Summer Camp Funds Needed

BSA Troop 287 —  March 20, 2019 — Leave a comment

Good morning everyone!

Apologies for the lengthy email.

The troop has been covering funds for Summer Camp for the scouts but we are in need of getting “caught up” for your scout to get the troop’s account flesh again. I mentioned at the court of honor the need for funds.

As I understand it, there will not be a meeting next week for Spring Break. This will mean that the troop will have to cover another summer camp payment on April 1st, before our next opportunity to collect funds from you. For most scouts we have collected $55. By April we should have collected an additional $275 for each scout. There are balances in your Scout’s account but it won’t be sufficient to catch them up. So, we will need checks as soon as possible to catch your scout up for summer camp. If you wish to connect with me off-line to check scout account balances and make arrangements for payment, contact me at to do so.

To date, Mark Pharris, Connor Pietzrak, Lance Warner and Evan Reeves are paid in full. I also have two scouts who have not made payments at all. We will need to get some funds from you in order to increase our number of participants with Cris Dobbins.


BSA Troop 287


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