Summer Camp Reminder

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Summer Campers,

Just some friendly reminders for preparation for summer camp.


First, please complete the summer camp physicals and the additional colorado immunization form. Both require a physician signature.


All Campers – Youth and Adult – must check in any medications at the time of arrival. All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) will be distributed by Ben Delatour Scout Ranch’s trained medical staff before Breakfast and Dinner, unless a special time is required by a physician . Medications must be in their original containers labeled by the pharmacy. This is not optional! Emergency medications (inhalers, epi-pens, etc…) must be checked in with the Health Director, but campers will be allowed to keep them during their stay. All medications must be listed on the camper’s medical form. If a medication is listed on the form but was not brought to camp the Troop will have 24 hours to obtain it. Please do not pack these at the bot-tom of the Troop trailer. Have them readily available for the check-in process.

Communications at Summer Camp:

Lat time I was at Ben Delatour my cell phone did not have any reception. Here is the scout camp’s phone number and policy for phone calls. “The Scout Ranch telephone is for business and emergency calls only. Virtually all cell phones do not work at the Scout Ranch. Don’t expect to get a signal. Emergency Telephone: 970-881-2144″

Trading Post:

There is a camp store (Trading post) that sells a lot of goodies.  Scouts like buying stuff there…treats and souvenirs and stuff they forgot to bring. I recommend giving your scout between $20-$40 for spending money.

The camp store – Trading Post – is where Scouts, leaders, and visitors will find a wide selection of goods for sale. Some of these goods include: Souvenirs: T-shirts, caps, postcards, sweatshirts, water bottles, patches

Food & Snacks: Ice cream, fruit drinks, bottled water, soft drinks, candy

Personal Items: Toothpaste, sun block, combs, soap

Camping Items: Water bottles, pocketknives, flashlights, belt packs

Handicraft Items: Basketry kits, woodcarving items, leathercraft, rocket kits

Other Items: Nature books, batteries, camp maps, stamps, program tickets

Trading Post hours are posted in camp. The trading post will be open on Saturday mornings from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. Trading Post does accept cash, check, MasterCard and Visa. Please bring plenty of cash/checks for your purchases in the trading post.

Merit Badges:

Everyone should have been given their son’s merit badge list which has the requirements/cost. Make sure your scout is prepared for them.  Also, Trail-to-First Class might work on some handicraft merit badges. For those in Trail-to-First Class, please bring at least $15 to cover needed supplies. I think they can start basketry and leatherwork.

Approximate cost for kits are as follows:



Wood Carving—$10


If you would like to rent a cot, then please let me know at tomorrow’s meeting or you can email me.

Here is the packing list: 

Note: The equipment list below is mostly are meant to serve as a general guide. Use your own discretion in deciding what to take to camp.  If you have any questions, feel free to run them buy me!

 Complete Scout Uniform

 Heavy Jacket or Sweatshirt

 Cot or mattress

 Hiking Shoes or Boots

 Extra pants – both long and short

 Six Pairs of Underwear

 Six Pairs of Socks

 Boy Scout Handbook

 Pencil, Notebook, Stamps, Envelopes

 CPR certification

 Flashlight & Extra Batteries

 Canteen or Plastic Water Bottle

 Toiletry Kit

 Hair Comb or Brush

 Backpack, Duffel Bag or Camp Box to store gear

 Pocket Knife & Totin’ Chip

 Raincoat or Poncho

 Tennis Shoes

 Extra Shirts

 Hat

 Pajamas

 Bandanas

 Watch

 Daypack or Bag

 Clothing Repair Kit

 Toothpaste & Brush

 Sun block

 Sunglasses

 Sleeping Bag

 Towels

 Chapstick

 Closed-toed water shoes for aquatics merit badges.

 Spending money for Trading Post

 BSA Health & Medical Record Form signed by your Physician and parent/guardian!

Optional Equipment:

 Backpack & Ground Cloth, if you are planning an outpost overnight cam-pout

 Gloves, Long Pants, and Bandanna, if you are participating in Cope or Rock Climbing

 Religious Literature

 Fishing Gear

 Merit Badge Pamphlets

 Alarm Clock

 Insect Repellent

 Camera

 Rope for Clothesline

 Swim Trunks




Sean Warner


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