hours, so I recommend it only for older scouts at this time.  (Younger scouts are encouraged to pursue any of the many “more fun” badges to get started.)
If you would like to participate, please send me an e-mail with the subject “BSA 287 Citizenship” to:
I will e-mail you a worksheet to help you document the requirements and we will use the e-mail list to coordinate the various necessary field trips.


We are in need of drivers for the upcoming Lost Creek Wilderness Backpacking trip.

We currently have 19 adventurers (15 Scouts and 4 Adults (2 to support each route)) signed up to attend and conquer the upcoming outing we have planned, but only enough drivers to drop off 13 at the starting point and pick up 15 at the finish line.

I know that there may also be some other adults that would like to attend the trek, but were not able being we are making the Scouts a priority and only allowing additional adult participation if there was extra space in which we are currently lacking.

Being this is a thru trek we will not be finishing anywhere near where we will be starting. Therefore it is not feasible to leave any vehicles parked at the trailhead for transport purposes.

If you can help with transportation to or from it will be very helpful and much appreciated by these young explorers. Sign up at the link below for one or both of the driving options.

The dropoff plan is to meet at the barn at 5 pm to go to Lost Park Campground at end of CO56. Please comment on how many Scouts and packs you can drop off.

The pickup plan is to be at the Ute Creek Trailhead near Teryall Campground off CO77 at noon where we plan to exit the wilderness. Please comment on how many Scouts and packs you can retrieve.


Just a reminder that we have an awesome thru trek planned in the Lost Creek Wilderness coming up. The weather is getting warmer and its time to hit the mountains on foot. We still have plenty of youth slots available on both routes, so jump on board! We are still in need of one adult who is up for the challenge to accompany the hard chargers taking on the 20 mile route.
Remember to sign up for the trip so we will be prepared to plan this out tomorrow night.


Ray Petree —  March 21, 2022 — Leave a comment


Just a reminder that we will not be having a meeting this week due to spring break and a lot of the Troop out on adventures with their families. If you are traveling, have fun and be safe! See you next week.

Mr. Petree