Raspberry Mountain Day Hike Tomorrow

Ray Petree —  November 4, 2022 — Leave a comment
Hey, look! I’ts Scott Hoekstra


Tomorrow we will meet in the Church parking lot at 7:00 am to group up and head out for our hike.

With the chilly weather, dress appropriately in layers. Bring your pack with your 10 essentials to include snacks, lunch, and water.

I originally posted we would be back at 4 pm, but with the quality of these hikers, we may be back earlier but will make sure to stop and smell the flowers and practice some scout skills, like they will be navigating…. not me. I’ll bring maps. On the other hand, we may not come back and choose to just live out a less complicated existence in the beautiful Colorado Rockies…. no…. well be back.

According to the signup we have 3 adults and 5 scouts. I will take Austin and Matt, Mr. Hoekstra will take Scott and Alex, and Mr. Holpuch will take Jefferson.

Ray Petree


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