Merit badge / Rank status check!

Dan McGuire —  November 29, 2021 — Leave a comment


Tomorrow night we are going to have a nice relaxed administrative day. As we enter the end of the year I would like to see where everyone is in their rank progression and where they are as far as open/in progress merit badges.

Also, we need to plan the lock-in (timelines, activities, food, merit badge desire, etc.), so while the lock-in planning and all that is going on, I will go through each of your individual Scoutbook accounts and all that to see what is all happing in there and make sure Scoutbook reflects what your Scout handbook says.

So make sure you bring your handbooks and any open blue cards you might have (or a list of what you have open).

If that doesn’t make sense, it will tomorrow night.

See you all tomorrow night!


Dan McGuire


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