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Sean Warner —  April 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

Summer Campers,

Summer Camp at Ben Delatour will be upon us before we know it.  I think I am just as excited to go as my son! To make sure we are all prepared I am going to post periodic updates/reminders in addition to the Summer Camp link Swanie made on Troop 287 homepage.  The purpose is to ensure your scout is prepared and all benchmarks are made along the way.  Here are the top three things parents and scouts should focus on now:

1. Merit Badge Selection – The 2015 Merit Badge submission link will be made available within the next couple of weeks (estimated the 21st).  The goal is to have our scouts decide on their merit badge choices before the link become available that so they can get their first choices.  If we delay the submission, Troops from Texas will take all the good merit badge choices…it happens every year.  The 2015 List is not available yet but should be soon. Once it is made available, I will likely give you 48-72 hours to have you choices sent to me so I can submit them as soon as the camp allows it.  Here is some guidance in making your selection:

– New scouts should choose the “Trail to First Class” option over Merit Badges.  This allows scouts to complete most of the rank requirements up to First Class Rank.  Trail to First Class is all day everyday so the new scouts will not have time to select additional merit badges.  This makes is easy for our new scouts 🙂 If the option to get in an additional merit badge becomes available, then I will let you know.

– More senior scouts that do not need to do Trail to First Class will select Merit Badges.  I recommend you select merit badges that are Eagle Required (if that is your goal) or ones that are tough to get outside of summer camp first.  Next, pick the one that just seem like a lot of fun. Please reference your scout handbook for a list of eagle required merit badges.  Here is a link you can use to look at last years merit badges to get an idea of what’s offered. I will send an update as soon as the 2015 options are released.  2014 Merit Badge Options. I will also attach this list as a PDF.

2. Final Summer Camp Payment is Due April 28th – The amount is $137.50. Summer camp charges a late fee so please have this payment in on time.

3.  Summer Camp Physicals – Summer camp requires a physical that must be signed off by a physician. Here is a link to the form and I will also attach a PDF.  Summer camp is 14 June. Please plan on turning in a COPY of your physical to me no later than 31 May. This is two weeks before summer camp. Annual BSA Health and Medical Record ABC.  This form also include immunization records.

Please focus on these above items now and I will provide notice at meetings or through this web site for additional updates.

Thank You,

Sean Warner

680-001_ABC 2014 Merit-Badge-Schedule

Sean Warner


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