New Year, new possibilities!

Dan McGuire —  January 13, 2020 — Leave a comment
But, no evil stuff this year.


Here we go! Tomorrow is our first meeting of the year and we will kick it off with some decisions on this month’s (and next month’s prospective) activities. I know we threw a few ideas around last month, but we didn’t lock anything down. So, let’s do that tomorrow night! Then next week we can have a prep meeting for the event.

As soon as we do that, Mr Durrenberger is ready to launch us into the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge (Eagle Required). We may have a few Webelos join us tomorrow to check us out, they are more than welcome to sit in on (and get credit for) the merit badge work.

Just as a reminder: we have revamped our MB work to limit the classroom stuff and put a little more responsibility on YOU as the Scout to learn on your own. Mr Durrenberger is going to lay out the requirements for the badge, and discuss some of them as well (satisfying the requirements). After that, it will be the individual Scout’s responsibility to do a little homework on the remaining items and bring that knowledge back to and demonstrate/brief/discuss to Mr D’s satisfaction before he signs off on your blue card. (much like we have done with the Indian Lore-which, to my knowledge, there has not been a Tribe Presentation since Mr Petree started the badge in October).—Hint, hint. Come, on guys, get ‘er done so we can have some awards at the COH next month!

Anyway, see you all tomorrow night! I will be tied up in the Committee Meeting from about 7:15pm. If anyone has any questions, give me a call or shoot me a text 228-806-9063. If you are a visitor to the troop, or have interest in visiting, either swing on by or give me a call!


Dan McGuire


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