Harrison Plane Crash Campout is a GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Dan McGuire —  April 22, 2021 — Leave a comment


We are a “GO” for the campout this weekend. Here is the itenerary:

We will link up at the Palmer Lake Reservoir Trailhead parking lot and head out from there. (5pm Friday to 8am Sunday)

I would like to get an early start to this adventure, so I am asking that we link up at the parking lot no later than 5pm, with a step-off no later than 5:30pm. (let me know if this is an issue-a group text will be coming out later tonight to make sure all parents of Scouts are aware of the details).

We will hike until the sun gets a little low in the sky find a place to camp and bed down for Friday night. Saturday will be a hike and play/learn type deal up to then back from the crash site to a camping point close to our starting point.

Sunday will be a short hike out, since we have a schedulling crunch to get this thing done. Therefore, we are looking to EXFIL from the Start/Stop parking lot around 8-8:30am. So, pareants, please plan for that timeline. You could always get a coffee in Monument on your way up to grab your Scout.

The Trail is called “Ice Cave Trail” and in Alltrails, you can find it under “Harrison Plane Crash via Ice Cave Trail” (link below).

Parking lot is in the image above, labeled in green as “Palmer Lake Reservoir Trailhead” Google maps link below.

Here (below link) is the map we will be using, to include our route to and from the crash site. Our overnights will be somewhere along this route.

Here are directions to the Trailhead from the Church (copy and past the link into google maps):


If you have any questions, please let me know. If we need to cross load Scouts for transport, our current restrictions allow two households in a vehicle, so I think we can work some sort of transport deals. MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED.

BSA Transport guidelines:
Ensure family transportation to/from outing location (no unit carpooling).
-Transport should be limited to the 10 person/two household limit shown under personal gathering size

Talk to you soon,


Dan McGuire


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