Game night!

Dan McGuire —  December 16, 2019 — Leave a comment

Troop, tomorrow night is game night and it was voted that Battlefield Colorado is the place to be. However, they are on limited ours of operation during this time of year. We will need at least 10 players to make a reservation, and see if they will open the facility for us. So, please sign up if you are planning on going. Once we get the 10 rsvps, I will call and make the reservation. If not, we will have to make a quick decision on what we are going to do.

Here is the sign up:

Here is the weather forecast, dress accordingly.

6:00 pmClear28 F22 F2 %0 in0 %6 F38 %5 mph WNW30.40 in
7:00 pmClear26 F20 F2 %0 in0 %6 F42 %5 mph WNW30.41 in
8:00 pmClear26 F20 F2 %0 in0 %6 F41 %5 mph WNW30.42 in

Lastly, there have been many inquiries about visiting our troop as Webelos. This particular game night we do once a year and have a great deal of fun doing it, so if you are a Webelos and are viewing this post, please feel free to sign up and have a great time with your future troop!


Dan McGuire


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