Scoutbook access for Scouts

Dan McGuire —  October 27, 2020 — Leave a comment

Troop parents:

Here is a little info on how to motivate your Scout to be self reliant and able to check his progress through Scouting (ahem, remind us adult leaders to check stuff off in Scoutbook, etc.) If you feel comfortable allowing them access, please do so. As a parent, you are the only one who can grant this access. Here is how to do it:

How Do I Give My Scout Access to Their Account?

A parent is the only one who can give a Scout access to their records online.

The Scout needs to be registered in a unit.

Make sure the parent is connected to the Scout account / record in the Scout’s Connections page. Also make sure the parent has the Parent/Guardian connection role with either Full Control or Edit Profile permissions.

The parent can then login to Scoutbook and edit the profile of their Scout and click the option at the bottom of the page to allow their Scout to connect to their own account. The Scout will need their own email account. A temporary password will be sent to them.

NOTE: If a parent does not see the Invite Scout to Connect button at the bottom of the Scout’s Edit Profile Screen, then the Scout has already been invited and an account has already been setup for them with their email address as his User Name.  Go to the Messaging Center and click on the Scout’s name, unclick the BCC option and send the Scout an email to log into Scoutbook. They can use the Forgot Password? option on the login window to reset their password if they forgot it.

The Scout will receive an email invite similar to the above.

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