April Committee Meeting Notes

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Troop 287 Committee Meeting

April 15, 2014

Discussion Notes

Attendees: Kathy K., Tom Sharp, Sandy Johnson, Jen Jirous, Phil Stafford, Andrea Warner


Approval of March Minutes – Kathy approved, Keith second

Scoutmaster Report – Keith shared information about Philmont and materials to be purchased (T-shirt, Bandana). A scout from Kentucky wants to join our troop for Philmont because our troop has an extra spot and is doing the 110 mile trek. Keith needs to find out more information but with check with the boys and other adult leaders. The only concern of the committee was to ensure that the scout is physically able to handle the trek. We need to have a firm commitment by May 15 from him.


  • Easter Egg hiding Saturday 10-12 at Wilson church.
  • April 26 Lock-in. Scouts will go through gear and will let committee know if any equipment is needed.
  • April 27 – soup kitchen
  • May 10 – help with Men’s fellowship breakfast.
  • Backpacking – first weekend of May. Need adult leader to be able to do it.

Advancements Report – Not available

Treasurer’s Report. Jen make a motion to approve. Sandy second.

  • Kathy suggested we search for banks that don’t charge for debit cards.

Flag Update –

  • The troop was asked to attend the Mountain Shadows Community Association meeting on April 30 to promote the flags at 6PM. We need several scouts and adults to attend and promote.
  • Flag repair will happen during the lock-in.
  • $25 donation for burning flags. Kathy will put it in the scholarship fund. Kathy will write a thank-you letter and have the boys sign.

May COH Planning – Cookout

  • Jen will check with Joyce about flier.
  • Kathy will get the meat, buns, or condiments.
  • Eating at 6. COH starts at 7. Jen will ask Joyce about the cake.

Recruitment Opportunity – April 19 – cannot setup due to the short notice but we can. Sandy would like to step-up recruitment coordinator if someone else can takeover some flags. Kathy has welcome packets. Sandy will check out creating a tri-fold brochure and check into visiting troops.

Other items

Next Meeting – Tuesday May 13 – 6:30PM

BSA Troop 287


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