Tonight’s meeting-Final camp prep

Dan McGuire —  June 15, 2021 — Leave a comment


Laid on for tonight is the final preparations for Camp. We will have parents signing paperwork, Scouts doing checks on equipment for camp next week and doing final checks and questions for the drive out there.

We have been assigned the Cripple Creek Campground, sort of near the shooting sports area and across from the pool (sort of). This camp assignment means we have a 1230 check in time, so backwards planning goes like this:

Check in time of 1230
Google Maps says it is a 59 minute drive (37.7 miles).
We have to leave from the barn no later than 1130 (plus a margin of 15% time adjustment, so 1120 is our time to roll out.
We have to cross load personal gear, Scouts, etc. So give us 45 minutes to an hour to do that. Which brings us to 1035 for that process to begin.
Well, if we say we should be meeting at the barn at 1015, there will be folks running a tad bit late and all that, which is a good margin for that kind of stuff to happen. before cross loading of gear and such happens.

1015 Sunday morning, meet at the barn. DRiving together is an option, howver, not required. I would like to keep as many of us together as possible (convoy) so we are all checked in at the same time and the Scoutmasters do not have to answer all the same questions on multiple occasions (which we will anyway).

Alright, lastly, make sure your CAMPDOCS stuff is squared awy in the system and we should be good to go!

Talk to you tonight,


Dan McGuire


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