Ute Valley Hike plan (and stuff)

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Fortunately for us, we live in a great place that affords us the opportunity to get into nature without going too far. Below is the map for tomorrow’s hike.

We will link up at the Main Ute Valley Parking Lot near Eagleview Middle School at 1000am. We will wait for those who have signed up (total of 14 people – Scouts and adults), then step off no later than 1015. The route is just under 6 miles, all the way to I-25 and back. We will have a lunch stop when we reach I-25 and there is a Geocache we will search for when we take that lunch break. We should be back to the parking lot by 1pm or so (give or take a few minutes).

Here are some rule that we need to ensure we are following:

-masks are required when we are within short distance of each other (while out on the trail, if you are away from each other, you can remove them, but make sure you are wearing them when we are close)
-Uniform: (you can wear the Field Uniform (Class A) or a Class B t-shirt/sweatshirt. Since this is a Troop Activity, you should represent the Troop and yourselves by wearing a uniform. If you wear a Class B, you can also wear a neckercheif, if you so desire. If you have a BSA hat, of course that is also allowed.

-10 essentials (modified list below)(must bring your daypack with this stuff in it)/extras are fine, but you bring it, you carry it.
1. Pocket knife
2. Rain Gear (your call – 20% chance of rain tomorrow H42, L18)
3. Trail Food – Scouts were supposed to plan a lunch on the trail
4. Flashlight (your call-hike is in the middle of town, during daylight
5. Extra clothing (at the minimum-socks)
6. First-Aid kit (must bring personal kit minimum)
7. Sun Protection-clothing, hat, sunscreen
8. Map and compass (phone, GPS, etc.)
9. Fire kit (your call-we wont be using it)
10. Water (at LEAST a liter, more is better)

-Geocaching MB work: we will be hiunting for caches along the route, so if you have the equipment (GPS, Phone with app, etc.), bring it along so you can participate and we can finish up that badge for those of you working on it.

This hike will actually start the Hiking MB for many of you, so make sure you are ready for it! After all the admin stuff, and first aid demonstration stuff, there are a bunch of hikes that are required (5mi, 3x10mi, 15 mi; and a 20 miler). The first five have to be completed in order, the 20 miler can be done at any time. A five mile hike is also required for Second Class Rank Advancement (3b).

Lastly, if you need to demonstrate some skills or knowledge for Rank Requirements, I know that at least one PL will be there to get stuff signed off in your book along the route. I will also be there, to bless off on some stuff too.

Or you can click this link to get the route details:


Sorry for the long post,


Dan McGuire


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