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This whole world-wide situation seems to bring up a great time to think about Emergency Preparation. Or, maybe we are a little behind the power curve on this one!

The governor has basically closed Schools for another month (until April 17th). For many of you, this means doing your sch oolwork online and emailing, or posting results of your teacher’s assignments to a website. Many of us parents have either taken some classes online, or had some training conducted online, or something like that. So, now it is your turn to get that experience.

Anyway, I thought I would give this on-line training stuff a try with you guys. If you attend Eagleview, you may be familiar with Flipgrid. It is a platform for learning where the teacher posts a short video discussing the requirements, and the students respond in kind with their answers, comments, or whatever is required.

I would like to try this format on this site with the E-Prep MB. If it works out well, we will do other badges this way (and I will encourage the higher ranking Scouts to lead some Rank ADV as well). I also encourage the other Adult Leaders to take up something like this as well. Even if it is just discussing what they have learned from MB work (Cit in Community pops to mind!)

Below is the link to the E-Prep “class”. Be fore-warned: I still require the E-Prep worksheet to be filled out. You can download it from the links, as well as the workbook.

Here is how the class will run: I will post an intro video about E-Prep and discuss the (9) requirements. What I expect from you is that you do the worksheet print or hand written is fine, so long as I can read it when you turn it in. Scanned copies will work since we will be separate for a while.

If you have already completed the First Aid MB (Requirement 1), then you are good to go. If you have not completed it, no worries, we will get to that MB this summer, likely. But by then, you will be done with the rest of the E-Prep MB.

I will also expect you to post a response video for the requirements 2a, 3 (a-d), 4, 5, 6- a recap of what you learned during this requirement, and 8-an explanation of your kits (a walkthrough of the kits).

Rehearsal of your videos is important, so “Be Prepared” before you start shooting the video! Geren has graciously volunteered to do the first set of videos. You can emulate how he does his or be as creative as you want (get family members involved-it’ll be fun!)

If you have an issue posting your videos, we can work something out, no worries. I want you to be successful in this endeavor and learn something as well. So if you have limiting circumstances, let me know.

I also encourage learning from each other by discussing (politely) what each other has posted with a response post of your own. Not a requirement, but encouraged. Ideas for your kits is an easy one. Not everyone has the same stuff available or may not think of that “gadget” that may end up being really useful.

Requirement 7 is the tricky one. Here is what will happen: You will write up a plan to aid the local office of emergency management in a disaster relief effort. There will be many agencies involved and our troop will be assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator to direct traffic into a huge parking lot located in the north west side of the New Life Church (Google map it for reference). The Incident Command Headquarters will be located inside the church, with the various agencies aiding in the disaster located within the building as well. Our Troop will be assigned to direct traffic into the parking lot in an organized manner. Also, Care and Share will have a distribution point on the south east side of the church where we will also be tasked to route recipient traffic through so they get the goods they need to survive for a few days. Your plan should have a map of parking and traffic flow (your parents can lend assistance with this part). The map should show where parking is, how the care and share line will be run and how those folks will be separated from the folks who are working at the headquarters. Your plan should have an equipment list as well. Just remember-we may be working into the night!

You are doing your part in the current “emergency situation” by practicing social distancing, staying home and NOT going out into public crowded areas unnecessarily, I think you are participating in an Emergency Service Project (a real one). However, I still want to see your efforts in drafting up a plan!

The rest of the requirements will be “graded” and discussed individually when you turn in your worksheet. We can do that via FaceTime, Skype, or whatever with your parents permission (and presence).

There are many resources available for research on this topic. A simple Internet search will land you sufficient results.

I know there is a lot of work associated with this MB, however, it is an Eagle Required Badge, and I would really like you all to take something away from this badge. If you sign up, please understand that a bit of effort is required.

Here is a kicker: if you are interested in the Moviemaking Merit Badge, let me know before you start videos on this one, we can work the requirements together.


I will also be available via phone, or video chat. Just give me a heads up since I still have to work at the police department during this madness.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

Here is the link to the class (use @BSAt287 as the password-case sensitive). Log in with the code: mcguire3820. Then enter the password above.



Dan McGuire


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