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Dan McGuire —  September 1, 2020 — Leave a comment
No, you likely don’t know the reference photo above, and only some of your parents will.


It is that time where we can meet up again in the great outdoors!

Time tonight: 7pm
Location: the Barn (outside of course)
Uniform: Class A (dust them off, pull them out from under your bed, or the corner of your closet – maybe throw an iron on it)
Required: paperwork listed on the previous post, mask, and a temperature check at home before you come.

You can bring your handbook and you can start getting things marked off by your PL and SPL/ASPL.

The troop decided to do some tent races, so we will do that after we get into the swing of things.


7: opening, announcements, etc.; begin rank ADV stuff – at a distance (yes, this is going to be tough for us all); tent races; IPA.

Time is flexible and we may break out into the patrols to do this stuff. One patrol does rank, the other does races, then switch. Then at the end we will do an all together IPA.

See you tonight!


Dan McGuire


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