August push for Scouting!

Dan McGuire —  August 1, 2021 — Leave a comment


We made it back safe and sound from our month long road trip and we are eager to get back to Scouting!

This month brings us a new school year and some busy times, so we are going to get our camping done early.

This weekend (Aug 6-8) is our next scheduled campout. Which means we are planning this week (Aug 3) for that event. More to follow on that out and back hike near Cheeseman Reservoir this week.

Here is how this week’s meeting will work: Opening, uniform inspection, then campout planning. I’ve got a few SMC’s to knock out as well, so we will get into it and stay on task as much as we can.

Next week should be game night (pushing to the 17th), but we have the COH this month, but it isn’t until the 24th. This means we have a few more weeks to get rank and MB requirements completed before getting awarded!!

Next week (Aug 10) we can schedule the follow up to last months MB class, which really seemed awesome, I’m sad to have missed it.

The 17th we can get to our game night, which will be a good thing since many of you guys are starting school that week, and may need a stress relief session. Need some ideas of what you all want to do – Battlefield is closed during the week.

The 24th is our COH, which is usually an Ice Cream Social. Troop is buying all the supplies, we will need to know if there are any dietary concerns (nuts, dairy, etc.)

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of our Troop, so there may be a few more items to talk about during the program and all that. More on that later. (possibly pushed to the Nov COH as that one is more celebratory in nature (T-day and all).

Scribe: You’ve got a lot of work to do on the slideshow and program. The SPL usually runs with the program, so make sure you are coordinating with him on it. Lots of MBs and rank ADVs, plus OA inductions to be mentioned in the program and recognized at the ceremony.

If you all have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.


Dan McGuire


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