This week’s meeting: MAX participation requested for Order of the Arrow elections!

Dan McGuire —  April 25, 2021 — Leave a comment
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This week, we will be visited by representatives from the Ha-Kin-Skay-A-Ki Lodge, Order of the Arrow.

They will present an invormational video and give us an idea of what the OA is all about. Then they will hold an election for eligible Scouts to be inducted into the OA. I will not go into the details, but we do need as many Scouts as possible at the meeting for the voting process.

To be eligible, a Scout must be a First Class Scout, and have 15 nights in the past two years camping. Up to five of those nights can be a “long term camp” like summer camp, but no more than five nights can be counted in that way. The other 10 must be two or three night (weekend) events.

More on that from the OA reps on Tuesday night.

Just a reminder to get your MB selections in either to me on Tuesday or email them to me if you have not already done so. The sooner we get them in, the better chance you will have getting the choices you want.

Lastly, for those of you who missed this campout this weekend, we all had a really fun time. We had some special concocted brownies using 18 year old cocoa powder and coffee creamer, and even conducted a rescue mission for a lost chair, which entailed repelling (sort of) down a ravine. Pictures and video to be presented at the COH next month.

Gotta decide on game Night for next week as well, since the OA elections are this week.

See you on Tuesday.


Dan McGuire


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