Tomorrow night’s meeting:

Dan McGuire —  November 8, 2021 — Leave a comment


We had a great ride yesterday from Palmer Lake to Goose Gossage Park. We did it in just under three hours and only had two crashes and two break-downs (same bike).

Since we had an outing, we should be having a game night tomorrow night, but we did not plan anything. So, SPL: what are we doing?!?! We can hit up Summit and bowl, play laser tag, whatever, or the mini-golf place, or maybe even just get some pizza and chill. It is up to you guys, so let me know. Sorry about the last minute game night ideas, I forgot to ask again before we broke from the ride.

Anyway, SPL, let me know what you think and I will throw a post out there.

Also, remember to check the Flags sign up and get that all done up, make some money for summer camp.

Lastly, if you received a message about dues, please make sure you are ready to write a check or Zelle the cash over!


Dan McGuire


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