Great Sand Dunes or Freez-O-Ree Vote

Sean Warner —  March 20, 2019 — Leave a comment


The Air Force Academy decided to re-schedule their Freez-O-Ree for the same weekend as our camp out at the Great Sand Dunes.  The weekend we are making a decision on is 12-14 April 2019.  Here are the choices:

Great Sand Dunes Family Campout:  All family are invited. We will hike the sand dunes, hike a trail to the waterfalls, swim in the little lake (if the snow melt started), communitee cooking, merit badge and rank advancemetn activities. Cost will be watever the campground costs and food. 

Here is a link to the Great Sand Dunes:

Freez-o-ree:  This is on the Air Force Academy. Scouts and Adult leaders only. This is a fun event for scouts. They will have a lot of organized activities. The ciriculum the cadets do does not include merit badges or rank advancements but scout leader’s can run some inbetween and after Air Force activities. 

Please sign up for one or the other. Based on the results we will choose one of the campouts so we will assume that scouts or family that sign up for either activity will end up going to the one the troop chooses.

Please sign up for one of the campouts at the below link:


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