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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for signing up for flags for Flag Day. We will be placing about 194 flags including the church flags for this holiday. Below are the assignments for each route.

The reason we have two cars following each other is because of convid19. We are trying to keep your exposure to others down. If you want to ride together and both parties are in agreement that is fine. If you decide to stay separate one driver will have to drive and navigate unless you have another family member that can ride with you to help navigate to the right house. (Example: My older son who is not a scout is going to navigate for me.) I believe someone on each team has done this before, so please help out the new scouts. I will have a printed route for each car and I will be available for any questions or concerns that may come up. I will send out a group text and I will be your point person so please text me when everyone is finished with their routes.

(Renee Text: 719-533-0473)

Meet at the Scout Barn (behind the church) at 6am, and we will load up each car one at a time. Please have your scouts dressed in CLASS A UNIFORM, and make sure each scout WEARS their REFLECTIVE VESTS that is in the bucket. Each bucket has everything you need (Including Printed Routes). We will meet back up at the barn at 6:00pm to pick up flags. Please zip tie every 5 flags together as you go. When you are done and get back to the barn unload flags and buckets into the barn. Thank you for everyone’s help.

Route A        

Driver w/Flags: Paul

Driver: Shari               

Navigator: Lisa         

Scouts: Jack/Cam

Route B 

Driver w/Flags: Josh               

Driver: Kyle


Scouts: Elijah/Alex  

Route C       

Driver w/Flags: Renee 

Driver: Shawn            

Navigator: Aidan

Scouts: Zander/Noah

Route D        

Driver w/Flags: Dave              

Driver: Jason


Scouts: Jefferson/Adam

I will see everyone on Sunday Morning. Thank You! Text or email me if you have questions before Sunday.

Renee Hames



Renee Hames


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