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Ray Petree —  February 15, 2021 — Leave a comment
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We will have our first in-person meeting of the year tomorrow night. We will be at the barn, because we have not received clearance to be in the church yet.

Here are a couple ground rules:

-masks are mandatory
-keep your distance

We will have a warming fire because the weather tomorrow is supposed to be pretty chilly, although compared to yesterday, it will be like a heat wave!

The content of tomorrow’s meeting will be finalizing our Ute Valley hike and going over / inspection of your 10 Essentials, so make sure you bring your day pack with it properly loaded out. If you have questions about what is needed, check your Scout handbook for the official list. We will adjust our packing needs based on our final route and the weather (may not need extra clothes and stuff like that). However, still bring it fully loaded.

See you tomorrow,


Ray Petree


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