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Here is a fund raising opportunity for you as a Scout. All proceeds benefit you and your Scouting career. This money earned can be used for Scouting activities or equipment directly related to a Scouting requirement (rank or MB).

Camp cards sell for $5 each and you earn $2.50 per card you sell. The troop gets nothing from this effort.

Below is a sign up for a Troop “booth” at Bass Pro Shops on March 7 from 9am -3pm. There are 12 slots available for selling at this booth (one hour slots, two Scouts per hour). Scouts will be provided with Camp Cards to sell to patrons of Bass Pro Shops and the proceeds at the end of the day will be tallied and divided by those who participated (12 slots, total divided by 12). The slots are for everyone’s opportunity. Please do not sign up for more than one slot until given the go-ahead to do so. This allows others to sign up. Once the free for all is given, and there are slots available, go ahead and sign up. If you work three hours, you will get three portions of the 12.

On an individual basis, you can sign for cards from Mrs. Durrenberger and sell them door to door. Just know that whatever cards you sign for, you are financially responsible for them. If you sign for 20 cards, you will have to turn in either the unsold cards, or the face value of each card ($5).

The camp card program is really easy and has no negative bearing on the Troop or the Scout. We simply turn in the unsold cards at the end of the season and don’t have an obligation after that. It’s a win-win situation.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. A brief will be provided tomorrow at the CoH.


Dan McGuire


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