March Committee meeting minutes

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Troop 287 Committee Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2013 6:30-7:30PM
By Andrea Warner
Discussion Items
Welcome In attendance: Dan Rodriguez, Dave Krzemien, Jen Jirous, Keith Moore, Tom Sharp and Andrea Warner
Approval of Minutes-Jen made motion, Dan 2nd, all in favour
Scoutmaster Report – Keith No meeting next week due to spring break. April 2nd Game night TBD but will be at church, April 2nd parent meeting for those going to summer camp A, April 9th weekly meeting Citz in the world MB and Tshirt order due for Sea Base, April 16th weekly meeting shake down for the camp out menu selection money due for camp out, April 19-21 Cook-O-Ree at Ft Carson sigh up sheet out, April 23rd Weekly meeting citz in the world MB, April 27 work day at the church
Treasurer’s Report – Kathy- Did not go over report but was given out by Kathy
Advancements Report – Joyce No report
New Permission Form for Activities – Dave K – Andrea made motion and Jen 2nd all in favor. Jen will email PDF to Swanie to put on website. Dave also mention that whenever the troop does anything away from the church that a tour permit plan has to be completed. Dave will advise Keith that it will be his reasonability to submit them online from now on. Jen will look into the form and see if it can be posted on troop website
Camp Cards- Kathy gave to Keith- He will pass out to scouts tonight and all money and unsold cards will need to be turned back in by April 23rd.
Jen Took over notes:
Welcome / Informational Packets – It was suggested to add a photo disclosure form to the new scout packet so we have permission to put pictures on the web and other troop materials. Jen will work with Kathy on this.
Dan asked about the activity roster list on Troopmaster. He will check Troopmaster to see is this is being done and/or when the last activity was logged. He will work with Keith on making sure this is done and draft an instruction sheet for the ASMs so this will be done in the future. The importance of having this up to date on-line was discussed.
Andrea passed out Troop Directory. The committee agreed that it should be mailed to the adult listed members with a request for permission to distribute this to all parents. If given permission, we should have it available at the next COH.
Scholarship Guidelines – The scholarship application was distributed. The committee suggested that we add criteria for applying and discuss at the next meeting. Dave suggested that we look at for an example. Jen will research this.
Committee Member Roles – roles should be revisited each year and allow for shifting of responsibilities. It was highly encouraged to get new members just present at meetings so they are familiar with roles as members leave and those positions need to be filled. This will be highlighted at the next COH. We just need people to attend so they are familiar with the process!
Flags / Policy and Procedures manual – Dave and Jen will meet with the Rotary. Dave will set a date/time. An additional meeting on April 30th at 6:30 that focuses on flags was decided.
Tom will approach Pastor Dave about the Scout Membership Policy and update the committee at the next meeting.
Dave K suggested that we buy a couple cases of paper for the church to pay them back for the printing we do. The committee approved. Jen will work with Kathy on this.
Dave informed the committee that Bill Chadick is moving and would like to recognize him with an award at the next COH. The committee approved and will discuss at the next meeting during COH planning.
Tom will look into the God and Country activity to do in conjunction with the church. He will update the committee at the next meeting
Jen reported that the troop met the Friends of Scouting goal so the troop will receive free advancements for the next year. Kudos to donators!
Next Meeting – April 9, 6:30PM
Adjourned 8:15 PM

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