Robotics and Family Life MB update:

Dan McGuire —  December 7, 2021 — Leave a comment

For anyone doing ROBOTICS MERIT BADGE, you can find a robotics work sheet at this URL: Please look at requirements 2 & 3, which are “general knowledge” requirements. I would like to discuss these at the meeting Tuesday (Dec 7th) and sign off those who are ready. You can use the worksheet to take notes, if you like, but you will need to be able to discuss the topics. I recommend you read those parts of the MB book, if you have it, or simply do some research online. There should be plenty of information available. For anyone doing FAMILY LIFE MERIT BADGE: I would be happy to sign off any requirements you have completed as “homework,” such as your Family Meeting, Family Project, Personal Project, etc. If you have done any of these, be prepared to discuss them with me Tuesday (bring whatever notes and documentation you have).

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