Nope. Zoom again.

Dan McGuire —  July 7, 2020 — Leave a comment


Bottom line up front (BLUF): No in person meetings, yet.

The reasoning behind this: I spoke with our Scout Executive/CEO, James Machamer at Council a little while ago. We had a pretty in depth conversation about how BSA is handling this Covid stuff and the relationship between El Paso County and the stages of re-opening things.

The BSA as specific guidelines in place that should be followed when holding in-person meetings. We can definitely do all of those and be successful. There is one requirement we can not get past: the requirement for El Paso County to be in the “Protect Your Neighborhood” phase. Because El Paso County is not yet fully in that phase of this process, we are still restricted from meeting in person.

This is a definite blow to our plans to get together, but I hope that all of you understand the seriousness of this pandemic. When we are allowed to get together, we will definitely make the most of it.

I encourage all of you to NOT rely on Scouting to be your only access to the great outdoors. Just because we can’t have togetherness and camping and such, does not mean you can not do those activities with your families. Plan a trip, have a picnic, or just go into the woods and hang out for a few hours. Build a camp gadget (ahem: Rank Requirement) that is beneficial to the campsite (take a pic and send it to me and I will credit you).

Anyway, We will see you again tonight through the magic of the interspace.


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