Enviro Science MB continues next week!

Dan McGuire —  August 25, 2021 — Leave a comment

Hello Boy Scouts! 

I am looking forward to continuing the Environmental Science badge with you this coming Tuesday (8/31).  I know this badge is very “school-y” but it is eagle required and I think you’ll be much happier if you do it as a group than on your own!  Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

·         If you were at the first meeting please try to have the booklet filled out (pages 1-4) and bring your completed “Help Wanted” poster.  If you have completed step 4 (choose an outdoor study area) great, but if not we can talk more about it on Tuesday.

·         If you missed the first meeting but would like to complete this badge with us please email me right away.  I can tell you how to complete the experiment we did together (page 8) and get you all caught up.

If you need a reading booklet please let me know.  I have 2 that I can arrange to get to you or you can download a digital version from the scout store for $5.

I’m here for questions!

Jenine Winslow



Merit Badge Workbook:

Dan McGuire


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