Super troop planning meeting!

Dan McGuire —  April 5, 2021 — Leave a comment
Patrol Leaders' Council


This week we will focus on planning what we are going to be doing for the remainder of this year. I know we have done this during covid, but we need to re-hash it so we (us adults) can plan against what you Scouts would like to do.

Bring your ideas pertaining to outings, merit badges, and game nights. As far as it goes, we need to decide on what kind of events we want to do. The adults will figure out a best time to plan what you guys want to do. Just really need to fill in the blanks below (plus merit badges).

April: Hike campout from Palmer Lake to a plane crash site for hammock camping.
June: Summer Camp at Camp Cris Dobbins
September: 14er usually
November: No Campout due to Thanksgiving and Columbus Holidays (Day hike or bike ride?)
December: Lock-In


Dan McGuire


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