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Ray Petree —  April 7, 2022 — Leave a comment


Austin, Hunter and I did some recon yesterday afternoon after hearing there may be additional road closures at the location of our new trek. The rumors were correct that Gold Camp Road is closed near Helen Hunt Falls, but we checked out and were successful taking an alternate route. We made it to the trailhead.

Even though there is a parking lot the plan is to be dropped off and picked up as originally planned. We do not want to leave any vehicles at the lot. We will meet at the barn tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 pm sharp, and plan to be on the road before 5:30 pm. We will caravan as a troop from the barn to the trailhead.

There is not a long drive, so those that usually eat in the car Friday night should keep that in mind. Come will a full (but not to full because we are hiking Friday evening) belly, or something snacky you can eat quickly during the drive, on the trail, or once you arrive at Friday night camp. An extra ramen in their pack never broke any ones back.

Patrol Shoppers should arrive with food rations broken out for each person in their patrol to carry. No flats of Costco muffins to carry down the trail.

Everyone should arrive with their packs completely packed minus the room you left for food and troop gear. We will hand out the divided gear (Personal ration of food, Jet Boils, Fuel, Tent parts, and Water filters) at the barn to have you add them to your packs. Remember to have plenty of water/water containers. While there are a number of watersheds shown on the map, we are not sure what the levels will be. There appears to be some snow patches still on the north slopes of certain areas, so we may be able to use that as a source as well.

Remember this time of year can be hit or miss with weather. It could be sunny and warm as well as rainy or snowy in the same day. Layers are our friends. Bring the appropriate gear. No big snowboarding jackets and snow pants. Instead a base, mid, and outer layer.


I have maps all printed for both treks.

The roster I have is as follows:

+/- 10 Mile Trek

Mr. Holpuch, Mr. Kunkle, Mr. Boydston, John, Ben, Madden, Jefferson, Alex, Hunter, Hayden, Nickolai, Sam, Zayden, Scott, and Miles

+/- 20 Mile Trek

Mr. Petree, Mr. Winslow, Austin, Evan, Matt

Drivers, Thanks so much for the assistance. Just for being awesome we reduced the drive time for you this one time from 2+ hours each way to about 20 minutes.

Look forward to it gentlemen!!!! remember to Be Prepared

Mr. Petree

Ray Petree


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