Tuesday Night’s alright for Scouting!

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Last week’s plan to reorganize the Patrols was pushed to this week due to our awesome FLAG SEASON (see below). The Scout leadership will conduct this process of reorganization under the watchful eye of the adults. The goal here is to have an even distribution of ranks and ages between the patrols. Ultimate veto power is held by adult leadership. New Patrol Names, Calls, Guidons, symbols, etc., will all be worked on tomorrow night.

Flags: there are five holidays we as a troop post flags. Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day.

The Colorado Springs Rotary Club takes and manages the subscriptions for those who PAY ($75/2 years) for the honor of posting a flag in their yard each of these holidays. Yes, we have a duty to the subscribers who pay to have the flags posted. Remember that Scouting responsibility thing?

This means, we can’t just “not” do flags. We are the responsible party for posting these ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL SYMBOLS OF FREEDOM! We dress up, get fueled up on coffee and donuts, then post FREEDOM all around Mountain Shadows (and one ‘hood on the mesa). Then in the evening, we take them down, roll them up and store them for the next holiday. Remember: we salute the flag each time is it posted, and just prior to recovering it.

Here is the skinny on the flags. Basically, each flag costs the subscriber $7.50 to post and take down. The Rotary Club pays for new flags, and maintenance on them, so we don’t have to cover that. The $7.50 is divided three ways equally (Rotary Club, The Troop Operating Fund, and the Scout who posts the flag.

This means, of the eight slots for Scouts to sign up, all the flags are added up and divided amongst the eight Scouts. On average, it is around $60-65 per holiday the Scout can earn for about three total hours of work (once they get the route down and into the groove- this may take a couple of days on flags).

The money the Scout earns can be used for ANYTHING SCOUT RELATED!!! Annual Dues, Summer Camp registration fees, tuition to Scout related classes put on by Council (ours or another), equipment (as long as the item can be tagged against a rank or merit badge requirement), camping gear, etc. Basically, if you can think of a way to use that money for a Scouting item, then I think we can make it happen-just bring a receipt for reimbursement with an explanation…its all on the form! We had a Scout purchase a GoPro Hero 7 i think it was to aid in the Photography or Movie Making merit badge.

Parents, we also need your help and input. I know several of you are stepping up and working it–thank you very much! We need more involvement. Over the life of this program has made the troop nearly nearly $84,000; 50% of which has gone directly toward the Scouts who have participated. Help a Troop out! Get involved. I mean, where else can you help your kid earn $20 an hour, right?!?!

This is the only “Troop” centric fund raiser we do. Popcorn, Camp Cards, and Pizza Pals are all an individual effort. The proceeds the troop keeps pays for all the food we get to enjoy at our Courts of Honor, funds our Scholarship program, purchases new and maintains old equipment, buys fuel for our stoves, fuels our volunteer’s vehicles for those long road trips we have not taken in a couple years, trailer registration fees, etc. Troop dues pays for badges, and some other upkeep stuff as well as off-setting weekend camping trip stuffs.

Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a shout. I am always here for you guys, except in July-I will not be here for you.

We usually link up at the barn at 6am, load flags, then roll out. Generally each route is done by 8-8:30. Then the evening pickup starts at 5pm, and gets done around 7 give or take. As the boys, Drivers, and Navigators learn the routes, they get faster, and some friendly competition breaks out via text messages from route to route. It is all in good fun and lending assistance to those on other routes is always offered (especially when there is a foot of snow during pickup that wasn’t there in the morning when we put flags out).

Sorry for the long post!


Dan McGuire


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