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Hi BSA Troop 287 Scouts and Families,

Tomorrow night we will discuss the details for the Lathrop campout including: activities, meal plan, transportation, etc.
If you are signed up the for the Lathrop campout, please join us tomorrow night. If you are not signed up yet but would like to attend, please sign up ASAP!

Sign up link below:

Hi Troop 287 and Families,

Please see signup genius link above to participate in the May 13-15th campout at Lathrop State Park.
As usual, we will have a planning meeting a couple weeks ahead of the campout to lock down the sign up and plan the food, gear, transportation, and activities.

Excerpt from the previous post and sign-up:
Lathrop is Colorado’s first state park and there are lots of outdoor opportunities here including bike trails, hiking, kayaking or SUP, fishing, beach zone, and even a golf course in the park!
We can come up with an activity plan based on feedback and interest from the scouts.
I have 5 campsites reserved which will accommodate up to 30 people and 10 cars for the campout.
I look forward to seeing you at the campout May 13th-15th!