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Dan McGuire —  February 19, 2020 — Leave a comment
“I tried the chili!!”


This time, we are going to make it happen (silly snow days)! CoH/Chili cook-off is re-scheduled for next week. I updated the Sign-up, so you still have time to break out grand daddy’s “burn yo’ face off” chili recipe and get ‘er done (see image above). Let’s get some competition going. Try out those recipes that can also be cooked in a dutch oven during a campout!

There are a few things that will happen at the CoH as well and I want to provide a little lead time:
1. If you have Pizza cards, or the money for them, please bring it to the meeting and give it to Mrs. Roxann Pharris.
2. Elections will be held for SPL/ASPL and PLs. Think about who you want leading you for the next six months. For the new Scouts, this will be an opportunity to see how we run our (new) election process.
3. New Scouts: Applications and dues (pro-rated to $60 for the rest of the year) to be collected.

I will put another post out, but want to get it into everyone’s mind: Next Wednesday, 26 Feb, we will be welcoming three more new Scouts from Pack 24 at West Elementary School at 6pm, so save the date and we can all be there to welcome these new Scouts. They will also be at our CoH to celebrate with us (and see what they are getting themselves into).

If you are a new Scout, do not forget to bring in your neckerchief that you received at the crossover so we can trade it out for the official Troop 287 neckerchief (see #3 above). One for one swap-no IOUs!

More to follow as we approach Tuesday. As always, give me a call/text/email if you have concerns or questions.


Dan McGuire


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